Welcome Signage for Wedding

Why not start your wedding with a special element that sets the tone for the remainder of the event since first impressions are everything? Don’t be afraid to use additional creativity when designing your wedding welcome sign because this is the ideal opportunity to highlight the theme of your special day.

Your wedding welcome sign should use elements that appear elsewhere in your overall design plan to maintain the event’s sense of coherence. For a style that your planner will approve of, repeat the typefaces, hues, and flower selections seen on your invitations and other significant décor moments.

Beyond that instruction, however, there are no restrictions on what can be displayed. For more ideas, browse through our extensive collection of chic wedding welcome sign designs. Whether you choose an acrylic welcome sign, a DIY welcome sign, or a banner with a favorite song lyric or quotation, you can be sure that the design will go well with your celebration as long as you keep true to yourself.

Gorgeous Gatsby

We can’t think of a finer theme to include on your wedding day than the Roaring 20s because The Great Gatsby is recognized for its flair, romance, and amazing parties. With this classy, vintage wedding welcome sign, you can let your visitors know that they can expect sparkle and glamour.

Chalkboard Wedding Welcome Board

Another one that goes well with garden or rustic weddings is this simple sign, although I can also see them in front of a church. This is great because it’s somewhat portable.

As a result, it may be simply relocated and utilized as a welcome sign at the celebration location following the church service. The nicest part is that a real blackboard is not necessary. Use whatever old wooden slab you have sitting around, cover it with blackboard paint as shown, and then add finishing touches with accents made of flowers and leaves.

Traditional Wedding Welcome Signs Are the Best

This lovely wedding sign will be loved by all parties involved, including your guests and wedding party! Any theme or color scheme may be properly complemented by the classic white, which instantly puts people in the mood for weddings. This sign looks wonderful just inside the entrance of your wedding or reception location! Additionally, it creates a beautiful sign that you can post in your home’s foyer after the wedding.

Modern and Minimalist

A straightforward welcome sign with simply your names and your wedding date written on it is appropriate for a minimalist wedding. For a luxuriant splash of texture, pair with bouquets of all-white flowers.

Elegant Illustration

Using illustrated blossoms can keep your welcome sign for your wedding classy and lovely. Although you may match the style and color of flowers to your wedding’s theme, we have a thing for this lovely blue shade.

Upcycled Cheeseboard

Use a huge cheeseboard or grazing board as a lovely tabletop welcome sign if you have one hidden away in your kitchen. Remember that you may use any board shape you have; the sign doesn’t have to be round like the one in the picture. If you have smaller boards, you may use them to label the wedding tables so that visitors can find their special place.

Nothing Says Wedding Reception Like This Mimosa Sign

This charming mimosa bar sign is one of the greatest wedding reception signs you can have, regardless of whether you’re having a morning ceremony or you want a joyful brunch mood at your reception! Everyone will want to grab a sparkling mimosa as soon as they arrive at the reception since the trendy chalkboard-style will go perfectly in with your theme. In addition, it will undoubtedly create a wonderfully adorable kitchen decoration for your home!

Tropical Vibes

A palm tree is the perfect backdrop for a beach wedding in the tropics! We like how this white wedding sign blends in with the hues of the sand surrounding it, and the carefully placed disco balls heighten the festive mood.

Lovely Layers

Adding color to your wedding decor without being overly overwhelming is trending with tonal layering. Stick with soft hues like orange, pink, cream, and brown, and add texture to the welcome sign for the wedding with a bouquet of flowers.

Light Up Chalkboard Sign

This is an alternative approach to the chalkboard sign. It is something that works well for evening or late-afternoon wedding celebrations. It’s more of a whimsical and entertaining sign than a directional one, but it certainly fits the joyous and merry atmosphere of a wedding dance floor. Make sure you use pretty string lights, which are accessible online here, if utilizing at night.

Modern Wedding Welcome Signs are Trending

There are a ton of beautiful signs like this with an exquisite cursive script, flowers on top, and the sign put on an easel when you search for wedding signs on Pinterest. It makes sense that this contemporary style is gaining popularity. With its simple style and striking font, this lovely sign is the ideal welcome sign for a contemporary bride’s wedding.

Clear and Simple

For contemporary weddings, acrylic accents are still quite popular! To showcase the transparent material, it’s important to employ them sparingly and to keep the design straightforward. Everybody praises this all-white acrylic welcome sign for a wedding.

Watercolour Wash

A welcome sign for a wedding made of watercolors would be ideal for a party held in a country home. With a white marker pen and a splash of paint, you can even do it yourself. It’s easy yet effective.

Pallets and Balloons Welcome Sign

This concept demonstrates another another method to make a welcoming sign out of pallets. Balloons are added to give it a lifelike, free-flowing appearance. Real flowers can be used as the floral accent. The possibility of purchasing artificial peonies (or other flowers) that are available in a broad range of hues is always an option if you wanted the highlights to precisely match the color theme of your wedding.

Wedding Reception Signs You Can Customize

Do you want something a little more adaptable? This sweet Mr. and Mrs. sign has two lines of writing that you can customize exactly as you want it to say your names and the date of your wedding, as shown, or something more original like “Welcome to Our Forever, Jack and Sarah Smith.” With this gorgeous round sign, you can get incredibly creative and use it as either your welcome sign or reception décor!

Sophisticated Style

Nothing has to be dull to be minimalist. Using pillar candles and wildflower posies, this stylish monochromatic wedding welcome sign has been given a lovely update. This one is for you, winter weddings.

Stencil on Wood Welcome Sign

I adore this simple yet eye-catching wooden sign. It’s as easy as placing two or three pieces of used hardwood planks together. To ensure that your guests arrive at the correct location for your wedding, post this sign along the roadway going to the location. Use a reusable stencil like this to make your sign-making endeavor easier if you don’t trust your handwriting and want the lettering to be uniform.

Rustic Welcome Sign

With the help of this wooden pallet sign, you can add the ideal rustic décor to your outdoor wedding! One of the sweetest welcome signs for bohemian, rustic, or rural weddings, this charming sign would look wonderful posted at the ceremony’s entry or displayed on an easel. What a wonderful wedding present! This adorable sign may be easily enhanced by adding some foliage, flowers, or even string lights to make it stand out even more.

Cute Caption

This adorable and informal wedding welcome sign demonstrates your and your partner’s easygoing dispositions. It will convey in a laid-back and informal manner how pleased you are that your friends and family are present.

Clothes Rack Turned Wedding Welcome Sign

Unbelievably, a portable clothing rack was used to make this welcome sign. You know, the ones you use in tiny apartments or in Hollywood to transport the actors’ daily attire. Spray painting a clothes rack metallic gold, like the ones offered here, will give it a touch of class. Inventive, yes?

Unique Art Deco Wedding Sign

The roaring 20s and art deco have had quite a resurgence, therefore it is not surprising that weddings with a 20s theme are very fashionable right now. This gorgeous art deco sign is a must-have whether your wedding is completely vintage themed or your reception hall is straight out of The Great Gatsby! Your guests will be impressed by it if you completely personalize the words on it to make it a one-of-a-kind decoration for your wedding or celebration!

Family Affair

It would be nice if you informed your guests where they should seat throughout the ceremony in addition to greeting them to the wedding. This sign is great and has a really beautiful message if you don’t have assigned seating.

Fabric Seating Charts

Weddings must have seating arrangements. Make sure your visitors follow the seating arrangement you spent hours perfecting by giving them a seating chart. It’s quite simple to make. The seating chart only has to be printed on transfer paper like this and ironed onto the fabric of your choosing.

You may choose to pin it to the wall or hang it from a clothes rack. Just be sure to put it in a prominent location where your guests can see it, like the entrance to the reception.

Shadow Box Sign Doubles As a Guest Book

Looking for even more distinctive welcome signs for your wedding? Consider using a shadow box that doubles as a wedding guest book! On a table in front of your wedding venue, this sweet shadow box will look lovely accompanied by presents, favors, or other decorations. To create a special wedding souvenir and a fun way to keep track of everyone who attended, have your guests sign a little piece of paper and place it in the shadow box.

Petal Perfection

We adore the notion of sprinkling rose petals around the base of your wedding welcome sign since they personify romanticism. To keep the motif consistent, you could even trail them up the aisle.

Wood-Stained Chalkboard Wedding Sign

I adore BBQs, therefore I think this sign is adorable and unusual and that the bride and groom are undoubtedly a fun couple. I am aware that I have already explained how to make a wooden chalkboard. Use your preferred wood stain to create the distressed wooden frame seen in the photograph if you also wish to do so.

Make a Statement with Your Decor

This wedding welcome sign is a stark black, just like the groom’s suit, in contrast to the majority of wedding décor, which is white, pastel, or vibrant! Since the reverse color scheme is so striking, your visitors won’t miss it when they come. It would look great if you opt to leave it as-is, but you could easily embellish it with white flowers or foliage that complements the wedding colors to make it shine even more.

Natural Beauty

This sign, which simply displays your last name and wedding date in a stunning black font, is perfect if you’re adhering to a neutral and understated tone for your big day. Additionally, it will be a nice souvenir from the big day.

Potted Directional Wood Signs

This wedding sign makes me think of the signs seen at lighthouses that indicate how many miles separate the various national capitals from that specific lighthouse. It kind of creates the impression that the pair enjoys traveling or taking on new adventures. It is less expensive to purchase these pre-cut wooden arrows than it is to purchase the cutting equipment itself if you lack the instruments to carve an arrow form out of pre-existing hardwood slabs.

Unique Sign Your Guests Won’t Forget

Weddings are all about sharing fantastic cuisine, delicious beverages, and gorgeous wedding cakes with your loved ones. That’s something your design should definitely convey, and this sign with a wine theme is ideal! This stunning sign, which comes in three colors and is completely customisable to fit you and your wedding, is unquestionably one of the most distinctive wedding decorations. What a fantastic thing!

Lush Greenery

Greenery is an affordable (and fashionable) way to add a fresh vibe to your wedding décor. Typically, foliage is less expensive than flowers while yet having a lovely appearance.

Upcycled Window Frame Seating Chart Holder

Love how the number of mini-window frames perfectly matches the number of tables at this wedding, don’t you? It seems as though this antique window frame was meant to house a seating chart in the future. If you have an old window frame but don’t really like its color, you may use chalk finish paint to give it the antique-looking white finish on this example.

Wedding Guest Book Sign

This distinctive sign serves as both a charming personalized welcome sign and an entertaining wedding guest book! On the wooden sign, your guests can write their names and a kind remark that you can preserve as a special wedding memento forever. This interactive wedding sign is unquestionably among the greatest ones, and it’s perfect for rustic or conventional weddings.

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