Homemade Wood Splitter

A firewood supply is essential for all of them, whether they are caused by a fireplace, wooden heater, wood stove, or an outdoor fire pit. Use these free DIY handmade log splitter designs, which are based on imaginative self-planned engineering, to start splitting your wood logs at home. You are all free to utilize your own creativity to create a brand-new handmade log splitter, and perusing these ideas will motivate you to get started.

Look through all of these DIY log splitter designs to become a creative genius. These plans show us how to experiment with both new and used equipment to complete our wood splitting task affordably. Investing in commercial log splitters can become too costly. Use these DIY log splitter plans to simply build a log splitter at a low cost. They provide step-by-step directions, visual tips, and tutorials.

DIY Unicorn Log Splitter

Making this log splitter function demands a high degree of skill and is a somewhat difficult endeavor. Making a design of all the components that will go together to operate the unicorn log splitter is the first step. After a few stages of assembly and spot welding, the entire splitter resembles an engine; you start it, and the unicorn log splitter divides the wood precisely like an arrowhead.

Four-Blade Splitter

With its four blades, this log splitter can easily divide a single log into four pieces. The maker’s attention to detail is what sets this DIY wood splitter apart from many others. It doesn’t even resemble a DIY undertaking!

Building a Small Log Splitter

Choose this compact, simple-to-use log splitter for small-scale wood splitting. Making this little log splitter can be challenging since it requires welding the frame’s components together and attaching modern hardware before the final assembly. Here are few tutorials and free plans: beckmannag

DIY Manual Log Splitter

Man has progressed beyond splitting wood by hand; you can now purchase a wood splitter online or construct one yourself with the help of this tutorial. Although you may check the guide and view the video link to where you could watch everything yourself, the guide’s developer was unable to locate the complete blueprints.

High Powered & Portable

If you need to get the wood from one place back to your home, having a portable log splitter will make things much simpler. As demonstrated by this do-it-yourself build, you don’t need the most expensive wood splitter available to have a lot of power.

How to Build a Screw Log Splitter

Have a sufficient supply of firewood on hand for your wooden heaters? Then obtain the building instructions for a machine that will enable you to slit logs of wood swiftly. Use 60mm x 60mm square tubes to construct the frame for the log splitter. Add a 3000 rpm electric motor next. Learn more here on instructables

Building A Log Splitter

Like several of the other projects on our list, this one requires a lot of building and assembly and is rather complex. You shouldn’t attempt to complete this task by yourself. The oil tank, metal beam, axle, pump, and many other factors need to be taken into account.

Hydraulic Log Splitter

You need a log splitter with a lot of power if you require one for a big project. This homemade wood splitter will provide you with a nice, clean cut and is powered by hydraulics.

DIY Log Splitter Loading Arm

Download the free blueprints and building instructions for this log splitter loading arm here. It stands 10 feet tall and weighs 2000 pounds. To load a 5′ long loading arm, use a 12-volt winch. A log with a diameter of 24 cm may be picked up by the loading arm. The machines’ 2-stage hydraulic pump is powered by a 12-hp Kohler electric start engine.

DIY Log Splitter Build

You’ll need an iron rod, an axe or hand digger head, as well as a few other metal components, to build this log splitter. Don’t forget the welding component of this project; if you haven’t done any welding before, that might be a challenge, but it’s rather simple to learn. The project and its phases are generally easy to follow.

Log Splitter Made Out Of Scrap Metal

Construct attractive log splitters out of scrap metal, and here are free video instructions on how to build one that will last longer. Make it entirely from recycled scrap metal. Simply construct the sturdy metal frame with the top edge in a V form first. Obtain a 20-ton hydraulic heavy duty bottle jack to push logs with next.

How To Build A Homemade Log Splitter

You can only do this project if you already own an antique log splitter. When the inventor discovered an old, rusted wood splitter, he made the decision to renovate it and create a brand-new, enhanced model. With this method, creating one is rather simple, but if you don’t already have one and need to start from scratch, you might want to try another tutorial.

Classic Design

Another traditional wood splitter design is seen here, built completely of leftover metal. This video provides comprehensive, step-by-step directions for building your own wood splitter if you’re seeking for a decent guide.

Hydraulic Log Splitter Under $200

Use the engine from an old car to build this wood splitter. An ancient tractor’s 8-hp vertical shaft engine was employed in this log splitter, and it performs admirably. Use this hydraulic log splitter, which costs less than $200, to quickly split your hardwood logs into firewood.

Homemade Wood Splitter With Four Blades

With the help of four axes, some steel bars, and a video tutorial guide, the author chooses to build a handmade wood splitter. The axe’s handles must then be removed, leaving only the blades, which must then be sharpened and welded to the metal bars. If you have experience welding, the remaining procedures are easy to follow.

Homemade Wood Splitter

To install your wood splitter, you must first construct a structure for it in this DIY wood splitter project. After that, you may go over and utilize some professional pumps and accessories to improve its functionality. For this project, use an 8 horsepower engine or a predator 301cc gas engine.

How To Make A Firewood Splitter

This is a really basic project, and the firewood splitter that the author of the video instruction developed is clear and simple to assemble. He started by gathering your axe head, a sturdy hardwood base, and a metal frame for the axe to rest on. The axe head will be welded to the metal frame, which will then be screwed to the substantial oak base. This firewood splitter is both stylish and useful.

DIY Wood Splitter

This efficient DIY wood splitter has a horn that looks like it belongs on a unicorn and just rips through wood logs to create fuel. This wood splitter, which is operated by a fantastic hydraulic pump and engine system, will unquestionably make a wonderful present for people who use wood heaters.

DIY Foot Operated Log Splitter

This log splitter was created by the author of this video instruction out of a bottle jack and a few other items he could find lying about. Because it is a foot-operated log splitter, you can just press the foot pedal in, and the axe head will quickly and effectively split the wood. It is also quite simple to construct and rather durable.

How to Make a Log Splitter

Quickly learn how to construct a log splitter. Simply said, installing a separate engine is not necessary for this DIY wood splitter. Simply turn on your tractor to get started. Simply building a structure with a splitter built and outlets for tractor hookups is the plan here. Get your hardwood logs cut into firewood by just starting the tractor.

How to Make a Log Splitter with a Hydraulic Jack

A hydraulic jack, hydraulic hoses, sheet metal, steel bracket clamps, steel beams, a single-blade wedge, castor wheels for mobility, an acetylene torch, and a welding kit are a few items you’ll need for this project. If you carefully follow the six basic steps in the building process, it’s pretty simple to construct.

Scrap Hydraulic Log Splitter

A tool can gain a lot of power from hydraulics while using fewer other, more expensive forms of energy. This blogger used spare metal to create a hydraulic log splitter that is incredibly easy to use but unquestionably efficient.

How To Make A Log Splitter With Jack

First, you’ll need a hydraulic vehicle jack, an acetylene torch, a T-square, a 140-amp stick welder, a 34 inch steel plate, and a tape measure to assemble this jack splitter. Actually, that’s all you require. The methods are straightforward to follow, and the producing process is quite simple.

Easy Kindling Splitter

Another single-bladed DIY kindling splitter is presented here, but this one is a little higher (to avoid bending over). Better still? It simply need four steps to make it! From Instructables: Kindling Splitter Construction

Machete With DIY Log Splitter

Simple addition of an axe feature into a sturdy machete will make it incredibly efficient and effective as a log splitter. No substantial welding or building is required. The inventor paid $21 for his machete, and so far it has served him well.

DIY Kindling Cracker

This handmade wood splitter is designed for minor tasks and just has one blade, but it works great! It’s another another excellent illustration of how big of a difference paying attention to details can make. Rust is Gold’s DIY Kindling Cracker and Log Splitter is available on YouTube.

DIY Log Splitter Build

Another enormous piece of equipment that is very successful at separating several logs is this log splitter. A belt grinder, plasma cutter, welding set, chop saw, drill press, band saw, vise, and many more instruments are required. For this log splitter, you’ll need some steel square pipes, some other metal frames, and a motor.

Mini Screw Splitter

This unicorn log splitter works well for little jobs while still producing excellent results. With this specific model, you should obviously take additional measures, but the straightforward, small design is worth it.

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