DIY Cake Stand Ideas

With the greatest DIY cake stand ideas, it’s simple to elevate your event and demonstrate your meticulous planning and preparation. Everyone agrees that the dessert table is the highlight of the meal, so giving it additional attention to make it seem as beautiful as it is should be a top focus in your preparations.

Start by thinking vertically. Frequently, the cakes, cookies, and candies are arranged in a line on top of the table, creating what seems to be an endless trail of sweets. Give the tablecloth some breathing room with cake stands to elevate your décor.

Rustic Wood Plaques

To make this beauty, all you need are some wooden plaques from the craft shop. We adore the feminine appeal and rustic charm that can be found in Pretty Handy Girl.

Psychedelic Color Explosion Acrylic Cake Stand

With the help of this psychedelic color explosion acrylic cake stand, add some vibrancy to your party setting. Display the birthday cake for the honored guest or a collection of noteworthy objects for everyone to view. The object you pick to highlight receives the appropriate attention thanks to the stand’s height.

Use this vibrant and personalized acrylic cake stand to give the cake table some individuality for a delightful complement to any celebration. For a teenage girl’s birthday, a wedding shower, or a contemporary reception, consider using this homemade cake stand concept.

Cutesy Counter Top

Your kitchen counter will seem fresh and inviting with the addition of this citrus stand. Use a white cake stand and stack some fresh lemons or limes on top for this cheery decoration. This set-up is ideal for a blank spot next to your backsplash. Put some preserved hydrangeas in a small galvanized bucket and place it next to the stand as a seasonal tribute. Centsational Girl’s photo is used.

Golden Glitter

Who doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle? This cake stand is popular for birthday celebrations or holiday feasts since it is completely covered, dipped, and attired in golden shimmer.

Dessert First Wood Slice Cake Stand

Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of starting with dessert? I’m aware that the dessert table is always on my mind when I’m at a party. With a dessert-first cake stand, you can show off your love of sweets. This adorable cake stand, which has a rustic appeal, uses a wood slice as the plate to hold your featured cake.

This personalized handmade cake stand is a wonderful option for a hostess present that you leave behind after everyone has enjoyed the cake you created for the special celebration, especially with the addition of the beautiful statement.

Sensational Succulents

This organic style would go great with any party or home that has an organic theme. A cupcake stand, fake succulents, and preserved moss make it simple to recreate the tier-style arrangement. Start with a galvanized, tier-decorated dessert stand for this cake stand design.

On each layer, arrange succulent blooms with a natural touch. Use succulents of various sizes and hues to create a lush, vibrant arrangement. Fill the crevices between the succulents with clumps of preserved moss to give the arrangement more richness and texture. picture obtained from This Ivy House.Tumblr.

Easy Ombre

Of course, painting is a great way to have some fun. Create your own ombre piece by gathering your favorite colored items.

Smooth and Sleek Pastel Cake Stand

Your creativity can soar if you can identify a culinary item that calls to you. These attractive pastel-colored ramekins, which have smooth, sleek sides and are entirely usable on their own, also provide a stylish basis for a DIY cake stand.

To do this easy craft, all you need is a plate that has never been used before and some glue. A gentle flash of color is added and your meal presentation is improved by placing a colorful foundation beneath the clean, white plate. Choose ramekin hues and finishes that flawlessly match your display to make it your own.

Light Tower

This cake stand decoration will enhance the attractiveness and coziness of its surroundings with its enchanting splendor. Start with a 3-tier dessert stand to achieve this stacked candle appearance.

Use votive candles that will fit on your stand and group them in clusters on each level. You might not need to employ any other type of lighting at your elegant dinner party if this pillar of sparkling illumination is there. from Bride Canada, a picture

Antique Plates & Glasses

Create a unique and eccentric dessert stand for the house by upcycling your antique items or purchasing some at a flea market, then pairing them together!

DIY Bowl and Saucer Domed Cupcake Stand

The best personalization is when you make each visitor feel special. Place cupcake stands at each place setting to create this ambiance. Choose a saucer and cup that are unique to each guest’s preferences to add flair, or create a uniform presentation by sticking to a unified color scheme.

In either case, each visitor will savor a unique, classy featured cupcake. For one-of-a-kind purchases to add a cool and enjoyable touch to your ceramic pieces, check out discount racks and thrift shops.


This adorable ornament is ideal as an Easter centerpiece or for your spring decorating. Start with an antique or cake stand to get this bright aesthetic. Place a dozen multicolored ornamental eggs in the middle of a rough-hewn nest made of raffia strips on the stand. This would make a striking centerpiece for your Easter brunch. from Shabby Soul, a photo.

Versatile Glass

Any glass dish or plate may become a very adaptable and seasonal addition. Display your lovely baked goodies while you decorate for every occasion or season.

Marvelous DIY Miniature Cupcake Stand

You’ll discover this close friend, the cupcake stand, next to the big cake stands. This delicate treat, which only has room on the tables for one cupcake, leaves a lasting impact on your party attendees when one is placed at each place setting.

A name card on a flag put into the cupcake will continue the customized theme and make it simple for attendees to locate their assigned seats. Each guest’s personal place should have the appearance and feel of being exceptional, adding to the wow element of your event.

Squeaky Clean

It might be difficult to present your dish soap and scrubbers in an appealing way, but a straightforward cake stand can improve your sinkside arrangement. This elegant cake stand design is simple to implement and will instantly upgrade your kitchen or bathroom.

Start with a straightforward, smaller-diameter glass cake stand so as not to overpower its surroundings. Place a folded cotton hand towel on the platter after that. On top of the towel, place a bottle of liquid soap, a beautiful bar of soap, and a natural sponge. This accent invites a spa-like ambiance into your kitchen or powder room. from the I Heart Naptime blog.

Colorful Dessert

When making these vibrant numerals, garage sale treasures and spray paint may be incredibly helpful. Just have a peek at the fresh aesthetic and distinctive mood!

Styling Your Cakes with DIY Cake Stands

You just need two useful items to provide your delicious baked goodies with a place to call home. As soon as they go into the kitchen and see a rich dessert placed on this exquisite cake throne above the counter, everyone will be in awe.

To create one that is unique to your tastes, grab a plate and a candlestick holder. For a special occasion, you may want a glass version, or perhaps a plain white plate would be more appropriate for daily enjoyment. Whatever the situation, you can easily make the cake display you need by just these two household necessities.

Dome-estic Bliss

Add painted dome cake stands to the peninsula or island in your kitchen to fill empty space. Desserts aren’t necessary to make this vibrant display enticing. Use dome stands to create this beautiful cake stand design. Use supports of various heights and sizes, and add one with a colorful base for a quirky appearance. Painting the domes with tones of acrylic paint from the same color palette can help bring this design together. from Shabby Soul, a picture

Wood Scallops

Can you believe these cake stands were constructed entirely out of materials you might buy at your neighborhood craft store? If you feel up to it, use the guide to make one for yourself and adorn it for a unique touch.

Rustic Wood Stump DIY Cake Stand

This homemade cake stand is quite rustic and has a lot of character. This cake display is the best option for the nature enthusiast or outdoorsman within! You may carefully cut out a heart and burn the wedded couple’s names or initials inside of it. Use smaller versions as reception table centerpieces to carry on the rustic wood motif. They can be decorated with a candle that is encircled by petals, flowers, or sweets.

Urban Herb Garden

Set up your beautiful interior garden with a desert stand made of rough wood and fresh herbs. Fill many tiny pots with lush, potted plants for this unusual cake stand presentation, then pile them high on a tiered stand. This stand may be used as a simple decoration on your balcony table or would look stylish on your kitchen counter. Image courtesy of Urban Comfort


For this original design, any old container may be combined with a whimsical plate. Just be sure you add a little flair to the canister as well.

DIY Tiered Cake Pan Stand

It’s amazing what you can do with three metal cake pans and a few candlesticks. Simple and inexpensive to create, this beautiful cake stand is very simple and straightforward to assemble. There are three cake pans, arranged in decreasing size. Look through your used or secondhand shops to get something really affordable.

Choose your chosen color for your décor while spray painting the candlesticks. A strong contrast of color between the silver metal layers is always entertaining. One way to display this homemade cake pan stand is by hosting a cookie exchange. It also functions just as well as a tiered display for seasonal house decoration.

Floral Ball Fancy

This elegant, traditional decoration is ideal for a wedding centerpiece or a lavish, florid display for your card table. Start with an antique metal cake stand with lace-like texture around the rim to create this opulent cake stand adornment. Next, glue white and pink preserved roses into a dome shape to lay atop the stand using floral foam blocks as support. an image from The Knot

Gold Spray

Look at what metallic spray paint can achieve; it could be one of the greatest innovations ever made for artisans. The base can be made of a wooden plaque and a candlestick.

Wonderfully Wired Metal Cake Stand

Check out this metal wire design if you want a cake stand that is everything but average. This clever arrangement, which was made from a cooling rack and a miniature lampshade frame, offers a distinctive and hip way to display your cake.

This homemade cake stand design gives your party presentation a more industrial feel. You could decide to add a cake plate to the top of your display to give it additional depth and drama, depending on your own preferences.

Holiday Cheer

This cake stand concept will work well for you if you reside in a tiny flat or don’t feel the need to purchase a large Douglas-fir tree every holiday season. Place the basic Christmas tree arrangement on a galvanized cake stand with a lip. The saucer should have a little fake tree in the middle, with glass ball decorations surrounding it. This ornament is ideal for your dining room table or kitchen island counter top. from Vintage Whites Market, a picture


With the addition of colorful pom-pons, your traditional, white cake stand—whether you make it yourself or already have one lying around the house—will get a touch of youthful sprightliness.

Scalloped Black Plate and Gold Cake Stand

A beautiful cake stand to help you celebrate your next major occasion combines traditional black and glittering gold. The cake plate’s scalloped borders provide personality and charm as you create the ideal vignette for your extravagant dessert table.

The stand’s base is covered with glitter and completed in a gold tone. With the addition of this glitzy gold and black cake stand, turning 40 or going “over the hill” would be even more entertaining. Put the honoree’s cake on top, and start having fun!

A Stand Out Bath

Your guest bathroom or master bathroom will be uniquely organized thanks to this attractive display. Use a ceramic stand with a scalloped edge for this whimsical cake stand design. Cotton swabs, Q-tips, and travel-size toothpastes should be placed in various-sized Mason jars. Paint the jar lids with vivid acrylic paint to add some color to this arrangement.

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