Wedding Candy Tables

Pick and mix-filled wedding dessert tables are the kind of celebration bonus that guests will never forget. No one can resist the seductive song of those striped paper bags, no matter their age (or how full they may be after that three-course wedding meal).

Due to their fantastic feeling of nostalgia and low-cost, high-reward setup, candy bars and buffets have recently become a huge fad along with more inventive dessert tables. Not to mention that they are incredibly Instagrammable: colorful candy, chic serving pieces, plus a clever slogan sign equal a lovely, successful photo opportunity.

Consider creating your own for your special day. The presentation of your choice will be greatly influenced by these wedding sweet table ideas, and we’ve got all the advice and accessories you’ll need to ensure that your display blends in with the overall wedding theme. Here comes the sugar surge

Select a Color Scheme

Who says you can’t choose a candy bar instead of a beautiful cake? We adore the notion of having everything! Desserts in all-white with flashes of gold and green make for a gorgeous color combination. What more could you want with cake, doughnuts, cheesecakes, and macarons, too?

Industrial-Chic Shelving

All of the sweets your guests could want will fit on a tall, industrial shelf unit like this, plus other décor like flowers and signs to dress it up. Look through used clothing shops, Gumtree, Freecycle, or Facebook’s marketplace to see if you can locate a hidden treasure, or visit websites like Amazon to purchase comparable items for less than £100. (and find a place for them in your home after the big day).

How To Set Up A Gorgeous Wedding Candy Buffet

According to one blogger, the candy buffet craze is one that won’t go away anytime soon. But it’s not as easy as laying out a spread of sweets on the table. This plan shows you how to develop a unifying theme to get the desired impact, which is necessary to execute it correctly.

You’ll get information on picking the color scheme, the candies, and the appropriate display containers. In other words, it offers everything you need to make your own distinctive candy buffet.

Mix It Up

While cupcakes and cookies are the classic tiny dessert additions to a candy bar, what about adding something completely unexpected? This recipe for small trifles is the ideal way to include an unique treat. Your guests will adore this inventive take on a cake, which is layered with pudding, cake, and whipped cream.

Use a Bureau

An additional lovely method to reuse old furniture! A wedding with an old-world, vintage feel would look especially fantastic with this dark wood bureau. The vintage jars will bring back pleasant memories of bygone candy stores, and we like the notion of hanging a string of entertaining pictures behind your arrangement so that guests may enjoy them while they munch.

DIY How To Set Up A Candy Buffet

Learn how to set up a gorgeous and lovely candy buffet for a baby shower in this blog article. Along with the candies themselves, of course, it offers advice on a variety of other factors to take into account, such as the backdrop, the colors, and the trimmings. Everything they’ve done has such meticulous attention to detail, and the pictures are likely to inspire you to do similar things yourself.

Keep It Small but Mighty

Even for a modest wedding, a candy bar might be perfect. You could even be able to include more variation as a result. It looks lovely to combine a towering one-layered cake with a spread of little treats on the table below.

Keep Things Colour Coordinated

A rainbow of M&Ms and lollipops can wind up detracting from the completed design if your wedding has a distinct color theme. You may, however, color-coordinate your desserts, as this couple has done on their pale pink table. If you can’t get enough of a certain color, try accenting it with metallic or white, which have a more neutral vibe.

How To Make A Candy Buffet

WikiHow is usually one of the first places we check if we need to know how to accomplish just about anything. If you are unfamiliar with this website, it is a repository of how-to instructions for just about anything you can think of, including how to put up a candy buffet.

This menu includes suggestions for decorating as well as practical tips, like making sure you get the appropriate quantity of sweets, and is packed with the type of helpful information you need for your buffet. Therefore, if you require direction, check it out!

Make a Statement With Height and Color

This is the stuff that dreams of candy bars are made of! With so many delicious treat options included, this design’s simplicity has us completely smitten. To make pastries and confectionery stand out, think about raising the height of your table by stacking shelves or stairs. This display is picture-perfect, with glazed, chocolate, and sprinkle doughnuts, gummy bears, sour ropes, and more.

Scale Down Your Size

A wedding sweet table doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; this simple but well structured setup is proof of that. If you already have a variety of desserts available, two sweets per guest will be plenty. Display them on a little picnic table and support up your bags with a napkin holder.

Pair Custom and Classic Treats

We adore a candy bar that includes some of our favorite nostalgic treats from our youth in amongst exquisite, elegant delicacies like hand-painted handmade sugar cookies, macarons, and truffles. The couple’s favorite foods, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and even flavored popcorn, were all placed together on this table. What a wonderful gesture to do for your visitors.

Call on a Cart

But if you really want to go big, we’d advise looking for a cute, rickety wooden cart like this. Another clever method to expand your display with no set-up stress is to use baskets and an additional tiny side table. Just add flowers, ribbons, and bunting to complete the look.

How To Plan A DIY Candy Buffet For Your Party

One of the first stages in figuring out how to arrange your candy buffet is picking a theme. Since Alice in Wonderland was the one this blogger picked for hers, you can surely imagine how wonderful it appeared once it was completed.

The charming touches she provided are likely to spark your creativity and start you thinking about all the possibilities you might attempt. Of course, you can select whatever theme you like, so you don’t need to imitate her ideas precisely.

Be Bold With Florals

Candy bars may certainly be made in simpler shapes that look stunning and contemporary. This multi-tiered cake is the ideal complement to hand-decorated sugar cookies and macarons. Adapt the idea to any color scheme and add flower elements along the way.

Dress Up Drawers

What could be better than a chest of drawers completely stuffed to the brim with sweets? If this appears like the stuff of your childhood fantasies, now could be the time to make it a reality. Charity stores and yard sales will be your buddies in this notion as well. The furniture’s appearance might be greatly altered by painting it or changing the handles, too.

DIY Candy Buffet

When you enter this site, the first thing you’ll notice are images of a gorgeous sugar buffet that was set up for a wedding. Along with the gorgeous décor and trendy balloons, we adore the refined details. The confectionery also looks delectable.

Candy buffets, as the writer points out, are appropriate for any sort of celebration or gathering, so you don’t have to wait for a wedding to host one. If you’re searching for instructions on how to execute it, this plan contains everything you need.

Go Neutral

This is the ideal use of neutral colors. This table’s decoration sets the scene with its lovely use of dried flowers. We adore the simplicity of this bar, which consists of a sizable one-tiered cake, personalized cookies, and bars.

Try a Round Table

When you think of a buffet table, you typically picture something long and rectangular. However, spherical designs are sometimes even better since they let visitors reach all regions simultaneously. The brown paper bunting and hessian linen give this table a stylish, rustic appearance, and employing ornaments and caddies of various heights keeps things exciting for the eyes and the palate.

Easy DIY Candy Buffet

For big events like weddings, you might want a nicer design for your candy buffet, but for events like kid’s birthday parties, something straightforward is preferable. That doesn’t mean it can’t be artistic or innovative, though, and this blog article will provide you all the inspiration you need to come up with a simple yet enjoyable party favor that everyone will like.

Wow With Watercolor

This is unquestionably the table for a couple that is unable to decide. And you’re not required to! Think of include many cakes, each with a unique tiered configuration and watercolor pattern. The sweet alternatives are rounded out by mini-cheesecake cups, eclairs, biscuits, and cupcakes, and this lovely arrangement is finished off by an exquisite color scheme.

Go Chocolate-Only

Not much a fan of sweets? Not a problem; how about a display made entirely of chocolate? There are still a ton of options, including classics like Ferrero Rocher and chocolate-covered honeycomb and brazil nuts. By keeping with a warm color scheme of browns, creams, and golds and setting everything off with cold, neutral paper fans as a backdrop, this pair has managed to keep everything appearing particularly opulent.

Opt for Retro Gold Decor

Your candy bar will really stand out if you take into account your décor components. We like how this bar provided something for each visitor by including gummy candy, Rolos, and sour ropes in addition to adding personalized cactus cupcakes. Although there are many options, the layout, which includes a geometric gold design and flowers, is what makes it stand out.

Spell It Out

Letters truly make a statement in every meaning of the word, as opposed to jars, vases, and votives. The word “love” is clearly a fantastic choice for a wedding, but you could also get a little more unique by finding plates shaped like your initials or number bowls to spell out your wedding date.

Add Height With Greenery

Make sure to discuss decorating alternatives for your candy bar with your florist. This setting is amazing, and the color scheme is a total dream. It features a large, powerful floral statement. This candy bar is straightforward yet gorgeous, with a three-tiered textured cake, cupcakes, doughnuts, and macarons.

All Bright on the Night!

This table is for all the colorful brides and grooms out there! We can’t think of a more inventive way to display color-pop candies like jelly beans, pink shrimps, Refreshers, and flying saucers than the neon paint on the table legs and the profusion of vibrant flowers.

Think Pink

What a lovely idea to decorate a table with blooms. With a gorgeous pink and gold color scheme, this bar offers everything from little cheesecakes and cupcakes to pink-glazed doughnuts and a multitiered cake. A fantastic technique to add depth and height to the design is by arranging the doughnuts on little white cake stands.

Or Classic White

By now, you’ve undoubtedly realized that the kind of jar you choose will have a significant impact on the final result. Since candies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so should your storage containers; search for broader bon bon jars for larger, rounder alternatives and taller hurricane-style containers for candies with height, like cables and lollipops.

Add an Abundance of Sweets

When upgrading your bar, think about adding attractive signs. With so many dessert options, you’ll want to let your guests know what they can expect. There is something for each guest at this table, which is crowded with two distinct single-tiered cakes, doughnuts, and sugar and shortbread cookies.

Step Up with a Ladder

Ladders are perfect for a summertime, garden party ambiance, and they look especially charming during outdoor weddings. This one’s baby blue really pops against the bright reds and pinks of the candies, and adding string across the frame for the bags is such a simple but lovely finishing touch.

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