Paintings of Rainbows

What could be more enjoyable for kids to do on a long rainy day than rainbow painting ideas? After the storm, you and your children can create a beautiful rainbow at home rather than waiting for the actual one to appear. We’ve put together a list of quick and enjoyable activities you can try out this rainy weekend. So get ready with your brush and paper, and begin!

Be Kind Painting

Make a piece of art that serves as a kind reminder for you or others. An excellent handmade holiday card for friends and family is this painting.

Rainbow Scrape Painting

One of the kids’ favorite types of painting is scrape painting. It is incredibly fun to try, fairly simple, and doesn’t call for any special abilities. First, place several large drops of each color of the rainbow on a sheet of paper.

After that, give your children a scrap of paper and tell them to blot the colors with it. This method will produce results that resemble rainbow sponge painting in some ways.

Rainbow Painted Pebbles

These remind me of the week’s earlier night sky-painted rocks. I adore how simple yet striking these are; the bare trees stand out against the rainbow sky, and the tiny white specks could be twinkling stars or drifting snowflakes. These would make a sweet little gift for someone, or you could bury them in your neighborhood or local forest for others to find.

Rainbow Watercolor Salt Paint Shamrock

You can use both shamrocks and rainbows as inspiration for your upcoming art project because they both represent luck and hope. Salt crystals will first be adhered to paper cut into the shape of a shamrock. You’ll paint it after that with rainbow watercolors. You can produce a stunning work of art in little time and with little effort by doing it this way.

Rainbow Footprint Clay Art Project

Make a keepsake that will stand the test of time. For your mother, grandmother, or just for fun, create Rainbow Footprint Art using clay. While your babies are still so young, it’s the ideal project to work on with them. Utilize the dish as a ring dish to hold the jewelry you remove or simply as a decorative item.

Rainbow Rainy Day Art

Want to fill a long rainy day with something entertaining? Give your kids some watercolors in a rainbow and let them paint haphazardly on some paper. Then, leave the paper outside in the rain and observe how the colors are naturally mixed by the raindrops.

Even though the outcome might not be as attractive as you’d hope, the kids will enjoy the activity. On, you can find additional rainy day craft suggestions.

Four Rainbows

Use various watercolor palettes to practice painting rainbows. Browns, purples, yellows, and blues can be seen in these rainbows.

Rainbow Shaving Cream Marbled Art

We have the ideal rainbow painting idea for kids because they love everything messy. A pan, shaving cream, squeeze-bottle colors, and paper are all required. Shaving cream should first be added to the pan, then the colors should be squeezed in the proper order. Next, allow your children to print their papers on the vibrant shaving cream to see what shapes they can create.

Paul Klee Inspired Rainbow Squares

Artist Paul Klee is renowned for his abstract paintings that combine cubism and expressionism with lines, shape, and color exploration. This article from ArtBar Blog demonstrates how kids can use Klee’s artwork as inspiration to create their own abstract, rainbow-colored artwork! Love it!

Racing Rainbow Painting

With this Racing Rainbow Painting game from Fantastic Fun and Learning, you can have fun with paint and toy cars. To create vibrant streaks and patterns, paint the car’s wheels and then roll them across the paper. The fun lies in the fact that you can never predict how the outcome will turn out.

Rainbow Sponge Painting

Unskilled and endlessly entertaining, sponge painting is a fun technique. However, we must caution you that it might create a very colorful jumble all around your home. Give your child the sponge with the rainbow colors first, along with a big piece of paper. Allow them to color the entire piece of paper with their sponge at that point.

Choose to Be Kind

Another design with a rainbow theme and an uplifting message is shown here. This message, which reads “Choose to Be Kind,” has a lovely handwritten font.

Melting Crayon Rainbow Art

Your kids will be ecstatic about this unusual painting concept. A big canvas, multicolored crayons, and a hair dryer are required. To avoid splattering colors throughout your home, it is ideal to implement this idea outside. When you’re done, you’ll have a lovely artwork that you can display in your children’s rooms.

Rainbow Squeegee Process Art

For a fresh, enjoyable way to paint that will give kids experience using various tools, check out Hello Wonderful’s brilliant Rainbow Scrape Painting idea. It is simpler for young children to apply paint to the canvas when the paints are placed in squeeze bottles. After that, they can scrape paint across it to make their own patterns.

Oil Pastels and Watercolors Rainbow Art

Your kids will learn about new materials and develop an enthusiasm for painting by painting with oil pastels and watercolors. They will use oil pastels to paint the rainbow and watercolors to paint the background in this art project. After they’re done, give them tiny cotton balls to glue to the rainbow’s sides. It will appear to be encircled by clouds in this manner.

Blue Rainbow with Crown

Be cheeky (or naughty) and wild and wonderful, as the German proverb “Be” says, is written on this blue rainbow with a crown.

Rainbow Sponge Painting Art

We simply cannot get enough rainbow sponge painting, so here is another idea. Pour acrylic colors on the sponge first, following the rainbow’s order of colors. Then, give your children the sponge and instruct them to gently blot the canvas with it. To prevent getting strange colors, make sure they don’t swipe back and forth.

Watercolour Rainbow Cats

These colorful cats are amazing! Of course, you could draw any kind of animal using this as inspiration, but I do believe that these straightforward cat drawings are very effective.

Watercolor paper is preferable for this, but copy paper will also work. Draw several cats using a fine liner and, if you’d like, a pencil first. Each cat should have two vertical lines, pointy ears, a small flat head in the middle, two tiny circles for eyes, and a few whiskers on the side.

Then, using wet watercolors, paint your cats while leaving their tiny eyes white. You can either use all the colors of the rainbow, moving from one side to the other in the ROYGBIV order, or you can try a different color scheme, such as various green and blue tones, or anything else you like!

Rainbow Watercolour Salt Painting

Has salt painting ever been your thing? If not, a great place to start is with Fun With Mama’s Rainbow Watercolor Salt Painting. A rainbow of colored watercolour paints, glue, and salt are also required. Create any pattern you like, such as a leaf, butterfly, or rainbow.

Rainbow Heart Art

Although rainbows only come in one shape, you can add some imagination to your art project and alter it. You’ll need to paint a heart-shaped piece of paper or wooden board using acrylic rainbow colors for this project. It’s simpler than many other craft ideas on our list and will look dashing once you’re finished.

Rainbow Notebook

A great painting reference is this rainbow notebook. It has an elegant color scheme and a current rainbow pattern.

Rainbow Salt Crystals Painting

You’ll use salt crystals for this idea rather than paint to create a rainbow. The salt crystals can be created first using rock salt and food coloring. Your children can then adhere the vivid crystals to paper in the form of a lovely rainbow. Remember to finish by adding cotton balls to make them look like clouds.

Rainbow Leaf Prints

You only need colored pens, leaves, a damp towel, and paper for this brilliant idea from Kitchen Table Classroom. I think the leaf prints are so lovely, and I know my kids would spend hours experimenting with various colors and leaves to see what they would look like. I ought to include this in our post about artwork inspired by leaves!

Rainbow Art Pointillism

For a brief introduction to pointillism, grab some Q-Tips (cotton buds). Small dots are used in this artistic technique to create images. Because they are simple to hold and use, cotton buds are a great place for preschoolers to start. Create a jovial Pointillism Rainbow for your upcoming art project, like this one from Coffee and Carpool.

String Rainbows Painting Art

Teaching your young children the art of string painting is simple and enjoyable. Allowing them to experiment with these methods will help them develop their fine motor skills, and they’ll discover a new love for art. Fortunately for you, this painting idea only calls for a string, some rainbow-colored paper, and a few other supplies.

Pink and Gold Rainbows

It’s always enjoyable to experiment with various color schemes when painting rainbows. This palette has a lovely pink and gold color scheme.

Watercolour Rainbow Hearts

Try making a simple rainbow heart if you like the look of black ink and watercolors. or apply the method to another painting project. Try some experiments in your journal. Try splatting paint or blowing it with a straw. Use different amounts of water to see how the paint reacts. Have fun and experiment with your creativity!

Paper Plate Pot of Gold and Rainbow Craft

Rainbow crafts are the perfect diversion on a long rainy day because kids adore handmade crafts. Paper plates will be cut into the shapes of a pot and a rainbow for this project. After that, they’ll paint the rainbow portion with vibrant markers. As finishing touches, they can also glue a cotton ball cloud and add glitter.

Handprint Rainbow

A Handprint Rainbow keepsake, like this one from Kids’ Craft Room, will help you remember your child’s priceless handprints. It’s so pretty to see those vibrant hands and fingers all over the page. Consider creating this craft on canvas if you want rainbow handprints you can keep forever! Even footprints would be adorable on it.

Straw-Blowing Rainbow Art

This idea is the most inventive of all the rainbow-themed crafts and paintings on our list. Your children will first use color squeeze bottles to paint a rainbow on the paper, lining up each color in the proper order. Then, they can blow air onto each line of color with a straw to cause it to spontaneously expand.

Blue and Gold Design

I adore the additional design elements that give this rainbow a playful and artistic appearance. Consider various patterns you could incorporate into your rainbow, such as stars, hearts, and others.

Abstract Rainbow Painting

Cotton Ball Printed Rainbows

Cotton balls can be used to create beautiful rainbow prints, as demonstrated by Easy Peasy and Fun. Corks, cotton buds (q-tips), the rubber end of a pencil, and any other object you can think of could also be used to print. Of course, a paintbrush would work too! Kids can learn a lot about pointillism by doing this!

Rainbow Resist Art

With the help of your kids, create a beautiful rainbow using resist art, which produces fascinating results. Cut a small piece of rainbow-shaped paper first, then adhere it in the center of a larger piece of paper.

Then, let your children use rainbow watercolors or acrylic colors to completely paint the paper. When you have finished, take out the rainbow paper in the center, and watch as they awe at the rainbow sky they have just created.

Puffy Paints Rainbow

This weekend, your kids should prioritize drawing a rainbow with puffy paints. They’ll finish the project quickly, and coloring with them is a ton of fun. The painting will have a fascinating 3D texture once the paint has dried.

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