Dollar General Picture Frames

Picture frames may be reused to give your home a new look if you need to update it but are short on time. Picture frames are more versatile than simple picture frames if you’re willing to look outside the box. Check out these fantastic, inexpensive projects that use photo frames that you can get at your neighborhood Dollar Store.

DIY Key Organizer

As soon as you enter the house, organizing begins. Create this lovely key caddy from Redfly Creations by utilizing dollar store frames to give your keys a place to land.

Photo Frame Lantern

This clever concept transformed four $1 photo frames into a one-of-a-kind lantern. You can put up these lanterns in just 20 minutes using only photo frames, hot glue, and some paint. Even better, you can produce the ideal ambiance lighting for a small fraction of the price by using a few candles.

DIY Succulent Garden

Do you have several succulent plants strewn about your home that no one has ever noticed? Or if there isn’t enough room in your house for a big plant arrangement?

Solved: with a few inexpensive ingredients and frames from the dollar shop, you can create this gorgeous succulent garden. Additionally, if you just lack the ability to maintain plants, this technique also works fantastically with artificial succulents! This succulent garden may be used to beautify your house or brought to work to liven up your workspace.

DIY Dollar Store Vertical Succulent Garden

The popularity of succulents is due to the fact that they are not only stunning but also reasonably simple to maintain. Use fake succulents to make things even simpler and you’ll never have to worry about dying them! You’ll want to construct several of this dollar store frame succulent garden from The Homespun Hydrangea since it is so lovely.

Penny Frame

One of the great things about frames from the dollar store is that you can make as many changes as you like without having to worry about losing a lot of money. You can create a very inexpensive item with this penny frame design for literally cents on the dollar. Depending on what you want, you may also use this design concept to incorporate buttons or other currency.

DIY Table Organizer

Here is a charming and useful homemade present idea if you’re searching for something for the next holiday season. Your children would love to build this photo frame table organizer as a present for their favorite uncle, aunt, or grandparents. The best aspect is that no tools or wood-cutting is required. A photo frame, some cloth, and some adhesive are all you need!

Rustic Glam Wedding Decor

Making your own wedding décor is a terrific way to save money because weddings are expensive. You can transform a dollar store frame into the sparkling basis for a rustic wedding-themed tableau by following The Country Chic Cottage’s instructions.

DIY Organizer

Who could have imagined? a photo frame that doubles as an organizer. There are so many uses for this; the laundry room, bathroom, closet, even the kitchen, are all excellent places for it. The frame may be used on your refrigerator and magnets can be added to it. For more storage distance, you could even install hooks to secure it to the side of your chair. This design has countless possible applications!

Dry Erase Calendar

Here is another do-it-yourself activity to keep you organized. You’ll be able to manage all of your duties and errands with the aid of this lovely dry erase calendar.

It may be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, children’s bedroom, or craft area. You’ll also need photo frames, scrapbook paper, scrapbook letters, scissors, a pencil or pen, and a dry-erase marker in addition to image frames. You may make whatever changes you want to the project, and it won’t take you more than 30 minutes!

Dollar Store Frame Earring Holder

Who would have guessed something so helpful could be created from a cheap frame? You can keep your dresser organized by using this easy-to-make earring holder from Organized 31.

Earring Holder

You only need a single picture frame, a foot of chiffon, some plastic mesh, and adhesive to put this easy earring holder together. This holder would look fantastic on a vanity desk or hung next to a full-length mirror. Ideal for rapidly experimenting with several earrings and selecting the best pair to match your outfit.

Gallery Wall on a Budget

Adding artwork is one of the simplest ways to improve your living area. But it might be challenging to make your thoughts a reality when you’re on a limited budget.

It will be difficult to locate attractive frames, let alone paintings and mats. or so you believed. Contrary to common perception, creating a fancy gallery out of your plain white walls doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In actuality, this project only costs approximately $100 and takes an hour to do.

Get some frames here if you don’t want to go to the dollar shop. When they are brought to your house, it is considerably simpler. Teenagers can also benefit greatly from this effort.

Table Top Frame

With a few simple materials and Lily Ardor’s instructions, you can transform a wall frame into a lovely tabletop frame. These appear to have just left a high-end home furnishing store!

Mirror Frame Design

Even while it isn’t strictly speaking a picture-centered design, it still adheres to the picture frame concept, and the mirror patterns you can create using them are incredible. The easy-to-use but distinctive customization possibilities are what give this design its uniqueness. The highlight of the design is a cut-out letter, but you could just as easily substitute a photo, an insignia, a miniature planter, or even a candle holder.

Lucky Penny Embellished Picture Frame

Now is the moment to use the money you’ve been saving. This simple DIY project is ideal whether you’re seeking for a present idea or a piece of décor that will brighten up your space.

All you have to do is use hot glue to secure each penny along the edge of the frame. When you’re finished, add your favorite image or a clever statement to the frame!

How to Distress a Dollar Store Frame

Dollar store frames are the ideal price point, but occasionally the color and style are completely off. With the help of this Happy Deal Happy Day guide, you can easily go from traditional wood to shabby chic by distressing a dollar store frame.

DIY Table Signs

These are some really good DIY photo frame ideas, in my opinion. The concept involves making table signs that may be used to indicate table top regions using the reasonably priced frames. These would be ideal for a table at a yard sale where you could indicate the price of everything there. You may also use them to house images rather than the sign concept.

DIY Tray from a Frame

This photo frame tray is really lovely and simple to create. According to the Confessions of a Serial DIYer instruction, you can reuse an old picket pile. You might, however, opt to preserve the entire frame and fill it with any sort of photograph or scrapbooking material.

Given that you can entirely tailor it to the receiver, this would be a great present. Even a DIY gift basket for Christmas might be fashioned out of it. Old picture frames may be saved and reused with this do-it-yourself technique.

DIY Meal Planning Command Center

In addition to attempting to remember which meat has to be defrosted for Thursday, you also have one child attending soccer, another ballet, a book club meeting on Tuesday, family dental appointments on Wednesday, and a book club meeting on Tuesday. That’s a lot to remember, so the DIY meal planning command center from the Prudent Penny Pincher will come in handy. Use frames from the dollar shop to save money as well!

Open Frame and Wire Memo Board

Your home office space or work station would benefit greatly from the addition of this DIY message board. Use it to show brief messages for yourself, postcards, images, or sweet phrases.

Rosyscription’s guide recommends using gold craft wire, but you may alternatively use a wire mesh similar to this one. Use small magnets or clothespins to secure the articles if your message board is constructed of wire mesh. Additionally, you may paint the frames any color you choose.

DIY Picture Frame Terrarium

Want to draw attention to some lovely décor or create a gorgeous focal point? Make this easy terrarium yourself. It is created entirely of frames from the dollar shop.

Summery Photo Frame

Do you miss the beach? This incredible do-it-yourself project will make it easier for you to recall the priceless times you spent by the sea and warm your heart in the approaching cold months.

It’s really simple and enjoyable to construct this sunny frame. It may be personalized with a variety of little accessories, like shells, a fishing net, miniature “beach” signs, miniature seagulls, etc.)

Picture Frame Luminaries

You can make a lovely picture luminary like this nice one from That’s What Che Said with a few inexpensive ingredients. These are beautiful as gifts and make lovely additions to shower or wedding reception décor.

DIY Earring Display

It’s likely that your earrings are jumbled and twisted if you store them in a box. It might take forever to find a basic pair of earrings, which can be frustrating.

It’s a lifesaver to have this DIY earring display. It will resemble a framed, vibrant work of art if you put it on your dresser or hang it next to your mirror.

Framed Coffee Art

Amy Latta Creations used a dollar store frame and the enjoyable craft of hand writing to create this framed coffee art. The end result is a stunning work of art for your workplace, coffee shop, or kitchen. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert at sketching or hand lettering to create one of them. Stencils may be used to create something just as beautiful!

Picture Frame Greenhouse Terrarium

Give your ferns, jasmine, orchids, and other hothouse plants a beautiful place to call home. While building this adorable glasshouse does need some time and effort, you’ll find that it was worthwhile once your indoor haven is complete. Watch your miniature garden grow in your greenhouse terrarium beside a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

Interchangeable Picture Frame

Make this adaptable picture frame using a clearance picture frame and some scrapbook material. This photo frame was made by Create Craft Love and with a little updating, it may be used all year round.

Farm House Kitchen Décor

Love the look of a farm? Fortunately, you can simply recreate some of the greatest farmhouse styles with simple DIY projects. Although farmhouse style is highly popular, your home need not have the same appearance as everyone else’s. Your DIY things will become one-of-a-kind décor items if you add personalized art to them. You may see what I mean by taking a look at this Farm House Kitchen Décor.

How to Distress Wood Frames

How to distress wood frames may be found in an article from Running With Sisters. You can make some gorgeous frames for your walls with a couple of paintbrush strokes and some effort.

DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack

This do-it-yourself project is perfect for you if you have a lot of fresh herbs like cilantro, thyme, saffron, basil, oregano, and lemon balm that need to be dried.

You’re probably using brown paper bags, wire cookie racks on the kitchen counter, or the oven to dry your herbs. You can dry three different herbs on various levels with this DIY Tiered Herb Rack, which is also stylish. The screening ensures speedy and equal drying of your plants by allowing air to circulate freely.

Coastal Lantern

With frames from the dollar store and some glue, assemble this Craft Bits lantern with a seaside theme. This lantern is quite adorable and simple to construct. Dollar store frames and a little imagination may help you create designer-style designs for your home decor without spending a fortune!

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