Farmhouse Centerpiece Ideas

One of the final touches that show off your sense of style to family and friends is a centerpiece. These farmhouse-inspired centerpieces will demonstrate to everyone how much you adore the fusion of old and rustic. With these suggestions, you may let your creativity run wild and show off your own farmhouse style.

Your imagination can conjure up images of vibrant wildflowers overflowing out of an antique milk pitcher when you think of this type of centerpiece. For the ancient farmhouse, that is unquestionably a classic centerpiece. But it’s not necessary for it to be your sole choice.

Vary the containers you use. Why not use a wire egg basket or an old apple basket in place of a milk pitcher? Large Mason jars and clear glass jugs are ideal for something a little more upscale. These jars and many more may be seen in the centerpieces in the farmhouse style. To make your arrangement unique, add extras. Vintage toolboxes, old cookbooks, and family antique cookware may all give your centerpiece fresh life.

Small and enormous. square and round. Among these farmhouse centerpieces, you’ll find just what you need to get the desired effect. If one doesn’t stand out, borrow concepts from a few to realize your particular vision.

Stunning Everyday Tablescape

Celebrate life and decorate your dining room table for regular meals. The farmhouse table centerpiece in this instance is made out of commonplace materials like brass candlesticks, metal lanterns, and a tall vase stuffed with greenery.

Bowls and Trays

The ideal spot to display your collection of lovely bowls and platters in the dining area is as a centerpiece. Add golden finger bowls to the top of an oblong dark wood tray, or place one or two tea lights within a patterned glass bowl. To decorate a standard porcelain urn or tray, look for painted ornamental balls similar to these rattan balls.

Avoid the need to always put foliage, pine cones, or flowers in your ornamental bowls and trays for a change of pace. Even though they aren’t filled with anything, an artistic arrangement of empty serveware makes for a highly modern table centerpiece.

Pop Bottle Box Holding Beautiful Flowers

Roughly tied bundles of garden flowers appear especially beautiful when placed in creamy white pots. But when you pack all the flowers and pots into a battered pop bottle box, they start to look rustic. Any farmhouse table would look gorgeously antique with these ancient wooden crates. Seasonal changes might affect the blooms.

Rustic Details

The highlight of this Valentine’s table, which features rustic accents, is a stunning circular latticed cake stand. The cake stand is surrounded by foliage accents that give the centerpiece an organic feel, and the leaf garland on the lace runner visually links the centerpiece to the rest of the table arrangement.

Choose Wild, Imperfect Flowers

If you want a flower arrangement, try for a simple, unpretentious appearance. Think earthy colors, asymmetrical additions, and flowers and foliage flowing from the arrangement. Our preferred source of inspiration? Felisa Funes, a florist, created this rustic, wild bouquet. You may also give this guide on making a vase of dried flowers a try.

Industrial Ball Meets Rustic Coffee Table

A metal globe’s industrial style makes an intriguing statement in any setting. It completes the farmhouse style when placed next to a simple white jug containing succulents on a rustic coffee table. A modest bird figure completes the tableau, and the jug is positioned on top of a few books to give it height and the appearance of a globe.

Show Off A Set Of Bud Vases

Tiny bud vases filled with your preferred flowers and scattered along the center of the table or clustered together make a straightforward rustic table centerpiece. Although Jenni Kaye’s white daffodil arrangement is ideal for spring, you can enjoy a similar arrangement all year long simply switching out the plants (dry grasses in the fall, winterberries in the winter).

Galvanized Pots Holding Glorious Zinnias

One of the more unpretentious flowers, zinnias may easily take on a wild-cut appearance. Galvanized pots with imitation zinnia blooms provide a touch of refinement to these unruly plants. The orderly arrangement of the flowers in their pots is in sharp contrast to the clock and the book. Ideally suited for your coffee table or mantle.

Valentine’s Tablescape

Use bold pinks and greens to give your dining room table a Valentine’s Day feel. The centerpiece of this table is a wooden dough bowl with white pillar candles, greenery, and pink flower embellishments that go nicely with the rest of the table decor.

Go For A Botanical Runner

Why not use a runner that runs the entire length of the table rather than a single arrangement in the middle? Eucalyptus, a favorite of farmhouses, is used in an easy-to-make DIY project. You’re all set if you tuck in a couple tall taper candles.

Peaceful Pumpkins and Harmonious Greenery

Pumpkin-themed decorating doesn’t have to be a riot of orange. You can appreciate the outlines of the fruit without the overpowering tones of its original hue thanks to painted pumpkins. These pumpkins are nestled among lamb’s ears and deer antlers in a huge dough basin. It is the ideal centerpiece for a farmhouse table because of the rough wooden container and the rustic components.

Bunnies and Florals for Spring

Enjoy the crispness of spring by decorating your dining table with bright bouquets of fresh flowers. This adorable farmhouse table centerpiece combines a tray of pink, cream, and yellow blooms with several tall bouquets of bright yellow flowers. The rabbit decorations give the vignette a unique touch, and the pillar candles on the baluster holder give it a cottage feel.

Fill A Dough Bowl With Seasonal Items

Use a recycled wood dough dish to decorate the table for a more rustic appearance. Taking a cue from Sarah of Ugly Duckling House, mark the seasons by filling it with pinecones, fruit, candles, and a few sprigs of eucalyptus. Even an empty wooden bowl has a rustic, old-fashioned appeal.

A Tumble of Pumpkins with Personal Bits Mixed In

An eruption of seasonal foods down the middle of the table is one of the key components of a harvest table. On top of a vintage kitchen towel, a pile of pumpkins are spilling all over this farmhouse table. Personal keepsakes like starfish can be included to make it even more memorable. Kindling sticks leave their mark on the world as a little part of nature.

Earthy Spring

This elegant and charming table setting gives off hints of spring. The birch risers give the little plant pots and floral arrangements height and give the vignette an earthy feel. The table arrangement has a cozy feel thanks to the candles, which is accentuated by the use of soft woven runners.

Create A Mini Herb Garden

Instead of using fresh cut flowers, center the table with one, two, or three tiny plants, as Caroline Joy of Un-Fancy has done in this instance. Pick potted herbs to provide more of a “farm-to-table” feel. Additionally, you may clip fresh rosemary or thyme while you cook directly off your dining room table. They will look lovely.

Vintage Kitchenware in a Beautiful Galvanized Tray

Old farmhouses are known for their collections of antique utensils. An inviting, rustic remembrance of days gone by is made up of vintage cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, and a traditional milk jug filled with floral branches. At the middle of your dining table, where everyone congregates to eat and rejoice, is the best place to display family heirlooms.

Easter Farmhouse Dinner

Enjoy Easter with a warm table setting that includes bunnies, springtime flowers, succulents, and candles. The woven tablecloths and burlap runner offer soothing textures to the table setting while the wooden candle holders add height.

Use Pitchers And Jugs As Vases

Although flowers are a common component in many of these centerpiece suggestions, the mood they convey depends on how you choose to arrange them. Astrid Tompkins’ farmhouse centerpiece features a vessel like this one that Anna Franklin, interior designer and CEO of Stone House Collective, advises using for live flowers or greenery: a gorgeous jug, an old porcelain vase, or a pitcher. Without going overboard, Franklin adds, “this is a terrific way to make the centerpiece seem a bit more intriguing.”

Creamy Whites and Pastels in a Wire Basket

This arrangement has the ideal amount of rustic flair thanks to the wire basket at the bottom. The key phrase of Family is placed next to some cream-colored accents in the form of a pitcher and books. Simple lavender stalks give this centerpiece a fragrant height, while eggs beneath glass lend a soft touch of color.

Mother’s Day Tablescape

With a stunning Mother’s Day centerpiece, you can express your love and gratitude to the key ladies in your life. With its organic textures and brilliant hues, a tall flower arrangement makes a wonderful focal point. The thin pillar candles give the composition a secondary height and give the centerpiece a cozy feel. The smaller vases with accents of flowers and foliage give the lowest portion of the tablecloth balance.

Curate A Collection Of Vintage Finds

Leah Ashley, an interior stylist based in Austin, thinks that simplicity and authenticity are essential to obtaining a farmhouse aesthetic. “Décor was easier back when people were genuinely living in farmhouses since they didn’t have access to decor stores,” she claims. She created a tablescape with an antique cake stand and many flower-filled brass and glass vases.

Riotous Blossoms Spilling Out of a Mason Jar

It’s a terrific idea to collect flowers from the yard to put on display to brighten up your dining room table. These wild purple blooms burst from a large Mason jar that is perched atop a rustic wooden rack. Off-center, the bouquet of country flowers offers a soft height, and the wooden rack offers a cozy antique foundation.

French Cottage Core Centerpiece (August)

With a rich basket of in-season flowers and typical farmhouse table accents like pillar candles, a miniature pitcher of flowers, and a string of wooden beads on a French-style tray, you can celebrate the beauty of summer.

Brighten Your Table With Lemons

Leah Ashley advises that while choosing your dcor, you should consider how you utilize your kitchen table. Avoid an intricate or tall centerpiece if you use your table for eating every day if you don’t want to have to relocate it every time you want to see your family seated at the table. “A gorgeous bowl of lemons would make the ideal centerpiece,” Follow Tina Dodrill’s lead and add a jug of similarly cheery fruit flowers, or go all out and create a DIY floral arrangement with lemons.

Distressed Wood and Rounded Rock

The farmhouse style is all about mixing vintage pieces with things we may discover in nature. All of everything is provided by this centerpiece, plus more. This arrangement’s foundation is a softly colored base with a rustic flavor thanks to the painted distressed wood. Round pebbles add texture and rhythm, while silver candlesticks rise up to give the piece height.

Gorgeous DIY Fall Tablescape

This gorgeous fall table setting includes several layers of farmhouse table centerpieces made of homemade crafts and heritage furnishings. While the thrift store pumpkins on the sides are converted into stylish pieces with a few coats of white and gold paint, the centerpiece flower arrangement is constructed from a hollowed-out pumpkin filled with vibrant blossoms and foliage.

Repurpose A Wreath

Seasonal variations dictate how Victoria Tik of Aesthetik Design decorates her centerpieces. “The holiday season is extremely enjoyable. Decorating with seasonal flowers or even food is a terrific idea. She advises looking through your seasonal décor and selecting your favorites.

The simpler the wreaths, the more often I use them, she explains. For every table shape, they work well as centerpieces, in my opinion. You may create something lovely and exquisite by inserting a few candles in between or by including more greenery or ornaments.

Clear Glass and White Flowers

Nothing mandates that centerpieces made in a farmhouse style must be challenging. Simple glass jars in a clear color are the ideal foundation for tall white blooms. White blooms provide a delicate refinement to this delicate arrangement, while the green of the flower stalks peeks through the glass, adding color to the design. To create the ideal centerpiece, place two of them side by side.

Subtle Autumn

A terrific approach to welcome fall is by combining warm and cold tones with a neutral color scheme. These white pumpkin and light sunflower farmhouse table centerpieces add a soft splash of color to the otherwise bland table setting. The rustic warmth of fall is reflected in the brass accents and faded patina finish.

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