Tunisian Stitch Crochet

One of the craft’s most intriguing subgenres is Tunisian crochet. Although it employs hooks for crocheting, these aren’t quite the same as standard crochet hooks. It uses several knitting-specific techniques to produce a fabric that is entirely unique from anything else made using crochet.

In essence, Tunisian crochet is the offspring of knitting and crochet. It’s a fantastic means of bridging the gap between the two disciplines. Or just to give your crocheted creations more intricacy. You’ll find that Tunisian crochet requires you to master totally new stitches, but if you already know standard crochet, it won’t be too difficult for you.

You’ll have some excellent opportunity to practice with these 10 free Tunisian crochet designs. Additionally, you’ll have some great creations to admire or distribute.

Tunisian Crochet Washcloth

Start with this simple washcloth design if you are new to Tunisian crochet. One of the most well-liked free crochet designs on My Poppet, with detailed instructions on how to cast off and produce a beginning row as well as the fundamental Tunisian crochet stitch.

Tunisian Crochet Ear Warmer

For the extra thick yarn you’ll need to produce this gorgeous crochet ear warmer, run, don’t walk, to your collection of crocheting materials. For this Tunisian crochet design, you will only need basic stitches, and the lovely twist is a clever stitching technique that is more simpler than it seems.

Tunisian Crochet Sweater Vest

This charming vest top is crocheted and is suitable for beginners. As you can see, summer clothing may be made with even the Tunisian plain stitch. A gorgeous Tunisian crochet summer dress may be made using any yarn and any hook size.

Free Tunisian Crochet Sunglasses Case Pattern

This crocheted sunglasses case design by Becky Skuse is ideal for you if you’re looking for quick, simple, and cost-free Tunisian crochet patterns to help you master this entertaining method. You can simply alter the shape using just the basic Tunisian crochet stitches to make it larger or longer, allowing you to turn it into a phone cover or a variety of other unique covers!

Honeycomb Stitch

Try the tunisian honeycomb stitch once you have mastered the tunisian basic stitch and the tunisian purl stitch. This popular tunisian crochet stitch has a solid surface with a light feel and lots of drape. This makes this stitch ideal for just about anything, but especially for clothing!

Tunisian Simple Stitch Crochet Potholders

These crocheted potholders are simple to create if you are familiar with the Tunisian Simple Stitch. They are essentially just squares made with the fundamental Tunisian stitch. Finally, you’ll apply edging to give the product a finished finish.

Tunisian Cuff Bracelet

A simple crochet project that only requires a few yarn scraps may be completed in one evening. Given its tiny width, you can try making it with a conventional (smooth) crochet hook to get a feel for how Tunisian Crochet stitches function.

Lost and Found Boot Cuffs

You may raid your stockpile or go to your neighborhood yarn store and treat yourself to a gorgeous skein of yarn (they need our support more than ever!). You may use any yarn! The Tunisian knit stitch and the expanded Tunisian knit stitch are used to create the flat boot cuffs. You can easily alter the design to make it fit you properly, making you seem extra adorable and warm.

Melissa Skirt

This lovely Tunisian crochet skirt is really simple to create, making it ideal for a novice. You begin by crocheting two flat panels. Then sew together with a strong single crochet seam, finishing with an elastic waistband that is covered. Lining is not necessary thanks to the dense Tunisian crochet stitches; instead, you may wear it over leggings, tights, or slip shorts. The fabric drapes around your contours with little any shaping and the vertical lines are highly slimming.

Sunset Tunisian Crochet Blanket

You don’t have to spend hours stitching pieces together when using Tunisian crochet blanket patterns. The clever Sunset blanket pattern by Poppy and Bliss uses only Tunisian Simple Stitch, making it the ideal Tunisian crochet pattern for beginners who want to try a bigger project. It also uses an easy join-as-you-go technique and an impressive 2-color blending technique to give your blanket loads of character.

Tunisian Knit Stitch

Did you know that you can create stitches that imitate knitting by using the Tunisian Crochet technique? It is real! The only difference between the tunisian plain stitch and the tunisian knit stitch is where the hook is placed. Use the left- or right-handed video instructions to follow along as you learn how to produce this stitch.

Tunisian Knit Stitch Crochet Dishcloth

The body of this craft is made with a single straightforward Tunisian crochet stitch, just like the potholders mentioned above. Instead of using Tunisian Simple Stitch in this instance, you are using Tunisian Knit Stitch. Instead of producing a potholder, you’re making a dishcloth. Similar to the potholder, the pattern will be finished by adding a straightforward crochet edge. If you complete both the previously mentioned design and this one, you will have a solid grasp of Tunisian crochet at the novice level.

Tunisian Crochet Belt

Similar to the cuff pattern, this belt could be possible to complete with a standard crochet hook. The sample above has a cross stitch design added to it, but I believe it would look nice made in a variegated yarn or simply plain.

Honeycomb Ripple Baby Blanket

Self-striping yarn reduces the amount of time needed to weave in ends and change colors. Additionally, you are already aware that the colors blend well together. The honeycomb stitch, which combines the Tunisian knit stitch with the purl stitch, is used to create this magnificent Tunisian crochet blanket. These simple swirls of growing and diminishing are very lovely.

Tunisian Crochet Spiral Rug Pattern

This Tunisian crochet rug design truly stands out because to ombre colours and a fascinating spiral! We adore the smart design and gorgeous color effect, and the choice of thick yarn ensures that it can withstand any use and, ideally, survive for years.

Lattice Stitch

Due to its characteristic diagonal lines, the lattice stitch is simple to identify. Although it can seem difficult, this tunisian crochet stitch is actually one of the simpler ones. You may learn how to work the tunisian lattice stitch using decreasing and basic stitches in the video and textual lessons.

Tunisian Pinwheel Square

Despite being worked in Tunisian easy stitch, you may use an ordinary crochet hook to produce this square. Because the motifs are so little, a bigger Tunisian crochet hook is not necessary. Using judicious color changes, combine a pinwheel pattern.

Quick Tunisian Crochet Cowl

This cowl appears complex, but it is essentially only one long rectangle with its ends linked, much like a scarf. Using yarn with lengthy color transitions to create a gradual ombre effect is the key to its attractiveness. So lovely with little work.

Volcanic Cowl

The gorgeous diagonal patterns in this Tunisian crochet cowl are created by bias crocheting. I am aware that it can be challenging. But it’s really simply as easy as increasing on one end of the row and decreasing on the other! You’ll work flat, change colors every few rows, and use the Tunisian plain stitch.

Tunisian Crochet Stashbuster Shrug Pattern

We hope you’ll like crocheting this Haekelgold Stahsbuster Shrug design, so grab a Tunisian crochet hook and start raiding your stash for worsted or aran yarn! It’s sometimes referred to as a “cocoon cardigan,” and it’s a knit that you’ll love cuddling up in thanks to the gorgeous texture created by two straightforward Tunisian stitches.

Ocean Stitch

Okay, this one is for my tunisian crocheters who have more experience. The ocean stitch produces a miniature sea of textured shells using a modified return pass and various hook positions for the forward pass. The density of this specific stitch pattern makes it ideal for crocheted items like bags, which profit from the extra rigidity and structure.

Tunisian Crochet Mug Cozy

This free Tunisian crochet pattern makes it simple to learn the Tunisian basic stitch. Additionally, you’ll get some practice with the Tunisian knit stitch. You’ll be happy to know that there is a YouTube lesson that goes along with the textual instructions if you’re the type of person who learns best by watching videos. Similar to the pinwheel square above, the project is tiny enough to be finished with a standard crochet hook.

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket

When you’re ready to go to a larger project, this blanket is the ideal opportunity to practice your Tunisian Crochet skills and have fun with color. The ideal Baby Shower present that will be cherished for years. German and English instructions.

Big Leaf Maple Bandana

Again, geometry comes to the rescue with this simple Tunisian triangular bandana. Starting at the “point,” you will work your way up, adding stitches on either side of the work as you go. For the bind off, this design just specifies the Tunisian simple stitch and several fundamental crochet stitches.

Tunisian Crochet Shell Shawl Pattern

We are huge admirers of crochet artist Lena Fedotova, whose Tunisian shell shawl is a stunning illustration of her skill with the medium. Each shell of the shawl may easily be created using a standard crochet hook thanks to its lovely two-tone pattern. Written instructions, picture tutorials, schematics, layout diagrams, and even a blank template are included with this design so you may create your own unique color schemes.

Seed Stitch

This designer’s website teaches you how to read tunisian crochet charts in addition to teaching you a variety of new tunisian crochet stitches. This is a useful ability to have and it may greatly aid you in picturing the trickier stitches. You’ll use the tunisian knit and tunisian reverse stitches to create the tunisian seed stitch.

Tunisian Basketweave Crochet Pillow

This crochet pattern is for a cushion with a basketweave pattern. It is created utilizing the Tunisian simple stitch, Tunisian knit stitch, and Tunisian purl stitch, three fundamental Tunisian crochet stitches. The pattern is both tough and repeated in such a way that you will feel as though you are learning something new.

Free Tunisian Crochet Fishnet Cushion Pattern

Tunisian crochet may also be used to produce beautiful texture, as seen on this Tunisian crochet cushion design. It’s great for making textiles that look like they were knitted. Using a thick ribbon-style yarn and the Tunisian smock stitch pattern, a lovely touchable fishnet appearance is produced. Additionally, a video lesson and some helpful step-by-step photos are included with this free design from Hobbii.

Smock Stitch

The tunisian smock stitch has a mermaid scale-like appearance to it. It creates a beautiful solid surface and is a pretty striking stitch that doesn’t curl much. You need to know how to yarn under and how to tunisian simple stitch two stitches together (like a decrease) in order to construct this tunisian crochet stitch.

Tunisian Crochet Shawl

Use this free pattern to learn how to create a semi-circular Tunisian crochet shawl. You’ll learn how to work Tunisian double crochet, as well as how to increase to get the proper shape. It is unquestionably necessary to block this lacey, openwork shawl in order to perfect the pattern.

Free Tunisian Crochet Mitered Throw Pattern

Each and every one of your guests will be wowed if you drape this throw over your sofa. This striking pattern by Red Heart combines Tunisian crochet square and half-square motifs with deft joining and edging stitches to create a work of art that you will cherish forever.

Pyramid Lace Stitch

Of course, not every stitch used in tunisian crochet is firm and sturdy. Tunisian crochet may also be used to create stunning lace patterns, no doubt about that! By using a bigger hook than usual, you may even accentuate the lace’s appearance. Increases, modified return passes, and tunisian knit stitches are all used in the pyramid lace pattern.

Reversible Tunisian Entrelac Crochet Scarf

Short rows of Tunisian Simple Stitch are used to produce a textured pattern in entrelac, a kind of Tunisian crochet. This scarf combines that enjoyable stitch with shape and excellent yarn selection to produce a rich end product.

Free Tunisian Crochet Laptop Sleeve Pattern

This free Tunisian crochet laptop sleeve design is an excellent way to practice your Tunisian crochet stitches if you find some of these patterns are a little challenging and would like to keep things simple. If you’ve never done this before, it includes a helpful pictorial instruction and employs basic stitches that are worked in the round.

Tunisian Crochet Cardigan

This free crochet cardigan design is an excellent place to start if you want to utilize Tunisian crochet to construct something that you can wear. Tunisian plain stitch and Tunisian purl stitch are combined in this design. As you may be beginning to see, there are a plethora of methods to make different designs using the fundamental stitches in this area of the craft. It’s similar to how different combinations of single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet look.

Free Tunisian Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

On her blog, Toni of TL Yarn Crafts offers a ton of free Tunisian crochet designs and instructions, but we especially adore the one for a drawstring bag. This pattern, created using tape yarn, cleverly combines Tunisian and conventional crochet to create a craft that is entertaining as well as a beautiful, durable, and useful bag.

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