DIY Clown Costume Ideas

A popular Halloween costume trend is clown attire. With these simple DIY clown costume ideas, you may create any style of clown as your own personal costume designer. You may get step-by-step directions, free sewing patterns, and visual tutorials for everything from a comical clown costume to a gory sad clown to a Hobbo clown.

The bulk of suggestions will highlight how you may build fast clown outfits for kids and yourself out of your used and recycled clothes. The whole sewing clown costume design will then be provided to you with your customized settings. Check out this collection of creative DIY clown costume ideas that are more attractive than store-bought ones. It’s time to apply your fashion designing abilities to construct these costumes as they can be made at home for a low cost.

The list includes every design, regardless of whether you want a creepy clown costume that will give everyone around you nightmares or desire to make a clown costume that will increase the charm of young performers. You will learn how to use the ideal matching wigs, bow ties, and suspenders along with the best DIY clown costume hacks.

This is not over yet. You will also receive the complete DIY Clown Face Paint Tutorials since the face paint is just as essential to a clown’s appearance as the rest of the outfit. So, take a look at this list of easy handmade clown costume ideas and prepare to be impressed.

DIY No-Sew Kids Clown Costume

This no-sew kids clown costume is a fantastic option if you don’t have the time to make. The clown pajamas are inexpensive and may be found at a nearby thrift or used clothing shop. The nicest feature of this outfit is how easily you can alter it to appear anyway you wish.

Get the pajamas first. The creation of a paper hat is the next phase. Simple: Fan out a piece of card stock and adhere it using paper tape. Third, combine two paper clips and cut them into one to create your own paper clip. Don’t forget to adhere the pom-pom to the paper hat. Your homemade, no-sew child clown costume is now complete!

Coolest Crazy Clowns Costume

Making and wearing this crazy clowns costume was so much fun! All of the faces were painted by hand and were constructed from paper mache. I had to cut and glue on numerous wigs to make the hair for the heads. The three dresses were created by my sister and I using children’s designs.

Homemade Clown Costume

Make the kids a fantastic DIY clown costume at home with pillowcases. To build this adorable clown at home, you’ll need bright pillowcases, four main colors of pom-poms, elastic cording, and inexpensive embellishments. For little performers at home, the greatest child clown costume should be purchased.

DIY Rodeo Clown Costume

Start by roughening up the edges of the large jeans. This will give it a clownish appearance. Old rainbow socks should be hot-glued on the front of the jeans. Make sure you choose complementary colors you can accomplish this with a glue gun or fabric adhesive. Now you have your own own rodeo clown outfit.

Girly Clown Costume

Are you willing to create a clown outfit for young girls at home? Then you must use these clown costume ideas, which let you create a feminine clown dress at home for a reasonable price. To make it, you’ll need tulle, gloves, leggings, a leotard, pom-poms, yarn, suspenders, decorations made of feathers, elastic, and a top hat headpiece.

How To Make A Hobo Clown Costume

If you follow these instructions, you can create the Hobo Clown Costume quickly and easily and become the talk of the party. You simply select a few common garments from your wardrobe and put them together creatively to create a fashionable and fun ensemble.

The Hobo Clown is distinguished by his soot-smeared face, patched ripped pants, and ragged coat. Look for a pair of black jeans with somewhat slack knees. The hand sewing of the patches is required, but it is well worth the time.

The hair should be unruly or frizzy, but if naturally curly hair hasn’t made this feasible, there are various treatments that may speed up the process. The face must be completely covered with soot, which can be accomplished using eye shadow or charcoal applied to the forehead, cheeks, and chin.

The Cutest DIY Pennywise Costume You Will Ever See

This is by far the greatest fun I have ever had constructing a costume! My kid, who will turn 3 shortly, adores all things spooky! She is very into it this year, so I thought we could have a lot of fun creating her outfit! I thought it would be amusing to transform her into the new clown with a Pennywise outfit because the new IT movie just came out, and since that was my favorite scary movie as a kid.

Brilliant Clown Costume Idea

You’ll adore this additional DIY kids clown costume concept that calls for crafting paper flowers for the collar. You’ll need paper flowers, a party hat, a clown nose, pajamas, felt, and sticky glue to complete these crafts. The tiny physical comedian will be really spooky on Halloween thanks to the outfit.

DIY Kid Clown Costume

Who among kids doesn’t adore clowns? Making others laugh while dressed as a clown is so much fun. While it is simple to acquire a clown costume at a store, there are occasions when making your own is more enjoyable.

With materials you most likely already have lying around the home, creating this clown costume is simple. In addition to saving you money compared to store-bought costumes, making your own costumes will make you feel proud of yourself. This is a fantastic opportunity to display your sewing or creative talents! By changing the colors for various seasons, you can eventually discover new applications for this straightforward design. A wonderful time!

DIY Sad Clown Costume

The DIY sad clown costume ought to be simple to produce as your child is only starting out. Use of the proper clothing and quality cosmetics are the two main factors. It will be best if you can get there with an adult’s assistance. To start off, you’ll need a tissue paper roll, glue, and scissors for this easy-to-make sad clown costume. It is crucial that you gather tissue paper rolls before you begin working on the dress so that you may add ruffles all around it. Use crepe paper if you don’t have tissue paper rolls.

Then, get the gloves and shoes for the outfit ready. Of course, there is no reason for them to appear depressed, so attempt to give them a cheerful appearance instead. When wearing this DIY clown costume, you can complete the appearance with red shoes or gloves in addition to black pants and a white blouse.

Creepy Clown Couple Costume

This outfit was motivated by a phobia I had as a kid. Clowns. All of the clothes and shoes come from a thrift shop. All of the clothing pieces were altered and added to with some cutting and stitching. For the female clown’s wig and the male’s unpainted face latex foam mask, Idems had to be purchased brand-new.

Cute Clown Costume For Kids

It may be a lot of fun to make a clown costume for your kid. If you have the necessary supplies and extra time, you can create a straightforward one. Let’s begin. Paper plate should be cut in half. Be extremely cautious when cutting this paper plate with a utility knife.

The clown collar may easily be made out of colorful paper. One plate half should be glued to the other by applying adhesive to the edge of the plate. To create the large rectangle seen in the image above, use the same technique to join the two plates together. Use a different color of paper to complete this step a second time to create your clown collar.

To create the eyes for your clown costume, cut out two circles from any colored construction paper. If you want to avoid drawing eyes on your costume, you can also use a black marker. If you want to construct a DIY clown costume for your kids, bright colors are really necessary to prevent them from looking horribly awful and unduly frightening. The costume’s collar is made out of paper flowers. This can be made in less than 30 minutes because the supplies are accessible.

Puppet Tutu Clown Costume

This Halloween, small girls will dispute over who gets to wear the puppet tutu clown outfit since it is so adorable and affordable. Simply follow the free supplied directions to create it at home. To complete the remainder of the toddler frightening clown costume, first construct the no-sew tutu and then grab the cloth with vertical black and white stripes. Find out more at abbystutu.

DIY Clown Costume For Kids

Have you ever seen a child in a little clown costume and wished you had one for your own child? You could certainly make one yourself! Onesie pajamas in white, felt balls, pom-poms, and tulle in your child’s favorite colors are all you need.

Make the hat first. Tie the felt ball with some yarn or thread around the top of the head. Because it will be keeping everything together, make sure it is solid. Next, form an X by wrapping two strands of tulle around the felt ball on opposite sides. Once there are two tulle strands emerging from either side of the head, take one piece of tulle and wrap it around the middle, tying it with another piece of yarn or thread.

Second, construct the body section by using a pair of scissors to cut out two huge pieces of cloth for arms and another for legs. Cut little holes for their arms and trousers openings on both sides for their legs where their arms should go. The child should then be dressed in their pajamas, and everything should be painted white, with the exception of their face. Paint over that in black!

How to Make Scrappy Tutu Clown Costume

This Halloween, let our children appreciate you more. Yes, they will if you give them this homemade gift—a patchwork tutu clown costume—that you made with your own hands. Tulle in 6-inch rolls, fabric scraps, paper, ribbon, elastic, pom-poms, and a sewing machine are required. Find out more at abbystutu.

DIY Easy Clown Costume

Clowns are allegedly disturbing, according to idiots. However, you’re not a fool, are you? You are aware that some of the most well-liked performers nowadays are clowns! They have entertained both children and adults for generations.

What better time to dress up as a clown than on Halloween? You must dress in a clown costume in order to be a clown. One of the simplest clown costumes to make is this one. The kid’s adorable striped blouse would look great with some pom poms attached. Put some color on the face and make the hat out of poster board or felt. It’s truly that simple!

Rainbow Clown Costume

Wearing this rainbow clown costume can make your kids seem cheerful and a little silly. To create this clown costume, simply add a few colorful fabric strips to a white children’s t-shirt. Little girls may dress it up like a little clown by pairing it with red and white striped leggings.

How To Make A Clown Costume

Make sure you have the appropriate makeup, vibrant attire, and accessories while dressing up as a clown. The makeup is one element that gives a clown their distinctive appearance. The cheeks and nose of clowns are crimson with white accents on their faces. The red accents are usually more subdued than the white face, which is often rather thick.

The attire should be eye-catching and sufficiently loose to not be overly constricting. With this costume, you can wear any kind of shoes you choose, but try to choose ones that complement your attire. With this outfit, red or green shoes look best.

You may accessorize your clown costume with a bow tie or bib, but make sure they are made of cloth and not paper or plastic. To complete your style, purchase some absurd-looking eyewear as well as a big timepiece. If you have any colorful suspenders, wear them!

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