Hedgehog Cage Ideas

Have you just acquired a hedgehog or do you intend to do so? You should absolutely think about getting the beautiful guy a place to live. There are a few things you should think about when designing a hedgehog cage or habitat.

I’ve included a list of many DIY hedgehog cages in this article. Some of the cages can be used outside, but most are best used indoors. You’ll find the ideal home for your hedgehog as you read, you may be sure of it.

Intermediate Cage

Consider this model, also from PetHelpful, if you want a bit extra challenge. You may use a premade wooden box in place of a plastic container (just make sure it isn’t coated in hazardous chemicals), or you can create your own.

All that’s left to do is customize the interior decoration. Walls may be built inside to offer your hedgehog a defined area to explore and to add aesthetic interest to the overall arrangement.

How To Build A Home For A Hedgehog

Why not learn from the experts? Building a habitat for your hedgehog might be complicated at first. By following the detailed instructions in the DIY guide, you can construct a hedgehog cage for your tiny companion indoors or outdoors. To complete the stages, you’ll need to utilize tools for woodworking.

DIY Hedgehog Cage For $50

Are you trying to find a DIY project that can save you money? You don’t want to spend a fortune, but you still want something attractive that can protect your animal companions. The next hedgehog cage does everything! This project is relatively economical, offers space for your animal companion, and costs less than $50.

You will need a lot of materials to create this, but don’t worry; they are simple to locate. All you have to do to finish quickly is adhere to the directions in the manual.

How To Make A Simple Hedgehog Home

Hedgehogs may be kept in cages, but you need make sure they are safe and secure. If you want to keep your lovely pet outside, you can build a cage using this DIY guide because it requires some space to walk about.

Only some wood, a handful of screws, and wires are needed for this simple DIY project. Once finished, the cage will shield your small pet from any predators and other outside threats.

Outdoor Hedgehog Home

As soon as you bring your new pet home, construct him his own outdoor housing to reduce the possibility of him getting wounded or lost. In addition to giving them a private space, doing so will keep them safe and contribute to their continued health.

Your family will love working on this unique and entertaining DIY project together. No of your age, you should be able to do the task without difficulty if you have the correct equipment.

Hedgehog House

Lexis Fisher, a Pinterest user, shared with us the blueprints for this simple house. The bedroom is a straightforward, multi-level wire cage with a plastic tray. Best of all, it’s quite inexpensive to construct and offers everything your hedgehog needs to be content and active.

DIY Hedgehog Cage

Erin Elizabeth created an awesome hedgehog cage that looks quite stunning just a few materials. You might be thinking whether this is one of those difficult tasks, but don’t worry—it isn’t. Several supplies are required to make this do-it-yourself hedgehog cage. The design is simple to comprehend.

DIY Hedgehog Home Using Wood

Giving your hedgehog a place to dwell will make it happy. We are aware that constructing a cage for them may appear to be a simple operation, but it is much more difficult than that.

Your hedgehog will love having a new space to explore and play in like this homemade hedgehog habitat. It is really robust and solid because it is constructed of wood. The house is simple to maintain and is simple to disassemble if you decide to move it.

How To Build A House

This home is an excellent project to keep your pet warm and comfortable while they rest if your hedgehog enjoys being outside and taking naps in the sun. Here is the ideal project if you have an outside area and want to entice your hedgehog to go outside.

You can build a fantastic house that is uniquely your pet’s just a few supplies. It will just take a few hours to complete this fairly simple job. You can build your pet a lovely outside house with just a few simple supplies.

Recycled Hedgehog House Creation

Hedgehog houses can be made using several DIY craft techniques, however as many hedgehog owners can attest, the animals don’t appear to reside in them. They don’t because they like a closed-off environment to an open one.

We believe there are a few simple actions you may take to construct a better hedgehog habitat. The goal is to create a setting that resembles a natural one. Place the home next to vegetation that has adequate ground coverage, like bushes and plants.

Bin Cage

Your hedgie will have a variety of levels to explore in this combo cage from Arteta. The upper level of the design has to be a store-bought cage, but you could easily replace it with another DIY enclosure. The tube allows your pet complete freedom within his pen while also ensuring that he receives some exercise.

DIY Hedgehog Cage Build

I would suggest using this DIY guide if you’re searching for a straightforward hedgehog cage. Here are some instructions on how to construct a basic hedgehog cage. I also appreciate how reasonably priced the hedgehog cage is.

DIY Hedgehog Cage

Because they are adorable, sociable, and simple to take care of, hedgehogs make popular pets. Finding the perfect home for them, however, is crucial to ensuring their safety and continued good health. You may learn how to construct a hedgehog home for your adorable companion in this lesson.

Simple materials like a few bricks, bits of wood, and glue are needed for the construction procedure. To make it more durable, you may use additional materials like cardboard.

DIY Hedgehog Pallet Home

Are you trying to come up with a design for your hedgehog house? The ideal project is this homemade hedgehog pallet home! You may get all the necessary supplies from your neighborhood hardware shop.

You will be guided step-by-step through the whole construction process in the lesson. The cutest version you can find is this DIY hedgehog pallet home. The cage’s maker built it in the backyard of his house using pallets.


With this duplex model from HedgehogCentral.com, you can give your hedgehog cage the atmosphere of a real real estate tycoon. It employs a wire-encased ramp connecting two straightforward wire enclosures. It also makes it much more fun for you to observe your little digger since it gives him lots of space to wander.

DIY Bioactive Hedgehog Cage

I came across this DIY bioactive hedgehog cage while conducting my investigation. This one’s construction expenses well exceed $50. This cage for a hedgehog cost its maker more than $60. I suggest this setup if you’re seeking for a quick and original one.

How to Build a Hedgehog Cage out of a Dresser!

Use this DIY hedgehog cage to create the ideal home for your pet. This cage is strong and roomy, allowing your pet to run around, play, and dig its own burrow. Depending on the weather, it features ventilation windows that can be opened and closed to let in more or less air.

You’ll also notice that there is a curtain for privacy and a ramp heading inside so that your tiny ones may run about without restriction. You may simply make it yourself using the step-by-step directions in this DIY tutorial.

How To Make A Cardboard House For A Hedgehog

If you don’t have the money to purchase one, are you interested in building a hedgehog home? Or perhaps you wish to construct a fantastic new house for your tiny pal. Here is a thorough tutorial on how to build a cardboard home for a hedgehog.

All you need are a few little pieces of cardboard and some simple household items. The process is simple, and the finished product is gorgeous. For more information on how to build this hedgehog home and give your own tiny green fuzzy buddies a new home right away, see the video below.

Hedgehog Cage

Provided by Heather Wastler, this home is straightforward yet attractive. You only need a wire cage, and you can then decorate the foundation anyway you choose. You can create an elegant, modest cage for your pet with no prior experience. It is ideal for owners who don’t have much extra space.

DIY Hedgehog Cage Build Tour

This DIY tutorial will offer you the professional advice you need to construct your very own hedgehog cage if you have never constructed one before. Expect a brief tour of the DIY book’s buyer’s two-story hedgehog cage rather than a comprehensive explanation. You’ll enjoy it.

How To Build A Hedgehog Cage

It’s crucial to construct a hedgehog cage to give your pet the best living conditions. It may safely investigate its surroundings inside the enclosure while remaining secure. You will need a sizable plastic storage container or tub to construct a hedgehog cage. Old aquariums are another option, and they’re simple to obtain at secondhand shops.

After choosing the container for your hedgehog’s home, you must start getting it ready for its new inhabitant. The stages are straightforward, and the directions are simple to follow. If you wish to construct one of your own, be sure to pay great attention to it!

C&C Cage

Consider this large wire replica from Pinterest user The Reading Residence if you really want to pamper your hedgie. Its construction consists of mesh panels that link to one another, enabling you to choose the size and form. Although you don’t have to construct yours as large as the one in the image above, how else will you convince your hedgehog that he is the world’s most adored pet?

Hedgehog Cage

Making a cage is a difficult chore for some people in particular. I would advise you to buy an already created housing for your hedgehog if none of the cages or homes mentioned above are right for you. This will save you worry. The price of this hedgehog cage is relatively low.

Cute Hedgehog Cage

If assembling a hedgehog cage takes you hours, you may get this one by just pressing a few buttons. I think your hedgehog would love this simple, adorable cage, which I discovered.

Bin Cage

This simple bin model is provided by HamsterHideout.com. The shelf that has been incorporated into the side of this one utilizing a smaller plastic bin makes it unique.

Of course, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to have a shelf. Yours may be made whatever you desire as long as it can fit in the trash can, of course.

DIY Hedgehog Cage Tour

You won’t learn how to build a cage for your hedgehog during this tour; instead, you’ll be taken on a tour of the creator’s cage, which should provide you advice on what you need for your own cage.

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