Mandala Yarn Patterns

Do you enjoy using free crochet designs with vibrant colors and many different color combinations? Then using these free crochet designs with lion brand mandala yarn that include the striking attraction of mandala yarn hues will be beneficial. The Mandala yarn has the ideal weight for experienced crocheters and a bright flash of color.

To create stunningly gorgeous and vibrant crochet designs, gather Mandala yarn balls in your preferred color combinations. Uncertain about where to get inspiration? Continue looking through this collection of 20 free and simple crochet designs using lion brand mandala yarn that share all wonderful things to crochet with this yarn type. Along with free mandala yarn designs, the crochet projects also include tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and even the recommended hook sizes for each individual Mandala yarn pattern.

Daphne Afghan

In this vibrant crochet wrap, grandmother gets a contemporary facelift. I adore how the freeform Lion Brand Mandala Yarn cake colors are combined with the geometric triangles in this pattern. In contrast to the Lion Brand Basic Stitch yarn background, vivid oranges, purples, and pinks look stunning.

Crochet Madeline Triangle Scarf Pattern

The mandala yarn from the Lion brand comes in a variety of hues. You may crochet a variety of stunning mandala yarn patterns using a ball or a mandala yarn cake. Use this yarn to create the Madeline triangular crochet scarf, which will be a stylish addition to your winter wardrobe as well as an excellent winter warmer. Here’s a Free Pattern gingerknots

Roux Shawl

Until this pattern, I have never been a big fan of self-striping yarn, even if I adore color blocking! I like picking out different colors to combine them together! So I’m wary when a yarn, like self-striping mandala yarn, has colors that have been pre-selected and ordered in a pre-selected manner. But I was drawn to this color scheme from Lion Brand. Believe it or not, I also really liked the way the colors transitioned and were arranged in sequence!

This design is the reason I started using Mandala Yarn, and I rounded up six more Mandala Yarn patterns in this article to make a total of seven incredible free patterns!

Wishing Well Wrap

Your favorite can’t-look-away show and your passion of crocheting go together. You can feel free to let your focus wander since this simple, repeated stitch is so calming and simple to recall. Only double crochet (dc) and chain (ch) stitches are required, making it ideal for beginners.

How to Crochet Crunching Leaves Mod Scarf

You will like the hues of this attractive crochet scarf and the mod scarf that sounds like crunching leaves. The tassels that have been added give the a hint of boho style. An additional wonderful pattern for a crocheted lion brand mandala. It’ll heat up really rapidly.

Swallowtail Cardigan

When I was looking out patterns for mandala yarn, I had to add one of Alex’s because her creations usually leave me dumbfounded! Her Swallowtail Cardigan looks great in Lion Brands Mandala Yarn’s Warlock Colorway! The knit version of this cardigan was inspired by butterfly wings, and it is made of crochet. I could wax poetic about this design more, but I know you’d want to just start creating your own. Begin knitting a Swallowtail Cardigan right away, or click the button below to get a Lion Brand Yarn kit!

Continuous Mitered Square Afghan

This lovely mandala pattern is distinct from other square-based crochet blanket patterns. In this smart no-sew design, you can have your squares without all the hassle. Additionally, since the yarn won’t be broken in between each square, there will be less ends to weave in. This pattern may be created entirely with single crochet stitches in the back loops.

Mandala Cowl Crochet Pattern

The most intriguing crochet winter fashion trend is the cowl. So use the lion brand mandala yarn to crochet a distinctive cowl. The mandala cowl will wow with its bright appeal and make the nicest homemade present. This is great design inspiration. Here is a free crochet pattern. craftytuts

Adirondack Wrap

Remember my post “7 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns” where I featured her Tangram Wrap? If not, check it out to see how ChiWei of 1 Dog Woof creates such lovely patterns with basic forms. There is no exception with the Adirondack Wrap. This new favorite craft for you to work on while watching your favorite Netflix shows is made from three triangles of Mandala Yarn. Create an Adirondack Wrap right away, or get a kit from Lion Brand by clicking the button below!

The Genesis Cardigan

In this bohemian cardigan, the deep jewel tones of the specific Lion Brand Mandala yarn blend incredibly well. With this kimono-style cardigan, which is made flat using just single and double crochet stitches, bring out your inner diva. Finish it off by turning up the drama with some cute fringe!

Free Crochet Chroma Hat Pattern

With this beautiful and quick-to-make crochet chroma hat design, you may update your winter outfit. The perfect winter head warmer, the crochet hat pattern looks wonderful with a hot yarn color combination. For a lovely design touch, add a pom-pom on top. a yarn mandala pattern by Lion.

Blanket Bag

a bag-and-blanket hybrid? Must I say more? Using Mandala Yarn or any other yarn I have really seen, Jess from Mama in a Stitch came up with possibly one of these most useful crochet patterns. Open this crocheted blanket back up to use as a seat after tucking everything you need for a picnic within. Stop waiting and begin a Blanket Bag right away or use the button below to get a kit from Lion Brand!

Starburst Blankie

With this quick and simple Starburst Blankie, baby showers are a snap to organize. And both baby girls and boys will love the variety of colors available in Lion Brand Mandala yarn! Because I detest counting all those chain stitches for traditional blankets, center out blankets are my favorites. Shell double crochet stitches are used in this pattern.

Crochet Wrap Me In Diamonds Scarf

The ideal weight for crocheters is the mandala lion brand yarn! So, if you want to crochet something particularly exceptional, give this yarn precedence. Make the wrap me in diamonds scarf, a simple free crochet design that comes in beautiful hues, to give this yarn greater qualities!

Wasilla Poncho

This comfortable crochet poncho uses lovely puff stitches, clusters, and more. It’s simple to create and available in both adult and kid sizes. (Next Pattern Listed) Start sewing your own ponchos right away, or click the button below to get a kit from Lion Brand! Ponchos are perfect for every season!

6 Day Pocket Shawl

Have you previously created the 6-day child blanket? If so, you are already aware of how quick and simple it is! Even quicker than that, you could complete this lovely pocket shawl. You’ll use single and double crochet stitches to work widthwise. The pockets are knitted individually, then they are sewed on.

Free Crochet Whit by Baby Blanket Pattern

A Whitby crochet baby blanket is the ideal present for an expectant woman and appeals to the eye with its square pattern! The yarn color combination of red, gray, and off white looks amazing! With mandala yarn, one of the simplest square blanket patterns to crochet! Pick up your preferred color combinations for a cake or ball to crochet!

Prism Block Stitch Blanket

Play peek-a-boo with vibrant rainbow accents and a dominant neutral gray. The combination of Lion Brand Feels Like Butta and Lion Brand Mandala Yarn is unbeatable. The box stitch may be used to create this gorgeous and incredibly soft throw. Beginners need simply be familiar with the single and double crochet stitches.

How to Crochet Chroma Mittens Mandala Yarm

Winter hand warmth shouldn’t come at the expense of fashion. Put on these chroma mittens to keep your hands warm in fashion. Each mitt is a mandala-inspired yarn masterpiece that combines three different yarn colors. It will be one of the most adorable handcrafted presents for a particular someone.

Anab’s Faagun Mandala for Holi!

For the Holi holiday, the talented fiber artist Anab designed a stunning Faagun Mandala pattern. The beginning of spring and the conclusion of the Hindu calendar month are both celebrated at this event. The multicolored mandala that Anab crochets with the popcorn stitch will hang with pride in any home. This project may be completed in time for Holi, which is coming up soon!

Mandala Bag

A crochet mandala bag pattern is provided here. Any color scheme that you choose may be used to create it. Choose between layered flowers or circular stripes for the front panels to personalize this crochet mandala bag pattern. To create a bag that is totally you, mix and combine these elements! To make sure you obtain the ideal fit, it comes with a visual guide and a piece of simple instructions. To make this amazing bag, it contains comprehensive directions and a ton of images!

Crochet Mandala Scarf Pattern

Due to its vibrant color, you will like this scarf; its magnificent mandala yarn design will wow you at first glance. The 5.0mm hook size, lion brand mandala yarn, and these materials are required to crochet this lovely scarf, a sweet homemade gift for a close friend this winter. Find out more at elkstudiohand.

Mandy’s Mandala

We adore the tangy green edge on Amanda of RedAgape’s vibrant mandala. The best beginner mandala pattern to crochet is this one since it is simple to follow. Perfect for adding color to a breakfast table or for outdoor eating in the yard!

Flower Mandala

Use the five colors of worsted weight yarn included in this kit to crochet the distinctive Flower Mandala wall hanging. Beginners or anybody interested in learning how to read and comprehend crochet charts should use this pattern. Several rows of granny stitch are used as the project’s foundation before developing into a floral motif. The mandala will enlarge as you go until it is finished with a final row of granny stitches that forms the center of each petal. When finished, hang it up or give it to someone in need!

Cactus Garden Blanket

Just pause to admire all the deep hues of the Lion Brand Mandala yarn used to create this gorgeous crochet blanket. Cake yarn in vibrant colors is ideal for using in mosaic crochet. Never previously heard of it? Only single crochet and double crochet are required. The finest thing is that a row of colors never changes color in the midst of it.

Crochet Autumn Skies Shawl Pattern

This mandala yarn project is for you if you enjoy drinking tea while having your shoulders comfortably wrapped by a shawl. This spectacular shawl pattern, autumn sky shawl, which uses attractive yarn colors, is crocheted with mandala yarn. Wear it to give yourself a celebrity-inspired style.

Mandala Crochet Doilies

For crocheters with intermediate skill levels, Kate Veselunka’s design for The Mandala Crochet Doilies has 6 gorgeous mandala doily patterns. To add some excitement to your house, crochet them in every color of the rainbow.

Vere Flos Mandala

You may make your lovely crochet decorations with this magnificent mandala crochet pattern. This design promotes creativity and is a fantastic stash buster. It’s ideal for creating a vibrant, multicolored wall hanging or table runner, covers, or cushion. You will enjoy and be happy while crocheting this lovely design, and your house will be warm and optimistic afterward. Any type of yarn may be used to crochet this blanket. Beads or embroidery thread can be added to the top to further enhance its uniqueness and attractiveness.

Happy Days Mandala

Who enjoys experiencing joy? Surely, we do! And with the Happy Days Mandala, you’ll quickly experience happiness. This intermediate mandala, created by the beautiful Knothing Usual and made with Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK, will brighten your day.

Colorful Mandala

Consider using this fantastic crochet pattern to create a colorful mandala for your house if you’re seeking for wonderful ideas to make it appear lovely. It is made with a blend of many hues, and it will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your space. When finished, this pattern has a stunning appearance because to the numerous motifs and stitches utilized. Every craft enthusiast should have this beautiful crochet pattern in their house. The mandala design adds a lovely flow of multicolored yarns to your d├ęcor, making it a wonderful accent.

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