Bathroom Towel Holder Ideas

Don’t want to hang your towels on the bathroom door any longer? Go to the neighborhood grocery later, please. Improve your bathroom by using one of these simple DIY towel racks. Who knew that a rope towel holder line could be designed in so many different ways?

Not only are towel holders useful and utilitarian, but they can also make a bold design statement in your bathroom. Do you need to arrange your room? Keep an eye out for our blogs about towel bar organizing tips!

Heat it Up With a Heated Towel Rack

It’s challenging to get out of the shower. However, it will feel like paradise if you have a warm towel to wrap you in as you bask in its toasty sweetness. Try the heated towel rack that is one or more rungs higher than the standard towel bar.

It will warm your towels for you if you arrange them in a zigzag manner within the rack. Once you have finished bathing, pull one end of the towel and you will be immersed in the warmth and comfort of the sun, much as you would on the beach.

Driftwood Towel Rack

This towel rack made of driftwood is perfect for your inner beach bum. To hang your towels, simply place a nice piece of driftwood in the bathroom, add coat hangers, and you’re ready to go.

You should inspect the driftwood for any living creatures and boil it to sterilize it and get rid of any unpleasant odors that could develop when the fungus on the wood rots.

Accordion Towel Rack

Both modern and old versions of accordion peg racks are available; look out for them the next time you go to a thrift shop. They’ve recently become very popular in modern décor. The accordion design hanger works nicely as a bathroom towel rack, as seen here by @farmhousewifey. Usually, they are used for hats or coats at an entryway.

Minimalistic Parallel Bar Design

This style can be your first choice if you want something straightforward yet sophisticated. The nice part is that this one wouldn’t require a complex setup. Two bars that are horizontally parallel to one another are all that are required. With the use of Velcro or tape loops, the bars are fastened to the wall. That’s all, then! Your sleek towel bars are prepared!

Get a Stylish Wooden Towel Bar

More than simply a bar, this wooden counter is. Additionally, it has shelves where you may store additional toilet paper rolls. Your sense of humor will be displayed with a quirky sign that reads, “Soap and water 5.”

Of course, you may also have other funny signage. If you run out of toilet paper, you’re completely on your own, I’m guessing. On the shelf, a luxury soap will look stunning. Naturally, there is also room for indoor plants.

It has a rustic charm that is lovely and old thanks to the burlap rope at the top. Of course, there is also a towel bar at the bottom.

Farmhouse DIY Towel Rack

Even for DIY beginners, this straightforward towel rack in the farmhouse style created by @sunshine valley wv is a terrific project. Cut a wood board to size to create one of your own. (Any board will work, although they used a 14 pine board in this instance.) To give the wood a rustic appearance, stain it. You’re done after you’ve attached the hooks and secured the board to the wall, preferably near studs.

Rectangular Star Design Towel Hooks

If you enjoy having plants all over your home, this towel hook design is for you. With a rectangular head at the top and wooden bars forming Criss-cross patterns to complete the rectangle, the design is carved out of wood. Hooks for your towels have been thoughtfully positioned on the base of the rectangle-shaped structure. The rectangle construction includes a circular plant pattern in the centre to create a natural, attractive impression. “Hey there!” and “I like you AND I love you” are written on the wall behind this building.

Try a Behind the Door Towel Rack

The space behind the bathroom door is one that may use some improvement. What really is behind the door, after all? Nothing, unless you’re hiding and seeking with a little child. Set up a towel rack there to make use of the space.

This towel rack is quite useful, especially for bathrooms with limited space because it can accommodate four full-sized towels. This is the ideal technique to make use of the extra space in your bathroom if there isn’t enough of it and you lack the towel space.

Scrap Wood DIY Towel Rack

With some leftover scrap wood, @homefullofjoy came up with this DIY hand towel rack. She made this adorable ladder-style rack using wood glue, paint, and nails. Two towels may be exhibited on the thin design without taking up much wall space. Who knew that discarded wood could be so useful?

Wall-Mounted Wooden Towel Storage Space

This storage area is for you if you’re one of those persons who prefers to keep their towels neatly wrapped up rather than hanging from hooks. It may be mounted on a wall and is constructed of beautiful wood. It not only makes it simpler for you to store your towel rolls, but it also has three distinct shelves that are stacked one on top of the other, allowing you to store more personal items alongside the towels.

Framhouse Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Combine a bar with a basket to create this really lovely concept. There is a bar below it and a wire basket on top. You might find a simple towel bar uninteresting. But a basket and bar combined is not only useful but also lovely.

The basket is perfect for storing a shampoo, some lotion, and an extra roll of toilet paper. This design will look great in your bathroom no matter its size, theme, or arrangement.

Ladder Towel Rack

This bathroom’s towel rack was made out of a blanket ladder that @kristinegraceinteriors recycled for towel storage. A leaning ladder gives your bathroom a boho-chic vibe while serving as a shelf for towels to be displayed and dried. In addition, it’s a perfect alternative to a big wall-mounted bar or several hooks for fitting multiple towels in a compact space.

Doorknob Towel Hooks – Recyclable and Reusable

Do you enjoy reusing items around your home? So this one would be your favorite! Except that they are key cases and food knobs that may no longer be in use, they are hooks for hanging towels. You may hang your towels on them by simply screwing them to the wall.

Get a Golden Towel Bar Set

Get many when one is insufficient. One of every kind. a toilet paper holder, a hook, a towel bar, and a circular towel holder. And they all have stunning golden hues that contrast well with a teal background.

Teal is a beautiful tint that complements a wide range of colors. Golden, for example, here. Additionally, the pink towels on the golden bar are quite beautiful.

The towel bar set’s components offer the bathroom an opulent, regal appearance. Ensure that all bathroom items adhere to the overall motif and are soft golden in hue.

Triangle Hooks DIY Towel Rack

Here is another wood scrap hand towel rack created by @stinsonhomeonadime. It is delightfully modern and unusual due to its straightforward design and triangle-shaped hooks, and it would go well with any bathroom décor. If carpentry isn’t your thing, have a look at these simple wood hangers to get a similar effect.

Hanging Towel Bar for Your Beautiful Bathroom Corner

This one can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. In your bathroom, this set-up is located just next to the washbasin. It is a shelf that resembles a brick, and a bar swings directly downward from the bottom. Plants may be displayed on the brick shelf in your room, and a hand towel can be put out on the hanging bar. It is enhanced by the elegant selection of an excellent bathroom mirror.

Steampunk Meets Vintage in This Design

The use of shelves and bars creates a design that blends rustic and steam engine period elements. The iron pipes give the layout an industrial feel, while the wooden shelves give it a rustic charm.

The shelves may be utilized to store anything you choose, and the poles hang towels. To add to the steampunk atmosphere, it may be some additional rolls of toilet paper or some used apothecary bottles.

A few incense sticks can keep the restroom smelling beautiful and clean for a very long time. Include a jar to store your loofahs and shower caps, of course.

Leather Loop DIY Towel Rack

Cut two pieces of leather to re-create this towel rack from @kiniesdesign. One of the strips should be folded in half before making a tiny hole through both layers of leather 1/2 inch from the ends. So that the strip forms a loop, thread a screw through the holes. Continue by using the second strip. To create the rack, first fasten both loops to the wall. Then, thread a wooden dowel through each loop.

Buttoned Towel Hooks for an Elaborate Wall

This set-up is mostly intended for individuals who wish to hang their towels directly beneath a wonderfully decorated wall or other area. To avoid drawing attention away from the wall art, the hooks are simple buttons with little hardware. Use sturdy metallic buttons to hang your towels at your preferred location.

Create an Organized Towel Bar

It’s impossible to organize a towel bar, right? Just a bar, really. However, with the appropriate planning, even a simple towel bar may be organized. In this manner, you may organize everything and use a straightforward towel bar in a variety of ways. Impress your visitors with your organizing skills.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Beaded Towel Ring

The use of wooden beads has become quite popular in interior design, appearing on anything from chandeliers to holiday garlands. Utilizing little accent items, like this beaded towel ring, is the key to pulling off this new style. In her DIY, Spoon, Fork, Bacon colored ordinary wooden beads using Rit Dye, giving you the flexibility to match your own décor. Even complete novices may complete this craft because it only requires three essential materials: beads, leather, and a metal ring.

Ceiling-Mounted DIY Towel Rack

This simple towel rack was made by @viidenkympinvillitys since she didn’t want to drill into the wall tile. It is hanging from the ceiling. Install two hooks in the ceiling, and then use rope to suspend the wood rail. Because towels can be heavy when wet, it would be preferable to secure the ceiling hooks to a beam. Use a toggle bolt to fasten the hooks in hollow drywall or plaster if there isn’t a beam accessible. Buy straightforward hooks or make your own out of wire coat hangers.

Rustic Wooden Ladder Drying Rack

Wooden ladders may bring a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom and aren’t only for farmhouse-style houses. This ladder has streamlined design that can be painted or stained to seamlessly match any décor. Leaning towel holders not only make a statement but also offer the space needed for several towels to dry simultaneously, which is essential when several people are sharing a shower. Not only is the DIY pretty easy, but the complete project only needs roughly $20 in ingredients! Why not adore it?

Try a Wooden Towel Bar

On the wood, there are iron towel bars fitted. There are also steel towel bars. There are fewer wooden towel bars, though. Try an all-wood towel bar that is attractive and rustic. Few of us have ever seen wooden toilet bars in any of the restrooms we’ve used, so it creates a minimalist design that is distinctive. This might be the ideal towel bar for you if you appreciate the wooden style, enjoy wooden flooring, or even a wooden accent wall.

Clip Design Towel Hangers

This one is incredibly inventive and would capture interest right away. The towel hangers are designed and built to resemble fabric clips. They have a highly lifelike appearance and are tinted brown. This is a must-have item!

Barnwood DIY Towel Rack

This straightforward towel rack with metal hooks was created by @thehillcresthouse using a rough piece of wood to give the room a hint of rustic character. The unpolished wood board contrasts nicely with the contemporary metal hooks.

Designer Text Hooks for an Added Visual Element

This arrangement contains hooks that can be used to hang your towels and uses the head as a shelf on which to stack other items as needed. The hooks appear from a phrase that reads “towels,” suggesting their intended use.

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