DIY Mess Free Cat Litter Box

We all adore cats, but one aspect of having a cat that we might not enjoy is the litter box. It is annoying to see them begin to litter when you are eating or when visitors are over. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it anymore since we have a number of ways to conceal the litter box, which is an ugly pet accessory. It provides your cat a private location to relieve itself while also assisting you in avoiding the mess and stench.

You may create any of these super-fun and simple DIY cat litter box designs by yourself. You wouldn’t have to keep picking up the undesired litter, which is another nice thing. We all adore our animal companions, and the greatest way to let them know how much you cherish them is to make a secret litter box for them.

This article contains DIY concealed cat litter box ideas that will meet your needs and assist you in creating a container for your cute little furry companion. These are all stylish, modern solutions that will look great in your house. These litter box designs are all practical and simple enough for anybody to create.

Sifting Litter Box

You can make your own if you want the look of an expensive sifting litter box but can’t afford to spend the money on one. Simply use two nested plastic boxes, cut the inside box, and drill holes in it to form a sifting net that catches the trash for disposal while allowing the litter to fall through the openings.

To match the particle size of your preferred cat litter, you may need to determine the precise size of the holes you’ll need to drill. Clay litter that forms clumps works well with this arrangement.

Homemade Cat Litter Box

Here is another DIY litter box design with high sides for large cats who are prone to mess. It is constructed from a sizable plastic storage container that has enough space to create a roomy aperture on the long side of the box. Use a saw, Dremel, or box cutter to make the opening, and take sure to round off any jagged edges before utilizing.

Add Trim Around the Cat Door

This piece of recycled furniture is stylish, contemporary, spotless, and ideal for a litter box. A old laminate hutch was transformed into something much more appropriate for Amanda from Domestically Creative’s house and cat using chalk paint and some thoughtful trim placement. Visit her blog post for all the information and a nice photo of her cat, William.

Senior Cat Litter Box

It goes without saying that having a cat who uses a litter box makes owning one so much more enjoyable. Here is a senior cat litter box that is quite simple to obtain. Therefore, acquire the largest plastic storage container and fill it with sand to create an immediate cat litter box. Don’t forget to sand the borders before putting your cat inside.

Upcycled Hamper Litter Box

Consider concealing the litter boxes in an upcycled hamper if you detest the way they appear scattered across the house. This has the added advantage of offering your cat a private place to relieve itself and keeping dogs away from the litter box. One side of the hamper may be cut out to create a hole the size of a cat, and the borders can either be finished with wood or a cat flap.

You may prevent litter from dragging through your home by adding a foundation of carpet or imitation grass. You can also build a shelf under the lid of the hamper to hold your litter scoop, antibacterial wipes, and other supplies.

Pine Pellets Cat Litter Box

Here is a blueprint for a large litter box that is intended to be used with pine pellet cat litter. Two identical plastic storage containers are used in this scheme.

One of the boxes is prepared by drilling holes in the bottom, filled with pine pellets, and stacked atop the other box. If the box has very high edges, cut a doorway.

Put a Litter Box Inside a Large Basket

Litter boxes are an eyesore, and we concur with Hannah from All the Little Details that they should be avoided. She began looking for litter box enclosures, but none of the suggestions she saw appealed to her, so she decided to adapt a big wicker basket instead.

She loved the idea of the wicker chest since it seems airy and light inside, and cleaning it every other day is simple with the top door open. Learn how the cat door was added by visiting her guide.

DIY Mid Century Hidden Litter Box

This stunning piece of wood art is a DIY mid-century concealed litter box that you may admire for hours. This cat litter box has a mid-century modern aesthetic, which is further enhanced by the rustic wooden shades and tapering legs. The litter box may double as a side table to keep your treasures and display decorations once your cat has used it.

DIY Kitty Litter Box

Large cat handmade litter boxes are typically fashioned from plastic storage containers. You may even create your own wooden covered litter box if you’re feeling creative.

MDF board (medium-density fiberboard) is used in this box layout along with a few pieces of trim to give it a lovely appearance. To assemble it, you’ll also need glue and nails. Once you’re done building the box, you may paint it.

Build a Mini Cat House Litter Cover

A Beautiful Mess’s cat lesson isn’t simply functional; it’s also aesthetically pleasing. The designer’s goal was to transform a plain litter box into something that looked more like a prized item of interior design. Think they been successful, if so? If so, click the blog page to find out how to create one for you and your cat.

Clever Kitty Litter Box Tutorial

Here is a brilliant method for making a cat litter box that you can use to teach your cat to use it. To avoid having to pick up the litter repeatedly, a simple and enjoyable litter box may be made. So get the 18-gallon large storage container, the carpet in the house, the knife marker, the liner, the kitty litter, and the cat biscuit.

DIY Cat Litter Box

The final design is a do-it-yourself cabinet litter box that makes use of an affordable piece of bamboo furniture for the cabinet and a sizable Ikea tray as the litter receptacle.

To make room for a large litter box while utilizing a readymade cabinet, you’ll likely need to remove any shelf or dividers. However, your cat will have a lovely, private space to relieve itself!

Keep the Litter Cabinet Organized

It will be much easier to conceal a litter box if you can find a cabinet with two doors and no drawers. You only need to add a cat door; you won’t need to remove or convert any drawers. We adore the way Danae from The Homebody House sets up her litter box. The litter pan was hanging inside the cabinet door, while the top shelf was used to store other necessities.

Modern Plywood Kitty Litter Box

The ideal item to acquire is this stunning contemporary wooden cat box. The attractively contemporary wooden cat box has the appearance of a vintage-style side table with tapering legs and various objects on top. The essential materials needed to make this litter box are plywood sheets, a sizable plate or bowl, and common craft items.

Paint a Pattern on a Basic Litter Box Cover

Ashley from Sugar & Cloth wanted nothing more than for her cat, Thomas, to undo all the improvements she had made to her house after remodeling it. She discusses in detail about the trash robot she bought and made to cover it up in order to solve the issue. She also adds that if you didn’t want to go to the work of creating a box from scratch, there are coverings available that you could paint. To learn how to create your own patterned cover, see her site.

Recycled Wine Case Litter Box

Within an hour, you may have an easy and affordable cat litter solution. Simply hinge a wooden wine box on one end for scooping access and fill the bottom with plastic for quick cleanup.

Hidden Cat Litter Box Cabinet

We just dislike cats because they occasionally leave behind litter. Here is a beautiful, discreet cat litter box cabinet where your cat may defecate in the most exquisite manner. A cupboard has been transformed into a cat litter box, complete with a cat door and a glitter-filled pan inside. Follow the information here!

Remove Drawers and Install a Hinged Door

It’s one thing to give a piece of furniture a facelift, but quite another to give it a completely new purpose. Choose items with lots of inner room when looking for used furniture to transform into a cat cave. This cabinet was improved by Lisa from Recaptured Charm by taking out two drawers and adding a hinged door. The bigger door makes it much simpler to clean the litter box. Learn how she achieved it and how to replicate it.

Repurposed Cabinet Into A Concealed Litter Box

This space-saving DIY needs you to install cabinets and cutouts on the top to contain the litter on the inside while allowing your cat easy access. It was inspired by a mixture of Ikea cat litter hacks.

Build a Litter Box Bench

You may work on this table that doubles as a litter box this weekend. Nobody will realize that the adorable little seat for children also includes a litter box for your cat. The littering system is put inside the bench, producing a cat entry on one side, and the bench is composed of plywood sheets. View the concept’s specifics here!

Install a Cat Door in Wardrobe Cabinet

The simplest approach to conceal a litter box is to seek for furniture you already own but are perhaps not using to its full potential. A tall wardrobe cabinet’s bottom shelf was cleared off, and Dana from House Tweaking opted to build a cat entrance on the side. Make sure the cat door you choose for this application can be mounted on a thin panel. Read the remainder of Dana’s explanation on her blog for more information.

Amazing Litter Box Enclosure

Your friends will be envious of your inventiveness once they see this spectacular litter center, which has an ornate corridor for access, several spaces to store litter boxes for all your cats, and an arched entryway for aesthetic appeal.

Homemade Cat Litter Box

With the availability of this DIY cat litter box, there is no need to clean up after your cats’ messes here and there. Making this lovely wooden litter box in the shape of a cabinet is enjoyable and simple. The materials you’ll need for the project include oak wood, maple plywood, a Kreg jig, and magnetic door locks.

Drape Fabric Around an End Table

Make sure that the end table you choose for this project can easily fit over the top of your current litter box. The more room you have, the less probable it is that trash will accumulate everywhere. This Moroccan-style accent table was changed by Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles using black spray paint and some striped cloth. Visit her tutorial to learn how she attached the cloth to the table.

Make a Hidden Litter Box

The nicest concealed litter box you’ll ever see is in this exquisite oak nightstand. A thrift store-purchaseable old wooden nightstand has been transformed into a litter box with a carpet inside, and a side entrance has been made. The nightstand is also painted to seem so appealing and sleek to give the rooms a posh feel.

Build a Custom Kitty Litter Box

For her cat Tebow, Lindsay from A Design Story made a decision to construct a unique litter box. The litter box was first located in the guest bathroom, but she quickly became tired of litter getting into the tub and other difficult-to-clean areas. They were able to make a box of any size and fit all the litter inside of it. Visit their blog to learn how they accomplished this.

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