Macrame Plant Hangers Patterns

Would you like to construct a macramé plant hanger? Free Patterns are needed. Try these excellent free and simple DIY macrame plant hanger layouts. Do you share the opinion that a touch of natural green makes any home design look incomplete? Do you believe that adding a natural vibe to your modern interior surroundings is the only way to adorn them? If all you want to do is add some greenery to your home, you have come to the perfect place to get the best advice.

A terrific method to create a garden-like ambiance in your contemporary interior spaces is to build bespoke DIY planters and place them in visually appealing areas of a home. Therefore, macrame plant hangers or macrame hanging plants would also work well if you’re looking for something more pricey.

Start with a Simple Macrame Pattern

If you have never attempted a macrame project, it is recommended to begin with one that has an excessively easy pattern. Once you get the hang of it, this project from Dwell Beautiful can be finished in a matter of minutes and will help you develop an understanding of how to create a plant holder shape. If you wish to make a collection of numerous plant hangers, take into account this easy technique.

Macrame Plant Hangers with Color

Like me, you could be seeking for novel methods to display your plants throughout your house. Your plant hangers will be distinctive and compliment your current home decor thanks to this macrame pattern’s usage of various colors. The fact that this pattern includes instructional videos for each step of the design is another fantastic feature.

Coffee Snuggy & Macrame Plant Hanger

Looking forward to a tempting fall decoration? It’s time of year to make things cozy, including the home decor. These cozy macrame plant hangers would therefore be another method to style up your interior spaces for the bitter cold or the changing seasons.

Here, a thick white rope has been macraméd, and more knots have been added to the rope to give the appearance of a dense plant holding.

Additionally, the rope has a neutral color that is ideal for fall decorating trends. Visit boatpeopleboutique for the full project description, a free macrame pattern, and step-by-step instructions.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

It can be fantastic to tie knots in a strong rope since the resulting accessories will transform your life. The nicest decoration you can have for your home is a plant hanger, which you may make using your skill at knotting jute, cord, or rope. This macrame plant hanger can be made with cotton rope and 2″ wood rings.

Use an Old Shirt as Your Rope

Traditionally, a rope-like thread is used to create macramé. However, artists have always been experimenting with various materials. Utilize an old shirt you already have and follow A Beautiful Mess’s instructions to create a one-of-a-kind plant hanger.

Macrame Plant Hangers In 15-Minutes

With just 15 minutes left to make someone happy, like a friend or a new homeowner? In this situation, there are many DIY projects you may complete to provide lovely gifts. But these macrame plant hangers, which you can make in only 15 minutes, would make the perfect present.

Because it was made with sturdy rope, it is also priceless and lasting. Here, the rope plant holder’s texture and aesthetic appeal are completely centered on the knots. To vary the textures, you can alter the knotting style.

Although it is now holding a lovely terracotta planter, you can choose any bespoke plants, even those in Mason jar pots, to put within.

Handmade Macrame Succulents Plant Hanger

Macrame is a kind of art that also serves as therapy for mental development. In order to create humorous plant hangers that will securely hold the succulents in a wonderful hanging position, keep knotting your neon cables. It will add a touch of boho chic decor to your house and is a relatively easy sort of décor to make.

Add on Some Extra Pom Poms

Consider some additions you can make to the basic pattern once you have it down to add more interest. Sarah Hearts made the decision to attach some substantial pom poms to her macrame plant stand. For further information, refer to the tutorial.

Easy Plant Hanger Macrame Pattern

The plant hanger pattern is very easy to follow. Throughout the entire design, there are just two different kinds of knots used. For more experienced macrame weavers, the pattern includes quick, basic instructions. For novices or anyone who likes visual directions, it also contains more comprehensive explanations with photographs.

Braided Macrame Plant Holder

Josephine or gathering knots are the sole knots used in the macrame technique. This work of art incorporates the rope braiding that can help give your macrame plant holder designs beguiling textures and variety.

Here, you can view an astounding sample that will astound you. As you can see, a bowl-shaped planter has been placed to a gorgeously knotted and braided trendy white rope plant holder to create a fantastic hanging eye-piece.

30 Minutes Macrame Hanging Planter

It won’t take more than 30 minutes to make this macrame hanging planter. Give it away as a sweet homemade gift or use it to liven up your home’s interior design. Whatever you decide, it will rock. To create this stunning macrame hanging planter, tie the square, half-square, and loop knots.

Use a Mason Jar as Your Plant Vessel

Picking a planter should be done with great care in addition to considering the macrame pattern. Mason jars are perfect for many low-maintenance plants and are small enough that you don’t need to make an intricate macrame display to display them.

Plant Hangers and How to Enhance Them

Plant hangers will eventually start to share the same aesthetic. (If you like that, it is also acceptable!) However, this pattern demonstrates how you may enhance your item just a little bit further with dye or embroidery floss.

Succulent Macrame Plant Holde

Black and white often prompts us to think back on the past. A lovely plant hanger with white rope and a seductive black planter that has been placed inside it greets us. The planter in this instance is small but elegant, and the black and white color scheme will complement both modern and rustic interiors. You should take some time to replicate this macrame plant hanging because it is so lovely and entrancing.

Dip-dyed Ombre Plant Hangers

Since you can’t constantly maintain the same look of your home dcor, this project is all about adding color to your knotted macrame hangers. Simply make your macrame hangers, dip them in your preferred dye mixture, and give them an ombre appearance. To build these plant hangers, you’ll need rubber gloves, salt, RIT liquid color, and a stir stick.

Create a Modern Looking Plant Holder Using Black

Macrame typically has a very varied and bohemian appearance. However, you may give your project a contemporary edge by employing a straightforward, elongated pattern and black rope. The ideal guide to utilize is this one from Deuce Cities Henhouse.

Macrame Plant Holder Using T-Shirt Yarn

Make use of your old t-shirts as eye-catching interior decor. You might find this unusual, but it’s absolutely possible. just uses an old t-shirt to create colorful fabric yarn. Create stunning plant holders like the one shown here that is not only gorgeous to look at but also incredibly affordable by learning how to macrame.

Why not clone this lovely pot holder for your house or any other area if its graceful design and shape have captured your heart? Here at juliemeasures, you can find a complete free macrame design and step-by-step directions.

Macrame Double Plant Hanger

By creating this macrame double plant hanger, you can take the macrame planter trend to a new level. Everyone will adore it. The cable, a plant in a pot, a carabiner or shower curtain ring, beads, tassels, and other ornaments of your choice are required. Liveseasoned has one of the cutest planter hangers you can create at home.

Incorporate a Large Ring at the Top

The majority of macrame plant hangers begin with a metal jump ring. These rings are often modest in size compared to the hanger. Persia Lou made the choice of a very large circular focal point that complements the bigger planter effectively. Read their tutorial to learn how you can accomplish the same thing.

Mini Plant Hangers

This unusual tiered macrame plant hanger will inspire you. This one has three pots that are arranged at an angle to create an incredibly distinctive presentation. This unique macrame plant holder is made up of three herb pots that are hung haphazardly on a web of rope.

Although it is hung on wall hooks in this location, you may move it to any preferred location in your room or house by just adding a few hooks there.

This idea of a macrame herb garden is fantastic. It will add a sense of naturalness to your interiors and look fantastic as a hanging ornament.

Braided Macrame Plant Hanger

Utilize the macrame goods that have become popular since the 1970s to add a touch more elegance to your modern home. This time, choose the braided macrame plant holder that has a chic white aesthetic and looks adorable. Use 6 x 180′′ lengths of 7/16′′ rope to hold a 10′′ planter securely.

Use Beads Instead of Knots

Without having to tie dozens of knots, you may create the appearance of a macrame plant hanger. This Made in a Day pattern uses wooden beads, which speeds up the construction process. To give this method your own spin, vary the beads you use.

Plant Holder By Using Bangle Bracelet

There are countless designs for macrame plant hangers; this one is also quite attractive. You can copy this one to hang your larger pots higher because it has thicker and larger knots and appears to be more robust.

Additionally, this macrame hanging has a dual rope impact that increases its durability. Play around with this plant stand by changing the pots, the rope, the colors of the rope, and even the knots.

Modern Hanging Planter

By making this macrame hanging planter, you may bring the feel of a verdant garden inside your house. Create the macrame hanging planter by knotting the 50 feet of 550 paracord. Make a macrame hanging planter and embellish it with 20mm wooden beads. It can be finished in an hour and is a respectable homemade present.

Add Only a Few Bead Accents

Check out this DIY from Almost Makes Perfect if you like the idea of adding beads but don’t want the planter to be completely covered with beads. The primary knots around the planter are supposed to be covered in sizable wooden beads. Visit their page to see the detailed instructions.

Macrame Pot Plant Hanger

Here is a macrame plant hanger that is unusual and interesting if you like to go rustic or unique. This one would look amazing in any interior and is also a fantastic example of macrame art and skill.

In this case, the macrame hanger’s overall attractiveness and cuteness are increased by the addition of wooden accent beads to the plant holder.

Homemade Macrame Vase Plant Hanger

Before you can make this macrame vase plant hanger, you must first understand the Josephine knot and the gathering knot. This quick macrame vase plant hanger may be made with just four 1.5 meter lengths of cord. To finish it off, you’ll need an elastic band, some flowers, and a glass vase.

Try Out a Pattern for Elongated Planters

This macrame pattern should work with planters of most sizes, but it excels with ones that are elongated like this one. You can finish this instruction in just an hour since the thick, straightforward rope is simple to knot.

Macrame Terrarium Hanger

Are you considering adding a visually appealing centerpiece to your house or a certain room? If you love plants as much as I do, you won’t find anything better than this macrame terrarium hanger.

If you want to keep your children away from your favorite terrariums, which are usually delicate because they are made of glass, try this approach.

For incredibly cool decor demonstrations, simply make a macrame hanging and suspend your favorite terrarium from the ceiling. Are you planning on making more of this macramé terrarium hanger?

Pottery Barn Inspired Macrame Plant Hanger

You will need an air plant, crochet thread, wooden beads, a 3′′ glass votive holder, and a foam ball to complete this craft. Simply using a piece of cardboard and thread to create the tassel will result in a very adorable hanging accent. One of the nicest hanging decorations that a person who loves their home would love to have.

Thin Twine Macrame Pattern

This macrame design features numerous tiny knots that look their best when attached to a thin, twine-like rope. If you chose a thicker rope, this plant holder might appear overly plain and substantial. Check out the instructions from Make It and Love It to create one similar.

Make it Yourself Macrame Jute Plant Hanger

Do you enjoy doing handicrafts? You can perform some DIY projects to improve the decor of your home if you enjoy creating unique items with your own hands. Create a lovely macrame plant holder by getting creative with rope that has been chosen in the desired colors.

In this instance, the plant hanger is made of jute and is strong and long-lasting. Last but not least, a bright red planter or pot that looks enticing has been placed to the macrame hanger. Use different rope colors, vases, and knotting techniques to experiment with this project.

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