Enclosed Patio Ideas on a Budget

How can an outside area be made enclosed? We gathered a few sensible suggestions for covered patios. Some will cost more to install, while others are so easy to do that a small expenditure may be used.

The word “enclosed” is defined as “fenced in” or “closed by walls.” No mention of a roof is made. We have a covered deck guide if you prefer a roofed style. Using some inventive techniques, a patio may also be partially or semi-enclosed. If you’re handy around the house, you should also think about DIY projects, especially now that ornamental privacy walls are more readily available.

Small and Snuggly

Building a big, enclosed patio would not be realistic if you have a tiny home. For this one, a small, enclosed patio has been constructed in the formerly open external space designated for a rear deck. There are lounge chairs present, and they have a cozy, welcoming appearance.

Glass Enclosed Patio

One of the most popular patio design kinds, especially for patios, is a glass enclosed patio since it gives you the impression that you are outside at any time of year. Depending on your demands and budget, you can pick between single or double-pane glass. Your patio will become a weather-resistant space that you may use all year long if it is enclosed with framed double-pane insulated glass windows and sliding door panels.


The proprietors of the patio (above) want to conceal themselves from view from the neighbor’s home’s second-floor windows. They decided to use canvas. I figure two of these canvases would cost about $200. furthermore some hardware for fastening them to the pergola

To visually break up the enclosure’s enormous size, two metal accent pieces were suspended over the canvas. The roof structure was also painted green. When combined, green and yellow provide a pleasant, summery appearance.

Overall, it was a fun, inexpensive DIY project. This patio now feels more like a room thanks to the addition of this makeshift wall.


Installing an all-glass enclosure with glass walls and a glass roof can give your patio, no matter how little, the appearance of extra space and a stunning view of the seasons changing. Compact spaces can provide the impression of greater room, and you can choose to open or close them to let in more summer air and natural light. Create a dining room there? Sure. Work lights? It is logical.

In addition, because we are discussing enclosed patios in the sunroom design, here is a more premium example that you might find interesting. The symmetry necessary for this appearance is provided by the glass entrance, strong wood framed glass enclosure, and barn-style roof. The stainless-steel grill gives it a finished, adaptable design, and the Victorian-style furnishings and vintage-style pendant light are top notch.

Lattice Enclosed Patios

Using a latticework screen enclosure allows you to see the outside while yet providing the necessary seclusion. The most common materials used to create lattice screens are vinyl or wood.

Semi-transparent Fabric

An uncommon and low-cost method for making an enclosed enclosure is demonstrated above. The owners made the decision to drape a semi-transparent cloth over a see-through fence. To add to the romantic ambiance, they also installed string lights that just glide down the fence.

Space appears substantially larger when it is transparent. Nevertheless, the desired level of secrecy was attained. With a wood deck and potted plants, the patio design has a very natural appearance.

If you want to replicate the above idea on your patio, these Waterproof Outdoor Curtains Sheer from Amazon would be a nice option.

Converted Garage

As we previously stated, if you have the ambition and the funds, you may turn your old garage into an enclosed patio at any moment. We hang a second layer of blackout curtains and install accordion doors.

Although the room may appear small, the comfy seating arrangement and warm color scheme keep it feeling comfortable and at home.

Enclosed Patio Windows

There are several window enclosure options for your patio, and one of them is the acrylic pane with a strong metal frame. This is wonderful for viewing, lighting, and letting in a moderate breeze. The glass pane is an additional option that is excellent for letting natural light into your covered patio. Vinyl panes are a cutting-edge substitute for glass since they are lightweight, strong, and best of all, they are far less expensive.

Chicken Wire

Because of this, chicken wire and other metal mesh fences are far less expensive than chainlink, concrete, or even timber fences. That is a benefit. The drawback is that employing them to surround a patio only works in warm climes with never-falling leaves.

Climbing plants don’t always have to be ornamental vines; they may even be vegetables. If properly sown, cucumbers, squash, and beans will quickly cover a huge fence. The only drawback is that you will need to replant them frequently. While many ornamental vines, once planted, continue to grow indefinitely, giving you increasing levels of solitude.

Large Stone Patio

Although stone is enduring and rustic, confining it too much may be oppressive and cause you to feel cramped. Its breezy and open floor plan is perfect for gatherings and summer cookouts thanks to its few rafters and partial partitions.

Additionally, its size makes it easy for larger crowds to congregate. This patio may be divided into several areas for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen, and unwinding.

Speaking of large, stone patios, here is another elegant enclosed patio with pillars made of Texas limestone and flooring made of salvaged bricks.

This covered patio is designed to look opulent and old-town with the help of exposed cedar wood beams, recessed lighting, rattan furniture, and a view of the Mediterranean-style pool.

Tropical Design

Convert your patio into a calming and enjoyable tropical getaway. Use a long window cover made of bamboo or wood to enclose your tropical-themed patio and create a more private retreat. These blinds or shades may be pulled up during inclement weather and will block the sun.

Utilize lighter furniture, such as light wicker or wire pieces, and use a fountain or waterfall simulator to create the illusion of flowing water as a centerpiece or wall feature. Include tropical plants like bamboo, luscious palm trees, orchids, and stones to create a diversity of texture surrounding your patio. Tiki torches may be added to provide a romantic and inviting glow at night.

Modern Looks

Wooden boards fastened horizontally give this well enclosed patio a more contemporary appearance. And a garden room is available for those who want total seclusion. This totally covered patio is designed with a living room-like area in the centre and a matching outdoor sofa.

Attached Enclosed Patio

However, you may always create a connected enclosed patio like this one, as patios are often isolated from the main home. made of cedar wood for the columns, wall frames, and grills and cedar strips for the ceiling.

The all-corner seating is a nice addition for an extended living area designed for coffee and board games, and the glass walls are strategically placed for this high perspective.

Screened in Patio

The traditional screened-in patio provides ample circulation and an outside sense without letting rain or mosquitoes or pests inside. Installing a carefully designed screen frame and rolling screen panels may create a screened-in patio. It may reduce sun glare, is relatively economical, and is simple to maintain.

Fencing In a Tiny Patio

Here is a small, contemporary patio that is enclosed by varying-height wooden walls. Should you ask, “Why various heights?” why not Where a taller fence is absolutely essential, install one. Leave a shorter fence in areas where it is not absolutely necessary. This not only saves money but also gives an already extremely cramped, compact area some excellent visual contrast and openness. Round decorations on the patio maximize usage of the area without adding an excessive amount of clutter. The monotonous picture of the wood enclosure is improved by two outside pots. What a straightforward yet thoughtful concept!

Simple Screen Walls

You may always install good ol’ fashioned wood frames and mesh screens if you are thinking about an enclosed patio because you want to have a place at home where you can just relax without being plagued by mosquitoes and for the home to have an extra layer of protection against insects. The icing on the cake? With the sun and the breeze, you can experience the world without filters.

Fence Enclosure

The major motivation for installing a fence enclosure for your patio is seclusion. Typically, building laws state that a fence enclosure cannot be taller than six feet, but you should verify your local construction codes since there may be variations there. Fence enclosures are often constructed of wood, which you may personalize to meet your needs and style. Reclaimed wood may be utilized to create a distinctive, rustic aesthetic. Additionally, vinyl fence enclosures are offered on the market.

Small Encaged Space Idea

It was fairly simple to implement the idea for a tiny enclosed patio (see the image above). The color of the flora is reflected in the wall’s shade of green. The earthy-looking tile contributes to the appearance of being extremely natural. The white painted fence gives the impression that the area is broader. Finally, the design is finished by the pergola roof above. Although this patio appears to be entirely enclosed, it doesn’t feel that way at all.

Curtains Instead of Walls

Instead of adding wood or concrete walls or track type doors, you may create an open cabana look by using big, blackout or industrial curtains.

This allows you a more flexible option to open and close the patio to create room for the picturesque view if you have a garden view to open to.

In comparison to a complete patio enclosure, it requires less care. For an unified aesthetic, using the proper furnishings should also be taken into account.


Sunrooms are often built as an extension to the house rather than as a separate building and have solid frames with numerous windows. You may have a glass sunroom roof, which provides floor to ceiling views of the outside. View further sunroom layouts here.

Walled in Patios

Patio designs with walls resemble fenced-in patterns. The key distinction is that this strategy makes use of either property walls or home walls, or both. It is not comparable to a courtyard (see below). This strategy excels in small places when the backyard may be enclosed by extending the home’s walls there. For homes made of brick or concrete, this is feasible.

This multi-level patio is completely surrounded by a wall. This concept makes use of two separate homes’ walls as well as a wooden fence. You are only a few feet away from the outside eating area. By adding a few touches, you can quickly personalize this contemporary-styled garden. The large tree provides organic shade. The white countertop looks great with the light-colored walls.

Desert Look

There weren’t many design components used in this industrial-style Phoenix house to create a functional patio enclosure. It has an open floor plan with treated concrete for a raised flooring, corrugated steel beams, and shade-sail anchors. All you need to do is place a couple lounge chairs nearby when it’s time to relax. The entire thing has a desert-like appearance and is bright and breezy.

Outdoor Dining

One of life’s simple joys is the enjoyment and excitement of grilling while entertaining friends and family, which is why homeowners search for backyard patios that support outdoor eating. You may make greater use of your backyard patio and raise the market value of your house by adding an outdoor eating area.

Vines on Trellis

The fence in this adorable garden features wood trellises. Trellises alone only provide a limited amount of privacy since their cells are still broad enough for passersby to see what is happening inside the barrier. Those cells are hidden from view by climbing vines, which also beautify the yard. Vines will keep their leaves all year long in warm regions, providing a natural canopy.

Industrial Style

Here is one option to think about if you want a straightforward, industrial look that makes use of solar cloth and stainless steel. This open patio idea is a clever layout for a straightforward enclosed patio that is made to withstand high winds and bright, sunny peaks.

Although the stainless-steel frame has a very industrial appearance, the addition of these solar textiles in neutral colors gives it a more modern feel.

Garden Patio

Create a live privacy fence around your patio by surrounding it with evergreen plants. This will make your patio seem more private and secluded. Arborvitae, bamboo, skip laurel, privet, holly, boxwood, hicks yew, red twig dogwood, chocolate vine, and euonymus are a few of the well-liked and well-known hedges.

You may also include planter boxes and fill them with herbs, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and flowers like zinnias, roses, daisies, and bee balm. Your backyard patio will seem dramatic, warm, rich, and cozy thanks to the creative use of trellises and climbing plants like trumpet vines.

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