Simple Outdoor Wooden Bench Plans

Every visit to your outside space will call for some very cozy garden bench seats, which are frequently offered in the shape of outdoor benches, the most popular outdoor furniture pieces that also come in a range of styles! Use these easy outdoor wood bench plans & ideas to solve your seating area problems. They’ll first capture your attention with their exquisite and superb designs, then shock you with their dirt cheap price tags. This is because each of these outdoor seats was constructed by hand, and you might try to make your own to arrange your outside areas.

You may select any design from the list of easy outdoor wood bench plans & ideas to replicate for your patio, porch, backyard, and garden seating places. The designs are provided for every ability level. All of these DIY outdoor bench ideas will serve as fantastic inspirations for you to go forward like a pro. You can also combine two distinct designs from the list to create a brand-new one that will match your chosen outside space the best!

Mid-Century Slatted Bench

This contemporary bench looks great both indoors and out. Due to the slatted boards, it has a Mid-Century look. Making this lovely seat yourself will be far less expensive than purchasing it brand-new from a store. To assist you with your build, the instructions contain a supply list, step-by-step instructions, and several images.

Easy DIY Rustic Sitting Garden Bench Plans

For novices who might not be comfortable with carpentry work, this simple DIY rustic bench is a perfect choice. It can be made with just three boards, and because of its straightforward form, it can fit in with any landscape. You may choose to add whatever components you like or drill pilot holes.

Covered Sitting Area

This covered bench has a really nice resting space and seems like it was built using recycled materials. Which is always a good thing for you because recycled materials typically result in a lower construction cost.

So, if you want a comfortable location to sit where you can still gaze about you while being shielded from the weather, this garden seat can be the one for you.

DIY Upcycled Chair Bench for Backyard

Adding a double chair bench to your garden can add style while costing nothing to build and maintain.

Simply take two used chairs and join their slats to create a lovely double chair bench that will rock for two people to sit on.

Shoe Storage Bench Plan

That’s My Letter made this practical shoe storage bench and is offering the free building blueprint. Even the most inexperienced builder may complete this project with the help of the schematics and step-by-step building instructions that are included.

This storage bench was created to accommodate four large storage crates with ease. This gives you and your family a lot more space to keep things like shoes, hats and gloves, sporting goods, and pretty much anything else you need access to quickly while you’re leaving the house.

Front Porch Garden Bench Plans

This front porch garden bench is easy to build and comes with a comprehensive guide for novices. It is a roomy bench that may comfortably hold 2 to 3 people. It will be a chic seat to observe the garden if you add a coat of paint that matches the color of your home.

Cherry Bench Seat

Do you like to keep your décor looking more natural? This bench will be for you in this situation. It is a stunning seating area made of raw wood fitted together.

This bench also comes with written and video instructions. This guide may make it simpler for you to have a lovely bench if you are a novice carpenter.

Make West Elm Bench Knock-off

Interested in purchasing the extremely costly West Elm furniture? Then create replicas of West Elm furniture to suit your tastes. For a brilliant start, create a bench similar to one from West Elm for less than $15. Build a bench with heat-treated wood for a black and white aesthetic.

2×4 Bench and Side Table

With the help of this free plan from Jays Custom Creations, you can construct a little side table in addition to an outdoor seat. Some 2x4s, screws, and other typical woodworking tools like glue and a saw are needed for the bench.

This plan’s cutting schematics and placement drawings are color-coded to make assembly incredibly straightforward. Additionally, each measurement is distinct and simple to comprehend.

Rainbow Garden Bench

Look no farther than this rainbow garden seat for a splash of color. Even if you may make the bench out of scrap, these plans and suggestions are also fantastic if you want to reuse an existing bench. Every slat may be a different color if you want to change the color scheme.

Easy DIY Sitting Bench

It might be rather frightening if you’ve never built anything before. But don’t allow your creativity be constrained by your fear. In this case, this guide may be just what you need if you’re seeking for a simple DIY garden bench layout.

Modern Diy Outdoor Bench – Inspired Williams Sonoma

Installing magnificent modern seats that you can create yourself will also add a contemporary feel to your outdoor areas. Make a copy of this strong outdoor bench made of wood that looks like it came from Williams Sonoma. It has solid block measurements and can be fashioned from heavy timber or pine slats.

$20 Beginner Wooden Bench Project

This $20 DIY bench layout from Remove and Replace is ideal for novice woodworkers. It is 3′ long, 1′ deep, and 17″ tall.

This design does not provide a materials or tool list, so you must go through the stages to determine what you’ll need before beginning. It shouldn’t be challenging to grasp the stages in this bench plan because they are quite explicit and include pictures.

Easy Planter Garden Bench

Always looking to expand your planting area? You could just need this garden seat with a planter. The seat is situated between two empty planter boxes that you are free to decorate whatever you choose. Although some novices may find this project to be ambitious, the instructions and blueprints are simple to understand and adhere to.

Wine Barrel Garden Bench

Do you appreciate a good glass of wine? Do you frequent nearby vineyards? Your outdoor decor can look amazing with this barrel bench.

There are, regrettably, no plans. This is only an idea, but you could also get the bench from the website that came up with the concept. It’s a big wine barrel that has been turned into a seat, but it looks fantastic.

How to Make Tufted Bench

This tufted bench project is for you if you have some experience with upholstery. Simply construct the bottom bench structure using turned legs and plywood, then add the upholstered bench berth that you may create using thick foam and cotton fabric.

Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Bench

Here is a free bench plan from The Design Confidential for building a 38″ Chesapeake Banquette (click here for the 48″ version). This project should only cost a total of around $25. You may use this bench by itself or in conjunction with a dining table, farmhouse table, or picnic table.

It’s nice that everything you need to make the bench is laid out for you before the instructions even start. This includes the tools, timber, materials, and cut list.

The Design Confidential is among the top free resources for woodworking designs because to the detailed instructions and accompanying pictures that show the exact bench item that each phase is detailing.

Twin Bed Garden Bench Plans

Do you have any spare twin beds? The footboard and headboard of these antique beds may be used to create the basis of this garden seat, as shown in the plan.

Deck Bench with Storage

The ideal bench is occasionally one that is integrated into your seating space. You might appreciate this concept if you have a lovely deck space that views out over your land. Additionally, the bench includes integrated storage, which makes it a fantastic location to keep your colorful cushions while not in use.

Easy DIY Red Chair Bench

Do you have some outdated dining chairs without armrests? Instead of putting them in the garbage, turn them into a fantastic wooden outdoor bench that can be used for patio, garden, and outdoor seating.

As you can see, combining three chairs and adding a long, slatted sleeper results in a wonderful bench that seats three people. Instructions can be modified here.

DIY Bench Plan

My Outdoor Plans offers another another inexpensive DIY bench that is simple to assemble. For the legs, trim, and seat, numerous 2x4s in varying lengths are required.

The bench seat is 16″ off the ground because, as the image depicts, it is supported by two blocks. The entire bench measures 58″. The plan contains all of the information and illustrations required to assemble this bench.

Planter Bench With Lattice

This planter bench with a lattice is a challenging and rewarding project for people with a little more experience building furniture. If you can construct this garden seat, you’ll have a spot to grow some of your favorite flowers.

The Rustic Bench

Rustic is best described by this bench. It is made from a few ancient wood pieces that have been joined to create a straightforward seat. Although there is no guide, this bench ought should be simpler to replicate. Additionally, it ought to blend in well with most design styles.

Build a Cedar Outdoor Bench for Entryway

You don’t have any chic wooden seats to make your entranceway pop. then go to this sturdy and simple to assemble cedar bench. It derives distinctiveness and beauty from the sturdy, planter-box-style legs that are included. This seat would also be a great option if you want to give your doorway a substantial wooden feel.

Garden Bench

To make this bench, simply gather the few supplies listed at the top of the Handyman Wire page and follow the directions in their free blueprint.

HandymanWire contains the cutting measurements, just like the other designs on this site, so you know precisely what to do right away.

Real-world images of the building process are included as well as color-coded graphics to assist you follow the processes.

Picnic Table Bench

Although the picnic table in your garden is useful for dining, if you use this concept, you can turn it into two benches. If you often have guests and want a spacious sitting space, this style is ideal.

Twin Bed Bench

What should you deal with the kids’ old beds when they become older and their beds get bigger? Before you throw them away, read this guide.

The instructions explain how to create a sweet bench using the headboard and footboard. It appears to be affordable and easy to construct.

How to Build Outdoor Bench

Another beautiful and sturdy outdoor seat that you can easily replicate! This one is finely polished and has a crystal clear appeal. It is composed of sturdy hardwood pillars. Build this sturdy garden seat with alluring shimmer on the wood grains by grabbing the square wooden posts.

Simple West Elm Knock-Off Bench

Some of the coolest DIY projects are ones that replicate something you just don’t want to purchase yourself, like this $15 knockoff of a $700 bench. Be careful to study the materials and tools list before beginning the procedures to ensure you have everything you need.

There aren’t many stages involved in building this bench, as the illustration would suggest. Additionally, it should be rather simple for anyone who is even familiar with the fundamentals of woodworking thanks to the photos and details offered. You should anticipate finishing it in around 6 hours, including creating the bench and waiting for everything to dry.

Recycled Door Bench

Don’t throw away that old door! Think about reusing it as a garden bench. The bench’s back will be made from a portion of the door, and the seat will be made from a few wooden slats. You may always apply a fresh coat of paint if you don’t like the color of the door.

The One Slat Bench

Another straightforward bench design is this one. To provide stability, it features a single piece of wood across the back. It has four shorter legs in addition. The bench’s foundation, however, is only one slat broad. As a result, it has a straightforward design that may fit in anywhere.

DIY Outdoor Bench with Arbor

This incredible outdoor seat comes with an arbor and is really sturdy and beautiful to look at. It is the most spectacular and highly ornamental wooden outdoor bench to create for your garden.

The metal lattice sides, which will also form gorgeous trellises for creeping plants, add beauty to the structure together with the slatted arbor.

The Garden Seat

I like this design as well since it looks solid yet is still conventional enough to go with most decorating styles. Therefore, you’ll be happy to discover that this design also offers comprehensive build plans if you require a DIY garden bench.

French-style Outdoor Bench from Old Chairs

The finest thing to construct out of two old chairs is this gorgeous wooden outdoor bench, which will rock for a couple relaxing outside. It is designed in the French style and is excellent and fashionable.

Install the bottom shelf and berth of the bench by separating the chair backrests from the back legs, then combining them with sturdy wooden cross supports as you can see.

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