Free Table Runner Patterns Crochet

These free crochet table runner patterns will make a significant focal point on the table and in the entire area when you update your dining tables in the party hall or room. The tables around which the visitors will be seated may now be attractively decorated with these crocheted table runners.

They will undoubtedly make your table seem better. They are the perfect way to add color and texture to the table arrangements for your celebration. Additionally, they add style and tradition to the tabletops set up for a dinner or lunch gathering. The most attractive crochet table runners may be made rather simply and cheaply.

Not having any design ideas? Open up this collection of free crochet patterns for table runners, which includes a ton of eye-catching examples made in numerous different styles. They range in patterns, textures, and colors and are certain to lend prominence to a dining set.

Starburst Table Runner

The perfect handmade table runner may be constructed with cotton yarn and a G(6) 4 mm crochet hook using this table runner pattern. A present made from this design would be ideal for a wedding or any other special event. The Yarnspirations free PDF pattern is available below.

Buffalo Plaid Table Runner

This buffalo check crochet table runner design will make an excellent, stylish work of art for your home décor. It will also make a wonderful, classy present for your close friends. This table runner pattern may be duplicated numerous times for your dining table as well as for other decorative uses.

Crochet a Hexagon Table Runner

Do you know how to crochet the hexagonal pattern? If so, making this hexagon table runner out of crochet won’t be too difficult. Simply link the motif, then sew or stitch the pieces together to create the finished table runner pattern. To make this hexagon table runner, select your preferred yarn, a matching hook, a darning needle, and scissors. The crochet hexagon, which is not very difficult to make, is the sole skill necessary here. You will receive the directions for it too.

Moss Stitch Table Runner

Since the moss pattern simply calls for single crochets and chains, you’ll enjoy how simple it is to crochet a table runner with it! Since the yarn is hard to come by, Lion Brand 24/7 makes a suitable replacement. The free pattern is available at

Brisa Table Runner

Use this simpler design to create a wonderful tablecloth to enhance the beauty of your dining table. With the additional tassels on both sides, it will be a respectable work of art for your home’s interior design. This wonderful table runner is perfect for gift-giving as well as enhancing the comfort of your home décor.

Cozy Grannies Table Runner

Consider placing this table runner on your table while you admire its exquisite crochet beauty. It will undoubtedly impress each and every visitor. Here, crochet the hexagons once more in a variety of colors, and then fasten them off to create a magnificent table runner. To make the comfortable granny hexagons and the charming table runner, crochet with the Red Heart Yarn in the colors taupe, lettuce, berry red, and aran. Here, the 6.5mm crochet hook is required to make these hexagons. Finishing tassels can be added for further attractiveness.

Christmas Table Runner

This table runner for Christmas is a simple crochet project that utilizes worsted weight yarn and is worked up in rectangle parts. This is a beautiful first tablecloth pattern to knit and is ideal for beginners! The free pattern is available at

Crochet Table Runner

Use this crochet tablecloth design or floral table runner to elevate your party table decor since it is vibrant, lacy, and gorgeous. By first mastering the magic ring method, you can easily crochet this table runner with a floral theme.

Your intriguing table runner will be created by crocheting a flower with many various colors and then cutting off the petals to create a rectangle length. To make this crochet table runner, use Red Heart with Love yarn in the hues evergreen, bubblegum, blue Hawaii, and holly berry. For this yarn, a 5.5mm hook size will be needed. This table runner measures 15 inches wide by 60 inches long when done.

Lacy Flower Table Runner

For your coffee table, this chic and contemporary crochet design makes a terrific show piece. It is a more complex pattern that resembles a doily and is crocheted using Lydia’s Cotton Classic 10 Thread. Here you may download a free pattern from

Stacked Pumpkin Table Runner

For a classy accent to your dining table for the next Halloween season, try this design for a table runner made from stacked pumpkins. It will increase the beauty of your table runner and make it ideal for November 5th if you make it out of solid orange-colored yarn for the entire rectangle and black yarn for the border and fringes.

Crochet Table Runner Pattern

The actual beauty of a dining area will be this magnificent table runner. It has appealing blocks in 3 different hues that are repeated and surrounded by a delicate white border. Next, the exquisite texture of the design—which you can experience by running your hand over the table runner—amazes. To make this table runner, which measures 11″ by 24,” use Stylecraft DK yarn in any three colors and a 5mm hook. The gauge for this crochet table runner design is 2 pattern repeats + 3 rows, which results in a table runner that is 1″ wide.

Alpine Table Runner

The middle of any table would look lovely with this lovely table runner, which is simple to create. Get started right now by purchasing this lovely design for a crocheted pine tree table runner. Below is a free pattern from

Entwine Table Runner

Create a number of vibrant crochet squares and sew them together from corner to corner to resemble a sweet decorative garland. This item is perfect for use as a table runner and a fantastic decorative masterpiece for festivities. You may use different colors of yarn for the squares and a different color of yarn for the border around the perimeter of the squares. It will be a wonderfully softer and fantastic table runner and you’ll undoubtedly wish to incorporate it to your house décor.

Crochet Table Runners for Beginners

With this table runner on top, a novice crochet table runner design, you may give your dining tables or party tables a little more personality. To make this table runner with skillfully crocheted floral patterns, you must have advanced basic c2c crocheting skills. To create this stunning table runner pattern, gather some Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Gray Heather, Bernat Pipsqueak Whitey White, and I Love this Yarn Metallic Peacock. For this table runner, a 5mm hook is required.

Snowflake Table Runner

Red Heart’s worsted weight yarn is used in this simple crochet project to create a table runner for the holidays or Christmas. Since the original yarn is difficult to locate, Mary Maxim Starlettte dazzle makes a fantastic stand-in material. This is a beautiful first tablecloth pattern to knit and is ideal for beginners! From, free.

Holiday Table Runner

Stitching that is both comfortable and beautiful interests you. Here is a template for a crochet table runner for the holidays that will make your dining table look more attractive. It is knitted with glittery yarn and embellished with berries and holly leaves. It is the ideal present for someone who wishes to adorn their house for Christmas. Attempt to add extra eye-catching finishing touches by using a sewing needle and 6 mm gold beads.

Crochet Table Runner Patterns

With the help of this crocheted tasseled table runner, you can add a stunning touch of boho décor to your party and dining settings. To make this table runner, work in the cluster shell group design. Use a 5.5mm hook and multiple colors of worsted weight 4 yarn to crochet this table runner, which measures 50″ x 8″. For this table runner, 1″ equals 1 pattern repetition and 2 rows of tension. Tassels can be added to the very last sides to give them a lovely ornamental finish.

Flower Table Runner

Anytime of the year, this crocheted table runner pattern with flowers is ideal for your dining room or coffee table. The stitch work is exquisite and can be made in any color scheme to go with a room or a special occasion. offers a free runner pattern.

Crochet Table Runners Patterns

This table runner is a stylish combination of two distinct yarns, such as denim Lion Brand Re-up and Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids. To make this table runner, use a 6.5mm hook size and worsted weight yarn. This pattern’s gauge is 13 stitches and 6 rows, which results in a table runner that is 10 cm long. You will only need 390–400 yards of the yarn you choose to crochet this chic white pattern of the table runner. The lacy lines that are repeated throughout the pattern greatly enhance its overall appeal.

Give Thanks Fall Table Runner

Thanksgiving feasts and get-togethers look fantastic with this inexpensive corner to corner (c2c) table runner as the main element. Because it utilizes Caron Simply Soft, which comes in a range of lovely yarn colors, you may customize this runner to fit your personal taste. From, you can get the free c2c runner pattern.

Cream Table Runner

It’s time to make your sofa side table beautiful by doing something novel and appealing. Prepare yourself to crochet a variety of options for a table runner. Your side table will look amazing with this “Cream table runner.” Making this runner is extremely simple. Use sugar and cream holiday stripes to enhance its appeal and give it a festive and wonderful appearance. Enjoy putting this runner in front of your homemade table decorations.

Crocheted Table Runners

This crochet table runner’s pattern was inspired by the hues of spring, but it also looks great in the summer. The greatest table runner pattern to use while setting up a table for a supper or gathering. To make this table runner, you’ll need 300g, or six skeins, of 100% cotton yarn and a 3.0mm crochet hook. Try several yarn colors for this table runner that were inspired by various spring blooms. This stunning piece is 32cm W x 92cm L when done. The greatest free crochet pattern for a table runner.

Cream Table Runner

Use these crocheted table runner designs or tablecloths to cover your dining room’s bare tables. This is another crochet pattern for a cream table runner that will fully satisfy your needs if you wish to undertake this. Depending on your skill level, from beginner to experienced, you may style it in a variety of ways, from traditional to current.

Crocheting may be one’s favorite activity, thus one need not have a good excuse. If you enjoy crocheting as well, this table runner concept is ideal for you. AUNT LYDIA’S Classic Crochet Thread, Size yarn is used in this project. To learn everything there is to know about this design, click the link below.

Linen Stitch Crochet Table Runner

This 23″ x 8″ linen stitch crochet table runner is a great starter design for crocheting since it comes together so fast. Pick up the 300 yards of knitpicks cotton DK weight 3 yarn in the five colors and begin crocheting with a 4.25 mm hook while using the fundamental yarn stitches. For this crochet table runner, a gauge of 10 sc and 9 ch s1 sp across 21 rows is ideal. Pick your own lovely hues to add fascinating variations to your table runner. The ideal table runner for dressing up your table.

Snowflake Table Runner

This snowflake crochet table runner pattern may offer your table a beautiful and magnificent appearance. Red is used, which makes it more attractive and appealing to the eye. With RED HEART Super Saver yarn and a variety of crochet stitches, you may create this lovely item. You have the option to modify the hue if you so choose. Due to the use of complex stitches, this is the work of a skilled crocheter.

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