Free Knit Baby Sweater Patterns

It’s time to switch things up if you often give baby booties or a blanket as a baby shower present by knitting one of these really lovely and totally free baby sweater patterns. Making a homemade sweater is kind of like getting to play dress up with the new baby. Sweaters are also entirely like wearable hugs, especially if they are made with affection. Overall, I believe that all of these wonderful knitting ideas for babies would make for fantastic and considerate presents.

So how exactly do you knit a sweater? Do not be intimidated if you are new to knitting! I’m aware that these very adorable baby sweater patterns appear to be quite difficult, but I’ve made sure to include many of free knit baby sweater patterns that are excellent for beginners.

This post is like a fun-filled surprise grab bag! Both boys and girls can use the free knit baby sweater patterns that are available. These patterns come in both cardigan and pullover varieties. There are patterns with just one color, stripes, color blocks, and even some that include leftover yarn. For more experienced knitters, there are several more difficult free knit baby sweater patterns available for your enjoyment. Really, this place has a little bit for everyone. Watch for yourself as you scroll down!

Flax Light Pullover Free Knitting Pattern

Flax Light is a straightforward pullover created by Tin Can Knits that is suitable for infants to adults. Raglan sleeves and fingering weight yarn are both included in this seamless knit that is done in the round from the top down.

Easy Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Make a sweet baby cardigan for your own child or as a gift for a loved one with this free knitting pattern. For knitters who are proficient beginners, this pattern, which employs the stockinette stitch, is ideal.

Knit Baby Jacket Set

The directions for this free knit baby jacket set include both the bunny ear cap and the jacket. The design is available at Yarnspirations.

Free Knitting Pattern – Twisted Stockinette Baby Cardigan

The ideal gift for a new baby is this charming baby cardigan in newborn size. It has a distinct texture and a cuddly-soft drape since it is fully knit in fingering weight superwash merino yarn using a twisted stockinette pattern.

This pattern’s dimensions were modeled off Pickles of Norway’s Lazy Daisy Baby Jacket! Visit them; they have the most adorable free designs and the prettiest sweater you’ve ever seen to give a newborn girl!

French Macaroon

Although it may be difficult to imagine, free knit baby sweater designs like this one are actually very simple. If you’re unfamiliar with garter stitch, it involves utilizing the knit stitch on each row to knit this beginner-friendly pattern flat. The cute sweater has a wide boatneck, colorblocked design, and one button in the back.

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono Free Knitting Pattern

This Joji Locatelli-created Garter Stitch Kimono is a simple knitting pattern appropriate for knitters of all levels of experience. It utilizes fingering weight yarn and is knit in sections from the bottom up.

Easy Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern For Beginners

Use this free knitting pattern to create a sweater for your child or as a gift for a friend. It’s an easy design for beginners that comes with step-by-step pictures to guide you.

Liam Baby Sweater

The bottom of one side is knit into the top and over the bottom of the following side to create the Liam baby sweater. It’s a fantastic starter sweater pattern because it’s primarily knit in garter stitch. Go to Sealed by a Kris to get the pattern.

Baby Sophisticate

The Baby Sophisticate cardigan will make your adorable debonair seem sophisticated. The entire pattern is constructed in rows, working its way down from the top. The button closure and shawl collar are gorgeous. There aren’t many sweeter free knit baby sweater patterns than this one!

Puerperium Baby Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Puerperium is a short-sleeved baby cardigan creation created by Kelly van Niekerk. This seamless top-down cardigan, intended for infants, is knit from the top down using DK weight yarn. It includes an asymmetrical fastening.

Baby Cardigan Pattern

Make a baby cardigan with this simple free knitting pattern for your friend’s baby shower. Perfect for experienced beginners.

Baby Jacket with Hood

The best cardigan for babies to 24 months old is this adorable and comfy one. This hooded cardigan is rated as requiring intermediate knitting skills. Visit Vitalina Knit to obtain the pattern.

Fuss Free Baby Cardigan

A great approach to practice color changes without the trouble of having to do so after every row is thick stripes. Additionally, it would be entirely OK to use leftover yarn for this pattern. Short sleeves are a characteristic of this simple knitting design, which is knitted flat from the top down.

Watermelon Baby Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Watermelon Baby is a cute summertime sweater for infants made by Stitchylinda Designs. This adorable cardigan has a circular yoke and is knit from the top down. Simple eyelets are used to produce the “seeds.” The remaining stitches are worked in stockinette and garter stitch using DK weight yarn.

All-In-One Baby Top

With our next free knitting design, let’s move up a notch. This one is constructed flat using stockinette stitch and eyelet trim. Eyelets are very simple to construct, and I adore how much gloss they give a final piece!

Unisex Boatneck Sweater in Rowan Summerlite 4 Ply

This adorable sweater, created by Linda Whaley, is knit using Rowan Summerlite 4 Ply. The Love Crafts website offers a free download of the pattern.

My Gift To You

How adorable is this free knitting pattern for a baby sweater? The asymmetrical buttons and the textured area at the bottom are gorgeous. Despite its lovely look, this project just requires knit and purl stitches, as well as some basic shaping. Bonus: No stitching is required!

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Little Coffee Bean is a colorful baby knitting pattern for a striped cardigan that was created by Elizabeth Smith. This sweater, which comes in sizes up to 12 months, is knit from the top down, has raglan shape, and is made with worsted weight yarn.

Henry’s Sweater

The newborn will look very chic in his brand-new double-sweater, which features a shawl collar. Stockinette stitch and a lovely tweed yarn are used to create this cutting-edge free knit design, which is done flat from the top down.

Oh Baby Cardigan

This is the ideal design for someone who has never crocheted a cardigan before. The Oh Baby Cardigan comes in three sizes: newborn, six months, and twelve months, and is user-friendly for beginners. Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Little Fox

With this amusing fox sweater, you may practice intarsia colorwork. I adore free knitting designs for baby sweaters with buttons like these at the collar. The infant is considerably easier to dress and undress thanks to this extremely helpful feature! Raglan sleeves are a hallmark of this top-down construction pattern.

Cozy Jumper

Work is done from the bottom up on the comfortable sweater. It is big and comes with instructions for knitting a sweater for children between the ages of one and ten. Visit Mekaru Designs to purchase the pattern.

Baseball Jacket

Put on your young star’s own baseball jacket to complete the look. On this free knitting pattern for a baby sweater, the designer truly nailed the details. Everything about it, including the color scheme, raglan sleeves, and baseball button details, is gorgeous. Stockinette stitch is used to knit this pattern flatly from the bottom up.

Caffe Latte Sweater

You can use any colors you choose, however I really enjoy the yarn colors chosen for this espresso latte sweater. This seamless, top-down sweater has half-brioche raglan lines and is knit top-down. Chie Miyagawa Designs has the pattern you need.

Little Baby Sweater

The fact that there is typically not much shaping is one of the good things about free knit baby sweater patterns. Since there is no contouring at all in this design, there will be no expanding or decreasing in size. The sweater is also extremely beginner-friendly because it is entirely knit in garter stitch.

Beginner Knitted Baby Sweater

This baby sweater is a simple knit that even novice knitters can enjoy. I adore the adorable rabbit that peeks out of the pocket. Go to Koya Collection to purchase the pattern.

Mindless Sweater

Have you ever come across a yarn that could self-stripe like this? It’s a clever time-saving tip that greatly increases the beginner-friendliness of this free knit baby sweater pattern. The plan is developed progressively from the top down.

The Etta Cardigan

Here is a baby sweater with a retro design. This design is an excellent place to start if you’ve never knit a top-down sweater. Shop at Yankee Knitter Designs for the pattern.

Bedtime Stories

Rolled cuffs, like the ones on this free knit baby sweater design, are the way to go if you want the baby to wear their new sweater more than once. Garter stitch is used throughout this lovely wrap-style cardigan, which is worked flat in one piece. Crocheted edging in the accent color.

IONA Baby Cardigan Jacket

You’ll like working on this free knitting design for a baby sweater. This is a wonderful baby shower present because it even comes with a pretty matching hat pattern. Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Scrap Sweater For The Small Ones

Although I can’t pull off horizontal stripes, you best know that a newborn would look adorable in one of these leftover sweaters. I adore free knitting patterns for baby sweaters that give me options like this one. Which would you choose: the triangles or the hearts? From the top down, the seamless design is constructed in the round.

Sideways Baby Cardigan

Garter stitch is used to knit a long-sleeved baby cardigan sweater with scalloped button bands. 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-month sizes. On the design page, there is a recommended DK yarn. Lena Skvagerson created the artwork. DK fabric Knit and Crochet Now’s Season 8 featured this design.


Almost everyone looks adorable in raglan sweaters. It’s a popular design in the yarn industry because of how well it fits. If you’re not acquainted, it’s definitely worth learning! Who says you can’t learn new skills from free knitting designs for baby sweaters? This seamless pattern is created by working from the bottom up in the round.

Zipped Baby Cardigan and Bootees

patch pockets, long sleeves, and a zip front on a baby sweater. There are also instructions for garter stitch lace-up booties. 6-12, 24-month sizes. From the bottom up, booties and cardian are worked flat and seamed. Bergère de France created the object. yarn of the DK size.

Five-Hour Baby Jacket

Love a quick knit, though! Only five hours are needed to complete this adorable baby jacket while working flat in stockinette stitch. After that, the vibrant patches are sewn on. I adore how much personality the various colors give this project!

Ciqala Arrowhead Sweater

The sleeves of a baby cardigan sweater are knit separately and then attached to the yoke after being knit from the bottom up. Only the sleeve seams need to be sewn. The yoke’s arrowhead lace design is a beautiful finishing touch. Instructions are provided in both textual and charted form. Sizes available include 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months. Wool of a sporty weight. OgeDesigns is the designer.

Crosscut Pullover

As a result, we have seen both top-down and bottom-up free knitting patterns for baby sweaters. I’ll give you a wild card now. From cuff to cuff, this cabled sweater is constructed horizontally! This sweater will have you intrigued from the very beginning thanks to its intriguing design and fine stitching.

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