Templates of Snowflakes

You can make lovely paper snowflakes with these free, printable snowflake patterns and templates, which you can then use to decorate your house or even use as a gift topper for your Christmas presents.

Utilizing the snowflake templates couldn’t be simpler. You create your snowflake by cutting along the template lines after printing a template on plain computer paper. Some of the templates are relatively easy to use and excellent for children, while others need more accuracy and patience but the resulting snowflake will astound you.

You may discover traditional paper snowflake patterns, 3-D snowflakes that need to be put together, and even snowflake templates with your favorite Star Wars and Frozen characters. Check out the extremely distinctive paper snowflakes that are displayed here. What a step up from simple paper snowflakes!

With these free winter word search puzzles, you may have even more wintertime fun in your warm, pleasant home or school.

Lego Paper Snowflakes

Have your children inherited your love of Lego from when you were a child? Then these adorable miniature snowflakes with cheery Lego figures are the ideal option for you! Making either a version with only the heads or one with the entire person inside of what looks like a hollow Lego block is made simple using Makezine!

Free Printable Original Geometric Snowflake Coloring Page

Create a winter paradise with this lovely snowflake coloring sheet by downloading the free pdf files and coloring it with your preferred crayons, glitter, paint, or whatever else you choose.

Snowflake Patterns and Templates

Six free snowflake designs and templates, including diamond, star, lace, heart, snowman, and forest snowflakes, are available at It’s Always Autumn. These range from simple to complex, and the downloadable PDF file makes it apparent which are simple and which are challenging. You may also get advice and a video to help you achieve your ideal look.

3D Swirling Snowflake

Maybe you and your kids had so much fun making basic paper snowflakes together that you’re now ready to build something a bit trickier for yourself. Then have a look at this 3D design, which although being incredibly complex is much simpler than it appears. You may get all the directions you need on curbly.

Snowflake Templates and Coloring Pages

Download these snowflake coloring pages from First Palette to color or use as templates for activities that include making snowflakes.

Two Perfect Snowflake Templates

These ideal snowflake patterns from Paging Supermom are a need if you’re seeking for a classic paper snowflake template. These snowflake templates operate a little differently from the others in that you print, cut out, and then adhere the snowflake cutting template to your folded piece of paper. One of these flawless snowflakes will then be made by tracing and cutting out that pattern. To make one of these flawless snowflakes, there are written instructions and step-by-step illustrations with pictures.

Red Snowflakes

The form isn’t exactly what makes How About Orange’s straightforward concept unique. You may have seen snowflakes shaped like this before, or perhaps you prefer creating your own patterns that are similar but ultimately turn out slightly different each time (just like the real thing). We adore the color the most, though! When making snowflakes, most people naturally go for white paper, but we believe a little color never hurts.

How to Make Unique Paper Snowflakes

Grab a square of paper and some scissors to cut out some lovely designs. With little effort, you’ll be able to make your own snowflake as well. coming from Martha Stewart

Kirigami Paper Snowflake Templates

Free paper snowflake patterns from Omiyage Blogs that employ the Kirigami method of cutting and folding the paper into snowflakes are available.

All of them were completed on regular printer paper. It is advised that you begin with the first of the three sets of snowflake designs because it is the simplest. One large and two little snowflake templates are included in each package.

Along with the template, there are images to guide you through each stage of cutting. These snowflakes don’t need to be put together.

Sparkly Paper Cut Out Snowflake

Are you a devoted scrapbooker with a sizable assortment of ornamental hole punches? If you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly have punchers in your collection that are winter-themed. Use those to your advantage by gluing the tiny snowflake cutouts together to create paper snowflakes rather than cutting them out! We like how Martha Stewart added some glitter to them to give them a little more winter glimmer!

How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

Learn how to create six-pointed paper snowflakes by following this step-by-step tutorial. They will resemble snowflakes found in nature. To make your snowflakes stand out, use wrapping paper or plain paper. from Inventables.

Star Wars Snowflake Patterns

Check out these Star Wars snowflake templates from Anthony Herrera Designs if you’re searching for some genuinely distinctive snowflake templates that stand out from the crowd.

Yoda, Storm Troopers, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Han Solo in Carbonite, BB-8, C-3PO, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and pretty much every other Star Wars figure you can think of are all represented in this collection of five years’ worth of snowflakes.

Click on the name of the design to access the PDF of the snowflake template you want to use, and then follow the instructions in the related video to fold and cut out the patterns to make these distinctive paper snowflakes. Free snowflake templates are also available for Harry Potter and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ballerina Snowflakes

Have you ever noticed how much a complex snowflake resembles a stunning ballerina’s tutu while you’re looking at it? Makezine agrees with the idea, for sure! In fact, their lesson demonstrates how to cut a small ballerina to slip through the flake’s center cuts and transform a paper snowflake into precisely that!

How To Make Paper Snowflakes With Templates

Here is another another step-by-step guide and printable pattern for creating lovely holiday decorations. This craft is simple, quick, and affordable, making it ideal for youngsters to complete alone. It’s Always Autumn, I believe.

Lacy Snowflake Template

Although the other 3D snowflake designs on the list are identical to these lacy templates from How About Orange, I included these because I like the two sizes that are offered.

You’re ready to cut and assemble the squares once you’ve printed the snowflake templates. You may finish these enjoyable winter projects with the aid of written instructions and a few images.

Paper Snowflake Wreath

Have you been crafting snowflakes with your children all day but are having problems deciding how to best display them so that guests may admire your skill? Well, Martha Stewart’s wreath design is currently our favorite display this season! Before hanging them up, their instruction demonstrates how to glue your snowflakes to the edges in a circle.

How To Cut Out a Perfect Snowflake

Utilize these photos and the simple instructions to create a flawless snowflake each and every time. Kids won’t believe how beautiful their snowflake craft is, and this is the ideal family activity! SuperMom is being called.

Frozen Snowflake Templates

These free snowflake templates of Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Marshmallow, Sven, and of course Olaf are sure to make any Frozen fan’s heart melt.

By clicking on the name of the character you want to construct, you may download the snowflake template for that character. Print the pattern, then follow the instructions for cutting and folding the paper. If you need additional guidance, there is a video to show you how.

Angel Snowflake

If your family goes to church over the holidays, perhaps you’d want to work with your kids to design a snowflake that combines the lessons they’ll learn from the sermon’s narrative. Then, we believe they will genuinely appreciate these joyful, merry angels boldly blowing their horns! Visit Tim Quilts to view the template.

Make Paper Snowflakes (12 Best Free Templates!)

The ideal family and kid activities are these straightforward paper crafts. You only need a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors to create these enchanted paper snowflakes. a fragment of a rainbow

Snowflake Templates

For a Dala horse, moose, and snowman, three free snowflake templates are offered by Willow Day. One sheet of paper is used to print out each template. You must fold, cut, and unfold each own snowflake before you can enjoy it. Although it costs nothing to sign up for a newsletter, you must do so in order to get this free printable.

Oversized Paper Snowflake Wall Decor

Are you a lover of paper snowflakes to the point where you’d like to keep them up throughout the year, or at the very least for the remainder of winter? Then consider going a bit fancier and more elaborate! Flair Flickers used beautiful crafts paper and cardstock to give each flake a bit more substance and extend its lifespan despite merely being made of paper. We love how they alternated styles and sizes over a whole wall.

Giant 3D Paper Snowflake Decorations from Paper Bags

Three-dimensional paper snowflakes merged with a huge snowflake? The greatest approach to make an enchanted winter wonderland is to do that! Your kids will enjoy making art in various sizes, and you’ll appreciate how simple they are to produce! {giggles} a fragment of a rainbow

Paper Snowflake Patterns

12 free paper snowflake patterns from First Palette range from the conventional to the unusual. They include trees, butterflies, hearts, jewels, and flowers. Cutting lines and instructions are included on each template. Additionally, comprehensive folding instructions are provided to ensure that you fold paper correctly before cutting it.

Toilet Paper Tube Snowflake

Have you ever seen those do-it-yourself wall décor projects that employ the toilet paper roll’s naturally rounded form to create 3D flower motifs all over a wall? The similar concept appears in Cook With Mrs. G’s Snowflakes, so there! They’ve utilized adorable, folded, and bent toilet paper roll pieces, along with adhesive, to construct patterns that are shockingly simple to manufacture yet look amazing.

How To Make Paper Snowflakes With Pattern Templates

Looking for more holiday DIY decor? To learn how to create lovely paper snowflakes, just print off these free patterns! from Fun and Easy Peasy.

Colourful Junk Mail Snowflake

The unique aspect of this design from Makezine, like the rest of the snowflakes, isn’t the patterns themselves, but rather what they’re composed of and how it influences the overall appearance! These specific flakes are created from junk mail, utilizing the vivid colors seen in the advertisements while masking the fact that they were originally covered with slogans and company names with cut-out patterns.

How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

In addition to being a fantastic craft project for children of all ages, you can hang these paper snowflakes on your windows or walls as original home décor. taken from housekeeping.

Dr. Who Snowflakes

Did you immediately see your personal favorite Dr. Who characters when you saw the snowflakes with a Lego theme? You’re in luck, then! The templates you need to construct snowflakes resembling a variety of show elements are available at Oodly Crafting. These are an outrageous way to demonstrate to all of your guests that you are a diehard Whovian!

How To Make A Snowman Paper Snowflake

Learn how to construct a paper snowflake in the shape of a snowman! By encouraging hand coordination, this project is one of the greatest for enhancing your children’s writing abilities. Additionally, isn’t this paper craft adorable? created using paper snowflake art.

Simple Paper Snowflake Garland

Perhaps you really feel that simplicity is beautiful. If so, we believe you would prefer this straightforward paper snowflake garland idea from Curbly over some of the more elaborate ones. The objective here is to cut neat lines and circles that seem streamlined and charming when you string them together using clear thread, whether you choose to copy the form in the image or make your own.

Game of Thrones Snowflake

Maybe you were impressed by the Dr. Who snowflake not because you are a major fan of the program, but rather because it demonstrates that there are fan designs for other TV series as well. Then you must check out this Game of Thrones-inspired snowflake design by Makezine! Even if you’re not the Mother of Dragons, you can still create some holiday crafts that feature dragons.

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