Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern

If the phrase “leg warmers” makes you think of a Jane Fonda exercise video, let me assure you that they have advanced much since the 1970s! This fashion trend is stronger than ever and returning in a major way. These knit leg warmer patterns are both really adorable and useful.

Leg warmers can be worn with just about everything and are a simple way to get the fashionable layered look. They look great tucked into boots or curled up outside of boots. You can wear them over jeans, over leggings, over bare legs, or over anything else. Versatility done right!

So how exactly do you knit leg warmers? Don’t worry if you’ve never made leg warmers before; they’re actually not that difficult. Although some of these free knit leg warmer patterns can be completed flat, most are made in the round.

With stockinette stitch or moss stitch, you may construct knit leg warmers that are quite simple. Alternately, you could go really bonkers with lace and cabled legwarmers. There are no boundaries! The best part is that you don’t actually need a lot of yarn to make leg warmers, and they look beautiful in pretty much any colour.

Taylor Baby Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern by Alabaster Purl

For several years, these Taylor Baby Knit Leg Warmers will keep your children warm. When kids outgrow them, you may get hold of them to use as wrist warmers for yourself. Because they are so flexible, infants may wear them for a longer period of time. Additionally, because the pattern is so straightforward, any requirement may be simply met.

It’s ideal as a present, or you may create five of them in various colors and keep them all for yourself. The user of this knitting design should be comfortable with knitting, purling, and knitting in the round. It is intended for beginning knitters.


The ideal pair of leg warmers for days when the weather is just a little bit cool but you really want to wear that skirt or dress! Put them down or pull them up. Beginning with the cuff, which is knit sideways with the ends grafted together, Beniga is worked from the bottom up. The lacy rib for the leg is then knit by picking up stitches. There’s much to keep you interested!

Olallie Legwarmers

Leg warmers made of wool are quite comfy and toasty. There are two lengths available for this free knit leg warmer pattern: shorter and longer. You’ll just be using simple stitches while you work in the circle. For seamless refinement and easy outfit matching, use a neutral hue as demonstrated.

Women’s Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern by Knit Cookies

The leg warmer won’t slide down your leg after only a few steps thanks to the ribbing on this women’s leg warmer knitting pattern. It looks fantastic over leggings or with a pretty fall skirt and has a yoga sock design for your feet to keep them toasty as well.

Gradated Rib Leg Warmers

These fellas stand out because they really employ two distinct yarn weights and a variety of needle sizes to produce a small-to-large-to-small-again gradated effect. Of course, you could knit them with a single weight of yarn and use either the recommended needle sizes or not (you’d want to use the recommended sizes for the ribbing but not the other sections). As long as you add or subtract a multiple of four, this design is very simple to size. According to the instructions, the design should measure around 12″ around at the top and bottom. The size may be altered by about 3/4″ for every four stitches added or deleted.

Some Cloudy Day

There is no ugly seam on these adorable knit lace leg warmers since they are knitted in the round. These adorable tiny accessories are kept in place by a straightforward knit 2, purl 2 ribbing at either end. The majority of the subsequent rounds are worked entirely in knit stitch, interspersed with a few rows of the gorgeous lace pattern.

Fair Isle Free Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern by Craft Passion

The 12′′ circle and 15′′ length of this Fair Isle leg warmer pattern make it suited for both adults and older children. It is knitted using a fair isle design with a poinsettia motif.

This free knitting pattern for legwarmers includes written instructions and a reference chart. The children (and you) are kept warm and content, and they draw admiring glances everywhere they go.

Chunky Knit Leg Warmers Pattern

These thick knit leg warmers will keep you warm and content all winter long. Dancers benefit greatly from leg warmers. I adore how a dancer’s limbs seem like porcelain and the contrast of strong white wool with delicate ballet pink. These leg warmers, however, may be used for much more than just dancing. They look wonderful with your favorite skinny jeans, a dress, or even a skirt! Six sizes of these knit leg warmers are included in this pattern, which calls for 100 yards of lovely super thick wool in each size. Beginners will love the pattern!

Spiral Rib Leg Warmers

Do you have any experience knitting spiral ribs? This method looks fantastic and is a lot of fun. It simply requires knit and purl stitches, so it’s actually fairly easy. Although there is only one size of this free knit leg warmer design, there are modification instructions.

Ballerina Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern by Hello Handy Heart

These Dancer Knitted Leg Warmers are perfect for any aspiring ballerina (or dancing enthusiast) to keep their legs warm after a stellar performance! On either double point needles or 9″ circular needles, they are knit in the round. Simple and simple to construct!

Depending on your dancer’s preference, you may knit them short or long. Whatever feels most comfortable for you, you can knit them in the round or flat and stitch them together.

Honeycomb Legwarmers

The accent yarn is a thick, multicolored acrylic-based yarn that is always two colors at once in addition to having a color shift. Additionally, the main color yarn is predominantly white with sporadic black specks.

Salander Knit Leg Warmer Pattern

Projects with texture are enjoyable to create, wear, and observe! These eye-catching knit leg warmers experiment with lace and texture. With knit stitches in the back loops, twisted knit stitches, and more, the design will have you intrigued from beginning to end!

Toddler Legwarmer Knitting Pattern by Gina Michele

Little kids in legwarmers are very adorable. If your home is chilly, these Toddler Leg Warmers are ideal for lounging about indoors. There is no seaming because this free leg warmer knitting pattern is worked on double point needles. This knit is quick and simple, and you could even use leftover yarn and different colors.

Winter Simplicity Leg Warmers

thick, cozy leg warmers. With boots, they look fantastic! Alternately, just demonstrate how to wear them with shoes. They are really warm and will make you feel like it is winter. Simple to modify and knit in the round. Everybody knits and purls. Excellent suggestion for a quick-knit gift, too. These may be knit with two strands or with extra thick yarn.

Hawthorne Leg Warmers

With these eye-catching half-and-half knit leg warmers, things will stay intriguing. On the front and back, respectively, you’ll knit eye-catching chevron cables and broken stockinette pattern. These knit leg warmers are extremely warm and toasty thanks to the wool yarn that is called for in the pattern.

Knit Leg Warmers Pattern by Two Of Wands Shop

The knitting methods used in this basic level knitting pattern for leg warmers include knitting on double-pointed needles and the following: knit, purl, make 1 left, make 1 right. The pattern includes directions for three sizes as well as thorough instructions and a visual tutorial on how to create the tubed, quilted, and cushioned decoration on the knees.

Classy Leg Warmers

A lovely pair of Classy Legwarmers crocheted from the plush Infinity Hearts Lily yarn will keep your legs toasty. In this video, we’ll teach you how to turn the yarn, which comes in a range of colors, into gorgeous leg warmers. ideal for chilly weather

Scrunchable Leg Warmers

With this fantastic beginner knitting pattern, basic is everything but dull. Only knit and purl stitches are used in this one-skein pattern. To recreate the appearance of these scrunchy, large knit leg warmers, use a nice, soft yarn with subtle color variations.

Life Savers Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern by Deborah Tomasello

These adaptable Life Savers Knit Leg Warmers may be put on upside down, outside in, or bottom up. No particular method is proper to wear them. They may be knit in any size and color. They are a fantastic way to use up sock yarn scraps.

Fringing the edges makes it simple to switch colors because there are fewer ends to weave in. Even if it doesn’t like a Life Savers packet, gather your unused sock yarns and choose a color scheme you enjoy.

Free Knitting Pattern: Leg Warmers

To celebrate and spread the knitting love, we thought now would be the ideal moment offer a free knitting pattern! We liked seeing Tom Daley pick up knitting while watching the Olympics, and he’s perfectly right—knitting is a fantastic stress reliever and form of relaxation.

This design for leg warmers may be found in our book, Knit like a Latvian: Socks, which was written by Ieva Ozolina. Now is the ideal opportunity to brush up on your knitting techniques and immerse yourself in some amazing new designs. There are presently two volumes in the Knit like a Latvian book series that are available for purchase, and an exciting third book is arriving this year.

Wisteria Leg Warmers

These sweet knit leg warmers have a lovely lace pattern in the middle. I adore this free knitting design because, while the most of it is rather simple, the section in the center will significantly advance your knitting abilities. Even the cardigan and cap are the same.

Leg Warmers With Ridges Knitting Pattern by Little Totz Designs

The magic loop technique is used to create this little pair of leg warmers with ridges. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot. Otherwise, employ your preferred in-the-round strategy. Another excellent technique to use up yarn in your stash is in this way!

Highland Dew Leg Warmers

Even though the completed product is so beautiful, knitting leg warmer patterns can be challenging. Be at ease; the fair isle knitting element of these amusing leg warmers isn’t difficult and doesn’t take up a lot of rows. This pattern is primarily made up of stockinette stitch.

Chunky Slouchy Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern

These Chunky Slouchy Leg Warmers are both adorable and comfortable. Beginners who want to experience knitting in the round without having to worry about decreases will love this project. These are ideal for a last-minute present and will come together fast, which experienced knitters will appreciate!

Kingsbridge Legwarmers

Are you looking for flat-worked knitting designs for leg warmers? Compared to their relatives that work in the round, they appear to be more uncommon. Both ways may be used to use these adorable striped legwarmers! A simple stockinette stitch piece follows a simple 22 rib part.

Poodle Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern by Mc Poodle Shop

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always desired a pair of Poodle Leg Warmers above all else. That doesn’t imply poodle leg warmers; rather, it means leg warmers that will change your ordinary human legs into adorable poodle ones!

With the aid of this straightforward, step-by-step knitting pattern, you can now knit your very own pair of poodle legs, which you can then use to run about your neighborhood park on gorgeous, toasty, and attractive legs (sniffing at trees and barking at squirrels is optional but highly recommended).

Faux Cable Legwarmers

With fake knit cables that only require knit and purl stitches, you can fake it until you make it. The perfectly spaced arrangement creates the appearance of cables without the hassle. Additionally, you’ll be increasing with knit front-backs and creating simple k2, p1 ribbed cuffs.

Tout Boutonne Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern by Ashley Dale

These ultra-chic Tout Boutonne leg warmers are suitable for both a stroll through the fall foliage and a day in the city. Despite the fact that the design only calls for one size, they may be readily customized for a different size by casting on a few more stitches for the waffle stitch section or knitting fewer rows for a shorter length.

Even when you’re moving about a lot, the leg warmers stay in place thanks to the ribbing in the calf. The leg warmers have a more distinctive appearance than most other pairs thanks to the ornate buttons.

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