DIY Round Coffee Table

Your living room and each seating area’s design is completed with a coffee table. It is never to skip because it is crucial for a sitting furniture set. And if you don’t have any nice coffee tables because you don’t have the money, you may make a lovely one inexpensively with the aid of these DIY coffee table ideas.

Because they are elegant but pricey, coffee tables with circular table tops always draw more attention, which is humiliating. We offer the ideal answer to help you escape this irritating circumstance right now. Check out these free designs and DIY circular coffee table ideas that are all handcrafted and will look fantastic with your farmhouse-style furniture.

Rounded Wooden Coffee Table With A Rounded Base

Are you as enamored with some traditional timber symmetry as we are? In that case, we think you’ll get along swimmingly with the way this Shanty 2 Chic lesson clearly illustrates how to construct a rounded wooden coffee table with a corresponding rounded wooden base!

Decorated with Dowels

The base of this circular coffee table by @baker.blooms is made of a substantial number of rounded dowels. She chooses a raw, natural style, but you could paint or stain this do-it-yourself coffee table for a personalized design that complements your current décor.

DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Round Coffee Table

This round coffee table seems a little more elegant because of the slatted design. Making furniture out of salvaged wood is a brilliant DIY accomplishment. Combine the slats, accurately cut wooden rounds from them, and stack them on top of each other using sturdy vertical wooden pillars. A circular coffee table with a Restoration Hardware design can set you back a lot of money.

Becky’s Hands-On Budget Coffee Table

How fashionable is this modern circular coffee table? Coffee table décor fantasies include blonde or light wood, Pampas in a goldfish bowl vase, Hurricane candles, and a woven tray.

I looked and looked for the ideal coffee table, but nothing fit my criteria or my budget. Which, according to Bex Elizabeth, aka @harps andco, means DIY (opens in new tab). ‘

How to Build a Round Coffee Table

By placing this circular coffee table in the middle, you may give your living space a subtle individuality. The round table top is created by joining two wooden arch forms, and the recycled pedestal base completes the look. The wood grains will sparkle with a lovely wood polish. See the full image instruction here. lizmarie

Round Wooden Coffee Table With Metal Braced Cross Legs

Maybe you’re genuinely persuaded that creating a rounded wooden table top and a rounded base that match inch for inch would be a little too much effort for you and that you’d like to leave the legs and base of your table a bit more simple?

In any case, here is a guide from James Costiglio that shows you how to create a coffee table with a rounded top and crossed legs without needing any more wood. We particularly like the way they strengthened the legs a little bit more by bracing them with metal brackets.

Modern Wire Base

Blogger Gwen Hefner decided to make a DIY coffee table out of an ordinary wire basket and a piece of MDF because she needed a quirky table for her children’s room. She painted both parts to match after cutting the wood into a circle.

DIY Wood Round Coffee Table

Will your contemporary living room reveal the wood’s raw edge? Choose this circular wood coffee table instead. It is made from slices that were cut from a stronger wood trunk. Their utilitarian purpose will be a huge benefit, and the natural cracks and architectural curves will make them a true natural highlight in the living area.

Roz’s Recycled Chip Foam Glass Coffee Table

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, as we’ve all heard, and this DIY coffee table exemplifies this rather literally. You may use the stuff you might have tossed in the garbage to make a lightweight glass coffee table by utilizing chip foaming from your internet goods.

When we initially moved here, the foam coffee table was our first DIY undertaking. Roz alias @process.doc says, “We recycled some chip foam from some delivery packing bonded into a cube” (opens in new tab)

We utilized four enormous bolts from the development’s building site in each corner to support it so that it wasn’t shaky. These provide the top with a flat platform to sit on and gently elevate it off the ground. We simply reused the glass top from our previous dining table, which we wanted to replace.

I’d like to construct a side table to match, but I need to figure out how to stable it if it’s higher because we still have a lot of foam left.

Easy DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table

Visit local secondhand shops as well to get some circular coffee tables at really inexpensive prices. To create circular coffee tables that last longer, raise them higher on bespoke bases. Consider using the remaining plumbing pipes to construct a sturdy base in an industrial design, as was done here.

Shining Top, Mod Looking Rounded Coffee Table

What if you favored the notion of a coffee table with a rounded top and cross-braced legs but want a little larger model that was a bit more contemporary in appearance than what we had just shown you? In that situation, we would unquestionably advise looking at how djubar1975 created this one with a glossy top!

Upcycled Thrifted Table

Blogger Kristy used a circular piece of wood, some spray paint, and a $15 thrift shop table to make a DIY coffee table in the farmhouse style. Her endeavor is evidence that a few minor adjustments may completely change an ordinary object.

Pallet Coffee Table

The pallet table has been constructed in a multi-chevron pattern and looks stunning in it! This round coffee table’s installed wooden pallets have a variety of colors that may detract from its overall appeal.

Tina Rivera’s Target Dupe

Despite how handy our hardware and furniture merchants may be, a number of factors, such as the kind of materials used, the administrative costs associated with maintaining a physical storefront, and even logistics, can affect the price point.

Of course, everyone has a different spending limit, so why not do some experiments at home if you don’t believe the price is justified? It turns out that the midcentury contemporary coffee table mentioned here is currently out of stock, which presents another “off-the-peg” buying challenge.

Tina Rivera, as @triveras brightwoodlife, says, “I really wanted the wood and wire Hearth & Hand coffee table from Target, but I wasn’t prepared to pay $139.99 for it” (opens in new tab).

Because of its simplicity, I was certain that I could reproduce the design. I used four 16-inch black hairpin legs from Amazon for $21.99 and a 36-inch round wood board from Lowe’s for $48.84(opens in new tab). This coffee table only cost me $70.83 because I already had the stain, sealer, and tools. Half the cost.

Rounded Painted Plywood Coffee Table

Maybe you like DIY projects and instructions that employ less expensive, obviously recycled resources to make really useful new items that you genuinely required for your house. In such case, we would definitely advise looking at how The Merry Thought created this wonderful rounded and painted table out of straightforward plywood.

Simple Scandi Style

For individuals who prefer to sometimes switch up the aesthetic of their room, blogger Morgan McBride constructed a DIY coffee table that works well with either a wooden or glass top. The geometric basis is elegant and understated without seeming dull.

Jaq’s Plant Pot And Pizza Lid Combo

This really inventive DIY black coffee table was created using a variety of kitchen and outdoor tools. Who would have thought that what is essentially a planter and an oven tray might be the perfect inside match?

Jaq Croft, also known as @revisionistalondon, expresses his satisfaction with himself.

Here’s a side table money-saving advice: Get a bigger planter and place a pizza oven pan on top of it! Keep magazines, pillows, and refreshments inside!

Modern DIY Danish Coffee Table

Follow these instructions to make a highly contemporary coffee table, which will help your living area seem stunning. Make a round coffee table top out of plywood, then add three tapered wood legs for a wonderful standing style. Here is a comprehensive visual instruction francoisetmoi.

Light Weight, Upside Down Wire Basket Rounded Table

Perhaps you have a good notion of the sort of rounded coffee table top you want, but you haven’t yet found any table bases or legs that you feel truly fit the distinctive design you’re striving for. Then perhaps you’ll like getting in the way. With their table, Apartment Therapy really outdid themselves by getting clever and turning an attractive copper wire trash basket upside down into the foundation!

Oversized for Large Spaces

The Merry Thought bloggers Caitlin and Manda created a sculpture that is comparable to McBride’s, but with significantly thinner legs and a base that touches the ground. The straightforward table brings some light and complexity to this living area when paired with a darker leather sofa.

Build Your Own Round Coffee Table

A charming discussion piece to place in the middle of your living room sofa is a round coffee table that is both rustic and contemporary. It is supported by sturdy wooden dowel legs for standing. Once more, cut a circular table top from MDF or plywood. Complete instruction manual here, Merry.

DIY Rounded Farmhouse Coffee Table

You may have like the design of the dining room table we showed you upcycling a little higher in our list, but you’re not sure you’ll be able to find a ready-made table to modify. Maybe you just intend to build your table from fresh because you like the pedestal base you noticed on that design. In any event, we think you’ll be quite happy to see how this coffee table from My Life on Kaydeross Creek was finished. It was influenced by a farmhouse style.

DIY a Hairpin Leg Coffee Table In 5 Steps

Build an industrial round top coffee table in a few simple steps to give your living area a fresh practical personality. Simply purchase reasonably priced circular wooden tabletops from yard sales or thrift shops, attach metal hairpin legs to the bottom of the tabletops using the specified hardware, and you’re done. YellowbrickHome has a whole instruction online.

Rounded X-Carve Design Top Coffee Table

Maybe you have complete faith in your DIY carpentry abilities and are certain you can assemble a round table for yourself, but you’d really want to learn a new method for including some sort of ornamental accent. In such scenario, we would definitely advise looking at how Instructables created the gorgeous etched tabletop pattern you see above using X-carve techniques!

DIY Handmade Round Coffee Table

Coffee table with a steel bucket and a wood round top that is really cleverly designed and storage-friendly. It has storage underneath the top and handles for simple lifting over. For a striking design appeal, don’t forget to attach the short, tapered wooden legs. Here is a whole lesson, Bobvila.

Pedestal Leg Rounded Coffee Table

We’ve already showed you tutorials for creating a circular coffee table with a pedestal leg out of an existing table and for creating a table with that design entirely from scratch, but what if your talents fall somewhere in between those two ranges? Then, in our opinion, you have to look at how Ordinary Days created their version and described the entire process in incredible detail!

Adorable DIY Round Table

This sturdy circular top table works well for both dinner parties and talks in living rooms. Any room or place will have a subtle wooden character thanks to the sleek wood appeal of a stylish round table with a strong pedestal base. Free blueprints and a detailed instruction are available at Shanty 2 Chic.

Rounded, X-Base Farmhouse Coffee Table

Although rounded coffee tables with X-base legs are quite a classic, there are various methods to achieve them elsewhere, so deciding which one is perfect for you might be challenging. To provide you with a diverse selection of choices, we tried to put as many on our list as we could. Before we wrap up, check out one more fantastic circular coffee table project from Molly’s Marketplace.

DIY Farmhouse Style Coffee Round Table

By adding this farmhouse-style circular coffee table to your living room couch set, you can add a stunning touch of country life to your contemporary living space. A unique wood finish is very necessary to get the desired look while building this table like a master. Hertoolbelt has a comprehensive visual lesson and step-by-step instructions.

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