Free Crochet Dinosaur Pattern

One of those things that will appeal to both kids and adults alike is dinosaurs. Something about their innate mystery is just so intriguing. Although no one has ever seen a dinosaur, we may infer from their bones what they would have looked like. These free crochet dinosaur designs are excellent examples of the many imaginative interpretations available!

While some designs are more creative than others, some are more realistic. For your enjoyment, we have compiled 25 free crochet designs for dinosaurs in a variety of colors, sizes, forms, and species. The nicest aspect is that there aren’t any broken links or subpar designs here. You can get started crocheting immediately because all of the patterns we’ve chosen for you are of the highest caliber.

Crocheted Mini Dinosaur Trio Pattern

A very adorable little dinosaur trio. “Love this and the other patterns by this vendor,” reads a pattern review. Create a dinosaur using this adorable crochet pattern. A charming crochet dino gift might be made by anyone.

Such wonderful tiny works of art! Throughout the catastrophe that was Hurricane Harvey, these tiny fellas kept my hands occupied. I’m sure I’ll never forget creating my first mohu; thank you very much! There are many adorable small animal crochet patterns available from this crochet artist.

Dinosaur Brontosaurus Amigurumi

When I see this cute little brontosaurus pair, my heart skips a beat. I adore the white patch on the abdomen, the contrasting markings on their backs, and the bright cheeks. The free crochet pattern offers a useful advice for making the legs appear more flush with the torso as opposed to protruding noticeably.

Loopy Pattern Mini Triceratops

This pattern may be found on Etsy at Loopy Patterns. About 4 inches are the height of the final item. A bonus pdf file that is included with the pattern includes directions for crocheting a birthday hat, balloons, and a gift box. This is the perfect dinosaur-themed party present.

Baby Dinosaur Amigurumi

Shock! Surprise! Bite-sized dread They are so incredibly adorable that you will want to take them around with you forever, and this baby dinosaur does it all. The project is quite simple, and the design is free. Just be sure they don’t bite!

Free Hello Stegosaurus Dino Crochet Pattern Dinosaur

This project should probably wait until you’ve had some practice. It appears to be cute. Although she describes how to adapt it to US terms, it is in UK terms. A free crochet pattern is provided here for an amigurumi dinosaur. Today, create an adorable crochet dino!

Dewey The Dinosaur

Avoid getting caught down by the overly realistic free crochet designs for dinosaurs. You should start with a simpler pattern if you believe yourself to be a beginning crocheter. Dewey the Dinosaur is nevertheless adorable despite its simplicity, and you will experience less frustration as a result.

Toby The Stegosaurus Pattern

The source of this pattern is DIY Fluffies. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Dutch are all supported languages for the design. It will be 9 inches tall when done and needs a medium level of ability to construct.

No-Sew Brontosaurus

Don’t feel like adding any more stitching details. Want a stylish look that commands attention? For any aspiring maker, this Bronto plush is a wonderful first project, and the finished product is very cute!

T-Rex Crochet Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern

Who doesn’t enjoy dinosaurs? Review of the pattern “Even the stitches I wasn’t acquainted with, the pattern is simple to follow. turned out really well!”

This design was gorgeous! It turned out to be about a foot and a half tall since I used thicker yarn than they recommended. (K hook and Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn.) The Dino, though, I named Jamie since he is so lovely.

This adorable pattern teaches you how to crochet a T-Rex. Numerous dinosaur crochet designs are available from this crochet artist, in addition to many other adorable crochet animal patterns.

Cuddle Up Dinosaur Blanket

This Cuddle Up Dinosaur Blanket is really adorable. The blanket has a beautiful feel and is made of a strong, hole-free fabric thanks to the corner-to-corner crocheting technique. The small hood with dinosaur spikes going down the back is, of course, the finest part. Even little pockets are included to keep your hands warm.

Goofy Stegosaurus Pattern

The dinosaur toy is given a whimsical twist by this design from Funny Toy Crocheting, however I’ll be honest and say I don’t think it’s a stegasaurus. LOL! I have no idea what that is. Whatever the case, this is the ideal present for a small youngster who enjoys having fun. The pattern is offered in both German and English. The finished item has a 10.5-inch height.

Crochet Chubby Dino Plushie

They have a sturdy, rounded shape and are fluffy! This lovely blush and some quaint spikes are on this plump little friend. They are simple beginner patterns, yet the aesthetic is really cute.

Free Dexter the Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern

Use this free dinosaur crochet pattern to create a charming spotted dino plush animal. Try making an amigurumi dinosaur out of crochet! He’s called Dexter the Dino, and making him was a lot of fun. What’s great is that this design is free! By clicking the link, you may discover all the instructions. I hope crafting him is fun for you.

Dinosaur Beanie

This crocheted dino beanie is sure to please your child if they adore running around and roaring like one. Three colors are used in the dinosaur spike hat design, and they are organized in color blocks. The braided ties that hang from the earflaps then bring the disjointed group of colors together. How adorable!

Rainbow Stegasaurus and Green Fren

The most adorable, cuddly, and squishable stegasaur I have ever seen. The face is simply so much fun, and the body is such a silly, rolly-polly form. Additionally, this specific pattern is free, so this steggy-duo is definitely on my list.

Cute Crochet Dino

This toy is quite expressive and appears to have its own unique character. This toy is truly brought together by some simple, kid-safe embroidered stars and eyes. They’re larger than they initially appear to be, so they’ll be perfect for cuddling in an armful.

Tricia and Topsie Crocheted Dinosaur Pattern

Create a cute triceratops. Are you looking for a cute crochet project? Look no farther than this amigurumi design for a triceratops! This tiny dino lover is quick and simple to crochet and makes a wonderful present.

Everyone who sees him will love him because of his gentle coloring and kind gaze. So begin building your own triceratops right away! There are many wonderful crochet animal patterns available from this creator.

This design was really simple to follow. I had to use leftover yarn, which is why he has varied colors. He has a green tail. I’m about to begin another one.

Love the design. For a little modification, just utilize the back loops while crocheting, and use worsted weight yarn and a J hook for a bigger completed item. This will be a hit with my 3-year-old granddaughter, I know it!

Dinosaur Granny Square Blanket

A brightly colored dinosaur patch In this gorgeous blanket pattern, solid colored granny squares are used to play the game leapfrog. This pattern becomes a timeless favorite due to the vibrant color palette and the charming dinosaur design. Such a lovely blanket to cuddle up with would be adored by any dinosaur lover!

Bronto The Dinosaur Pattern

This dinosaur design from Knot Too Shabby Crochet makes one that measures around 5 by 6 inches. The crochet words used in the design are from the US. The pattern comes with a materials list, step-by-step directions, pictures, and creative process advice.

Baby Raptor

This expertly created baby raptor is adorable as well as realistic and a touch frightening. They may be utilized and posed as an action figure or simply constructed as a soft plush because their design incorporates optional pipe-cleaners in their legs, limbs, tail, and head.

Baby Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern

Create a sweet baby dinosaur design using crochet. There are many cute crocheted animal patterns available from this artist. He’s not perfect because it’s my first amigurumi design, but he’s still cute.

This design was gorgeous! I was searching for a dinosaur design that was reasonably easy to make, and this was perfect! Love the outcome I got! This adorable pattern teaches you how to create a straightforward dinosaur. You may attempt a number of the lovely animal crochet patterns from this crochet artist.

Stellan And Stanley Dinosaur

Choose from spotted or striped dinos for this stylish set. And if you’re still unsure, I suppose you should simply create both! A single skein of cake yarn with all four colors is used to make both Stellan and Stanley. Of course, you could always decide to utilize leftover yarn—I believe it would look fantastic!

Hooded Dinosaur Blanket

There are instructions included in this pattern from Crafting Happiness UK to make both child- and adult-sized versions of this blanket. The crochet language used in the design originates from the United States. The blanket contains mittens as well as a hood to keep your hands warm on harsh winter evenings.

Colorful Mini Dinos

Free pattern only! Four little dinosaurs! These Jurassic jelly beans have my heart. They have a striking color scheme and a deceptively straightforward appearance with their little tails, spikes, and faces. Additionally, having four allows you to, if necessary, trade one of your items for an envious pal.

Plod the African Flower Triceratops – Dinosaur Pattern

Have you ever eaten an animal made of African flowers? Try out this fun crochet pattern for a dinosaur. Many more African flower and animal motifs are available from this designer. I’m really pleased with the outcome! Love it! straightforward pattern

Clear and comprehensive instructions (although I did watch a youtube video on the African Flower pattern before starting just to be sure, since it has been more than 10 years since I last crocheted anything). My first Plod turned out fantastic, and I’m halfway done with a second!

like the floral designs from Africa? Numerous additional adorable animal crochet designs are available from this creator, in addition to other dinosaur patterns.

Crochet Triceratops Dinosaur

Cotton candy pink and orange creamsicle combine to form a quirky triceratops. This one’s silhouette is gorgeous, and I agree that the color selections are perfect. If you don’t mind a bigger dino, you might always choose a thicker yarn and a larger hook instead of the fingering weight yarn specified in the original pattern.

Cookie The Apatosaurus

This Jodiesyarn pattern creates a Cookie model that is 11.5 inches tall. The crochet terminology used in the design originates from the United Kingdom. You will need to be familiar with the chain, magic ring, stitch, double crochet, increase, decrease, back loop alone, slip stitch, and finish off stitches in order to construct this dinosaur.

T-Rex Advanced Pattern

Absolutely amazing describes this T-Rex. They’re also a touch spooky! This project offers a ton of customizability for anyone interested in reproducing a semi-realistic dinosaur without any harsh edges, as well as a fully-fledged inner skeleton so they may be shown.

Don the Diplodocus Pattern

This is a nice, simple design that I recently finished for my nephew. I chose a yarn with mixed colors so that when you crochet it, it seems to have stripes. You may attempt many more adorable dinosaur patterns by this crocheter, including a t-rex.

Pistachio The Dinosaur

Pistachio A strange little creature, the dinosaur has spikes of all various colors extending from his head to his tail. The markings on his right leg help to identify him. This design is a beautiful illustration of the significant influence that an unconventional color palette can have. For the pattern’s English translation, click the link below and scroll down the page.


A 15-inch tall pterodactyl toy may be made using the directions in this design, which is from Sweet Oddity Art. It is suggested for crocheters at the intermediate to advanced level. The crochet words used in the design are from the US. It is a really enjoyable project that, when finished, looks amazing.

Dino Set (4 in 1 Bundle)

A few million years ago, it would have been challenging to convince a T-Rex and a Triceratops to stay put and get along. These small boys are far less inclined to initiate conflicts, which is fortunate for us! This adorable group of little dinosaurs is ideal for any novice because it’s charming and simple to make.

Flower Dinosaur Toy

This pattern is only available for download in English and originates from Hey Can You Crochet Me A. Daisy the dinosaur is the ideal adorable present for young children; her name is. Daisy is finished and is 16 inches tall. She is really soft and would make the ideal cuddly toy.

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