Gifts for Sewing

If you know any ardent craftsmen, you might be unsure of what to give them as a birthday present. What’s left when they fill their cabinets to the brim with all the newest sewing tools and supplies? We have the perfect round-up for you, though.

To help you choose the ideal gift for a sewing fanatic, we’ve compiled a ton of ideas. You’re sure to discover some sewing presents for your creative friends, whether it be handcrafted storage, artwork centered on sewing, or simply a cup for their tea.

Sewing Machine

Spend the money on the best sewing present there is: a sewing machine! Replace their outdated machine with a classy new one.

For people who are just starting out or who need a sewing machine for little repairs and modifications, the Brother L14S is a terrific value. This sewing machine is simple to use as there is just one dial. You won’t need a ton of extra craft storage space because it is portable and lightweight, and it is also not too noisy.

DIY Bohemian Style IPhone Case

I typically sew garments, so I constantly have little bits of leather lying around wanting to be incorporated into a new design. I adore crafting DIY leather crafts. I decided to construct a basic, bohemian leather purse with a snap closure since I needed a new phone case.

In order to create my DIY leather masterpieces, I frequently use leather glue since it adheres to leather excellently without sewing, and you can always add hand whip stitching to the seam once it is established.

So, if you can cut out two rectangles and glue them together, you can do this project. Make this fantastic pouch if you’re looking for a classy, attractive concept for a handcrafted Christmas present for her. Making it via sewing is a simple gift-making endeavor.

Sewing Design File

Having a sewing pattern on clothes, a cup, or other beloved accessories is a terrific present for someone who enjoys sewing like your mother.

Cut files for silhouette, cricut, and other cutting devices by a sewing “Life” designer. Cut files in the SVG, DXF, PNG, JPG, PDF, and studio formats are included in the zip download. Additionally, print files are in the JPG and PNG file types. On sewing machines that provide really attractive results on the cover, it will be stitched precisely.

Craft Subscription Box

Gifts of subscription boxes are always appreciated. They offer you fantastic prices on sewing supplies as well as monthly inspiration. To help you choose the ideal sewing present, we’ve compiled over 21 of the greatest craft subscription boxes, including Sew Darn Sweet’s box. If you’re planning to give any of these items as gifts, be sure to check out our guides on suminagashi gift wrapping and how to wrap furoshiki.

Zipper Pouch Tutorial

We simply need more zipper pouches in our life since they are so adorable and useful. I enjoy using them for things like change, jewelry, cosmetics, keys, a phone, and even love messages from my spouse. They are quite easy to create, however this one has a zipper and calls for advanced sewing ability.

But if you master it, you can produce them continuously and they make wonderful presents for everyone. You can give practically anyone a charming yet simple DIY sewing present. Though fantastic all year round, this present idea is ideal for Christmas.

Sewing Room Decor

It would be wonderful if you gave your mother this warmhearted heart decoration—a picture frame for her craft area! Your rustic décor will look great with this handcrafted heart! This heart, which was made from recycled wooden spools, looks adorable both hanging and lying on a shelf.

The heart is 9.25″ wide and 8.25″ from its top to its bottom tip. Each heart will differ somewhat due to the spools’ distinctive antique character. She will be overjoyed to get your present because the heart has hanging hardware attached.

Needle Minder

This magnetic needle finder is just one of the amazing sewing presents available at A Curious Twist. We particularly enjoy the moniker “Thread Head” and pray that their needles are never lost again.

Overnight Duffel Bag

I made a DIY craft overnight duffel bag this morning as a present for my daughter’s closest friend. This straightforward duffel design features circular sides with pockets and wraparound straps as accents. The great thing about this pattern is that there’s no need to line the bag or bind the seams!

The instructions are created so that, after you’re finished, your bag will be gorgeous on the inside and exterior without the hassle of lining it. You may always use your app coupons at Joann’s Fabric Store, where this fabric comes from. I discovered some matching quilting fabrics that were fantastic-looking.

The bag is the ideal size for overnight visits because it is around 20″ x 10″. This is a sweet homemade birthday gift idea for a teen that you can also make for Christmas. Make a few of these adorable overnight bags; people will like them.

Gutsy Seamstress Necklace

You may offer your mother this Gutsy sewing necklace as a unique present since she enjoys sewing and views it as a pastime. She will undoubtedly be surprised and thrilled by your present!

Give a seamstress a thoughtful present that will brighten her day! This pendant is a unique piece of handcrafted jewelry. It has a lobster clasp that lets you easily alter the length from 24″ to 36″. In particular, you may add your own charms to the menu to make it more unique.

Pattern Weights

Use these straightforward instructions to create some DIY pattern weights. You might make them out of your friend’s favorite fabric or one that complements their style of handiwork. The nicest presents are always those that are designed with sewing in mind.

Fabric Bins

Such a sweet homemade Christmas present would be one of these cloth containers. They are easy to create and great for storing everything from kitchenware to hair products.

I prepared approximately six of these easy DIY crafts for the teachers of my children, and they immediately put them to use and thanked me for providing them the chance to organize themselves.

This adorable sewing project should be on your list of homemade Christmas presents if you enjoy sewing. These adorable handmade fabric bins are easy to construct, as demonstrated in the free, step-by-step instructions.

Embroidery Kit

If your mother sews, she’ll be thrilled to get this wonderful embroidery kit box. Let’s use this present to bring her joy!

What could be more ideal for a sewing enthusiast like your mother than a “Sew, Sip & Snack” gift box? In addition to bringing out our inner artists, the package is stocked with delicious delicacies including enticing beverages and snacks.

Pick any style from their inventory that is currently in stock. Of course, everything will be presented to you in a lovely gift box before it arrives.

Sewing Pencils

To make notations on fabric and patterns, everyone needs a handy pencil. The set from Maple and Grace would make a wonderful small present for seamstresses.

Easy Flannel Throw Blankets

Do you enjoy receiving flannel presents at Christmas? I know I am, and I want everyone on my present list to experience the same flannel Christmas. We’ve used the straightforward flannel fringe blanket I made last winter all year long.

This year, having realized this, I produced a brand-new stack of simple flannel throw blankets, one for each member of the family, as the ideal DIY-made Christmas gift. The stack looks fantastic even when they are not in use because to their plush texture and bright designs and trimmings! Your entire family will enjoy snuggling up to one.

Funny Quilting Quotes

A picture frame with a sewing symbol can be the best present to honor your mother on her special day, such as Mother’s Day. With the letters displaying a gorgeous patchwork fabric arrangement, this quilting room decor poster contains a lovely quilting quotation.

It includes a gorgeous photograph of excellent quality that looks great printed and framed. It is available as a digital PDF file for download. For a quick and simple present for Mom that is also highly distinctive, just print and frame.

Sewing Table

Check out our page on sewing machine tables if you’re searching for a truly unique sewing present. You may select from ten of the greatest to improve your partner’s craft space. After falling in love with their new table, they should visit our page on sewing room inspiration, which features stunning creative spaces from designer-makers around the nation.

Sew A Quilted Tablet Cover With Zippered Pocket

Readers or tablets are becoming essential tools for your kids’ academic development. I gave my daughter an iPad for Christmas, but the majority of them don’t have covers to keep them safe. I wanted to make a case for my iPad because I love it so much and wanted to include a zipped pocket for my headphones.

At JoAnn’s, where I always utilize my 40% off coupon from the JoAnn’s app, I discovered some quilted fabric, which gave a really wonderful cushion protection for the iPad. On Christmas morning, I placed it beneath the tree along with a tag that said, “Santa loves you.” She’s ecstatic because her homemade craft cover stands out from the competition. I currently create at least 4 of them every year because they are one of the most popular and frequently requested handmade gifts for Christmas.

Bead Scissor Fob

On Mother’s Day, give her a wonderful present in the form of this gorgeous scissor. Undoubtedly, it will be an excellent present for a sewer! This adorable purple and pink beaded scissor fob adorns your scissors, makes them simple to find while searching, and is safe to carry about thanks to the rubber tip cover.

You have the option to choose scissors and a scissor tip cover with or without. It has a timeless appearance and will be one of her favorite presents to keep for a long time.

Sewing Caddy

The sewing caddy pattern may be found in Simply Sewing issue 34. The caddy template is available for download and construction on our blog. On Gathered, we offer a ton of free beginner sewing patterns, and we believe they are all excellent sewing presents!

Hidden Pocket Scarf

I’m organizing all of my DIY sewing present ideas for family and friends in preparation for Christmas, which will soon be here once more. To store her phone, credit cards, or even keys, my cousin requires an extra pocket. Especially when she doesn’t want to take her large handbag with her. Any vest, jacket, or other item with pockets with zippers is fair game.

Consequently, when she recently visited The Live Stock Show and Rodeo in Houston and discovered she didn’t have a suitable pocket to keep her accessories… I invented the homemade pocket scarf.

Because occasionally the rear pocket of a jean simply won’t cut it. Your phone, a hot/cold pack, credit cards, or even a thin set of keys fit perfectly in the pocket scarf. Excellent for protecting your essentials when you don’t want to take about a lot.

Embroidery Kiss Lock Bag

Your mum will be delighted to get a sewing-related present because she enjoys sewing. Then this elegant embroidered lock bag is the ideal present to date!

You have two options for this gift: you may make it yourself using the instructions on the page, or you can buy something that has already been produced. If your mother is an adventurous novice or has some needlework expertise, it will work for the challenging lever. Despite appearing to be little, the bag can fit a few personal items inside.

Dressmaking Scissors

Never before have sewing presents been so lovely! SewProCrafts’ Etsy store sells scissors for dressmaking and embroidery. Check out our instructions on how to make a face mask and our free kimono top pattern if you’re searching for sewing projects to try out these fancy scissors on.

Travel Sewing Kit

Looking to give a thoughtful gift or care package to a crafty friend, someone who enjoys sewing, DIY needlework, or someone who wants to take up a new hobby? What could be superior to a sewing gift bag?

If she could continue to pursue her pastime while she travels, that would be fantastic. This adorable little bag comes all the essentials needed to hand stitch. If she wants to, she only needs to pack it in her suitcase and may use it whenever and wherever she wants. She will be thrilled and grateful to receive this thoughtful present from her son or daughter.

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