How to Organize Legos

This comprehensive Lego organizing guide is for you if you’ve accidentally walked on too many Lego pieces in the middle of the night. In order to protect Legos from becoming misplaced or jumbled up with other toys, it’s a good idea to arrange your family’s collection by color, set, or kind. We offer practical and aesthetically attractive advice and ideas that won’t break the wallet. Consider a few factors before deciding how to store and arrange Legos the best for you. Consider how you (or your kids!) prefer to play with them. Do they enjoy building things, then taking them apart and putting them back together again? Or do they favor creating and exhibiting something?

If they fall into the first group, you should probably use containers or baskets of various sizes and sort by Lego color or kind. Organizing by sets may be the best option for you if they fall into the latter category and love concentrating on one set and showcasing their final products because each set is stored separately and assembled ones may be placed on floating shelves or in a bookshelf. We have a ton of wonderful advice and ideas for you to finally arrange all those Lego bricks and keep them tidy, from turning a toolbox or a shoe storage bench into a Lego wall or table.

Clear Lego Turntables

The first item on the list is a simple hack that allows youngsters to easily access any Lego brick in their collection. The turntable is the greatest component, but the transparent bins are ideal for classifying the pieces by color.

Without laying the entire collection out on the floor, your tiny ones can effortlessly spin among the Lego pieces and choose the ones they need.

Color-Coded System

The color-coded scheme is frequently used as a starting point. By grouping the components by color, various brick sections and sizes are combined in a single container.

This can be a good alternative for you and your kids, depending on the size of your LEGO collection. You might think about using a different sorting technique if you see your students are taking too long to find a certain component. For this, something like the Ikea Trofast seen above works pretty nicely.

Lego Storage Baskets

It doesn’t get any more inexpensive than this for Lego storage! Simple bushel baskets are painted in sections to show which hue Legos go in which bin. It keeps those Legos neatly arranged and off the floor.

Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Hanger

A simple and space-saving solution to store Lego bricks arranged is using an over-the-door shoe rack with transparent compartments. The advantage of this approach is that it doesn’t consume any valuable floor space if you don’t have any extra room, and the clear pockets make it simple to see the Lego pieces and sort them.

Use a distinct pocket for each color block to create a color-coded organizing system that makes cleanup after playtime quick, simple, and effective!

Customized Lego Table

The next item on the list is a custom Lego table, which is sure to make your youngsters squeal with delight. The top is ideal for showcasing the most important items in a collection, while the bottom is all about organization.

To handle the many various Lego sizes, this specific hack employs an IKEA set of drawers with plastic inserts similar to these. To make a play table with two sides, drag the entire thing towards the center of the space!

How to Organize LEGOs in Storage Cabinets

It’s a good idea to keep minor components organized in this 5-Drawer Cabinet. You may organize them into drawers according to purpose or color. Whatever provides your child easy access, put it on a desk, under it (if it suits the height), or next to it.

Create a Lego Wall

If you’re low on space and can’t fit any additional bins or furniture, consider going vertical and building a Lego wall out of standard baseplates. They are around 10 inches by 12 inches, are available in a variety of colors, and may be bought online or at any Lego or toy store.

Obtain enough of them to completely cover the wall, then use a glue like liquid nails to attach each one one at a time. Continue until you have covered an area that can accommodate all of the required Lego bricks. The Legos may then be stored by simply pressing them into the baseplates to get them off the ground. The additional benefit of arranging the blocks in this fashion is that it creates a pleasant play area where children can use their imagination to build vertical buildings and paint their walls.

Giant Lego Shelves

What better place than a huge counterpart to save all your Lego pieces? These cute Lego shelves look amazing, but you can easily create them yourself.

Use stacked wooden cut-outs similar to these to simulate the unmistakable Lego brick divots on a typical cupboard with the handles removed. The cabinet should then be painted or spray painted in one color all over. Voila!

Under The Bed Storage

Your children need should be able to easily access them if you have a sizable collection of LEGO. Otherwise, kids might not want to play as much since they will be discouraged from getting to the LEGO.

Bring it to their room is the plan in this situation. Store all of the components under the bed, though, to reduce clutter and improve accessibility. Then put the projects that were finished on a shelf.

Use a Drawer System

The clear plastic bins from a shop drawer system are a great method to keep Legos visible, accessible, and organized. For extra simpler sorting, use a distinct drawer for each color, item, or set, and mark each bin (particularly if the bins are opaque). The little Lego pieces won’t be jumbled up with other toys and lost, as there is drawer storage just for Legos.

Hanging Buckets for Lego Wall Storage

The next storage suggestion we have makes use of your home’s largest storage space: the walls. That’s correct; you can defeat clutter if you learn how to utilize wall space well.

You can make a simple organizing system with some plain metal buckets, two towel rails, and some metal S-hooks (here). It’s kid-friendly, adorable, and affordable, and it looks so much fun!

Transparent Lego Storage Bag

Do your kids prefer to separate the LEGO by size, theme, or set, or do they prefer the color-coded system? This LEGO storage solution is for you if you don’t want to buy more furniture. But only if you don’t have a sizable LEGO collection.

Make use of this transparent bag set to keep LEGO organized and free from dust. If there is room, you can keep it beneath the bed or in the closet. It is simple to bring LEGO with you on trips if your kids are avid fans and carry it everywhere.

Sort Them by Type

A excellent alternative to organizing your Lego collection by color, particularly for sizable Lego collections, is to do it by category. Blocks, figures, automobiles, speciality items, and other items should all have distinct containers, and each storage container should be labeled correctly. It’s up to you how specific you want to make the pieces, however it’s possible to have bigger bins for more common sorts of bricks and smaller ones for the fewer specialized ones. Kids may simply mix and match the components of their projects and come up with new ones that don’t follow the instructions thanks to this organizational technique.

Lego Travelling Suitcase

Are you frequently on the go with the kids? Need a simple method to transport their Lego collection? This clever Lego travel bag turns an old-fashioned metal case like this into the ideal answer.

Even if a sizable collection can’t fit in this case, it’s great for entertaining a little child in a car or on a train. Using a base plate that has been Super-Glued inside, you may even show off their favorite figurines.

Reuse Big Plastic Cups

Most LEGO kits have components that youngsters don’t use very often or that are oddly shaped. The Pick-A-Brick cup and any other large plastic cup may be saved and used again to sort difficult-to-grasp components. They may be positioned on top of the drawers. Therefore, it will be quick and simple to get the bricks from the cup if you need them.

Solo Kids Play Table

This is ideal for your child if they want to play alone. Use the same table as in the last hack, but cover the entire top with the recognizable Lego baseplate to create a play area for Legos.

Grab a set of file drawers and get to work sorting the components into the appropriate bins for storage. Create a system with your child; they’ll be more inclined to follow it if you do!

How to Organize LEGOs – Use Containers For Bulk Parts

It is usually a good idea to store LEGOs in containers. These storage containers in the shape of bricks are ideal for keeping each item safe and secure.

You may keep your LEGO bricks in any plastic container. The number of pieces you have will determine the container’s size. The optimum use of them is to store identical parts in different colors (incusing the modified ones).

Lego Minifigure Storage Shelves

With the help of these storage shelves, you can arrange your Minifigures while making a cool piece of art. You’ll assemble a few little shelves and attach cut baseplates using adhesive. You may put all of your Minifigures on them once they are hanging. It’s a fantastic way to show off your collection and keep everything in one location.

Flat Stackable Acrylic Tower

Speaking of maximizing space, these flat acrylic boxes are available in a wide range of sizes to fit each piece in your Lego collection. Sort your components according to their size, color, or purpose.

I’d advise storing these in your child’s toy box, the TV stand, or any other location that will make the parts accessible. Grab a chest to create a dedicated spot if there isn’t one already!

The Brick Separator

Make sure you have a brick separator (or several of them) on hand while explaining how to separate LEGOs. It is typical for youngsters to require it. Particularly when they begin a new project and wish to include elements from an earlier production.

Giant Fabric Bins for Lego Storage

These enormous DIY fabric containers would be ideal for storing Legos if you enjoy sewing. Even though it doesn’t actually keep them organized, it’s a terrific technique to keep all the Legos together and out of the way until they are used. However, if you want to arrange the Legos by color or kind, these smaller cloth bins would be more useful.

Simple and Straightforward

This following suggestion may work for you if you have more room available (or a larger Lego collection to manage). It’s straightforward and simple to do. Transparent walls, snap-on lids, and stackable boxes are all excellent.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this project is ideal. You may buy as many of these sets of plastic containers as you require. Not to add that they won’t need to be replaced due to their longevity!

Lego Storage Bags

The LEGO Storage Bags are useful for keeping all the LEGO bricks organized. One of the incredible 4-Piece Organizer’s components is a container that unfolds into a playmat. You can organize your toys and accessories at home or while you’re on the go thanks to three smaller totes with zips!

Lego Storage Tower Set-Up

The following suggestion is ideal if you have two Lego-loving children and you need to keep their collections separate. Utilize a cube cabinet and some hanging organizers to build a full-on tower of Lego storage!

The 33 cube in the center is perfect for keeping base plates, loose parts, and other things in the storage bins. The individual Lego kits for each youngster may then be stored with easily in your hanging organizers (here).

How to Organize LEGOs in a Storage Pouf

This amazing pouf ottoman is both useful and stylish. Both seats and storage are provided by it. Ideal for containing stiff things like LEGO. It conserves space, serves a few functions, and has a fashionable appearance. A wonderful accent to any area, even the kids’ playroom!

Lego Container Makeover

This entertaining DIY project may also be used as a clever Lego storage solution. Here, a formula bottle is utilized, but you may use any other container with a comparable shape. The project is finished with a face sketched on and some yellow paint. To arrange the blocks by color, you might either place a small collection of Legos within the container or make several containers in different colors.

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