Quilt Patterns with Jelly Rolls

If you have jelly rolls, quilting is not as difficult as it formerly was. A “Jelly Roll” is a cake or roll of precut 2 1/2′′ fabric strips used in quilting; one roll typically comprises 40 fabric strips. Take a look at these quilt patterns using jelly roll to see how you can use them to create stunning quilts at home and discover the power of jelly rolls.

The pattern options are virtually limitless since you must sew the fabric strips together to create an attractive quilt front. The versatility of jelly rolls allows you to create everything from straightforward striped patterns to stunning square blocks and intricate chevron patterns. Precut fabric strips will reduce the amount of time needed for cutting and quilting in general.

Sew Rail Fence Quilt Blocks

One of the easiest quilt designs for novices to make is the rail fence block, which is ideal for jelly rolls. Basically, you stitch four fabric strips together before cutting them into squares. For a simple patchwork quilt, piece them together at an angle. DIY pleasure has this tutorial below.

Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Try this Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern if you want to use your jelly rolls in a novel way. Your jelly roll strips will be the center of attention in this pieced quilt thanks to an eye-catching design concept. A colorful and distinctive quilt design may be made using a single jelly roll or by combining and matching existing pieces. Try this strip quilt sewing design whenever you’re looking for some free bed quilt patterns that are simple to construct and have lots of color.

How to Sew a Jelly Roll Race Quilt

The jelly roll quilt has made quilting slightly simpler. To quickly sew the quilts, use the ready-made rolls of fabric strips. One jelly roll has 30 to 40 fabric strips, each measuring 2 1/2′′ x 44′′. Make this racing quilt as a kind present for a pregnant woman.

Come What May – Twisted quilt

A quilt design with a sense of movement and texture may be made by deftly arranging strips of various fabric tones. The design contains color instructions that walk you through each step of piecing the quilt so that you may construct it as a baby or lap quilt.

Petunia Strings

Making the jelly roll pattern involves rolling up the fabric into “tubes,” which are then cut diagonally to form squares with diagonal banding. This may seem difficult to sew, but if you follow the step-by-step directions with images, it’s a simple design that both novice and expert quilters can easily complete.

Stoplight Rectangles Quilt

This creative quilt pattern could be for you if you’re ready to level up and have some fun with your jelly rolls. Over at Quilting Daily, Colleen Tauke demonstrates how to construct this lovely quilt with a boho flair.

DIY Four Corners Jelly Roll Quilt

Do you prefer the bright line strips more? If so, you’ll adore making this jelly roll quilt with four corners. Grab some jelly rolls and start planning the strips for the quilt’s accent squares. The finest quilt pattern to make for a baby is one that uses bespoke batting and backing.

Hourglass Blocks

This quilt tutorial is a great sewing project if you enjoy geometric designs. This project is simple enough for a rookie sewer to complete because to the clear directions and color illustrations included throughout. If you love making the panels, consider using extra fabric to make pillow coverings that match your quilt.

Sew Tumbling Blocks for a Clever Effect

Tumbling blocks are a terrific patchwork quilt block to use to turn your jelly roll strips into eye-poppingly beautiful quilt tops. By combining jelly roll diamonds and contrasting bright and dark colors, you can add depth and shadow to your patchwork. To learn how to sew set-in seams, see our tutorial.

Paganelli Jelly Roll Race Quilt for Mom

To rapidly complete this quilt pattern, sew the jelly roll strips in a basic and uncomplicated manner. The tasks entail stitching the vibrant jelly roll strips together to create beautiful racing quilt, which is wonderful for picnics as well. Make this quilt so it may be a part of your baby’s collection.

Zig Zag Quilt

Making a square out of two fabric rectangles for this quilt pattern is quite easy. Each square is then meticulously stitched together to form the pattern. Lay the parts out first before sewing them together to ensure that you are sewing them the correct way around. If the smaller panels are positioned incorrectly, the entire design will be ruined, and seam unpicking will become the sewer’s worst nightmare.

Rainbow Rails Jelly Roll Quilt

A wonderfully creative rainbow quilt pattern that appears to be complex but is actually only a variation on the traditional rail fence quilt patterns seen above can be found on the AQS blog. Learn how to accomplish it.

Easy DIY Jelly Roll Quilt

Use this jelly roll quilt to indulge your passion for triangle block designs. Prior to cutting the strips into 6.5 squares, sew the strips together. After cutting the diagonal pieces, stitch them together to complete this jelly roll quilt. A quilt made in a strange and hurried manner.

Woven Snowball

This guide combines two quilting designs into one. Both the measurements for a snowball and a woven panel quilt block are included in the instructions. The lesson is well-written, and it includes advice for newcomers on what to watch out for and typical pitfalls to avoid.

Jelly Weave Quilt Pattern

For those of you with some sewing expertise, Allison Harris from Cluck Cluck Sew created a creative strip quilt that appears more difficult to construct than it actually is. To create a creative interweaving effect, you stitch enormous quilt blocks and position them on point (at a diagonal angle).

Scrappy Granny Square Quilt

Utilize only 3/4 of the jelly roll with several fabrics in it. Your sewing budget will allow you to produce this quilt, and it would be simpler to sew the strips together to form a granny square block. For the backing, you’ll need 3.5 yards of white fabric, and each block has 13 multicolored 2.5″ squares and 12 white 2.5″ squares.

Walk In The Park

It’s simple to put together the individual pieces of this rectangle quilt design to create the finished quilt. The steps are extremely precisely written out and shown, notably the measurements of the cloth required to build each rectangular brick. To obtain the desired design for this pattern, it is crucial to have the right cut lengths and sew an even sized seam on all components.

Sweet Pastels Quilt

Angie Wilson’s sugar-sweet quilt, which is excellent for sprucing up your sofa and was inspired by that classic vintage treat, the liquorice allsort, uses jelly rolls for the colored fabric and white fabric for the backdrop. Issue 27 of the magazine Love Patchwork & Quilting included the design.

How to Make Striped Chevrons Quilt

You will like the striped chevron quilt, another imaginative jelly roll accomplishment that is very lovely. Sew together the four 2.5-inch strips of contrasting fabric colors, then use a ruler to make a 60-degree cut to create a nearly 6-inch chevron block. These blocks may be used to create striped chevron quilts.

Jelly Roll Jam

a pretty basic sewing design made out of jelly roll cloth. If you’ve never sewn a quilt before, this is a great sewing project for you because the design includes an easy-to-follow, in-depth video lesson. Only choose a few of the fabrics with bold designs and keep the colors somewhat muted if you want your end item to have more drama.

For Extra Drama Boost

Bargello quilts are a great choice for jelly roll quilting because of its pattern, which is built on tiny fabric squares, and they’re surprisingly easy to create despite the completed quilt’s dramatic effect. Fortunately, we have a how-to manual from Today’s Quilter magazine to walk you through the process.

Simple DIY Jelly Roll Quilt

The quilt is a clever and practical method to get rid of leftover fabric strips from jelly roll projects. Make square blocks out of the colored strips by sewing them together; stack a set of four jelly roll square blocks to make a huge square quilt. Make sure that the fabric strips are oriented differently in each alternate square.

Scrapbuster Quilt

Any little scraps of fabric, even jelly rolls, can be used to create this square quilt panel. The sewing instructions are really simple and easy to follow. This project would create beautiful pillow coverings and is a terrific way to experiment with different color combinations and fabric patterns.

Quilt for Back to School

This lovely home quilt pattern by Pam and Nicky Lintott of The Quilt Room was featured in issue 5 of Today’s Quilter magazine. It takes its design cues from an old schoolhouse quilt block. A jelly roll and backdrop cloth were used to create it.

Make a Jelly Roll Quilt

Choose this quilt; it makes the nicest baby quilt and a wonderful lap throw. The jelly roll lengths are the easiest sewing project, requiring only basic, straight fabric strips. Blocks should then be created by sewing the lengths together to the required width. Re-assemble the blocks to create a jelly roll quilt.

Scrappy Mountain

Although this quilt pattern is a little trickier to complete than some of the other patterns, the final product is really effective. The instructions are comprehensive and include several color photos. This is the perfect project if you want to make a quilt that has a little extra drama. Any experienced quilter can stitch this quilt if they take their time and properly follow the directions.

Sugar Skull Quilt Pattern

Natalie Santini’s sugar skull quilt was initially showcased in Love Patchwork & Quilting, and now you can learn how to create it with our step-by-step instructions right here on Gathered. One jelly roll and backing fabric are used.

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt – Free Sewing Pattern

Sewing this jelly roll strip quilt will force you to play with geometry and colors, which is quite clever for your brain. To create a broad ribbon, you must once again stitch the jelly roll pieces together. Cut the ribbon into block shapes that you can put back together to create a quilt. 1.5 yards of off-white cotton should be used as the batting and back.

Etchings Quilt

This quilt’s basic pattern is made up of rectangles that are stitched together to form spirals. It’s crucial to cut the parts the right size and sew the components in the right sequence. If this sounds challenging, the thorough descriptions and pictures will guide you through this simple quilt design.

Pathways Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

This lovely classic jelly roll quilt from Sherri Quilts is a traditional quilt pattern, perfect for jelly rolls and pre-cut fabrics, that looks instantly modern by choosing fresh, contemporary fabric prints. If you’re looking for a quilt project to really curl up and get your teeth into, I highly recommend it.

How to Sew Strip Tube Quilt

The cozy blankets that you may now make on your own at home are quilts. How you put the quilt’s components together will determine the design. This simple strip tube quilt is perfect if you’re seeking for a distinctive and adorable quilt.

Lap Quilt

Although you may easily make a larger quilt by adding additional panels, this pattern is for a somewhat smaller quilt. This pattern combines strips and squares, creating a more haphazard pattern than some of the more geometric ones. The tutorial’s directions are simple to understand and ideal for someone new to quilting.

Jelly Roll Color Stack Quilt

Fall is the time of year when we may enjoy the soft warmth and comfort of comforters. This DIY jelly roll color stack quilt is perfect for the fall and is seen here. It’s finished once you’ve sewn the pieces of the same color together into a stack.


In order to achieve the hourglass effect in this quilt, you will need two blocks, each with four jelly roll strips, but the beautiful flow is well worth the planning. A pro tip is to choose tone-on-tones, petites, or small prints for your strips because they will complement this design much better.

How to Sew Jelly Roll Quilt

Sew the blocks with so many amazing design patterns using the fabric strips. Then, stitch them to a fabric with a solid color for the backing before adding batting. The finished jelly roll will then make a lovely baby gift. The best jelly roll quilt to sew.

Cathedral Windows

These conventional building blocks come together quickly thanks to fusible appliqué, especially when you use 2.5″ strips to make all the curves on your windows. Want to speed things up even more? Choose the charm packs that contain the main fabrics for the window’s back. Check you out, speedster!

Easy to Make Jelly Roll Quilt

Learn how to sew a jelly roll quilt in all sizes, including a lap, twin, queen, and king-size quilt. With jelly rolls, quilting is really simple and a clever method to get rid of leftover fabric strips. With the confetti of smaller pieces and the simplest stitching endeavor, the quilt looks fantastic.

Modern X

To put this stunning quilt together, use diagonal cutting with patchwork and strip piecing. Triangles, trapezoids, and even parallelograms may be created as you build your blocks, saving you fabric and allowing you to eliminate foundation and paper piecing.

Make a Jelly Roll Baby Quilt

To create this jelly roll baby quilt, stitch the jelly roll strips together, fold them in half, then sew again, fold again, and so on. Finish with binding after adding the backing and batting. The entire appeal of this quilt pattern is in the way the vibrant strips resemble a puzzle.

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