Fun Crafts to Do When Bored

Have you ever seen a collection of seemingly simple crafts for kids that were anything but simple and not at all what you or your kids would have deemed cool? You want a project that is straightforward, enjoyable, and successful when it comes to the finest DIY project ideas for kids.

The quality of a project is not always determined by its aesthetic appeal on Pinterest. I decided to compile my own list of projects that had been tried and true by both adults and children after attempting several of the “simple DIY ideas for kids” on Pinterest.

Consider making one of these fantastic kid-friendly crafts if you want to wow your small kids. These children’s crafts are our best recommendations, whether you’re searching for something to create at home on a rainy day when the kids are bored or a beautiful little homemade gift to give Grandma for Christmas. What you see is what you’ll get, with detailed step-by-step instructions.

How To Make A No-Sew Rope Bowl

Kids who are confident with a hot glue gun will enjoy making these rope bowls. Depending on their age, the smaller children may want your assistance with the hot glue phase of the activity. It will be enjoyable for them to make their own patterns by wrapping the yarn around the rope.

Handmade Bath Bombs

To unwind after a hard week, bath bombs have grown to be indispensable. These bath bombs are incredibly easy to make and instantly transform your home into a spa thanks to their lovely scents, calming essential oils, and vibrant colors.

Making homemade bath bombs is a cheap and simple hobby that you can do if you want to add a little zing to your everyday activities. Most of the supplies are things you already have in your home.

Egg Carton Flower Prints

Together with the youngsters, create lovely egg carton flowers! Follow these simple DIY instructions from Meaningful Mama to encourage your child to express their creativity. It’s always beneficial to use recycled materials for crafts. The activity becomes less affordable as a result, and youngsters are inspired to use materials they find lying about the house to create new items.

Painted Alphabet Rock Magnets

Youngsters of all ages enjoy painting rocks. You might wish to assist smaller children who are still learning their alphabet in writing the letters on the rocks. If your children are a little older, you might have them draw designs on the pebbles and then have them use our straightforward guide to turn the designs into magnets.

Homemade Heating Pads

Everybody’s house has to have a heating pad, which is a need. You don’t realize how important it is until you actually need it, whether you have a hurting back, cramping in your muscles, or you just want to be warm without increasing your heating costs.
Making your own heating pads is a simple hobby that can be completed in a matter of minutes using supplies that are available to everyone.

Birds Nest Craft

Create a gorgeous bird’s nest that looks like spring while you’re watching your favorite program. It’s simple to accomplish and will brighten any room. Use colored tissue paper to construct a bird’s nest for youngsters. A simple project and decoration for spring or Easter is this. Easter candy, painted robin’s eggs, or colorful eggs can be used to fill the realistic-looking nest.

Seed Bombs

Planting with seed bombs may be made more fun and ecologically beneficial. For presents for your loved ones, they are ideal because you can build them in any form or color. Gardeners utilize them to make mini havens of beauty in both urban and rural regions, and they liven up any garden.

Hungry Caterpillar Cotton Ball Painting

Our family adores The Hungry Caterpillar, so any craft based on the book is a hit with my kids. As the cotton ball only has to be splotched onto the paper, this project might perhaps be simpler for kids to do than regular painting.

Pick up some cotton wool. Create the caterpillar’s body by dipping one ball into green paint. Make the head by dipping a second ball into red paint. Include purple antenna and an eye using stickers or by drawing one on. A paper apple for the caterpillar to consume was made using an apple half as a stamp.

Ocean Glitter Bottles

Utilizing a plastic soda bottle, simulate the ocean waves. To occupy your children while they wait for their delicious and enjoyable meal, try this simple activity. Small shells or buttons in the shape of fish might also be added.

Lightbulb Vase

Has the fuse in your lightbulb blown? Do you wish to create a distinct yet lovely vase? Do you want to give your house a little more charm? A bulb vase is the ideal answer, thus.

It’s reasonably simple to construct, cheap to produce, and pays off well. To create this amusing piece of décor, all you need is a lightbulb, some string, and a pair of pliers.

Autumn Tree Cotton Ball Painting

This activity produces a lovely image honoring the autumnal hues! On paper, doodle or paint a tree trunk. You can ask your youngster to complete the task individually if they are able to.

Give your child three paint pots, one each of yellow, red, and orange, along with a cotton ball. Then, to create the leaves, they can dab the colors all over the tree.

DIY Fruit Fans

Simple, fast, and simple to construct, these Paper Fruit Fans are practical and have a really nice appearance. With this charming kid’s activity, which is ideal for summertime activities, you can make a fun DIY fruit fan. They are the ideal addition to a warm summer day. Enjoy this enjoyable DIY guide from A Girl and a Glue Gun.

Handmade Pom-Poms

When you’re bored at home, making pom-poms is one of the simplest crafts you can do because it doesn’t call for any specialized equipment or materials. Pom-poms are popular for knitting and crocheting crafts, as well as for making your own jewelry to dress up your attire. To create these vibrant accessories, all you need is yarn and cardboard!

Flower Fork Painting

This is so simple! Provide your youngster with some lovely colored paint and a fork to use as a stamp to make flowers. After they are finished, you may paint on the stalks yourself or have your little child do it. This is a pretty spring craft.

Snazzy Jazzy Button Bracelets

Are your kids button obsessed? Here’s a terrific craft idea to use up strange buttons you’ve have lying around from previous sewing projects. A beautiful first sewing project for kids, making button bracelets may be tailored to their age and sewing skills. I am really excited to do this with my kid because it is so darn cute. She’ll adore this, no doubt!

Unicorn Paper Plate

A simple yet adorable unicorn craft project. Before adding the blushing cheeks and horn, let your child paint the plate whatever color they choose.

Marbled Mugs

You can always liven up your cups with just two ingredients if you want to add a little creativity and color to your kitchen.

You may create a complementing set of mugs that everyone will adore with only some water and nail paint. You could even sell these projects online or use them as presents!

Straw Weaving

You can imagine how interesting this craft may be for older children if you are even remotely familiar with the Rainbow Loom! Recently, my daughter has developed an infatuation with yarn, and I’m thrilled to report that I’ve finally discovered a useful application for it. Although she is still too young to crochet, this is a great substitute for producing bracelets and bookmarks. You can find detailed instructions, along with a video tutorial, here.

Printable Dragon Marionette

Do your children share my passion of dragons? With just a few supplies—a printer, paper, cardboard, and yarn—you and your children can create your own marionette dragon. Making a marionette is something I’d never thought of before, but it seems so simple and enjoyable! My children would adore it. Learn more by following this fantastic instructional from Create in the Chaos.

Hand Painted Stones

Anyone may complete the charming and entertaining craft of hand painting stones. You may paint everyone’s favorite garden markers, encouraging words, or entertaining patterns.

Decorative rocks are the ideal DIY craft to do when you’re bored, whether you’re seeking for a kid-friendly project or want to test your creative abilities on a different media.

Rainbow Paper Plate

Simple to create yet ideal for educating your youngster about colors is this rainbow paper plate. Show them how to paint the colors of the rainbow in the proper sequence after cutting a plate in half. When you’re completed, add cotton wool balls to each end of your rainbow to represent clouds.

Craft Stick Bracelets

Bracelets made from craft sticks are a simple and enjoyable craft project for youngsters and teenagers. Discover how to make them and gain inspiration for creative ways to decorate them! You can make it quickly and easily at home, during summer camps, with your brownie troop, or during playdates. The options for designing them are only limited by your creativity!

Homemade Bird Feeders

The benefits of bird feeders extend to both you and your garden. A bird feeder is easy to create from a number of materials and is a wonderful way to give your house a little more character. When your yard is teeming with adorable birds, you’ll like the effects of these lovely feeders.

Flower Tape Roll Painting

The ideal application for an old tape roll before discarding it! Show your little child how to make flowers with an old paint roll.

Toilet Roll Fireworks

The ideal thing to do on Bonfire Night! Grab a toilet roll and cut it into pieces that extend halfway up the roll. Give your child some paper plates with vibrant colors on them, and then use the toilet paper to form prints on a piece of black card by pressing it to the paint.

Galaxy Glitter Jars

With the help of this galaxy glitter jar, educate your children about the amazing cosmos! The beauty of this is astounding to me. This one is sure to be a hit with your children.

Cupcake Craft

Without having to get out your baking supplies, make cupcakes! For the cupcake wrapper, cut some corrugated card, and for the top, cut out a cake form. Place it there and give your young child the task of adorning the cake with stickers, sequins, pencils, or paint.

Paper Jellyfish

With this paper jellyfish project, paper rings just became far cooler! Kids will like creating their very own jellyfish.

Scrapbooking For Kids

A nice hobby you can do with your kid is creating a scrapbook. Stick in pictures and tickets from outings, and then add stickers to adorn the book. Your little child will enjoy looking at this memento for many years to come.

Homemade Playdough

Nobody dislikes playdough, right? When you’re stuck for ideas for the kids to do in the afternoon, try this colorful DIY playdough recipe.

Nature Cards

Not only do you need to find the attractive petals and leaves to utilize for the project, but you also need to arrange them into a lovely image for this lovely nature card craft! The finished product is lovely and may be framed to accent your kid’s room.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll

Start preserving those toilet paper rolls because you can create so many wonderful crafts with them. Such a sweet unicorn roll!

Pom Pom Shooter

Here is another project using toilet paper rolls that releases pom poms! You should add making this pom pom shooter to your list of crafts.

Outdoor Nature Craft

You may enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outside by making this entertaining nature craft. Kids will adore exploring and gathering plants for their own purposes.

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