Baby Hats Patterns

This article is packed with sweetness, so be ready for it! We have over baby hat knitting designs available for you to browse right now—all of them are free! Moreover, there are several images of infants sporting the aforementioned baby caps. In other words, cuteness overload!

Pusheen Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Do you know anyone who enjoys Pusheen cats? Fast to make, this hat is quite simple. It’s ideal for last-minute gift giving. Simple shaping is used to build the design up from the bottom up. A few brief rows are used to create the ears, followed by simple reductions. After the hat is finished with the embroidered chain stitch, the face elements are done. Easy as pie!

Baby Crochet Animal Hat Pattern

For babies, animal hats are a common choice simply because they are so adorable! They are also ideal for adorning a newborn for certain occasions and seasons. Crocheted rabbit hats, baby chick hats, and turkey hats are a few examples. One adorable crochet design for a turkey hat that would be ideal for a baby’s first Thanksgiving is shown here.

One Hour Baby Toque

This hat knits up quite quickly thanks to a simple pattern and incredibly thick yarn. It’s ideal as a last-minute baby shower present, and you may add buttons for decoration or change the color blocks to make it your own.

Knit-Like Crochet Baby Beanie Free Pattern

One of the most adaptable baby hat patterns for crochet is this one. You may create it in any size because to the way the pattern is designed. Any crochet hook size and yarn type may be readily modified using the provided methods. It has been skillfully constructed from the bottom up, starting with a ridged brim that offers the ideal comfortable fit. The knit-like stitches give the hat the density it needs to be cozy and warm. Make this crochet baby hat design your go-to choice if you only ever use one.


A warm and cuddly garter stitch knit cap is the perfect way to welcome the newborn. Icord ties, a broken rib stitch brim, and double pom poms are all part of the pattern. Although there are a few short rows needed for shaping, this hat pattern is still extremely doable for knit newbies. Don’t you think it has such a charming and interesting design?

You Are Loved Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Love on your favorite infant! This flat-knitted “You are Love” hat design has a textured seed stitch heart motif. From babies to toddlers, it can fit. Use a yarn that is washable and simple to care for so that the may be worn often. It’s also a fantastic knitting project for babies for charities.

Color Play Hat

This fundamental design begs to be altered. Use color to your advantage, whether you’re knitting a monochromatic hat or making thin or broad stripes. This is a fantastic chance to use up any leftover yarn.

Basic Beanie Crochet Hat Free Pattern

The basic beanie is a pretty easy baby hat design to crochet. This double crochet beanie has a single crochet edge and is ideal for crafters just starting out. This crochet hat pattern comes in all sizes, allowing you to create coordinated looks for the entire family or new ones as the baby grows and outgrows the original.

The Loving Hat

Working with extra thick yarn will speed up your process if you’re pressed for time. This lovely baby cap is made by knitting in the round from the bottom up. It is a quick and easy knit that creates a sea of vibrant tiny hearts using the simple stranded colorwork method (which is an excellent way to use up leftover yarn, by the way).

Troll Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Are you looking for a simple yet adorable knitting project to make for your favorite child? Troll is a simple knitting design for a hat that comes in sizes for infants, toddlers, and kids. The garter brim and stockinette crown of the hat are constructed from the bottom up.

Big Pom Baby Beanie

A pom pom makes an already gorgeous infant extra cuter. Of course, the pom pom is optional, but it serves as the focal point of this straightforward design. The design is suitable for infants 3 to 12 months old, making it the ideal baby shower or first birthday present.

Chevron Crochet Preemie / Baby Hat

Utilize various stitches to give a basic beanie cap you crocheted a distinctive touch. This one uses the chevron stitch, a striking graphic pattern that’s simple to make. There are six sizes of this crochet cap, three of which are for premature newborns of various sizes.

Hat Of A Cat

Being able to dress up a newborn is one of the finest things about them! Both newborn boys and girls would look wonderful wearing this cute cat cap. Because there is no shaping and just knit and purl stitches are used in the round, this baby hat design is incredibly straightforward. After the hat is completely knit, a little gathering is used to make the ears.

Basic Beanie Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Do you wish to knit your first beanie but are just getting started? Do you simply want a basic, multi-size beanie? How about a design for a beanie where you may use your imagination to experiment with stripes, colorwork, or texture? If so, this design is for you!

Clayoquot Toque

Anyone in the family, from infants to adults, may wear this hat, allowing you to create a whole matching set. The hat’s diminutive size makes it a good starting point for learning stranded colorwork or for experimenting with color.

Slouchy Crochet Hat for All Sizes

The close-fitting beanie and the loose-fitting slouch hat are the two fundamental styles of basic simple crochet hat creation. The latter may be made in any size using the directions in this free crochet design. It has a drawstring closure, so even if your measurement is little wrong, the hat should still fit. If you desire a simpler design, omit the flower with the button in the middle.

Dixie Pixie Hat

Baby bonnets have been making a significant comeback recently, despite the fact that some people may believe they are a little out of date. The mood of the pointed pixie type bonnets is my favorite since they are so lovely and whimsical. This adorable pattern is knit flat and just requires basic shaping and seaming.

Mishka Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

The pattern for the Mishka infant cap combines two intriguing motifs. There are two variations: one with textured points and the other with cables. Using a circular needle, both beanies are knit flawlessly from bottom to top.

Hugs and Kisses Preemie Hat

For her prematurely born niece and nephew, the designer made this pattern. She urges knitters to use this hat pattern to give to nearby NICUs in addition to knitting it for preemies they personally know. Just be cautious to confirm any fiber needs with the hospital first.

Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern

Any infant can get a crocheted baby cap as a gift. It’s somewhat more special, though, if you create a matching set. You could create a cap and a sweater, for instance. Alternately, you may use this crochet pattern to create matching booties. This lovely bonnet will shield the baby’s face from the sun.

Little Fair Isle Hat

This is an opportunity for you to hone your fair isle knitting abilities without committing to a big project. Because a knit baby hat is so little, even though this design asks for fingering weight yarn, it will still knit up very quickly. For the little quantities of color required for the fading leaf motifs in the pattern, smaller skeins are used, although waste yarn can also be used.

Northward Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

The ideal hat to keep noggins warm in the long northern winter is made of simple chunky cables. This design is not only for babies! It can suit everyone in the family, from infants to adults, so they can all look nice and keep warm.

My Bohus Experiment Hat

This hat is the ideal opportunity to practice the lovely colorwork technique known as bohus knitting. Use the hat as an opportunity to experiment with various colors or just to practice stranded colorwork and polish those floats on the incorrect side of the work.

Crown Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This baby cap is made of crochet and is intended for infants and preemies that are very little. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for a baby’s first hat. It is an excellent design for creating goods to contribute to the NICU in your community. The brim of the hat may be pulled up, improving fit and giving the hat the appearance of a tiny prince or princess crown.

Baby Fox Hat

For a costume party or a regular afternoon at the park, a beautiful baby fox cap is ideal. It’s very adorable and comfortable, and you’ll definitely get praises on it! The fox face is created using the intarsia colorwork method, some duplicate stitches, and flat knitting in back and forth rounds.

My Little Baby Newborn Pattern

Another straightforward design with a ton of customization possibilities is shown here. Don’t worry if you’ve never knit in the round; there are instructions for both straight needles and double-pointed needles.

Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern

The thick-and-thin yarn used to make this crocheted pixie cap knits up fast and becomes quite comfortable. Using half double crochet stitches, it is a simple crochet design. It has a playful form and flair thanks to the tassels on the ends. This design for a crochet baby hat is perfect if you’re seeking for something simple but unique.

Plaid Toque

Black and white plaid is a classic for a reason, and it never goes out of style. This elegant style would undoubtedly give the newborn an Audrey Hepburn old world charm. Simple stitches are used to knit the pattern in the round. You may create a matching adult version using the pattern, which also contains those sizes.

Maile Beanie

This hat has a lovely aesthetic thanks to a straightforward lace pattern, and it’s ideal for learning yarn overs. You may simply eliminate the lace and maintain the lovely garter stitch brim if you’re knitting the hat for a boy.

Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern

In order to produce a pattern that appears more sophisticated than it is, this crochet hat pattern combines cluster stitches with an ombre yarn. It’s a terrific option for showing off your crochet abilities to others. Because of this, it is a fantastic present or item for baby to wear at important occasions.

Garter Bonnet

Give this one a try if you’re especially seeking for novice baby hat knitting designs. Three brief video tutorials are included in this free knitting pattern to get you through the challenging sections. The pattern is intended for intrepid novices who are willing to try their hand at knitting icord for the ties and a little short row shaping.

Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

You essentially get two designs for baby hats in one. The “Earth in Space” design is supposed to be more intricate and intriguing. To provide the appearance of stars, you add a very little amount of surface embroidery to the body of the hat. Then you discover how to create a pom inspired by the Earth to decorate the hat. The simpler version, a continuous spiral crochet hat design that you may make in any color to fit any infant, is available if you omit those two aspects.

Tiny Triangles Hat

Baby hat knitting patterns have the advantage of requiring very little yarn, which is nice. Even better, you can get away with using yarn scraps left over from past projects when the pattern, like this one, uses three colors. This is a quick and enjoyable knit that uses stockinette stitch and stranded colorwork done in the round.

Seamless Earflap Hat Free Crochet Pattern

The yarn used in this pattern for an earflap crochet hat has great color saturation. This free pattern is offered on Ravelry as a download and is available in six sizes, ranging from infant to adult. To wear them together for the baby’s first family photo, you could thus create a ton of them for everyone in the family.

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