Kids Clothing Storage

If you have kids in your household, arranging your house could be a full-time job. They don’t tell you how many things having children in your house entails, but you quickly learn about them. You begin by gathering all the baby supplies, such as diapers, blankets, and pacifiers. Board books and light-up toys develop from this.

Before you know it, you’re walking on Legos in the dark after moving on to dollhouses and dinosaurs. It’s simple to give the playroom top priority when it comes to organizing because that’s what you see every day with all the kids’ toys littering the house.

There are several kinds of Kids Clothes Storage that can organize children’s clothing. Here are some easy DIY ideas for organizing kids’ clothing so you can properly store and organize it!

Bookshelf Rehaul

Avoid the pricey store-bought wardrobe if you need a new closet and have a tight budget by trying this easy DIY. Start by building a solid, tall bookcase. Find a deal by perusing your neighborhood flea market or a few garage sales. Remove the inner shelves once you’ve selected the ideal item, then attach a clothes rod kit. If your bookshelf is tall enough, think about adding a second rail to double the size of your child’s closet. Leaving the lower shelves in place would allow room for a couple adorable storage baskets. Remember to attach your new wardrobe to the wall, as you should with any tall furniture.

Baby Nursery Closet Dividers

Baby clothes outgrow very rapidly, so the simplest method to organize them in a closet is by size with clearly labeled dividers. Any nursery closet will seem more natural with these etched wood ones.

A Double Bar System

Let’s begin with what would seem to be apparent. Most likely, you’ve seen it before. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by installing a double bar system in their wardrobe because children’s clothing is so little. You’ll have extra room to organize by size and season and more space to hang their belongings.

Clothing Tiers

Do your children share a closet? Label each level of the drawer or side of the cabinet accordingly. You can organize children’s clothing easily as a result. They also benefit from knowing where to purchase what they require.

Under-Shelf Rail

A sophisticated storage solution with a contemporary, baby-boutique vibe is made by mounting a fashionable curtain rod to the bottom of some cheap, utilitarian shelves. Display shoes or keep other accessories in eye-catching shelf-top boxes, occasionally adding a decorative item to support the idea of clothing as décor. Sort those little clothes by color to make an even greater impression.

Children’s Hangers

You’ll want tiny hangers to truly hang such little garments. These rattan accessories will look great in any closet. However, if their appearance isn’t as important to you, you may instead get functional plastic or metal ones with a nonslip coating.

Dividers With Labels

Making this happen doesn’t need any special skills, but it would unquestionably be a cheap DIY! Make little labels that hang on the clothes bar using decorative paper. This will separate clothing by size, which is especially useful for newborns because of their large wardrobes. And if DIY isn’t your thing, Pinterest makes it simple to discover printable solutions.

Wardrobe Baskets

Having tubs and baskets for each nook or drawer in your child’s closet is a smart way to organize their clothing. With this closet organization technique, clutter is hidden and clothing is neatly kept.

Tented Storage

This adorable circus-tent storage rack, once offered by Crate&Kids, may be readily recreated with a little know-how and a length of colorful cloth. Simply buy a cheap storage rack, then start stitching. A inexpensive, transportable closet structure may even be used to build a whole tented wardrobe.

Baby Dresser With Changing Table

With this dresser/changing table combo, you can conveniently store your baby’s clothes just where you’ll need them most. This five-tiered one has two open shelves and various-sized drawers.

Clear Stackable Boxes

There are too many shoes for everyone, not just adults. In fact, infants could challenge us in that area! Treat yourself these transparent stackable boxes that will allow you to keep your children’s shoes in a neat stack rather than throwing all those tiny soles in a large basket or, worse, on the closet floor. So you won’t waste time shopping for that gorgeous pair of Mary Jane shoes when you need them.

Daily Clothes Organiser

Here’s a fantastic suggestion for organizing a child’s outfit! Have a place for them to hang their clothing for the week so they don’t smear the rest of their wardrobe. Making a plan for a week’s worth of outfits teaches kids responsibility, which reduces their reliance on you for clothing.

Beaded Clothes Line

This innovative clothesline keeps clothing from slipping off of the hangers, preventing them from bunching up in the middle of the line. You may make your own version by utilizing curtain hardware and beads for crafts that you can buy at the shop, or for a simpler method, try hanging a beaded garland from multiple ceiling hooks.

Choose big beads that are consistent in size, shape, and color if you want to opt for a contemporary style. Set a collection of old wooden construction blocks on a string using a drill for something a little more imaginative. You may even use vibrant wooden beads in a variety of shapes for a lively appearance reminiscent of a vintage bead-push toy. ​

Rattan Baskets

Baby clothing fit perfectly in low rattan baskets like this brown one that has a honey color. Pack them in by rolling them up. Or think about creating one or two piles of clothing in each. To make it easier to move the baskets around if necessary, use ones with cutout bin handles.

A Dresser Inside The Closet

Some children’s bedrooms are really small, so storage needs to be inventive and efficient with its use of space. The dresser for your youngster could be kept in the closet. It’s a simple option that will provide you with all the storage you want in a quick and affordable manner. Place the remainder of your storage around the piece of furniture you just pushed through the entryway.

Hanging Colour Coded Organisers

A children’s hanging wardrobe is a fantastic method to maximize cupboard space. These work well for little accessories or folded clothing. To determine what it contains or which kid-related items are inside, use a color-coding scheme. Don’t you simply like how beautiful this rainbow system is to the eye?

Ladder Rack

Create a chic, one-of-a-kind ladder rack to exhibit your baby’s finest clothing. An old wooden ladder transformed into a fun clothing rack with a fresh coat of paint is ideal for a nursery or child’s room. Use sturdy shelf brackets to mount your ladder horizontally, or lean it up against a wall (anchored towards the top) and hang those little garments from each step. Just watch out that your little monkey doesn’t mistake your design for playthings!

Cotton Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is a must for every changing table, even though diapers are considered to be a baby’s clothing. Put a few in this caddy so you can easily grab wipes, lotion, toys, and more while changing diapers.

Repurposed Shelving Unit

Your child’s closet should include an IKEA Kallax shelf unit in place of a dresser. It’s a terrific way to make items available to kids and give them greater responsibility, whether you use it to keep clothing and shoes, books, or toys. A flat shelf is also provided without the need to screw one into the wall.

DIY Wooden Rack

Another approach to have your children’s clothing capsule prepared is to use this kids’ wardrobe rack. It makes everything simple to view at once and makes getting dressed quick and straightforward!

Steamer Trunk

Have a young adventurer with a disorganized wardrobe? Your young one’s adventure-themed room may benefit greatly from this kid-friendly, travel-themed closet. Simply construct a clothes rail and lean a huge steamer trunk on its side. To avoid accidents, secure the trunk to the wall.

48-Piece Nursery Storage Set

Everything you need to arrange a nursery closet is included in this affordable package. 30 velvet hangers, 12 closest dividers, 3 tiny bins, 2 big bins with lids, and a 6-shelf hanging organizer are all included in this package, which costs little over $40.

A Dedicated Organizing System

You can think about purchasing an organizing system for your child’s closet if there is room rather than creating your own. You have the choice of genuine shoe storage, built-in drawers, or any configuration of shelves and rods that best suits your requirements. This works especially effectively for older kids who are capable of maintaining their own organization. Just give them the chance

Fabric Cubes Organiser

These fabric cubes, like tubs and baskets, are fantastic organizers for kids’ clothing that reduce clutter. Additionally, it helps to clearly distinguish between each type of clothing so that you and the kids know where to go for what they need. Add labels to help you identify which cube to retrieve them from more quickly.

Curtain Wall Closet

This easy—and lovely—solution can help you get rid of the mess if your playroom is big and seriously lacking in storage. By suspending wall-to-wall drapes from a ceiling-mounted track, you may simulate a wall. Then, to keep games and toys in check, build low-cost industrial shelving.

Deep Plastic Storage Bins

Try plain plastic storage containers if you don’t like the look of fabric or basket organizers. Place them on the top of a dresser, in deep drawers, or on the shelves of a closet. To further organize them, apply your own labels to them.

Baskets And Boxes

Small storage is necessary for a genuinely ordered environment, regardless of the type of shelves you have in your child’s closet. Choose neutral-colored furnishings like baskets and cloth boxes to keep things looking neat and orderly. These will assist in bringing the amount of color from your child’s clothing into equilibrium.

DIY Closet Divider Rings

These closet dividers are a great method to organize kids’ clothing, especially if your closet is stuffed with garments. It’s a fantastic approach for both organizing and labeling things.

Easy DIY Closet

If you don’t have access to a huge built-in closet, this ingenious DIY project could be the best alternative. Invest on a big, robust bookcase. Place the bookshelf parallel to a wall and a few feet away from it. The unit should be oriented outward and be secured to the side of the neighboring wall. Then attach a clothes rail between the wall and the bookshelf’s back. Put a curtain around your new closet.

Use The Inside Of The Closet Door

Would you like your closet’s storage to double? Place storage inside the closet door. Toys, shoes, and other necessities may be stored in bins and baskets, freeing up space in the closet for clothing. If your kids share a room, you’ll really appreciate this for the closet!

Soda Tab Organiser

An ingenious kids clothes organizer is a simple soda tab if space is a concern. This manner, space concerns are unnecessary for hanging and stacking garments. Additionally, you may hang their daily outfits from their wardrobe using this.

Loft Bed With Wardrobe

Loft beds are a fantastic space-saver since they enable you to recover the area that the bed formerly took up and put it to good use. A model with more built-in storage may be purchased or constructed, or you can use the extra room to build a magnificent walk-in.

Attachments For The Clothing Rod

Are you seeking for strategies to encourage your kid’s independence? To the clothes rod, add a daily planner. This convenient vertical unit will let you to arrange your children’s clothes for the entire week at once, enabling them to dress themselves in appropriate clothing for school and events.

Baskets with Chalkboard Labels

Make your homemade children’s wardrobe system more effective by employing a number of baskets that are each marked with a wardrobe label. It gives them a more organized, clean appearance. No clutter, no worry!

A Custom Organizer Using Versatile Furniture

It would be more economical and practical to increase the size of this room while also making it simpler to keep everything organized, as opposed to having a closet that appears huge but is largely empty since it is difficult to store items in it. Create your own closet organization system with Ikea’s inexpensive basics and extras. On makinghomebase, there is a great helpful lesson that might assist you.

Chalkboard Drawers

Chalk labels on the wardrobe drawers will help you quickly recognize which one to open for the appropriate item of clothes for your child. There is no need to constantly open every drawer because they are all clearly labeled!

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