Window Cat Enclosure

In certain locations, it is neither safe nor practicable to let cats outside, so they must live their whole lives indoors. Cats are typically outdoor creatures that may run free and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Building a catio, also known as a cat patio or window box, is one way to provide cats access to the outdoors without exposing them to any risks. Here are our top cat window box designs if you want to attempt making one. We searched the web for plans that you can use.

How To Build A Catio

This plan will show you how to create a chic, high-quality outdoor area where your cats may unwind safely. An explanation of catios, a list of the supplies you’ll need, some really helpful illustrations that will help you understand what you should be doing, and a thorough step-by-step instruction manual are all included. Although this is a pricey choice, if you don’t mind spending a little extra money on something that will look wonderful and provide your cats a place to play, you should consider it.

How to Build a Catio

Build a catio to keep your furry companions safe from predators. Get the free building instructions for a cat catio here so your feline friends may safely enjoy the outdoors. Use the 2×2 wooden planks in a variety of lengths to construct the majority of this DIY catio. Simply use hardware cloth to convert the frame into a cage after it has been constructed.

Great Outdoors Catio

This big catio made of wire mesh can accommodate numerous cats at once. It can accommodate a mounted catwalk and two cat trees. Even a separate enclosure is provided for bird observation. Since this catio was created by amateur carpenters, anyone with even a modicum of skill could simply build something simpler.

DIY Inexpensive Outdoor Cat House

If you’re searching for something at the other end of the spectrum, you can create a quite roomy catio for only about $80 by following the instructions in this YouTube video. This catio is the ideal answer, as the YouTuber says, for her housecat, which likes to go outside but becomes afraid when it leaves the house.

DIY Catio with PVC Pipes

Use this PVC pipe catio to safely allow your cats to enjoy some fresh outdoor air. Your kitties will be protected from automobile collisions with this. You can construct a secure Catio for a cat for less than $300. Using PVC pipes, construct the catio’s framework first, and then cover it with Blue Hawk Plastic garden fence.

Outdoor Cat Living Space

Making this cat cage in the lean-to design is not difficult, but it can require some effort. You can simply find every component at your neighborhood hardware shop. The catio’s base is a skid, which prevents the cage from resting directly on the surface. This prevents the outside carpeting covering your cat’s floor from becoming sodden with water. A genuine tree branch that may be used as a climbing or scratching post is kept within the cage.

Catios – General Principles

This is more of an explanation of the fundamental ideas than it is a specific blueprint for creating a catio. However, this is absolutely worth reading if you’re interested in creating one for your furry pals. There is a ton of information about the kinds of things you should think about while designing a catio, and there are also a few fantastic suggestions for how to make something useful with the least amount of time and money. There are also lots of images that might inspire your imagination.

Homemade Outdoor Catio

This is the most amazing cat enclosure ever created. It keeps the kitties inside while allowing them to enjoy the fresh outside air. Yes, cats may enter this outdoor catio from inside the house because it is integrated into the exterior of the building. Use pine boards, plywood, and timber to build the skeleton of this catio. For this simple cat enclosure, use a movable roof.

Budget-Friendly Catio

Try this simple idea to make a cost-effective catio that will provide your cat safe outside access for as little as $50. There are no tools needed. Simply use wildlife netting as the wall and garden pegs as the fence’s poles. Use U-frame stakes and zip ties to keep everything in place. This is a fantastic alternative for regions that don’t have a lot of snow or ice throughout the winter because the netting won’t withstand their weight.

Catio Ideas

If you’re seeking for further advice and concepts relating to catio, this website will provide you with a lot to consider. You might visualize a little, simple catio when you think of one, but these designs will show you what is actually feasible. We particularly adore the concept of a catio big enough for a comfortable chair so you can spend quality time outside with your fluffy friends. Both you and your kitties may unwind in this lovely outdoor area.

Inexpensive DIY Catio

You will spend $350 to build this catio, and it will be finished in just one day. Make the 12 rectangles first using the 2x2x8′ timber lengths. Build this low-cost, incredibly safe DIY catio by putting them together and covering with hardware cloth. Visit simplycats for free plans and instructions.

IKEA Shelf Catio

You can create this simple IKEA shelf catio in any size. More shelves may be added for a larger catio. It is chicken wire-enclosed and allows your cat to exercise by leaping from shelf to shelf. This free catio plan’s door should not be opened when cats are present. It provides access to the outdoors in case of emergency. When cats are utilizing the catio, sliding locks keep the door closed. For the ideal cat hangout, include toys, beds, and a litter box.

DIY Catio

Cats like being outside, but it’s not always practical depending on where you live. If your cat is allowed to wander freely, there are so many risks out there that sometimes you just have to prioritize their safety. Cat patios are a fantastic concept since they allow you to offer your cat access to sunshine and fresh air in a supervised and secure setting. This plan is focused on preventing that, so if you like your pets and don’t want them to suffer, this catio can be the best choice.

Free Catio Building Plan

View one of the most incredible DIY catio plans, which has a paved surface. Here, you will find instructions on how to properly decorate a catio in addition to learning how to build one like an expert. Grab the roof rafters and other custom-sized, sturdy wooden lengths to make the structure. Then use wire mesh to make it into a secure cage.

Easy DIY Cat Enclosure

This simple DIY cat cage was built in a backyard’s garden. It has tunnels that go to a cat entrance in the house’s window. Build the cat enclosure outdoors with the shelves at window level so your cat may access it if you’d like not to be engaged in that. The catio’s size may be adjusted to meet your needs.

How To Build A Safe And Stylish Catio

Another cat owner’s idea for a catio, this one from someone concerned about the dangers of the outside world, such as predators, vehicles, poison, infections, and more. Building something like this could be a good idea if you want to keep your cats happy without putting them in danger because being indoors all the time is not healthy for cats, just like it is not for people. This website has a ton of catio suggestions, some of which are big and audacious. Of course, we also like the images of the adorable cats!

Outdoor Enclosure for Cats

Utilizing an outside cat cage to exercise will help your kitties stay mentally stimulated. Along with providing excellent curb appeal, it will protect the cats from outdoor dangers. To construct the full frame of a catio, including a sturdy bench foundation, use 2x4s and 4x4s wood lengths. The final catio is 8 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 9 feet tall.

Thrifty Cool Cat Catio

This frugal catio was constructed for less than $50 using recycled materials. It is simple to relocate using a dolly so you may switch where your cat hangs out. In order for your cat to have direct access to it from the home, it may also be permanently installed outside a window or door. The roof is made from an old sash window, but you may use any material you desire. Install it on a slope, though, so that moisture and debris may drip off.

DIY Catio Plans And Design Ideas

The “Outside Oasis Catio with Tunnel Access” is one of the many incredible ideas on this website that we adore. If you have a lot of outdoor space and want to create something extra-special for your cherished cats, this may be a terrific project to take on.

There are also a ton of other fascinating concepts as well as some excellent pictures that are guaranteed to spark your imagination. You may even download a few pdf blueprints if you want to attempt making one yourself.

Build Your Own Catio

Building this large, covered cat cage will undoubtedly improve the neighborhood’s curb appeal. In order to construct this catio, which is tastefully wrapped with netting mesh, you will need 112, 24 and 26. For this DIY Catio, you can use either hardware cloth or chicken wire.

Wire Cat Enclosure

This simple catio may be constructed with components for less than $100 utilizing wire storage kits. To make the enclosure, the kits are secured together so you may choose the size that would work best for your cats.

There is no weather protection, which is a drawback. When required, you may cover the top with a tarp or drop sheet; alternatively, you can install something more long-lasting. The flooring is outdoor carpeting. Useless ground or artificial grass are additional options. Just make sure there are no spaces between the walls and the floor where your cat may squeeze out.

Free Catio Plans

We adore this site because of how meticulous and well-planned the catio plan is. Although not many cat owners are skilled DIYers or skilled carpenters, you may still undertake this design even if you have very little DIY expertise.

A list of the supplies and tools you’ll need is provided, along with an estimation of the time you’ll need to dedicate to finishing the project. The next section has a number of concise graphics that clearly outline what needs to be done. Why not give it a try? It’s simple to use and will provide fantastic results.

Awesome Large Backyard Cat Enclosure

Download a free DIY Catio Plan from this site to learn how to construct a cat enclosure with several tunnels. Finally, these tunnels lead to a larger backyard cat cage. To allow your cats to go outside, you must construct safe passageways all around the house. It could be a little difficult to construct this huge cat cage.

Build A Catio

This website provides you with a variety of possibilities to pick from if you need ideas for the catio that would be perfect for your house. If you want to try something more lavish, you may find downloadable pdf designs for a “normal” catio, an enclosed porch catio, and a stand-alone catio with tunnel access option.

Another idea for enhancing your current catio exists, and your feline friends will appreciate it in their own unique feline way. This website is a great resource because it also has a FAQ section that addresses a variety of other catio-related queries.

Turn IKEA Bookcases Into A Catio

A catio can be constructed in many different ways. Use this IKEA hack to inexpensively construct a catio with a contemporary appearance. Simply purchase some IKEA bookshelves and turn them into a DIY catio to allow your cats to exercise outside in a secure setting. An easy-to-follow catio strategy.

DIY Catio Plan

This blog explains the advantages of a catio in detail in case you had any questions. House cats don’t always enjoy the luxury of exercise, sunlight, and fresh air, which are essential for a cat’s happiness and health.

Instead, they could act cranky or mischievous, and occasionally they might even start gaining weight. All of these issues may be resolved by building a catio, and this website will provide you with all the guidance you need. Examine the outcomes, too. These cats must be pleased, for sure!

DIY Catio – Weekend Project

Build this catio from 2×4 and 6×6 wood slats and a variety of recycled items. This larger cat enclosure is next to the window and will undoubtedly encourage your cat to exercise while breathing in the clean outdoor air. With the wooden frame and wire mesh fencing, it resembles a larger cage.

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