Painting Chest of Drawers

Nowadays, everyone does their own home improvement projects, and repurposing old furniture to create brand-new, exquisite pieces is huge. especially in light of the fact that we’re going through a recession and everyone is trying to save a little money!

Today, we’re going to look at several chest of drawers makeover ideas and what you can do with an old chest of drawers. There are several ways to reuse that robust piece, including painting, distressing, coating, decorating, using textiles, wallpapers, wrapping paper, and more.

It’s not necessarily useless just because it doesn’t match your d├ęcor any more. Decorate it and test it out. You have nothing to lose and could even get a new piece of furniture if you were simply going to throw it away or give it away anyway!

DIY Chalk Paint Thrift Store Dresser

Find out here how you chalk paint a $50 dresser to give it a sleek, contemporary appeal. In this case, chalk paint will be a better alternative than staining to cover up the dresser’s entire wooden appearance. Start by performing a primary operation using mineral spirits and stripping gel. The dresser should next be gritted and painted with Americana chalk paint. Remember to include the new hardware. Visit livelovediy for more information on a DIY white chalk painted dresser.

Easy Upclycling Chest of Drawers Makeover Ideas

This chest of drawers is about as straightforward as they get to remodel if you’re looking for something quick and easy. Speaking from personal experience because I’ve finished a job identical to this one, the effect is simple to replicate at home and only actually requires two paint batches, as you can see below.

Wallpaper may be used to duplicate the lining of the drawers, and the correct equipment can also be used to create the paintwork’s water-washed appearance. With its lovely almost-Tiffany blue, it’s simple and elegant and would make a terrific beauty or cosmetics table.

Team Paint with Wallpaper

At Ideal Home, we like decorating, and painting your dresser is the ideal chance to experiment with a fresh wallpaper-paint combination. Try it at the back of your dresser or inside your cabinet for a more modest yet amusing approach if you’re not bold enough to put it all over your wall.

Since you’ll be more likely to show off the interior if it’s wallpapered, don’t forget to paint your doors inside and out with the same stylishness you’d use for the rest of your dresser. A great method to make kitchen pantry ideas stand out is to design stylish food storage and larders that people will adore.

How to Paint Dresser Using Chalk Paint

Chalkboard paint is a fantastic alternative if you don’t want to do any prep work but yet want to paint an old piece of furniture to give it a completely new look. Here, a $40 dresser purchased from a yard sale has been brilliantly restored using white chalk paint to seem modern. Read more here. confessionsofa

Artistic Chest of Drawers Makeover Ideas

One of the best (and wisest) methods to update a chest of drawers is by doing this, especially if you want to place the furniture in a child’s room. Consider the concept of graffiti art instead. Why not give your kids free rein with the spray paints and let them create something unique?

Although there is a detailed instruction for this makeover plan, the idea is straightforward enough for you to just use your imagination. To keep the chest of drawers looking excellent, sand off the original varnish or paint, add a priming coat, liberally use spray paint until the design is finished, and then top with a layer of varnish or gloss.

Give It An Ombre Look

Having trouble choosing a color? Pick a few! To create a wacky ombre effect, paint your dresser one color, then the back of each shelf area in a little brighter or darker shade of that color. As an alternative, why not use rainbow colors for an eye-catching, distinctive touch? Use sample pots to reduce paint expenses; each one should have enough paint to cover at least one shelf area, if not more.

Chalk Paint Distressed Dresser

If you love damaged, shabby chic, or rustic furniture, consider giving your items a simple makeover using chalk paint. Get inspired by this worn-out dresser, which will win the hearts of enthusiasts of rustic furniture. For this project, you’ll need chalk paint, finishing wax, a drop cloth, and sandpaper. thedesigntwins

Using Mirrors To Makeover Your Chest of Drawers

Recently, we examined shattered glass nails; now, we examine broken glass furniture. Actually, shattered mirrors. We believe this might be the beginning of a trend.

We sincerely hope you are not superstitious, but there is something incredibly lovely and distinctive about this broken glass appearance. It’s a fantastic, unique way to update a chest of drawers, and the glass sparkles beautifully against that understated silver backdrop!

Evoke An Industrial Feel

Want to give your dresser a makeover so that it blends in with your industrial theme? So starting with a dark color of paint is a good idea. Try a dramatic lead-grey like Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe, jet black, or dark brown-black. Why not stencil or paint some old-fashioned factory-looking numbers or letters onto the doors or shelves for added authenticity?

KILZ Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Use chalk paint to transform the thrift shop dressers into a stylish addition to your contemporary home decor. Simply take out the drawers, clean it thoroughly, and sand it smooth. Apply chalk paint for a white look that is modern and sleek, then add new hardware to complete the look. Get ideas from this KILZ chalk paint dresser transformation.

Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers Makeover Ideas

Shabby chic furniture has also been very popular recently and isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. It has a simple yet elegant look. At, a lot of us have tried this white, faded shabby chic style on a variety of pieces of furniture, and it’s a project that nearly always turns out well!

There are a couple different methods to get this look. One of the simplest is to sand and prime your old chest of drawers before painting the sides and corners, which will later be distressed, a brown or contrasting color. After everything has dried, apply your white paint on top and give it another day to cure.

Simply scuff up the edges that would often be damaged with time and with use using sandpaper or even an electric sander (if you’re careful and have a steady hand). Normally, areas around the handles and the piece’s real edges would sustain damage. You want to create an even more pronounced appearance of wear and tear, so just consider how many different ways that object may have been damaged over the years.

The darker color you first applied will show through and greatly contrast the white, clear color that is put on top. If that doesn’t work, you can always paint over it!

Show Off A Standout Colour

Any size dresser may be given some heft by being painted in a particularly striking color or pattern. Here, a vivid candy pink has been utilized to create a feminine appeal, and a few dining chairs have been painted the same color to bring everything together.

If you want to make a bold statement with your dresser, paint the entire thing. If you’re not so daring, paint just a few drawers, the dresser’s frame, or even the shelves.

Chalk Paint Dresser Turned Media Console

This chalk-painted dresser media table will elegantly accommodate your media and TV screen and liven up your living space. With just four coats of yellow chalk paint, an antique dresser’s dark wood may be concealed. Get a cute painted dresser to use as a media table after giving it a final wax treatment. information at thehappyhousie

Dripping Paint Chest of Drawers Makeover Ideas

This newly renovated chest of drawers, created with this lovely paint drip effect, is another basic yet highly effective design. This would be much simpler to do with spray paint, but to obtain the desired effect, you’ll need to start at the bottom and work your way up.

When the entire chest of drawers is painted white (or another color of your choosing), spray paint a line on it after it has dried, leaving extra paint on the piece of furniture than you need. As gravity begins to do its job, it will begin to fall.

Wait for the lighter blue coloring to dry before applying the deeper blue coloring across the centre. Instead of using spray paint, you could use a paintbrush to get the similar effect, but the spray paint’s fluidity makes creating those drips much simpler.

Take everything outdoors, lay down some sheets, and be ready to make a little mess. It’s actually an enjoyable way to spend a day in the spring or summer!

Create A Vintage Vibe

If a sleek, clean design isn’t your thing, why not give your dresser a thorough paint job and a good cleaning to achieve that trendy distressed effect? A

Whether you go for a clean, contemporary style in a popular color or something more understated and classic, paint has to be one of the simplest ways to transform a space from drab to spectacular. To maintain furniture in peak shape, all you need is the finest paint for furniture.

If you’re interested in experimenting, Annie Sloan makes a nice selection of paints, wax, lacquer, and glazes as well as brushes and equipment made expressly for this kind of job.

DIY Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

When you want to give your furniture a nice texture in addition to a lovely distressed appearance, chalk paint is a fantastic alternative. Learn how to chalk paint a dresser for a gorgeous texture by reading the whole instructions here. You will also receive instructions on how to distress the painted dresser to give it a more rustic appearance. Read more here. thediyhomegirl

Using Lace To Makeover Your Chest of Drawers

Here’s a concept you might not have considered before: why not spray paint over the lace on your old chest of drawers to create a stunning design that everyone will adore?

With the shelves gone, the piece’s remaining surfaces are still painted in a lovely shade of blue. Lace has been added on top of the blue and painted with the gold color you can see. When you peel that lace away once everything has dried and you are left with this lovely design. You can finish a restoration job in one day if you add gloss or varnish over the top to preserve it from deterioration and spray-gold the drawer handles as well!

Stencil A Geometric Pattern

Create a new look for a chest of drawers by stenciling a geometric design. Make a triangular stencil to cover the drawers after painting the outside a stylish shade of grey. In a bedroom, pink and grey make a soothing combination. To give your work more depth, experiment with combining different paint finishes, such as satin, matt, and gloss.

Mint Green Chalk Paint Dresser

This mint green chalk paint dresser will be the perfect piece of furniture for both a modern and shabby chic environment. Make the mint green chalk paint first by combining water, calcium bicarbonate, and latex paint. Give your dresser a few coats of this paint after that for a lovely mint green appearance. Read more here. thedefineryco

Practical Ideas To Makeover Your Chest of Drawers

Do you remember those days when you had to rummage through every drawer in the home before you discovered what you needed? Well, that issue is completely solved when you identify your drawers with blackboard paint, like this crafty DIYer did! A further excellent concept for the kids’ room. You can have a drawer with labels for things like socks and t-shirts.

Nowadays, you can buy blackboard paint pretty much anyplace. It comes in a broad range of colors, so you may choose any color you like to paint your chest of drawers.

Instead, you may use a few simple items to create your own chalkboard paint. Apply as you would store-bought blackboard paint using a ratio of one cup of latex paint to one tablespoon of unsanded grout. This one is really fairly simple to perform at home, but you’ll need to remember to sand and prime the furniture beforehand so that you get an equal finish to your chalky paint. Even the youngsters could pitch in.

Create An Ombre Effect

Makeover a worn-out dresser into something stylish by applying a striking ombre pattern. Paint each drawer a little darker after starting at the top with the lightest color. Use the darkest color to paint the base and legs. This is a fantastic way to finish up test pots!

Easy Chest of Drawers Makeover Ideas

This is one of the simplest methods to update a chest of drawers, but it has a significant impact nonetheless! Before adding any “accessories,” you might paint this piece or leave it as-is. The gold brackets are what really create a difference, and that is what makes it so beautiful.

Actually, all that has to be done is to attach the gold brackets to the drawer fronts’ outside corners. It almost resembles a safe or filing cabinet, but we believe that recreating this style is excellent for an office or formal space.

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