Weekly Planner Ideas

A fantastic method to manage your life is to create a bullet journal weekly planner. I have spreads to share with you if you’re seeking for bullet journal weekly planning ideas.

There are several different weekly calendars available here. Some are simple and approachable for beginners, while others are a little more difficult. Find a design you like and allow it to inspire you.

Detailed Weekly Setup With Daily Log

If you want to organize your week’s small details, this layout is ideal for you. A daily diary is kept in the top section for tracking your routine. While purchases, tracking, and notes are kept at the bottom. Via Kate Louise

Minimalist Happy Planners

There are (or were) a few monochromatic minimalist planners. For a black and white layout, it is simpler to use a planner that doesn’t already include a lot of highly vibrant colors.

Black and white spreads for your weekly planner layout may still be made with colorful and vibrant planners. Simply tone it down a touch using stickers and correction tape.

Simple Rainbow Theme

I adore how elegant and straightforward this weekly calendar is. Despite being a design that anybody can create, it nonetheless sticks out and appears original.

Detailed Weekly Setup With Daily Log

If you want to organize your week’s small details, this layout is ideal for you. A daily diary is kept in the top section for tracking your routine. While purchases, tracking, and notes are kept at the bottom.

Simple Black And White

I adore how straightforward this planning layout is. A strong quotation, some flowery doodling, and boxes with the date above. The notebook’s pages are from a Happy Planner (you can tell by the squares). With these kinds of pages, it’s quite easy to create a layout that’s special and matches your style.

Flowers in Envelope

This lovely page has a painting of flowers spilling out of an envelope. I adore the colors and general style of this spread.

Galaxy Inspired Weekly Layout

This straightforward page is a wonderful choice if you want to keep your bujo layout as simple as possible.

A Halloween Weekly Spread

There is a hint of color in this one. But it’s only enough to emphasize a few design elements and make them stand out. The page is loaded with information and design components. Black and white planner spreads don’t have to be clean and uncomplicated. You may make it as complicated as you like.

Planner Using Stickers

Do not forget to include stickers in your weekly spread. Stickers are a simple and easy way to include beautiful art into your bullet notebook.

Simple Shapes Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

You don’t need to be an artist to make a bullet journal, as I have stated. I adore the way @alexandra plans created this weekly layout using basic geometric forms like triangles, squares, and rectangles.

Stickers And Washi Tape

You may change a bright page in your calendar by using black and white washi tape and stickers. Cover the colors, and then plan with a black ink. The binding and the addition of the gold stickers to this daily planner layout are lovely touches.

Large Handwritten Titles

I adore how the days of the week are written by hand in my weekly planner. The line “and our paper houses approach the skies, ’til we split and disperse planets apart” is one of my favorite quotes.

Simple Layout With To Do List

Here is a straightforward calendar-style planner layout. If you don’t like busy layouts, this is fantastic. Keep track of your weekly tasks and calendar all on one page.

Dashboard Weekly Plans

My preferred dashboard layouts (although I am learning to love a vertical). The addition of the black and white striped stickers and the black text for the quotes creates an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Include Hearts

Here is a fantastic spread to get you started if you want a straightforward design with a heart motif. You may even use a quotation, like this one does. “Love is all you need,” reads this quotation.

Weekly Planner With A Pop Of Color

This weekly layout is my favorite because, while being basic, it incorporates color to brighten things up a little.

Budget Planning

Planning a budget is not a skill I possess. It’s not that I don’t follow a budget… Simply put, hardly much changes from one month to the next. Why then take the time to rewrite it every month while doing busy work?

I could support the budget split presented here. The various account tracking is nice. at the end of the month, “mark off what you paid.”

If I redo this spread, I might be able to improve my ability to create a budget. It’s not necessary for your planner layouts to be extremely complex to be useful. Additionally, combining different planner styles and pages is perfectly permissible. Create a plan (or plans) that will work for you.

Beach Theme

This weekly scheduler has a straightforward beach theme. This kind of planner would be ideal for the summer.

Floral Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

When I see this bullet journal layout, the word “Pretty” is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s quite stylish and ideal if you want a more artistic design.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

You may make your bullet notebook as colorful and brilliant as you like. Or, for a striking contrast, they may be in black and white. It’s a very gorgeous spread thanks to the hints of sky blue and the tan.

Weekly Planner with Quote

To match your weekly calendar, you may include a quotation page. Just do the next right thing, as this quotation page advises.

All Inclusive Weekly Layout Planner

This spread is for you if you’re searching for a straightforward diary layout to keep tabs on pretty much anything. Meal planning, weather monitoring, and habit tracking may all be done at once. You don’t have to turn the page every day. Making daily updates is much simpler to remember when everything is on one page.

Floral Layouts

I’m not sure about you, but I just adore flowers. has always been. My favorite media in high school was pen and ink. I didn’t have gouache yet. This layout has a lot of eye-catching elements, such the huge flowers and the flowing font. Nearly too lovely to write on.

Squares and Seashells

I adore the squares with lovely seashell patterns on this page. You may change this up by adding a few of your preferred doodles.

Busy Weekly Planner Layout

Despite all the activity, this layout is incredibly powerful. If you enjoy doodling, you’ll love this.

Minimal Color

It’s possible that this one doesn’t quite belong in the “black and white” layout category. Close enough, though. Slate blue and gold make up the majority of the understated colors. A extremely crowded page appears ordered and straightforward when compared to the black and white; balance is crucial.

Market Theme

There is a lovely market aspect to this planner. The buffet includes stunning flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables. “Never be frightened of change,” the saying advises.

Journaling Spreads

You can make your weekly planner layouts aesthetically appealing without covering them in stickers and patterns. Because there is so much text, this planning layout is primarily in black and white. This layout is made more visually attractive by the use of strong font on a few text sections and a few graphic components to break up the flow.

Cute Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

These are the artistic spreads I was referring about! Despite the fact that many of them have rather straightforward drawings, I constantly feel pressure to make them flawless. Over the next weeks, try a couple of these adorable weekly bullet journal spread ideas in your diary.

This weekly page for a bullet notebook is really adorable! I wish I had the adorable creative mind that some people do to come up with these spreads on the spur of the moment, though. What an A-type mentality, haha.

Animal Prints

Both transparent and solid (not see-through) stickers are included in sticker packs featuring animal prints. An entire planner page may be altered by adding some animal print and a few boxes.

Pinks and Green

This planner’s color scheme truly caught my attention. I particularly adore the drawings and writings that were used in this piece.

Weather Forecast Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

The weather prediction images on this layout are gorgeous. It’s a terrific method to organize your day according to the weather. With this adorable weekly layout, make notes about things to accomplish or just important dates.

Geometric Shapes

Black and white geometric stickers quickly add character to a planning page. The amusing part is that the planning boxes we already have are geometric. However, it becomes a completely other planning environment as you put a few more boxes offset on the page.

True love is created when those boxes are shaped like honeycombs. Why didn’t I know hexagons could be so adorable? Learning to use the circular stickers is the current challenge. I don’t know about you, but that one is difficult for me.

Bees and Honey

If you enjoy bee-themed items, you’ll adore this planner. It completes the bee motif with the sweetest tiny bee doodles and a stylish honey jug.

Weekly Layout With To-Do Log And Mood Tracker

With this tracker, you may monitor your mood each day as well as your productivity. I like checklists, therefore I appreciate how they are used in this weekly layout. Additionally, take note of the sticky note used to add the shopping list. As opposed to bringing the entire diary to the store, this makes it simple to extract it and carry it with you.

Nice Color Combinations

This planner makes excellent use of color harmony. Before you begin coloring in your bullet journal weekly planner, experiment with your color scheme. When choosing your colors, let your thoughts to think beyond the box.

Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Idea

It’s brilliant to have a central page that has been condensed for notes and a monthly reminder calendar. It looks incredibly nice and gives you all the writing space you could possibly need for every day of the week. What a sweet spread for a bullet notebook!

Bees and Honeycomb

Here is another another lovely bee-themed design. The inclusion of a straightforward honeycomb pattern is also included in this one. Also, I really like the unique touch that the blue gave to this spread.

Bullet Journal Simple Weekly Spread

I love these spreads so much! I adore quick and easy spreads that I can make in a flash! They are also the most user-friendly for individuals who are just starting off with bullet journals! I hope you also adore these as much as I do!

This concept for a weekly spread is really straightforward! With plenty of information at a glance and all the space you need for your daily notes and to-dos, it’s simple to copy over from week to week. Use this weekly spread template as your go-to for your bullet journal! It will eliminate any ambiguity regarding your weekly spread and assist you in maintaining productivity.

Rainbow Theme

One of my favorite weekly plans from this collection is this one. I adore the general simplicity of the design and the stunningness of the rainbow motif.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread For Students

These straightforward spread ideas are perfect for student bullet journalers who don’t have a lot of free time or a lot of items they need to document in relation to their education.

This is a straightforward concept for your weekly bullet journal spread for students! It is simple to set together and has plenty of room for adding assignments, projects, or classes that you must attend. Try out this spread!

There is plenty of room for your daily notes, and it sets up quickly! I think one of the easiest ways to use your bullet journal is with this basic spread!

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