DIY with Fabric

Most likely, you have a box in your storage that says “scrap fabric” and is filled to the brim with, well, scrap fabric. I am sure I do. It can be leftover scraps from earlier sewing projects that you had the good judgment to retain or sample swatches you clipped off from catalogs. But when you survey the crammed box(es), you start to doubt if it was excellent judgment or your propensity for hoarding.

I convinced myself that throwing away anything so beautiful would be criminal, and I resolved to upcycle rather than recycle. It made me able to sleep at night. Whatever we may have told ourselves, it’s time to make something artistic, enjoyable, and creative out of all those lovely cloth scraps. You can look through the list of DIY projects below that use cloth.

Phone Case

For your phone, make this lovely small wallet. A little piece of cloth may be used to create the ideal phone holder, and the attached clip makes it ideal for protecting your phone.

Felt Covered Toilet Roll Pencil Case

What a creative and environmentally friendly way to do it—luxury toilet paper just took on a whole new meaning! You probably already have most of what you’ll need at home. toilet paper, fabric, needle and thread, cardboard, scotch tape, a knife, and some leftover zippers from prior projects

Fabric Letters from Scrap Fabric

We adore the concept of making alphabet letters out of your leftover fabric. There are also numerous ways to go about it. large pieces? Write the name of your nephew, grandchild, or son in soft, huggable capital letters.

Want to avoid paying for the soft toy filling? Place them into the rest of your fabric scraps. Unless you choose to save them for the projects listed below, of course. This concept still applies if all you have are smaller scraps.

You can create portable learning tools like the third image above by cutting out and hemming your letters and attaching a magnet to the back. If you have enough, add more quilt batting or a layer of leftover fabric inside.

Monogram Pouch

With those discarded trim remnants, you can create this lovely monogrammed pouch. With just a few little pieces, you may create a gorgeous coin purse to keep or give as a present.

Fabric Covered Notebooks

My notebooks have always been lacking in personalization. That would undoubtedly motivate me to take notes in class. The best ones, though, aren’t only attractive; they’re also quite pricey.

Not the case anymore, at least. For this project, you can use any hardcover notebook you have. You just need to glue your leftover fabric over it to create your own own custom notebook cover.

Fabric Scrap Shoe Laces

This incredibly easy concept may dress up a pair of boots or sneakers. Basically, you have to measure the length of your laces as they are now and hem your long cloth trims to the correct breadth and length.

If you don’t have a piece of fabric that is long enough, you could even sew together several different fabric patterns. Here is Prima’s brief and sweet instruction.

Fabric Flower Accent Pillow

These lovely fabric flower accent pillows may be made from leftover fabric in the same or a different color to dress up any space. Because they are so simple to make, you can make one for every season in less than an hour.

Upcycled No-Sew Pillow Cover

Technically, this project doesn’t employ “scraps.” It requires an old tablecloth or even a bedspread you already have. On the other hand, no sewing is necessary! You only need fabric tape, which is available here, and you’re good to go.

Though it might interfere with the no-sew aspect of this creation, you can add some trim lace to the edges. All depends on you!

Pen/Pencil Holder from Scrap Fabric

If you really do have scraps from every color of the rainbow, this is a lovely concept. To make the individual pen pouches, measure the width required for your preferred pen, crayon, pencil, or marker, cut your scraps with a small seam allowance, and sew the pieces together with a backing or top fabric. The entire item can then be rolled up and secured with a tie that may also be constructed from scraps of fabric.

Kitchen Decorating DIY – Make Your Own Dishtowel Belts

These are both adorably cute and quite useful. For the purpose of preventing those dishtowels from slipping to the floor, Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary has come up with a solution. Belts that she made will keep them in place. They do a great job and are quite adorable. All you need is some cloth and glue.

Velcro, and you may customize them however you like. With this, you may get extremely inventive and consider what wonderful gifts this would make. For individuals who are particularly difficult to buy gifts for, you can make them to go along with a holiday kitchen towel.

Scrappy Flip Flops

For this one, I’m at a loss for words. Just look at all those hues. Observe the variety of textures. No, really, have a look. The ordinary pair of flip flops hidden beneath those strips of cotton just had its intended, everyday existence turned upside down.

Scrap Fabric Owl Softies

There are countless color options available for these adorable owl soft toys. These make quick little gifts to stitch together for young children.

Marble Necklace

Make these gorgeous necklaces by wrapping marbles in leftover fabric scraps. They’re ideal for holiday gift-giving, or you may make them in various colors to go with all of your favorite outfits.

Fabric Coasters

You can never have too many roller coasters, I’ve learned. So why not stitch a few of these out of your leftover pile of fabric? Are those quilting stitches in the middle visible? Since they keep all the layers together, they serve more purposes than merely as decoration. Not bad, huh? adore producing coasters? Check out these simple rope coasters!

Luggage Tags from Pieces of Scrap Fabric

This is a wonderful scrap fabric upcycling project to sell at craft fairs or online or give as a gift. Luggage tags are the kind of item you often forget you need until you are on your way to the airport, making them a wonderful last-minute, “they probably don’t have one already” present.

For an excellent guide on how to make these, check out Delicious Reads. Additionally, because they are so small, you may use one type of fabric or a variety so that every last piece is utilized!

Cute and Easy DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

Contrary to what the name might imply, making this lovely skirt for children is quite simple. Simply stack two fabric squares together. It makes the cutest skirt for your child, or you could make one for yourself by stretching the fabric a little. You should create several of these to wear for various occasions because they are so simple to make. It makes a sweet fall look when worn with leggings and boots, or you may wear it alone in the summer with flip-flops. The inspiration came from Make It and Love It, which we genuinely adore!

DIY Skillet Handle Cover

This is not only clever, but also helpful. I frequently, but consistently, grab the handle without realizing it is hot. Then something like a tribal dance starts, with me flailing my burned palm around and letting out a stream of, well, let’s just call it chants and stick with the tribal dance metaphor.

The ideal solution, this skillet handle cover nearly makes the food in the skillet seem better! Almost. But even your fabric remnants won’t stop the heat from entering.

Scrap Fabric Baby Bibs

Do you currently have any children? You can use your leftovers to make a cute baby bib that will undoubtedly be handed down from generation to generation as a keepsake, even if it turns out to be too pretty to get food on.

Chapstick Holder

This simple keychain chapstick holder is the ideal teen fashion accessory. What’s best? It can be made in literally five minutes and only requires a small scrap of fabric.

Nail File Case

Don’t you simply dread it when your makeup bag or handbag gets lost with your nail file inside? They may grab the fabric or even tear through the lining, which is worse.

The answer is to create a vibrant, colorful nail file container out of a small fabric quarter. You might not have a turning tool on hand, which is what the tutorial specifies.

Scrap Fabric Bunting

Bunting is fantastic for decorating a nursery or storefront as well as for birthdays and other special events. You can choose a color narrative, such as A Little Frayed or Bewley’s Bunting Emporium, or you can choose your scrap fabric completely at random, as in the second photo.

Cuddle Pillow

So you adore big pillows, you know that. In order to make a huge pillow that is ideal for cuddling both indoors and outside, you may utilize a lot of those fabric scraps and quilting squares in this project.

Cord Wrap

It will be too soon if I never have to untangle my earphone or charger cables. Here’s a method to prevent cord wires from tangling up every time you store them:

Additionally, you could create a dozen of them and gift them to other frustrated detanglers if you manage to use up some of my leftover scrap fabric in the process. Simply adhere to the directions, stitch a lovely cable wrap, then use this fabric fastener to velcro the cord to the wrap.

Key Rings from Scrap Fabric

The keychain is unquestionably the most traditional upcycling project using leftover fabric. Use every scrap of fabric on the floor of your craft area since you don’t need much to create something special and useful.

We especially adore the final image from Labores de Tania, which features a cute little keyring in the style of a house with little scraps of fabric used for the doors and roof.

Little Miss Mason Jars

You can put all those fabric scraps to use while staying organized with this project. Mason jars are simply covered with fabric and then filled with whatever you like. They are cute and simple.

Rainbow Scrap Fabric Wreath

Isn’t the phrase “rainbow wreaths” a bit of an oxymoron? However, I suppose you may also have wreaths for Christmas. Alternately, you could build one in every color of the rainbow and bring it to a parade for LGBTQ people! When you’re finished, hang it at your craft desk in a position of pride (see what I did there?) and take pleasure in the color it adds to your room.

Quilted Scrap Fabric Coasters

After making all your keychains, if you still have any little leftovers, try making some adorable quilted coasters. These are yet another item that would be wonderful to give as a present. In particular, if you can uncover some specific fabric remnants that the receiver could recognize.

Kids Belts

These adorable kids belts may be made with just a scrap of leftover fabric and a D ring. Create a unique one for each outfit! They’re incredibly simple to make and are just too cute.

Scrap Fabric Pumpkins

Simply said, I adore stuffed pumpkins. Because it’s so adorable, it doesn’t really matter that this one is made of leftover cloth and is inedible.

These scrap-stuffed, plush pumpkins are perfect for your local craft market this year, whether you want to spice up your home decor or just need something to make.

Custom Camera Strap Cover

You can make the ideal camera strap cover with this quick and simple sewing project that is both stylish and comfortable. For your favorite photographer, create one.

Reusable Cloth Sponges

These will appear cheery and sunny hanging from a hook beside your kitchen sink, won’t they? You may make a wonderful washing sponge by layering attractive fabric on one side, tulle or mesh fabric on the other, and batting in between the layers.

You can simply throw them in the washing machine with your batch of towels because this DIY project is reusable. Your sponge emerges clean and prepared for cleaning.

Holiday Ornament

You won’t believe it, but those extra fabric pieces were used to create this lovely Home for the Holidays ornament. It’s a really simple project that will undoubtedly garner interest once it’s completed.

Fabric Bookmarks

The bibliophile in me is crying tears of real happiness since I passionately detest dog-eared pages. How cute and useful are these cloth slip-on bookmarks?

Since this craft needs for interfacing to prevent the edges from folding over, you’ll need some of this sheer weight. You won’t just stop at making one, I bet. So why not prepare a few or maybe a dozen and distribute them to your fellow readers?

Napkin Rings

Make one of these lovely napkin rings for each season out of leftover fabric. You may even create a set to present as a special gift during the holidays, for a forthcoming wedding, or for any other noteworthy event.

Fabric Twine

Your craft supplies would benefit greatly from the addition of a skein or two of fabric thread. Numerous crafts, such planters, carpets, twine coasters, and spools, to name a few, can be made with them.

If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to make those wonderful fabric bookmarks we just saw with all of your leftover bits of fabric. You now need a cloth twine, though.

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