DIY Stair Slide

A slide is a simple approach to fulfill children’s urges for adventure while keeping them occupied and away from riskier sports. I don’t know about you, but rather than watching in dread as they manage to climb down stair banisters, I’d rather have them going down a nicely constructed homemade slide.

Slides are fantastic investments to have around the house since they are entertaining for people of all ages, and building your own slide is a cool superpower. Find a variety of DIY slides here that you can use in your house or even as a side project for the playground at the local school or the public park.

You’ll find everything you can think of here, from rolling slides to stair slides to monster slides. Whatever your motivation for wanting to construct your own slide, you’re sure to find something on this list of DIY slides that will suit your requirements.

Gibbes Street

Isn’t this lovely? Here, you can see a slide that is integrated exactly next to a curved wood staircase. In this manner, as you descend to the lower floor, you have the choice of using the stairs or the slide.

How To Build A Rolling Pipe Slide

Check out how to create your own pipe slides to use at the next trade fair or event as a creative and engaging method to attract attention. Your children will like playing with this unusual Rolling pipe because of its admirability.

The final project should cost around $8, depending on how long your slide has to be and how long your pipes will be. Overall, it will be a huge success as a DIY project on the internet, and everyone loves it because of the unlimited possibilities.

Building A Monster Play Slide

Building a monster play side is ideal for the creative person since you may be completely loose with how you carry out the designs. This video walks you through the technical process of creating your monster play side as well as other pertinent knowledge.

However, if you’re patient and take your time, you might create a DIY monster play slide without any prior knowledge. You’ll need skills in welding and other types of metal work out artistry.

It’s crucial to remember when following this lesson that you must take all necessary precautions to prevent creating a slide that may result in accidents or injuries. Consider that even the paint job may make the difference between a pleasant ride and gaping wounds. Everything counts.

The Art of Fun

You are utterly mistaken if you believe that your house can just have a plain staircase. Actually, you could put a wooden slide next to it for both you and the kids.

How To Bend Wood Into A DIY Slide

Slide your feet down a wooden slide and be ready to travel so fast your head will spin. This in-depth guide demonstrates the finest wood bending methods for making one-of-a-kind, handmade slides from a single tree trunk.

You may bend the wood whatever you choose, and when you see how stunning these slides are, you won’t be able to keep your feet dry. If you know the basics of woodworking methods, this project won’t require elaborate flooring and will be simple for you to do. Are you involving children? It’ll be a lot of fun.

How To Add A Slide To Your Stairs

Tired of taking the kids’ unsuccessful efforts to slide down the stairs to the emergency room? Then you definitely require this. It is an easy, easily-removable DIY slide that makes use of the steps you already have.

Your stairway must be broad enough to accommodate a slide once it has been installed, and it should not finish directly in front of a wall to prevent accidents when using the slide. For this project, 34″ plywood was utilized. Additional materials were flush mounting brackets, triangle supports that were cut to the depth and height of the steps, paint to match the interior decor, and a few tools.

My Secret Garden

With shelving and storage spaces integrated into the slide and steps, this area functions as a playground for children.

Outdoor Playset Slide

Both kids and adults love the DIY outdoor playground slide. Kids may have a ton of fun on the slides they build themselves or with parental assistance. Slides have long been a favorite on playgrounds at schools, so it’s wonderful that you can now build your own for endless backyard entertainment!

The construction of this DIY slide will be a lot of fun, and your youngster will benefit from the solid, stable, and long-lasting framework provided by the premium lumber. All you have to do is supply the tools and ingenuity.

DIY Indoor Wooden Slide

This DIY indoor wooden slide is appropriate for children and indoor play, doesn’t take skilled craftsmanship to assemble, and is so stunning that it doesn’t need to be concealed when guests arrive. If you don’t have all the required tools, you can rent them or ask your neighbors to lend you some.

You’ll need a level, a table saw, a jigsaw, a paintbrush, a roller, wood clamps, a drill, an electric sander or sandpaper (the electric sander is preferred), and other instruments. For a complete list of what you need and instructions on how to build it, refer to the tutorial.

Panorama House

This house in Sachangdong, South Korea, features two spacious portions where a content family resides. The bottom floor is for children, and the top floor is for parents. Connecting the levels is a large handcrafted stairway with built-in bookcases and a slide.

DIY Slide Made of Lumber

Are you trying to find an affordable approach to increase the family’s enjoyment of your backyard? The DIY Slide Project will be ideal in such case. Using inexpensive, strong, and solid lumber for this slide project will increase the lifespan of the DIY project and be a lot of fun to work with. It will be a terrific alternative to add a stylish and amusing focal piece to your garden.

DIY Cardboard Slide

Want a slide that is simple to put up and take apart without requiring any special tools? You can create a completely secure slide out of cardboard boxes by following this DIY cardboard slide instructions! You just need a small number of tools, the most important of which is your glue gun, and no prior construction knowledge.

Long Island Retreat

This stairway is close to a concrete ramp that offers a sliding egress, as can be seen. This might also be used to raise and lower carts and strollers. Absolutely helpful, no?

Halloween Candy Slide DIY

Little trick-or-treaters will love making this Halloween candy slide. It includes a plastic skull with a hole in the mouth that may be used to insert candies into one end of the skull. As they pull the cotton strings, a torrent of candy will pour out of the skull’s fangs, and the youngsters will enjoy having their hands completely coated in sweet candies. This entertaining creation must be included in your d├ęcor if you’re planning to host the November 5th party at home.


This particular one is a childcare facility in Belgium. They put a slide to the playroom in addition to a stairway. It is clear that these little children like it!

How To Build A Giant Slide DIY

Are you seeking for a summer job that will blow your mind? Well, this gorgeous thing will work! Prior to construction, make sure to seek advice from a specialist.

We offer guides and amazing resources to assist you in realizing your greatest childhood fantasy. Put on your bikini and fasten your seatbelt if you’re up for an intense adventure; we have the slide. People who are too cautious or have a fear of heights shouldn’t use this product since they run the risk of being hurt. Overall, though, it would make a fantastic DIY pool slide to test out.

DIY Wooden Slide

Depending on your needs, you may alter the slide’s proportions to make it larger or smaller. It may be built even by beginners to woodworking because it just requires five simple steps to finish.


The owners had a strong desire for a slide within their home. In response, the slide was made out of the same walnut wood as the staircase by the designers. It links the home’s main level to the basement.

How To Add A Slide To Your Stairs

Concerned about the security of slick, damp stairs? You may make a safer choice for everyone in your home to easily ascend and descend the stairs with the help of this device. A fun new method to share memories when snugly mounted into your existing staircase, it adds more traction and stability. Kids will like using this nice slip-and-slide, and it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the project’s primary goal is to amuse children. So without further ado, start working on this do-it-yourself project and add a detachable slick track to your steps.

DIY Outdoor Slide

You can build your very own DIY outdoor slide and tower in just two weeks of woodworking. The instruction also includes a 3D blueprint that might help you get started and serve as a mental picture of what the finished product should look like.

Sidebottom Residence

The issue facing the creators of this slide and stair combo was securing city approval. They were instructed to utilize a carpeted area similar to the stairs. It was still effective, too!

DIY Indoor Wooden Slide

Durable hardwood and vibrant fiberglass are used in the construction of our wood slides. They turn it into the ideal do-it-yourself toddler indoor activity or a wonderful addition to any playroom or nursery. Toddlers and children adore it for endless playtime enjoyment, and assembling this slide will affordably give you an aerobic workout as well! Build this outdoor wonder in four hours or less and watch it generate lifelong memories as grandkids appear everywhere like weeds in joyful tiny hearts!

DIY Slide

Are you trying to find a quick and simple approach to increase the pleasure in your backyard? With this DIY slide, you can stop spending money on expensive playthings and start constructing your own. It is simple to install to an existing playhouse or create a separate area for it by placing it next to an existing climbing wall.

Any active youngster who pushes their limits will have no problem being accommodated because to the sturdy polyester composition. However, don’t go yet! If you want the youngsters to feel like stars in their very own theme park, we also offer instructions for adding lighting, wacky graffiti designs, and even swinging platforms! For further details, go to the tutorial.

Ukraine Apartment

The metal slide and wooden staircase are both available for use in this Ukrainian apartment’s second-floor stairwell. One descends from the top level and enters the living room without stopping in the kitchen.

Private Home

A modern home’s interior is made more fun and stylish with the addition of a sleek and sophisticated slide. The dark-stained oak wood used for the slide and the steps contrasts nicely with the white walls.

DIY Slip And Slide

Summertime means that it could be too hot to go outside and play. Be at ease, though! With our Do It Yourself Slip n Slide, you can still have a party. This simple slip and slide, which only requires a few materials you probably already have around the house, can provide you hours of slippery fun until your water supply runs out! It works well if you’re going on an excursion to some steep locations where there are 15 to 20 degrees of slope; it will make this homemade slide more enjoyable, and you’ll sincerely appreciate you drowning below.

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