Homemade Deer Feeder Ideas

Deer are creatures of habit, so if one often visits your garden to graze, there’s a good chance it will return again and again. However, because they are so expensive, you cannot afford to purchase a commercial deer feeder from your neighborhood shop. Fortunately, you have all the supplies you need in your garage or storage space to complete a variety of DIY deer feeder layouts in about 2 to 3 hours. A homemade deer feeder may be very useful and successful.

Here are some simple DIY deer feeder plans suitable for any garden. The nice aspect is that these feeders don’t need a lot of materials or tools to finish. The greatest deer feeders may be made out of an old cardboard box, a wooden wine crate, some bricks, and bottles provided you know how to construct them. Deer are drawn into a certain region by a deer feeder over a prolonged period of time, allowing hunters to shoot the deer.

Simple DIY Wood Box Feeder

a straightforward wooden box-style deer feeder fastened to a tree. You may add extra corn to the feeder by removing the top cover. The fastest strategy could be this one, but it’s also the one that other animals can enter the most easily. But even if you don’t care about that as much, the design is attractive, appealing to the eye, and quick to put together.

Covered Deer Feeder

This covered deer feeder is simple to construct and will keep the food dry until it has been completely consumed. This wild game feeder is perfect for drawing different types of wildlife because of its greater size and standalone style. You may place hay, corn, grain, and salt lick all at once in the broad bottom tray. The more the diversity of food available, the greater the variety of species that will come to consume.

A covered DIY deer feeder, such as this one, will shield the food for wildlife from the elements, preventing food waste. The feeder may be loaded up with plenty of food so you won’t have to bother about replenishing it for several days. The covering that keeps their head dry while they feed will be appreciated by the deer and other creatures. These free designs include detailed directions so you can build one of these do-it-yourself deer feeders with ease.

How To Build A Deer Feeder

The purpose of this roofed feeder is to provide deer a safe place to graze. We provide a schematic with instructions for building a plywood and wooden table roofed feeder in your backyard so that feeding deer may be a calm and enjoyable hobby.

Two pans, seven alternative mounting locations, and an upper-level eating room are all included in one building. Deer and other animals will value the rooftop’s protection while they enjoy their delicacies. Over the top of the table, a plywood roof slopes downward to offer a waterproof covering.

DIY Deer Feeder PVC

PVC tubing and a feeder piece may be used to create a deer feeding station. The entire family will be able to complete this quick and easy activity. No carpentry expertise is necessary! As you watch the adorable creatures enjoy this tasty food, you and your family will be delighted by this inexpensive DIY deer feeder.

It just takes a few minutes to complete this simple DIY project, which costs about $10. This deer feeder may be easily constructed using supplies found at hardware, home improvement, and craft stores.

2 PVC Pipe DIY Deer Feeder

It is a good idea to develop various areas where many deer may eat at once because deer nearly typically migrate in herds. The two PVC pipe feeder is just two of the earlier feeders joined together at a single post. For the same purpose, you may consider installing a 3-way PVC pipe elbow for the main pipe. Just make sure the bottom has openings for drainage.

Wooden Box With Bin

These deer feeder designs will teach you how to construct a straightforward wooden box with a storage bin on top. Fresh food falls from the top of the storage container as the deer feed from the bottom when it is loaded with food. The bin is simple to fill thanks to the top detachable cover.

Instead of maize or grain, a salt lick or mineral block might be put in the deer feeder. This wooden feeder box will draw all kinds of animals. This will cost you practically nothing to make if you have some scrap timber on hand.

DIY Trough-Style Deer Feeder

Have you thought of building your own deer feeder? You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to construct a trough-style feeder with components that cost less than $50. Up to 200 pounds of deer food may fit within this sturdy DIY deer feeder.

This DIY Trough-Style Deer Feeder is a reasonably easy and stylish solution if you’re seeking for a low-cost replacement for a metal deer feeder. Metal roofing debris, which can be acquired from your neighborhood building supply store for approximately $25 and is light enough to be carried by one person using a hand truck, was used to make the roof of this deer feeder.

Consider utilizing metal stock or even welding wire if metal roofing is not an option in your location. Although the metal roofing from the hardware store might not come in as many colors as you might discover when dealing with metal stock, it will still function and, if money is tight, it can be used to save some money.

Five Gallon Deer Feeder Plan

This feeder is simple to create and is ideal for hanging in your lawn or animal habitat. Additionally, it may go well with a number of additional five-gallon bucket add-ons, like the cover and misters. For deer and other small animals, this feeder is the perfect size. It might be a terrific way to save money and utilize a five-gallon bucket that you already have at home. The feeder may be suspended above the ground so that even the tiniest animals can access it.

DIY 55 Gallon Drum Deer Feeder

Perhaps the feeders from the shop appeal to you since they can carry so much more feed. We have a do-it-yourself answer for that. With this deer feeder design, you may create a substantial item that won’t require constant replenishment.

A 55-gallon drum, some 2x4s, and PVC pipe are required. The drum’s stand is made to allow you to add extra deer feed by climbing up to it. Make sure the drum’s roof is in excellent condition and keeps water out.

Covered Deer Trough

A deer feeder like this one can help keep deer and other wildlife well-fed because it can be difficult for them to obtain enough food to live throughout the winter.

You may learn how to construct a covered deer trough using these free, comprehensive designs, which will provide the deer with food throughout the chilly winter months. Considering how much food the huge trough can contain, it will only need to be refilled every 5 to 6 days.

You may get the whole set of building blueprints in this PDF file if you have some basic carpentry experience and a tight budget. This covered trough may be constructed in a single weekend and will survive for many years.

Homemade Deer Feeder Plans

The following deer feeder layout should work if you’re seeking for a feeder that can be made at home but isn’t too huge or little. The feeder is referred to as a trough-style deer feeder and has a tray with a panel length of 22 12 by 47 inches.

The DIY feeder you can construct using the blueprints has a trough-style design, which has a more alluring aspect to deer. Additionally, it includes an integrated roof constructed of plywood slats that overlap, shielding the floor below from the elements and enhancing its chances of survival. The entire family will enjoy working on this deer feeder project.

The addition of slats that overlap each other on the roof makes the trough-style feeder even more beautiful when it has been completed. This DIY deer feeder plan will teach you how to construct a functional deer feeder. The designs include images and thorough directions to make building this deer feeder simple and affordable. Rain and snow won’t get inside the trough thanks to the front paneling and the roofing slats.

Free Choice Deer Feeder

This Free Choice Deer Feeder is intended to make feeding your deer easy and convenient. This wooden feeder holds around 200 pounds of deer feed and has an unusual shape that invites several deer to freely come and get a mouthful. Additionally,

It includes a sturdy metal roof that is convenient for raising or lowering at any time of the year. It’s perfect for ensuring that deer are well-fed at the start of the archery hunting season so you can get started right away when you’re ready to start shooting arrows at huge trophy bucks on your bowhunting acreage.

As it allows several deer to graze simultaneously, it is a great option for feeding deer in your yard. It is an elevated wooden box with a steady supply of unrestricted deer feed.

Although this product is not advised for individuals who want to draw just deer to their property, bear in mind that due to the raised design, many other creatures, such as squirrels, may reach it.

DIY Multi-Wire Suspended 5-Gallon Bucket Deer Feeder

Try out this 5-gallon bucket deer feeder that is strung between multiple trees if you want an engineering challenge. You must utilize wire for this work since chewing animals, prolonged exposure to heat, and moisture can compromise the integrity of rope.

A minimum of two pulleys with ratchets mounted on pieces of wood are also required. Connect the cables to the bucket to your pulley system, then turn it on. Leave enough room for the trees to swing.

Our deer feeder requires a lot of caution to set up, but it may be the most effective on this list in keeping other forest animals from stealing your deer food.

PVC Gravity Deer Feeder

You may learn how to build a PVC gravity deer feeder from this post. Utilizing PVC pipes, fittings, adhesive, and straps, the feeder may be created. Depending on the degree of feeding you like, adjust the stand’s height. Less feed falls on the arm when it fills up because the feeder rack gravitationally holds onto the pipe.

Save money on feed while watching deer and other wildlife feast on your personalized PVC deer feeder. A simple method to draw deer to your property is with this DIY PVC Gravity Deer Feeder. Since it depends on gravity to function, this DIY feeder doesn’t need any electricity or physical labor to operate.

You must cut portions of PVC tubing in order to properly fit the deer feeder onto the tree, and it fits best on trees with big trunks. The PVC pipes may be made into an airtight container with a hook at the bottom with only a trip to the hardware store and some simple equipment. When full, gravity drags the berries and nuts onto the ground for feeding while the food remains dry within.

DIY 55-Gallon Barrel Deer Feeder with Welding Rods

By welding together rods for the stand, this guy produced a more durable construction as an alternative to the 55-gallon-barrel technique. Although it is considerably more difficult to construct than the other deer feeder models, it can still be disassembled for transport. It is robust, though, and will last you for a very long time.

DIY V-Shaped Deer Feeder

The DIY V-shaped deer feeder may be constructed using these blueprints. You may build a deer feeder using this plan’s instructions and 22 pieces of long balusters. These elegant balusters have a length of 6 to 8 feet and form a delicate V shape to ease the joints of your animals.

With the help of this comprehensive and well-illustrated blueprint, you can now construct your own distinctive deer feeder. 22 long balusters are arranged symmetrically in the V-shaped feeder design, making it easy to attach them to the strong base.

If you begin this job by precisely measuring the posts, you’ll discover that building the roof is rather simple. Although it will require a little more effort, if you follow the instructions exactly, the job should only take one or two days.

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