Prayer Shawl Patterns Crochet

In both joyful and sad times, giving your friends and family a prayer shawl made of crochet is a wonderful way to show them how much you care. Check out these free crochet designs for prayer shawls that provide simple instructions and a step-by-step guide.

These prayer shawls are crocheted and are thoughtful gifts for grieving friends. They will also help you appear sympathetic during morning prayers. When going through really emotional events, it will comfort you. There are a ton of options for prayer shawl crochet patterns. And the greatest ones you’ll find in this assortment of free crochet prayer shawl patterns can increase your appreciation of and joy over life.

These crocheted prayer shawl patterns are the results of amazing talent and various crochet methods. For a friend or member of the family who is recovering from surgery or a serious illness, these free prayer shawl patterns will make an awesome homemade gift. The shawls are made of crochet with the intention of giving warmth and a loving hug.

Daisy Chain Crochet Prayer Shawl Pattern

This Daisy Chain is made up of repeated triangles that may be expanded as necessary. A dark to light (center to edge) gradient project in flame tons, it is extremely stunning. It’s also a fantastic pattern for experienced beginners who wish to proceed to more challenging projects. This trend, in my opinion, merits serious thought.

Beginner Friendly Crochet Prayer Shawl Pattern

The best ideas aren’t always the most complicated ones, are they? Even those who are just starting out in the pastime will have no issue with this easy and straightforward crochet design. The stripes in this version are really tranquil and pleasant, and we enjoy how it has several tone hues that truly do appear to fit in well with one another.

You may use any yarn weight you choose to crochet it with, but if you want it to appear exactly like the photo, use #4 medium weight yarn and a 6.5 mm hook. Simply use a little larger hook size if you want looser work.

Easy Crochet Marciana Lace Prayer Shawl

Check out this lovely pattern for a crochet prayer shawl that uses Red Heart with Love yarn. You will need around 270 yards of this yarn to complete this project. To create this priceless shawl, use a 5.5mm crochet hook and this yarn in the colors lilac, navy, and white. With an adult size 68.5″ wingspan and 20″ height, this lovely prayer shawl may be made quickly and easily. 17 stitches and 7 rows produce a 4″ square of this shawl, which is the ideal gauge for this pattern. Find out more about undergroundcrafter.

Vintage Vibes Shawl

The lacy, light shoulder throw and a contemporary color gradient yarn are combined to create the stunning Vintage Vibes shawl, a stunning illustration of what may be accomplished. This gorgeous creation is surprisingly simple to complete and comes together fast, so you can have one and become the gift-giving queen in only a few sessions. Although you are entirely free to choose the colors, the change from salmon pink to deep navy is very lovely.

Mighty Waves Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern

This charming prayer shawl has a good, rhythmic stitch pattern and is delicate with lovely embellishments. The KJV translation of Psalm 93:4 states, “The Lord on high is mightier than the tumult of many rivers, yea, than the great waves of the sea,” which is where the name of the prayer shawl originates. The completed pattern is simple to follow and measures 70 by 20 inches. 1000 yards of #3 weight yarn are required.

Crochet Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl

Due of the butterfly openwork motif’s repetition throughout the pattern, it has a lacey feel. To make this lovely prayer shawl, use a 3.5mm hook and Patons North America Lace. For a neatly constructed adult size of this shawl, you will need a total of 498–660 yards of this yarn. This shawl is quite distinctive because to the incredible butterfly pattern work, and it would also make the most adorable homemade present. You need to include this lacy wrap or shawl into your spring or summer outfit.

Butterfly Crochet Shawl

The stunning gradient shawl in the photos below was created by the Coats Design Team and is the ideal illustration of how any project you can imagine can be elevated to the highest level and made even fancier. This rainbow craft was motivated by butterfly wings. It is a fantastic approach to demonstrate how many color transitions may be used in a single project.

Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern by Beatrice Ryan Designs

This easy crochet pattern is lovely and has a lacy finale. Definitely easy enough for a novice, yet entertaining enough for a more seasoned player.

Free Crochet Prayer Shawl Pattern

You are welcome to crochet this prayer shawl because of its beautiful design pattern, which makes it a wonderful present. The clever color mix is what makes it so unique. To hook up this shawl, crochet the 60 percent cotton, 40 percent acrylic Scheepjeswol Softfun and Softfun Denim DK weight yarn. Make the base by creating a magic ring using the 4mm crochet hook. Then, to create this faultless crochet shawl design, use the basic crochet stitches as well as unique stitches like the picot stitch, dc2tog, and cluster stitch. For the purpose of this crochet shawl design, gauge is not essential.


Did you know that the Greek goddess of the Dawn, Eos, is known by the epithet Erigeneia, which translates as “Early-born”? Additionally, this amazing shawl really makes me think of sunrise because it is knit in a gorgeous, exquisite gradient yarn. It would undoubtedly make a kind present for new parents, particularly those who had infants who were born early.

Prayer Shawl for Dori Easy Crochet Pattern by Skerin

The completed size of this prayer shawl, which measures 58 by 18 inches, is pretty and feminine. Simple rows of knitting using 3-ply worsted yarn are followed by rounds of lacy picot borderwork for the edges. The pattern is simple enough to follow, however it is suggested that you have at least intermediate skill.

Crochet Margaret’s Hug Healing Shawl

The shawls are useful for more than just looking good; they also aid in healing during difficult and troubling times. You may give these to your buddies if they’re stressed out so they can get immediate relaxation. The Margaret’s Hug Healing Shawl may be made using this free design, and it looks great for morning prayers. To make one of the trendiest crochet shawls, use a 7mm hook and 1500–1700 yards of DK weight yarn. This shawl has to be 3 dc make 2.5 cm in gauge.

Erigeneia Shawl

Dospuercos created the lovely crochet shawl shown in the photographs below. Is it really the same project as the one mentioned above? Only the colors have changed, and I adore the author’s choice of pastels since they truly make this shawl so delicate and attractive.

Sweet and Simple Shawl Crochet Pattern

This pattern’s name sums it all up: it’s nice and straightforward. It has a simple, uncomplicated style and is really cozy to wear. The stripes in this version are really tranquil and pleasant, and we enjoy how it has several tone hues that truly do appear to fit in well with one another.

Crocheted Trinity Prayer Shawl – Free Pattern

With this prayer shawl, the ideal triangle trinity shawl with accent picot edging, you may face your difficult circumstances. You must mostly work in the treble stitch to hook it up, and you may use it as a wrap during the winter evenings. This shawl is quite simple to crochet. To make this wonderful prayer shawl, you’ll need two skeins of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in madrigal color and a 6mm crochet hook. 4 groups and 5 rows form the necessary pattern gauge of 4. This shawl is 25″ in length and 52″ across the wings when done.

Schal Quiraing

The highly skilled Silvia Bangert created the stunning prayer shawl in the photos below. It is a magnificent shawl constructed in an aquamarine color gradient. Additionally, don’t you think the light and airy texture wonderfully reminds you of the waves on a tropical sea?

Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

Is your pal dejected? Then give this prayer shawl to him or her; it will be like a tender embrace and a supportive discussion. In order to crochet this shawl, you will need between 1020 and 1500 yards of sport weight worsted yarn. It will assist your buddy in getting through a difficult moment. For this shawl, use the Lion Brand Pound of Love in Bubble Gum and a 5.5mm crochet hook. The prayer shawl must be 6 double crochets wide by 3 rows long in order to fit the specified gauge. The shawl measures 60″ by 15″ when it is done.

Quick Weekend Shawl

If you’re seeking for a prayer shawl crochet pattern that’s quick and easy, you must check out this striking work by karimac5 in the images below. Really, it will look fantastic with any clothing because it is so gorgeous and fresh.

Wings of Prayer Shawl Crochet Patter

This delicate, lacy pattern is the ideal alternative to the traditional lace shawl pattern. This shawl is definitely manageable for a more experienced starter.

How to Crochet a Prayer Shawl

By making this wonderful crochet scarf, you may add a ton of comfort to your prayer practices. This shawl’s ideal yarn is Lion Brand Homespun Yarn, which is soft and substantial, making it both practical and gorgeous. With a 10mm crochet hook and three skeins of this yarn, quickly make this shawl. While you are praying, it will softly round your shoulders. Giving it to a friend who is grieving will feel like giving them a warm embrace. The fringed border really enhances the beauty of this blanket.

Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl

Don’t you think the colors in this prayer shawl in the photographs below are really divine? Not to mention the gorgeous, vintage-style edging that has plenty of texture and looks fantastic on you! Try your hand at crocheting; it’s not difficult at all!

Victoria Lacy Shawl Easy Crochet Pattern

This shawl is incredibly gorgeous and appears to be something exceptional and lacey. The pattern is quite simple to follow, and the shawl is very simple to create. After putting up only two rows, it’s a simple matter of repeating the design until it measures 64 inches long by 14 inches broad. You may easily download the pattern once you’ve reached the seller’s page by clicking here. Perhaps you can even find a good offer.

Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern

You may do a lot with your starting skill level, one of which is crocheting this attractive shawl. To make this beautiful prayer shawl, crochet 650 yards of Buff and Red Heart Worsted Weight 4 yarn using a 5.5mm hook. This shawl’s adult size is 60 inches across and 31 inches from top to bottom. If you add the tassels, the measures would be greater and it will have a nice decorative edge. The V-stitch, picot, and puff stitches combine to give this shawl a sweet feel. Two rows of DCs are equal to one stitch in this pattern’s gauge of seven stitches.

Wings Of Prayer Shawl

The fantastic crochet shawl seen in the images below is constructed with a gorgeous ocean hue that will look stunning in a variety of stylizations. It’s a stunning shawl with a fan design stitch that enhances the pattern as it grows. Let me know if you enjoy it, please!

Isla Bonita Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern

This lovely lace shawl is really quite lovely. We adore how the tonal hues gradually get softer and more harmonious as they progress. With baby pink and a light beige, the colors utilized are also really feminine. And don’t you think the tassels on the corners truly give the design something extra?

Although it is an English pattern, there includes a useful translation and conversion table for US and European dimensions. The completed design is 185 cm long by 70 cm broad.

The design is simple to follow, and making the tassels is covered in great depth along with illustrations. Additionally, the stitching has a distinct rhythm, which is ideal for a prayer shawl.

Blessings Ombre Shawl Crochet Pattern

This charming crochet shawl looks great with jeans and any stylish outfit, and a fashionista may also use it with cozy winter sweaters and shirts. To make this colorful shawl pattern that will great for Thanksgiving get-togethers as well, pick up some Caron Simply Soft Gold Ombre Yarn. To make this ombre blessing shawl, crochet 1020 yards of the aforementioned yarn using basic stitches and the picot special stitch. This beginner’s crochet shawl design is 40″ in length and 60″ in width when done.

Emma Prayer Shawl

Girlie D. de los Reyes created the wonderful prayer shawl in the photos below, and both the colors and texture are breathtaking! With your preferred stylizations, the finished size—roughly 61″ across and 30″ from corner to corner—will look stunning.

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