Fireplace Renovation Ideas

There are several beautiful and interesting solutions available if you wish to remodel your fireplace. This post contains 30 incredible fireplace renovation ideas, each one unique from the previous.

Depending on what you want for your house and d├ęcor style, fireplaces may be anything from a contemporary and modern feature of a room that blends into the background to acting as the center point of a space.

Paint the Brick White

The white-painted brick fireplace is one of the most effective but straightforward fireplace remodeling ideas. To create the contemporary brick fireplace of your dreams, all you need is some white paint and a long afternoon.

Get a Wall-Mounted Fireplace With No Mantel

We frequently picture conventional fireplaces with a brick chimney and mantle when we think about fireplaces. To have a more modern appearance, you may do away with the mantel entirely.

We can see that in this instance the electric fireplace is wall-mounted, doing away with the requirement for a chimney. Additionally, it guarantees that your wall will remain clean and uncluttered, giving the impression that the space is larger.

Install a Stove in an Existing Fireplace

Addition of a wood burning stove into a fireplace’s alcove is unquestionably a wise choice for people who appreciate the ambiance of a genuine fire but are aware of the open fire’s subpar efficiency.

When putting any equipment in your house, safety should always come first, but Jon Butterworth, director of Arada Stoves, warns that this is especially true when installing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove (opens in new tab).

In order to lower the danger of home fires and so safeguard property and its occupants, building regulations set stringent minimum distances between a stove and its surroundings. “Your fitter will use the pre-approved measurements that each stove has as a guide when selecting the best design for your home.

Give Your Fireplace a DIY Makeover

There are few things that can compare to the snap, crackle, and pop of a fire, whether it is started by actual logs or by natural gas, for its utterly soothing warmth and its calming dancing flames. However, it must be said that not all fireplaces draw as much attention as they ought to. Or, even worse, some fireplaces draw attention for the incorrect motives. Fortunately, there is still hope for even the most uninspiring brick fireplace, vintage stone artifact, or boring but functional tract house fireplace. There are several ways to update a fireplace, and the most of them don’t really cost that much money. You’ll adore these 12 DIY fireplace ideas if you want to give a plain fireplace some flare.

No Really, Paint the Brick White

Don’t only paint the fireplace surround; also paint the brick fireplace’s inside (the insert). Paint the grout joints gray or black for an ultra-modern appearance that will make the fireplace truly stand out.

Create a Full Wall For a Brick Fireplace Unit

I like how this fireplace was converted into a whole wall unit, yet it still manages to be extremely subtle and mix in with the decor of the rest of the space. The white bricks give the entire unit a serene appearance in the space, fostering a tranquil ambiance.

Two tall, slender columns with arched tops support the shelves. In addition, a small mantel with shelves is included. Smaller shelves make it less overpowering and more subdued.

Be Proportionate When Designing a New Fireplace

The trick is to make sure the chimney breast ideas, surround, and mantle (if you’re having one) are proportionate to the room as a whole, whether you’re planning from scratch or remodeling an existing fireplace. Think of the colorful brick and stone-clad creatures from the 1950s and 1970s to get an idea of how fashions and trends may influence how you feel about a certain shape. This is particularly true of modern fireplaces. This contemporary fireplace, however broad and a modern take on inglenook fireplaces, fits in with the space as a whole.

A Touch of Marble

Without the need for a chimney, almost everyone may have an electric fireplace in any room of their home. The disadvantage of these fireplaces is that there is no hearth to act as a threshold between the floor and the fireplace. No need to worry, though; simply visit The Painted Hive to see how simple it is to make a “marble” fireplace using only a board and some contact paper.

Or Paint It Blue

Why not renovate a blue fireplace while everyone else is doing a white one? For those seeking a splash of color, this navy blue painted brick fireplace also comes together over the course of a weekend.

Be More Sustainable With an Electric Fireplace

Now that everyone is concerned about the environment, electric fireplaces are growing in popularity. They do away with the need for wood, don’t require smoke or a chimney, and are manufactured well enough to ensure that your fireplace looks authentic. This style of linear fireplace complements the clean, straight lines of a modern living room well since it is long and narrow.

Create a Focal Point With an Exposed Brick Fireplace

An exposed brick fireplace is the best option when it comes to a traditional fireplace design. It’s a design that works for both old and modern homes, and in the proper house, uncovering your brickwork is a reasonably simple task.

Keep in mind that the brick may not be what you expect or be in the greatest shape before you start removing plaster to reveal the brick beneath. Although it’s a calculated risk, you could find yourself searching for a plasterer to reinstall the wall.

Brick slips, which are thinly cut brick tiles that, when attached to a wall, will appear exactly like genuine brick, are another option if you believe the brick in your home isn’t up to par.

A Mantel Makeover

Too many fireplaces, which might otherwise be appealing, are marred by a mantel that is too sparse for the area, giving the room an unbalanced appearance. If that is the issue with your fireplace, turn to Lovely Etc. for a stunning DIY rustic mantel that will be spectacular enough for even the biggest fireplace. It’s a simple carpentry job for a weekend that’s otherwise free.

Marble-ize the Mantel

The height of fireplace luxury is a white marble mantel, which looks magnificent in a stately parlor or large living space. Choose quartz or granite for a comparable aesthetic at a lower cost.

Go Contemporary With a Fireplace in the Middle of the Room

Another relatively recent design trend is to center the fireplace in a column in the centre of the room rather than having it tucked away against a wall on one side. If you want to have a room divider for a house with an open concept, this is a great option. The fireplace provides some blocking for the space while yet enabling other areas of the house to enjoy its attractive appearance.

Reinstate Period Charm With the Right Fireplace

If you reside in a historic home that has had some of its features removed over the years, you might want to look into finding a period fireplace to help bring back some of the home’s charm.

When seeking to buy a fireplace, I’d always advise adhering to the home’s time “says Owen Pacey, the man behind Renaissance London, a company that specializes in restoring fireplaces(opens in new tab). “By doing this, the fireplace will maintain its original appearance and the styles.”

But how can you tell which type is best for your house? “Victorian homes always included a marble or slate fireplace on the ground floor; subsequently, during the Edwardian era, slate became considerably more common. Marble, though, would always be my first choice because of how robust it is in general.”

Try a Stencil

Why not attempt a stencil to add some flair if your fireplace is good but the surround is plain? It’s a pleasant DIY fireplace project that doesn’t cost much, needs few materials, and is simple to do. For a modern appearance, East Coast Creative picked a honeycomb pattern, however any geometric pattern would be suitable.

Marble-ize the Surround and Hearth

Did you know that it is possible to preserve your mantel while replacing the hearth and surround of your fireplace? You can peel the mantel off in one piece with a little effort and lay it aside. This particular fireplace creates a lovely modern-vintage effect by combining fresh marble with an antique wood mantle.

Add a Lot of Storage Options for a Modern Look

The area around a fireplace is frequently decorated in pure white, which both softens and brightens the space. You can keep your mantel clear of clutter and the attention on the fireplace by adding many shelves on either side. If you like the way it looks, you may do the fireplace remodeling yourself with the aid of this website’s comprehensive DIY instructions.

Paint the Fireplace the Same Colour as the Walls

A fireplace surround often serves as a neutral, if not overpowering, accent in a space due to its size and boxy shape. However, not every room responds in this way. It’s a fascinating strategy to paint the fireplace surround the same color as the walls since it pushes this imposing figure into the background while yet maintaining the fireplace’s framing shape and feel. The block of color will be broken up for a beautiful effect if mantelpiece ideas are included with this design, such as complementary books, items, or even a mirror.

DIY Fireplace Facelift

This is not a quick job, but Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof provides detailed instructions for building a brand-new “face” for an existing fireplace if you’re hoping to fully alter an old stone or brick fireplace that has seen better decades. For those interested in improving their woodworking abilities, it’s also a great learning opportunity.

Coordinate Your Fireplace Decor

Not every fireplace requires a major renovation. Try altering the furnishings around it if you’re tired of the way yours appears but don’t want to make significant alterations. Simply choose a few accessories for the fireplace surround and mantel that complement your couch’s color or possibly the main color of a neighboring picture. In a second, your room will appear organized. If you can match the fresh flowers, even better.

Create a Round Indoor Firepit For Added Charm

These circular firepits are often seen outdoors in a backyard, but this one works really well indoors. In this contemporary living room, the spherical white marble stands out against the black chimney. It works well as a room divider or as a meeting area in the middle of a living room. No matter where you put it, it will stand out and be special.

Centre a Fireplace in the Room for Real Wow-Factor

If you’re building a house on your own or an addition, don’t think that a fireplace is just a chimney breast against a wall. The division between the living and dining areas in this broken-plan room is achieved by the fireplace, one of the fascinating setups made possible by contemporary fireplace designs.

But how can a fireplace exist without a chimney to exhaust wood smoke? Just don’t start a fire that burns wood. Modern bioethanol fireplaces are fantastic since they don’t require extraction because they don’t produce any smoke, but they still let you enjoy the warmth of a genuine fire in your house.

Small Touches, Big Impact

A fireplace with an appealing mantle, pilasters, and hearth but drab plain-vanilla “builder” tiles as the surround is a pretty typical sight. If your fireplace fits that description, The Gathered Home provides a very simple fix. For a simple DIY fireplace touch that makes a great statement, just paint the tiles black (or whatever other color you like).

Dress Up the Hearth

Another quick makeover concept? Decorate your fireplace with statues and plants. Also, don’t forget to take care of the fireplace grate area. Replace a worn-out grate with a new one, or even better, choose a pair of elegant ball-shaped fireplace andirons.

Add a Thick Antique Wood Mantel

The massive oak mantle above the fireplace, rather than the fireplace itself, is the focal point of this renovation. It holds a mirror, candles, and other decorative items and is created of a dark wood grain to contrast with the white fireplace. It’s crucial to consider the tiny details and accents as well if you want to remodel your fireplace but are working with a limited budget.

Ensure a Fireplace is an Inviting Space

Fireplaces are frequently seen in snugs and sitting rooms, where the cozy crackle of a fire feels like an embrace on a chilly winter night. Therefore, ensure that the area around your fireplace is as warm and inviting as the open fire or log burner in your room. One place to start is by adding a large wooden mantel since the visual attraction of wood against any color background will instantly give character.

Success with a fireplace also depends on carefully planning where to put the tools needed for stoking the fire. Create designated areas for additional logs, kindling, and pokers to live on or near the fireplace using log storage ideas like beautiful buckets and baskets.

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