Small Woodworking Projects That Sell

Explore our most lucrative and tiny woodworking projects that sell to put your good abilities to use in a rewarding job! People adore DIY wall art, furniture, and design items that are inspired by popular brands and can be purchased for less money. If you have the creative impulse to construct something from nothing or repurpose old, worn-out objects into these appealing and lovely home decor improvement items, you will adore our inspirations below!

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best, most lucrative, and coolest woodworking projects you can do for no cost at all! Imagine how lucky you could be if you made your pastime your job and were successful as well as well-known!

Wine Rack

Wine consumption has evolved into a pleasant art. You take a long breath in and relish the taste of a deep, rich crimson as you inhale the tannins. If you know how to create a wine rack, you can keep these bottles of excellent drink in your house.

They are fairly simple to create and don’t need a lot of equipment or expertise. All you need to get started on your new pallet wood project is some scrap wood, perhaps some pallet wood, and a few ideas.

With woodworking projects that sell like this, you can give your house a little touch of individuality. You might need some wood glue to build a rack, so be sure to stick to the design while beginning your woodworking project.

Build Wood Storage Cubbies

This stunning example of a well-executed woodworking project has us all salivating over its metal-accented wood storage cubbies! Brass serves as the basis for the cubbies in this beautiful woodworking idea, along with copper and stainless rods. These wonderful mid-century and ultra-modern moods are simple to create and market.

Butcher Block

Keep in mind the importance of simplicity. The lack of size or complexity does not exclude something from becoming a useful, commercial woodworking project. A butcher block can seem straightforward, but with the proper care and finish, you can create a unique woodworking project that will be in high demand.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is ideal for usage by any woman who has more earrings, rings, necklaces, and other accessories than is reasonable. Making them is rather simple. If you put the work into it, these are the greatest wood turning projects that may sell for more than simply a basic plastic jewelry box.

To get started, you’ll need some pallet wood from your neighborhood hardware shop, some wood glue, and several hand tools.

A jewelry box’s basic construction can be expanded upon to create a larger chest, a larger storage box, a new sort of jewelry box, or a memento box.

Wooden Tealight Holders

Do you have an addiction with candles? Candles, in our opinion, need to be officially recognized as an antidepressant or similar treatment! You can construct these lovely DIY teapot candle holders really quickly and easily. The two basic materials—wood glue and wooden curtain rings—are used to make them!

Modern Picnic Basket

Modern furniture is equally as in demand as rustic furniture in this day and age, if not more so. So why not use a contemporary wooden picnic basket to blend the best of both worlds? You can have a lovely, useful basket that you can take with you or a magnificent decorative item that looks great in any kitchen. This “basket” is unlike any other in its adaptability.

Storage Box

Simply as making a wooden crate from pallets, storage boxes are also practical and not just used for decoration like a ladder quilt rack is. Once you learn how to build a sturdy storage box, you may construct one big enough to serve as a coffee table!

We adore the notion of a coffee table with storage boxes since it allows you to keep whatever you choose. It can serve as a toy box to keep all of the wooden toys that belong to your kids off the floor.

As previously said, mastering the construction of these basic boxes may help you gain the essential skills you need to create additional wonderful woodworking projects that sell, such as a toy box, box shelves, pinewood cubbies, and more!

Wooden Lego Bin to Sell

You will surely like this project and make it your greatest seller if you have been seeking for strategies to succeed at making and selling woodworking items. Because, well, there’s a Lego tsunami going on in every house. This Lego basket comes with a base plate storage and two ideal handles for carrying it anywhere. Win that.

Hanging Spice Rack

Millions of people are finding greater motivation to stay in the kitchen and experiment with their own recipes. As a result, they can use a chic hanging spice rack in place of hiding their spices.

The fact that these racks are very configurable is fantastic. This entails having the flexibility to alter their size as necessary, enabling both aspiring cooks and those who take their craft a bit more seriously.

Box Shelves

We have a lot of boxy designs today since you can create so much home décor with a straightforward square form.

Similar to the example, you may make your own checkered designs, and if you do it effectively, you can easily sell them.

They are reasonably priced, adaptable, and can be made into practically whatever you choose by scaling them up or down to any size. Like Woodsnap prints, you can scale them down and position them on tables and countertops. You can even strategically arrange them on your walls, beneath your bed, table, or couch.

How to Make Wooden Egg Holders

If your flock has been producing a lot of eggs recently, it may be time to either start giving them as gifts or just put the fresh, organic eggs up for sale in these sturdy and attractive wooden egg holders.

As the holidays approach, you may also do these easy woodworking projects and give them as wonderful presents. will undoubtedly work best with Easter. The wood will seem more understated if you leave it unpolished and rough.

Wooden Bench

Nothing available now can fully replace a classic. A wooden outdoor bench may be used for a variety of things. It may make for cozy seating all year long with the correct outdoor cushions. This bench is a terrific project to create and sell even if you aren’t the outdoorsy sort. It may make for the ideal aesthetic addition to your outside decor.


The chess enthusiasts will adore this woodworking project. Although it appears a little more challenging, you can still make it if you follow the step-by-step directions! This one often does quite well in sales.

Chess pieces might be awkward to carry about with a chessboard since they can be tiny and fragile (depending on the ones you purchase). Using a chessboard with a storage area for all the pieces below is an excellent and simple solution to this problem.

To see your pieces, simply take the board and slip off the cover. You may even create your own chess pieces if your woodworking abilities have advanced.

Totally Genius Shelving Unit

Secure your wooden targets and board our innovative IKEA hack train! A straightforward IKEA shelf has been expertly transformed by Hunker into a brilliant wooden storage unit. It will be a chic and simple shelf unit for you if you have a limited area available, as in the corridor or a tiny workplace!

Entryway Hooks

Homeowners are emphasizing the need to stand out in their homes more and more. Starting to stand out favorably as soon as you enter the room is a possibility. Because of this, entrance upgrades may be a fantastic seller. You can make any doorway a focal point for the better by adding a table or an entryway hook for bags and jackets.

Candle Holder

Using wood to build a project to hold fire may seem counterintuitive, but if you follow this design, it’s actually pretty safe.

You are welcome to enlarge it to fit larger candles. The secret lies in variety and adaptability. These little candle holders are simple to construct and create.

You only need to gather some wood—ideally a log—a shaping tool, a Forstner bit, and a drill. After you’re done, you may carve or stamp your own designs into the wood to give your candle holder a special touch.

Teacup Bird Feeders

This homemade bird feeder will undoubtedly enhance your decor and, in our opinion, looks quite cozy. Using a pallet board painted in the color of your choosing, some vintage teacups and their china plates, some hooks, and strong thread, how about becoming a whole lot craftier outside while hanging food for our feathery friends?

Shoe Cubby

Speaking of entrances, they may quickly become disorganized if not properly organized. A shoe cubby may be quite helpful in this situation. The best part is that these quite easy woodworking projects have the potential to be very profitable. To truly turn this project from a straightforward DIY to a gorgeous personalized piece, all it needs is a quality paint or stain.

Phone Docking Station

Our phones are constant companions that we never let go of for more than a few hours. People will adore using a docking station or phone stand to hold and charge their phone.

If you include a special component, these can compete with the big boys. It will help, whether it’s a personalized name tag, the rustic theme, or simply a tiny but charming stand touch.

It can also function as a phone stand for all of your phone’s accessories or even a docking and charging station if it has a little socket for the charging cord.

DIY $65 Bathroom Vanity to Sell

While consumers can buy many expensive and glitzy bathroom vanities at branded stores, this DIY bathroom vanity, which is by the way easy to create and sell, will appear just as high end and only cost them; and you; roughly $65! How to monetize your love of woodworking crafts.

Tiered Plant Stand

With little space, it might be difficult to find place for plants. Therefore, it’s important to target those who desire more greenery in their lives but don’t have a lot of available space. For this reason, a tiered corner plant stand may be really useful. Without taking up too much of the limited area that could be there, it can accommodate plants of various sizes. Ideal for crowded urban areas where space is at a premium.

Picture Frame

One of our favorite DIY projects for beginners is a photo frame. Most people’s homes are adorned with picture frames, which preserve memories of earlier times. For an even more authentically homemade feel, you may construct a farmhouse picture frame.

The variety of photo frames is one of its best qualities. If there is a special twist on it, they can sell well and bring in a lot of money.

Making beautiful picture frames doesn’t require many materials; your toolbox’s contents will have everything you need. The toughest challenge is coming up with unique ideas on how to make things unique!

Wooden Monogram Cutting Board

We are arriving with the ideal housewarming present for your sister, who may have recently relocated to the area, or the new neighbors down the street. Check out this gorgeous cutting board with a customized monogram! A heavenly pattern and the inlay method were used as inspiration to make it popular! Purchase a wooden shop board first.

Mail Organizer

The importance of maintaining organization cannot be overstated. Although shoes might take up a lot of room, don’t forget about the clutter of keys, mail, and other items that are dispersed around. It is possible to create personalized mail organizers as a reasonably easy but extremely marketable carpentry project. It even encourages innovation by allowing for the creation of several versions of the same fundamental design.

Toy Building Blocks

It’s simple to create wood items that sell for a new market every year. They could provide for kids. The most important toys for kids to develop their motor, cognitive, and spatial awareness are building blocks.

By making your own, you can ensure that your children adore their brand-new wooden toys! Why limit yourself to only standing construction blocks? Why not test your excellent carpentry abilities by building a delightful wooden play kitchen, a baby gym, or toy cars? These would appeal to kids. Making them is simple, and you can make money doing it.

Let’s face it, they are fantastic party favors, and your kids will love you for it. Or, you may get assistance, involve your children, and enjoy yourself while working with wood.

Wooden Toddler Activity Center

This project is ideal for keeping your child engaged while they are in the same room as the rest of the family. Build a whole wooden activity center for your kid! which will not be at all unsightly like the ones on the market. Adapt the toys and animals to your child’s age and interests.

Narrow Floating Nightstand

Homeowners are realizing the benefit of making the most of the area next to their nightstand. It depends if that entails stuffing the empty area or just removing the table’s supporting legs. A floating nightstand might be an excellent technique to provide the appearance of additional room for people who want a contemporary, minimalist appearance. It can have the enticing modern aesthetic that so many people want with a thinner design.

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