Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Large shipping containers called crates are frequently built of wood and are used to store or carry bulky, heavy products. With or without sheathing, a wooden box has a self-supporting structure, making it perfect for manufacturing furniture because even novices can use it. We’ve already published a few DIY crates-to-furniture projects, and now we’ll add more with crate shelves and bookshelves, two of the simplest crafts ever (after all, crates are made to hold things)!

You can arrange wood crate shelving on your wall in a variety of ways, which makes for attractive floating shelves. Learn how to build these straightforward floating shelves to save some floor space by reading this guide and watching the video. Get motivated!

Make a Budget Bookcase with Wooden Crates

Here, you’ll find a variety of stacking arrangements for crates as well as applications for them. The homemade wooden box bookshelf is very adaptable! They may be stacked in any arrangement to meet your present demands. Maybe this time you need a higher bookshelf, and maybe the next time, in a different space, you need something broader. You can get everything you need with this quick and simple DIY project!

DIY Stained Crate Bookshelf

Here is a guide with detailed directions on how to build and customize this bookshelf with a vintage/bohemian theme. This bookcase may be utilized in a variety of ways, including as more kitchen storage, a focal point or additional storage in your bedroom, a credenza to place behind your television (if so, use half the crates listed below), and whatever else you can think of!

Add a Simple Frame for Crate Drawers

An easy crate cabinet is the ideal place to keep a variety of products if you need extra storage almost anyplace in your house. You may use this cabinet to keep snacks in the kitchen, bathroom linens, or even toys in the playroom for your children. It is simple to construct and you can paint it to fit any room’s hue.

Create A Freestanding Storage Solution

One of the easiest wooden crate projects on this list (but also one of the most useful!) has to be this bookcase made from wood crates. I use it to hold a variety of items, and it has pride of place in my very own creative area. boxes, stationery, folders… Onto the wooden containers everything goes if it would otherwise clutter up my desk!

I alternated between vertical and horizontal stacking of the boxes. I adore the result it produces. I love that I could create it out of only a few cheap crates and that it looks so dynamic.

Double Up Two Wooden Crates

For the fastest side tables you will ever create, stack a few wooden crates on top of one another! If you need a little extra storage in your guest room but your budget isn’t really allowing for it right now, this would be the ideal option. It takes hardly any time at all to make this inventive DIY wood crate upcycle. It’s simple, inexpensive, and will make your guest room more cozier! To make your guests feel welcome, place a few kind items on the nightstand. Then you are ready to go.

DIY Small Foot Print Tall Bookshelf

This is the perfect compact storage item if your room is cramped. Saving floor space is possible thanks to the towering height and tiny footprint of this crate shelf. It is made entirely of crates and is painted purple to match the decor of the room, however you may select any other color.

Alternate Drawers for Cute Locker Cubbies

An cute locker unit with cubbies and crate drawers may be a terrific place to keep all of your children’s school supplies, regardless of whether you homeschool or have a separate area in your home for homework. These do-it-yourself wood crate shelves may assist organize and categorize supplies so that everything is visible and simple to reach.

Cover An Entire Wall In Wooden Crates

If you liked my wooden crate bookshelf, you might like this massive one because it takes up practically the entire wall! Despite being in a coffee shop, the wooden crate wall on Front + Main would look stunning in any sizable area in your home.

Simply arrange the crates in a stack (again, a mix of vertical and horizontal orientations looks extremely fun and dynamic! ), and make sure they are fastened to the wall. They are ideal for displaying books, indoor plants, framed portraits, or other items.

Kids Rooms Get So Much More Organized with Wooden Crate Projects

To create two wall bookcases for your child’s room, cut a crate in half. Fill them with your favorite books and place them at eye level. Who among children can resist picking up a book or two if they are available and at their eye level? Invite the youngsters to assist you with installing and decorating the shelves. Even better, set up a comfy reading nook nearby with interesting lighting and pillows.

If you need extra space for your toys, you can even utilize them. Add a couple of them to the room so the kids can easily pick up their toys and maintain an ordered environment in their bedroom. They need some seats, please. Check out the following concept!

DIY Light-stained Wood Crate Bookshelf

Looking for a reasonably priced, distinctive rustic shelf? Depending on the color of stain and quantity of crates you select, this DIY wooden crate shelf adds personality and is completely adjustable! The beauty of this wooden crate bookshelf is that you can use it in any area—be it a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or office—in addition to serving as a bookshelf for a nursery. Depending on the design of your area, it is incredibly adaptable and entirely changeable.

Stacked and Painted Open-Front End Table

Choose these produce crates flipped on their sides to create a fun and useful end table to give your living area a little more funk while keeping it rustic. You can add some more storage to your living space with this end table, which is simple to build and paint. Create two, one for each end of your sofa.

Create A Dual-Purpose Storage Table

If there’s anything I like more than a useful craft, it’s a useful craft that has more than one use! In addition to being a lovely coffee table for your outdoor lounging area, this wood crate storage table from Simplicity In The South also doubles as a fantastic storage box!

Big boxes like this may be used to store a wide variety of items, including children’s outdoor toys, extra seat cushions, gardening tools, and other outside-only items.

Add a Door for DIY Crate Bookshelf

If you want enclosed storage space, these homemade wood crate shelving lockers are ideal. The metal numbers give off an industrial vibe, and you may add a personal touch by selecting numbers that are significant to you and your loved ones. To assist you in organizing the goods within, you may put shelves and baskets. These lockers can increase the amount of storage in your bedroom or your children’s rooms.

Here’s an Idea to Create a Unique Table And Bookshelf

It’s a quick DIY project that you can do in a matter of hours, and it has a ton of storage space below. You can arrange the boxes in any way you wish, and when you put the pallet boards on top, you have a one-of-a-kind table that fits in with any farmhouse-style design. What a wonderful addition to your house! It’s a great, affordable solution that resembles something you’d get in a high-end home shop.

DIY Vintage-Inspired Blue Crate Bookcase

Create a chic and simple bookcase out of crates! Although you may use any colors and stains, the author shows you how to create a blue bookshelf out of crates to give it an antique air. Because it doesn’t require any wood to be cut or measured, it’s an excellent project for beginners. All you need to do to create a shelf is to nail the crates together.

Use A Crate Bookshelf To Divide A Room

Wooden crates are a fairly easy option if you have a big area that needs some zoning. Wish this one from Making Manzanita, construct a straightforward wooden bookshelf from wooden crates and paint it whatever you like. Your room will now be separated into much easier to navigate areas. You’ll also have a ton of useful storage space!

More Kitchen Storage And Bookshalf for Your Items

This wine cart created from DIY wood crate shelves that include wine crates is a fun way to arrange your wine if you’re searching for wine storage in your kitchen. Wine crates are reasonably priced, attractive design elements that may also be utilized for other kitchenware, like cookbooks.

A Wooden Crate Desk That has a Big Impact

A desk made out of wood crates is perhaps my favorite DIY. You may make a portable workstation by stacking some wooden crates a few feet apart and adding a long piece of wood on top. The tops of the crates may be screwed to the crates for greater stability, creating a more durable construction that would look excellent in a child’s room. If you’re really feeling inventive, you might turn an old door into the top of your desk.

DIY Crate Sconce Shelf To Save Some Floor Space

This is a crate sconce, not simply a crate shelf! The item, which is built of a crate that isn’t painted or stained and a bulb, offers some storage space while also providing light, making it the ideal piece for a bedroom or any other area where you need light and storage without giving up any floor space. Read the instructions and create one!

Mix Reclaimed Pallets with Crates

To create a shelf unit for your living room or bedroom, combine salvaged wood with plain wooden crates if you want to get a genuinely rustic effect. This lovely item will make a statement wherever you chose to put it and is understated enough to showcase your loveliest décor items.

A Rustic Style Table And Bookshelf

Make a console table for your hallway by adding a good stain and some legs that you can buy at any hardware or home furnishing store. Gorgeous! The little table beside the front entrance is perfect for storing your car keys and other necessities. The plain wooden container is transformed into something useful, fashionable, and conversational.

DIY Wood Crate Rolling Cart And Bookshelf

This is the ideal method to transform a wood crate into something useful! It may be a daily-used cart in your office because there is plenty of area for cords to flow through the openings on the rear. You can create your own mobile wood box cart in a matter of minutes and with a few simple materials. Get motivated and start making!

Cut Crates In Half To Make Shelves For Kids’ Books

Kids’ books may be kept in these wooden box bookcases from I Heart Organizing. Simple wooden boxes that have been chopped in half, painted a dazzling white, and securely fastened on a wall are used to make them.

They let the books to be neatly packed away while still allowing the front of the book to be seen, similar to how a lot of children’s bookshelf works. Your children will be able to select their own books on their own this manner. This is exactly the kind of straightforward, useful, and lovely craft that I adore!

Beautifully Rustic DIY Crate Bookshelf

You will enjoy this project if you are the type of person who enjoys building furniture for yourself and if you enjoy solving problems.
The configuration creates a bookshelf that is so attractive that you might be hesitant to place anything inside of it!

Hang Individual Crates For Fun Shelving

Even if you don’t want to utilize all of the wooden crates to make a whole shelf unit, you can still use one or two of them to make a creative storage solution. Books, framed photographs, and other trinkets may be easily stored in individual crates hanging on a wall. I like these cheerful crate shelves from Joann; they’d be so simple and enjoyable to decorate.

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