Painting Of Skies

The act of painting a stunning sky or cloudscape is quite calming. Any artist seeking for inspirations for their next painting will love these cloud and sky paintings.

I’m providing a selection of stunning paintings of the sky, including ones of sunsets, clouds, sunrises, the night sky, and more. Additionally, you’ll discover suggestions for acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and oil paintings.

I’ve included some really excellent painters. If you like what you see, make sure to visit their social media pages to see more. Consider buying the artist’s work or, if you can, supporting them on other platforms.

Sunrise/Sunset Over Ocean

Painting the sunrise and sunset over the water is a lot of fun since the warm and cool colors contrast beautifully. These are simple paintings to create; all you need to do is paint the sky in a gradient of warm hues and the water in blues.

I remember hearing about a barely discernible red line at the horizon’s edge in a painting technique, so I made sure to include it here along with a deep, deep blue line just underneath it.

Watercolor Lake Scene

Who doesn’t adore a lovely lake picture like this? You can depict straightforward boats, soaring birds, and other things in your painting.

Wolf Howling Night Sky

This original idea combines the silhouette of a howling wolf with the breathtaking night sky. Create the wolf using a reference image, and the night sky by adding hues of blue and green. Remember to include the moon.

Layered Mountains

All you have to do to continue with the desert theme and produce a painting like this is select a color scheme. I choose yellow ochre for the sky and red oxide for the mountains. Start by painting the sky, add the mountain in the rear with the lightest hue, and then add layers of mountains in gradually deeper colours to achieve the layered mountain impression.

Beautiful Clouds

In addition to tall, fluffy white clouds, this picture also includes luscious grass and trees. Use this artwork as a model for your own works with a natural subject.

Sunset Trees

The sky should be painted blue as usual. Add furious hues of red and orange to the bottom to portray the sunset. Once it has dried, add the tree silhouette to complete the picture.

Gradient Three-tone Sky Paintings

The sky is the limit, so they say. Your imagination is also. Consider any blending- and workable-with-any-colors hues. Start with basic hues like pastel pink, white, and blue, or give the sky a stellar feel by adding vivid purple, blue, a touch of white, and black.

Mountain Sky Painting For Beginners

One of the first paintings that spring to mind while considering what to paint is a landscape. You may learn how to paint a mountain and a stunning pink sunset sky by following this lovely (and simple) mountain landscape painting instruction.

Sakura Tree with Moon

I adore the inventiveness that went into creating this stunning picture, which has a sakura (or cherry blossom) tree and a large, bright moon.

Night Sky

Any artist can find painting the night sky to be both demanding and enjoyable. Use purples and blues in a flowing pattern to create this rendition of the night sky. Then add the trees after doing the same for the ground.

Sunset at the Beach Painting

Painting a sunset by the beach scenario will transport you to the beach if you have recently been too busy to travel. The soothing warm hues allow you to practice your brushwork techniques to the utmost with the birds, trees, and other items you want to incorporate. As a result, this style of painting is an excellent chance if you want to develop your ability to blend pigments and create delicate gradient hues.

Paint a Galaxy Sky for Beginners

A fantastic easy painting project for beginners is to paint the night sky with galaxies. You will learn how to utilize a straightforward tool to make color blends in this article (which also includes a full-length YouTube explanation); it’s far simpler than using a brush! You’ll also discover a simple technique for making stars that appear realistic without having to paint each one individually.

Beach Sunrise

Many people have a bucket list item that includes seeing the dawn or sunset. If you’re fortunate enough to see this, why not snap a picture and use it as inspiration for a painting of your own.

Lovebirds and The Sky

Although the love birds appear to be the focal point of this picture, the background is also present. utilizing the dry-on-dry painting method. For the sky, use circular brushstrokes, and then add the love birds in the center.

Pastel Clouds Painting

Without the delicately hued clouds, the sky is void. Consider how beautiful, brilliant, and delicate clouds are. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your cloud shot, consider a moment when you were flying and watched the clouds pass by you. Use pastel colors other than only pastel blue, paint them from all sides, and use various brushes and materials to create a variety of forms and textures.

How to Paint a Sunset with Your Own City Skyline

Learn how to combine colors to create a stunning sunset sky before adding a personalized skyline of your hometown or a favorite travel destination to your painting. You’ll also like using some splatter painting methods to create the enchanted stars in the sky!

Cloudy Sky and Green Grass

I adore how straightforward this painting of a gray sky and green grass is. It’s not necessary for your artwork to be extremely detailed to be lovely.

Sky in Beach

It’s difficult to paint a beach landscape, but this simple beach painting is ideal for novices. Paint the beach and sky using basic brush techniques. To complete the setting, add some palm trees.

Starry Night-inspired Painting

Paint your canvas blue and yellow to emulate Van Gogh’s mood and inventiveness while he was working on his masterpiece at the Saint-Rémy Asylum in the last years of his life. The Starry Night, widely regarded as one of the finest paintings ever created, continues to influence civilization, especially the arts. As a result, many artists research the color scheme, motion, texture, and brushwork application techniques that may be used to recreate this magnificent artwork.

Tree Landscape with American Flag Sky

Another simple (and useful) painting technique for beginners to master is how to paint trees using a fan brush. A delightful work of art, too, is this patriotic “American Flag” in the night sky. really original Tutorial: American Flag Sky

Three Night Skies

Grab a few little square canvases, and start painting different night sky themes. Each of these paintings was beautifully executed by the artist.

Sunset Skies

Not only is this acrylic painting of sunset skies beautiful to look at, but it’s also enjoyable to replicate. For this acrylic painting concept, use a variety of warm and cold colors from your palette to create the vibrant nighttime sky.

Abstract Sky Painting

There is more to life than mere representations. Sometimes we can show folks what we actually want to show them without having to be impartial about it. Be imaginative, and when in doubt, abstract your painting, as they say in the art world! So use wild colors and brushstrokes, as well as other abstract approaches that make use of the sky.

Beach in the Evening

If you’ve ever spent time on a beach in the evening, you know it’s a lovely sight to behold. The palette used for this specific artwork blends beautifully.

Girl With Cats

The night sky painting and the swinging girl are combined in this acrylic painting concept. A stunning, creative concept artwork might be made by including two cats sitting next to the female. Stars and a shining moon can be added using white paint. The tree trunk and grass blades should be added last.

Sky Over the Neighborhood

This picture is ideal for a sunny summer day or night. When the sky is gorgeous, take a snapshot of your area and use it as inspiration for your painting.

Lone Cat

Create the backdrop in dark tones while keeping the moon incredibly bright, using a same notion of the night sky and moon. Add the tree and a lone cat to its branches once it has dried.

Red Sky

dawn, dusk, hazy, foggy, etc. There are several circumstances where the sky appears crimson. Since pink is really simply a light version of red, I want you to think about pink as well while painting sky in acrylic. The “Vog” caused the sky in the next photograph to become crimson. Mt. Klauea, an active volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, is the source of the volcanic fog known as vog.

Eiffel Towel

Many painters find the Eiffel Tower to be a romantic source of inspiration. You could always play around with your own interpretation of it. Create a night sky in the style of Van Gogh, with the dazzling, lit Eiffel Tower in the middle.

Yellow Sky

A bright sky makes me think of the dawn. I believe that the evening sky tends to be more crimson in color. Another instance in which I would like a yellow sky is when your picture merely depicts a tiny portion of the sky above the horizon. Even in the middle of the day, there is frequently a golden light in this location.

Majestic Mountains

Why not paint this instead of going to the mountains when you suddenly want to? In the middle of your painting, place the majestic mountains and a beautiful sunset sky. For this one, use a variety of shading approaches.

Purple Sky

There are two scenarios in which I may choose purple as the color of the sky. The first occurs on days that are cloudy or entirely overcast. The second is comparable to the yellow sky in that a clear sky can frequently seem purple just above the horizon. This typically occurs when the sun’s light source is behind the picture while it is being seen.

Cherry Blossoms

The night sky’s usage of green in this artwork is remarkable, especially when contrasted with the Cherry Blossoms’ vivid colors. Create a magical sky by blending the hues dark, green, and yellow with a giant, white moon in the center. The cherry blossoms should be added last.

Green Sky

The region just above the horizon between the blue of the sky above and the yellow stated in the second paragraph is where I use green for a sky the most frequently in my paintings. Given that the sky does not just turn from blue to yellow, green is, of course, the logical option in this scenario. There must be a changeover.

Shooting Stars

It’s thrilling to use a range of colors to create this captivating, vibrant sky painting. Include the dark pine trees after the snow-capped, white mountains.

Multi-Coloured Sky

The multicolored sky is the final sky I wish to discuss. This is the artwork that incorporates a little bit of each of the things I just mentioned. The sun, a clean sky, and a wide variety of clouds make up this sky. Typically, a multicolored sky has high, low, and large, fluffy cumulus rain clouds.


These painted birds are arranged in a row and perched on a branch against a soft, golden sky. This painting concept is simple to imitate and is quick to make.


Create the sky in this artwork by mixing warm and cold tones. Include water and the sun’s reflection as it is setting. Then include the silhouettes of the dark trees.

Tree Silhouette

Begin by painting a gradient sky, and then let it to fully dry. Using a tiny brush and black paint, create the appearance of a tree with several branches.

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