DIY Room Divider

Room dividers transform a room into multi-use zones with separation and seclusion, creating something out of nothing in an instant. They can even give the impression that a room is larger than it actually is. Some room divider designs are so strong and substantial that they essentially perform the same purpose as internal partition walls. Others are made of less complicated materials and provide some separation without taking up much room.

Set aside your drywall and carpentry abilities for the simplest DIY room divider ideas. Instead, consider using straightforward tools and manageable materials. Hammers, hot glue guns, staplers, and finish nails are frequently used as tools. Almost anything may be used as a separator, including pallet wood, vinyl records, metal, chicken wire, repurposed doors, rope, license plates, plastic pipes, and more.

DIY Geometric Room Divider

Making a geometric room divider may appear difficult. But everyone would like working on this project. With the aid of this DIY room divider, you can easily add extra privacy to your area while also securing it. Once you’ve utilized this divider, you may fold it up and put it anywhere you choose. You may use it as room décor in addition to a divider. To fit in a foldable wood frame, arrange the vibrant wood or hardboard rays in a geometric arrangement. Then, have fun!

Macrame Magic

The practice of macramé, or knotting, is regaining popularity. To add a touch of hippy style to your bedroom or workplace, use this homemade room divider created by Rachel Denbow for A Beautiful Mess. Only 700 feet of cotton rope, a wooden dowel, hook screws, and scissors are required. Oh, and these useful, illustrated guidelines for mastering the macrame technique. (Are you not the least bit crafty? Check out the gorgeous macrame room dividers by Livalaya on Etsy.)

DIY Columned Book Shelf Room Divider

This half-height room divider is ideal for separating your living area from your foyer. If you have any leftover wood from past projects, you can build this over the course of a weekend for a reasonable price. It is quite easy to create and ideal for storing books, trinkets, or even boots or shoes next to the front entrance.

Ikea Pax Door Room Divider

There is an Ikea hack for every home décor requirement. The creator of the site Ikea Hackers, Jules Yap, presents a suggestion for turning a studio apartment’s spare room into a bedroom. She divided the space in half by building a sliding partition out of Ikea Pax wardrobe doors. These doors with frosted glass are available in sizes that reach from floor to ceiling and glide smoothly on tracks.

Homemade Room Dividers

This vibrant and simple DIY room divider will give your home’s décor a vivid, inspirational appeal. Use these sophisticated partitions to live independently and comfortably. You may utilize your outdated and ineffective doors to create this separation. Cover the doors with the paint and wallpaper of your choice. Screw them up afterwards to create a folding partition.

Hidden Closet

Rooms are amusing objects. You may create all different types of spatial arrangements inside their four walls. So, if your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, don’t despair! With plans and instructions for a modern, built-in room divider that also functions as a closet, Ana White is here to assist. This partition contains shelves and hangers for clothing, shoes, and other items on the rear while the front looks just like a white wall. Cover up your mistake in style.

DIY Rolling Room Divider Shelf

To divide places without taking up too much space, use this DIY cubby shelf. Additionally, it offers you a ton of storage capacity. You may use this to partition off the living area from the dining area or any other place you want. It works excellent for dividing up a single bedroom to offer youngsters their own space. You may transfer it from room to room with ease because it rolls and is simple to assemble.

Fabric Adjustable Room Divider

This cheap and simple fabric-covered room divider idea was created by Jennifer Eckert of the design site Fresh Crush. This is a particularly flexible design because of the connections that are linked to the ceiling, which make vertical adjustments simple. And because the cloth is stretched across 30 by 50-inch pre-assembled artist canvases, this partition can be put together fast.

Multipurpose Room Divider

With this versatile room divider, you can maintain your living area’s privacy while elevating it. This divider functions both as a storyline and a decorative element. On the side of this divider painted with blackboard paint, you may enjoy your space and write down your responsibilities. You may use the fabric’s other patterned side to pin up your favorite images and landscapes.

Classic Screen

With a few simple instructions from Confessions of a Serial DIYer, you can turn a thrift store discovery into a stylish folding screen. Although a wooden screen can serve its purpose, it may not be the most attractive solution, especially for bedrooms and living areas. So add some white stenciling and some light blue paint to lighten it up. As glitzy as any privacy screen you’ll see in a movie, the outcome is.

IKEA Hack Bamboo Room Divider

An IKEA LACK TV seat was used to create this lovely bamboo room divider. To give it an exquisite appearance, you add LED lighting, bamboo canes, and white stones. It allows you to divide your living room from the dining or kitchen sections and is ideal for placing behind the couch. It’s quite simple to assemble, and let’s face it, we all appreciate excellent IKEA hacks for the house, yard, or garden.

Ikea Shelving Unit Room Divider Hack

Because they provide storage as well as space separation, bookcases are frequently used as room separators. Simply twist a shelf unit so that it is parallel to the wall to complete this Ikea room divider hack. Next, lock the apparatus to prevent tipping. Use strong constraints, such as metal L brackets fastened to the top of the device and a wall stud. Add screws that are inserted into the same stud right through the side of the device to this.

How to Make a Room Divider

Making a room divider on your own doesn’t take any special expertise. Even with beginner-level abilities, you can complete this DIY project. All you have to do to create this divider at home is move the wood panel in the patterns you like. These panels should be painted and screwed together. This divider’s flexible mobility will be made possible via screws. As a result, you may fold it or put it anywhere you choose. Enjoy your comfort while sharing a room with this incredibly effective room divider.

Storage Galore

Wall partitions, like this IKEA Kallax shelf unit, may also serve as organizers. Placing your shelves flush against the wall will create a bookshelf with 16 square cubby holes for storage and display. For a quick and easy room divider, tilt vertically. Select from finishes in white, high-gloss white, black-brown, and light walnut. (Are you looking for a comparable room divider but there isn’t an IKEA close by? The Lancashire geometric bookcase by Ebern Designs or the PACHIRA bookshelf system would work.)

DIY Upholstered Bulletin Board Divider

The ideal room divider for workplaces and other living areas is this do-it-yourself upholstered bulletin board. It does two things: it aids in the definition of your distinct spaces and provides you with a fantastic bulletin board that is ideal for your home office. It’s also a fantastic DIY project to use up some of those leftover scraps of fabric because it doesn’t need any pricey supplies or equipment to construct.

Coiled Wire Fabric Divider

This wall covering appears to be cloth, but it isn’t. This is really coiled wire mesh, which hangs and drapes like cloth. This room partition was built by Cascade Coil in Oregon for a Hyatt hotel. However, DIYers may buy the company’s metal coil items directly and create a unique room divider for their home.

Custom Panels

Shelving is not the only application for modular systems: White PVC is transformed into customized wall-dividing systems by Etsy vendor MountainSnowArt, providing a light divider anyplace you need a little room separation. Each kit has 12 ornamental 15.7-inch panels that can be connected in any way that suits you. If white isn’t your style, you may also easily paint these sturdy and delicate panels.

DIY Hanging Canvas Room Divider

This canvas room divider is a simple DIY project that you can complete for less than $100, or even less if you already have some of the supplies on hand. It hangs from the ceiling and slips out of the way when you don’t need it, and it’s simple to construct. You may utilize it to further delineate bedroom rooms, divide off your living areas, or put some distinction wherever you need it.

Vinyl Record Room Divider

The Trenton offices of the recycling firm TerraCycle, located in New Jersey, put their creative vinyl record room divider into action. If you’re interested in creating a similar divider, all you need to do is buy some vinyl records at your neighborhood garage sale or thrift shop. After that, connect them with fishing line and hang them from ceiling hooks.

Plant-Lovers Partition

Hanging room dividers that showcase your indoor plants may be used to create a living wall in your living area. If you provide the Etsy seller KNOTisfaction your room’s measurements, your chosen number of tiers, and the length of your desired tassels, she may create a planter design that is ideal for your area.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Room Divider

Utilizing recycled plastic bottles, this creative hanging room divider was created. It looks similar to the beaded room dividers you can buy, but it’s lot easier and more enjoyable to make. Your bottles are chopped into pieces, and you paint them using acrylic paint to give them the color or colors you like. It’s a terrific idea to include this upcycled plastic bottle project to your list of plastic bottle projects since it’s a pretty cool DIY room divider for living rooms or kid’s rooms.

Wood Pallet Room Divider

Staci and her husband Doug created their own room divider after discovering a Boston store was asking an exorbitant price for salvaged wood. They swiftly constructed this divider out of free wood pallets to partition a large space into an office and bedroom. The divider serves as a sort of vertical scrapbook as well: Finish nails driven into various locations serve as binder clip hooks, which showcase keepsakes.

Easy Mobility

Looking for a portable room divider? Consider the inexpensive Dorland room divider from Symple Stuff. It will give seclusion and conceal anything you’d wish to keep out of sight, while it won’t necessarily buffer sound (like wires, washing machines, and other unkept zones in your house). When you need to move it somewhere else, the caster wheels lock into position and unlock.

For a bohemian style and feel, consider hanging your frame from an opaque curtain panel or draping it with your favorite fabric. The hanging room divider from RoomDividersNow is ideal if you like the concept of curtain room dividers but want one that is more fixed.

Hanging Window Room Divider

This lovely rescued old window sash cost very little money, according to Emily at the DIY site Jones Design Company. She and her family had a room divider right away thanks to the barn door track she used to fix it to the ceiling. While defining the space, Emily wanted to “keep things light and open,” as she puts it. This window accomplishes the job well.

Flora and Fauna

Leanna’s creative method can revitalize a worn-out rice paper screen: At a yard sale, the blogger at Pretty DIY Home discovered a vintage screen. She recognized potential beyond its present state, as she does with all wonderful finds. Leanna made illustrated panels from enlarged images, which she then transferred to craft paper after washing, sanding, and repainting it.

This beautiful room divider gives a home office or kid’s room a dash of fun and beauty. Online shops like Wayfair have comparable pieces for homeowners that desire this style without doing all the DIY work, like the Earnhardt room divider from Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse.

DIY Folding Screen Divider

A foldable screen divider shouldn’t cost more than $100. Simple DIY projects allow you to personalize it way you choose. This is a great partition for your children’s bedrooms or wherever else you need to split certain areas. At comparison to the exorbitantly priced ones in department shops, it’s fairly affordable and can be built in a weekend or less.

Chicken Wire Divider

Susan, a design blogger, didn’t want to throw away her old-fashioned but still useful trifold room divider. She kept the wood frame by punching out the weak pressboard inserts from the divider. She bought chicken wire and stapled it to each of the three pieces because her favored styles are exquisite country and shabby chic. Her customized DIY room divider, which divides her kitchen from the dining area, now includes photographs and curios.

Slide Into Place

What do you get when you combine the privacy a door provides with the ease of a room divider? Barn door sliding project. A detailed guide is provided by Sarah at Pretty Providence, who guarantees that the project will only cost around $250 to create and install. Her enigma?

Elmer’s ProBond Advanced adhesive, which is strong, odorless, and paintable. When everything is done, you’ll get all the advantages of a genuine door and the flexibility of an open floor plan when you want it. We’re convinced: Sliding room partitions are the best option!

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