Unicorn Party Ideas On a Budget

In search of unicorn party inspiration? The kids’ party will be much more enjoyable thanks to these enjoyable projects, accents, and decorations!

My four-year-old niece is obsessed with unicorns and demands anything and anything that has a unicorn on it. Our lives have been more simpler as a result of this unicorn infatuation since we don’t have to hunt very far to find her gifts.

Check out these really entertaining unicorn party ideas if there are youngsters in your neighborhood that share your zeal for unicorns. Be their favorite uncle, aunt, or parent by surprising them with their favorite theme.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is a need for every celebration, and this one is especially lovely. This cake will definitely impress everyone who attends the unicorn birthday celebration if you want to try creating it yourself.

Unicorn Invitations

With unicorn invites, you may announce the theme of your unicorn party right away. Buy some pre-made invitations or create your own using charming pictures your youngster has drawn or photos you discover online.

If you anticipate that the invitations will spend a few days collecting dust in students’ backpacks, send a note to the parents of your invited guests to ensure that you receive an RSVP in plenty of time.

Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones

The vivid rainbow food craze shows no signs of abating. The recipe for Unicorn Feces Cupcake Cones makes cupcakes in the shape of cones that look like unicorn poop by using rainbow batter and icing.

Unicorn Pouch

Children enjoy dressing up, especially when attending a party. They like getting ready just as their parents do. We have the coolest unicorn accessory ever for such fashion-forward infants!

Your unicorn-obsessed girl will be over the moon with our homemade foam pouch. You’ll need a creative mind for this DIY, as well as some basic materials like glitter, glue, and foam sheets. A glue gun is an essential DIY item that you may use for a variety of tasks.

Cut the foam sheet into the shape of the number 8, add the horns and ears, a little rectangular window for the zipper, and then glue it together from all sides. I’m done now! Your cutest no-sew unicorn pouch is complete.

Unicorn Parfait

The dessert table would look amazing with this unicorn parfait. It is simple to make, tasty, and healthful all at the same time. What a fantastic addition for a birthday celebration!

Unicorn Hairbands

Giving everyone of your guests a unicorn hairband to wear when they arrive is a terrific way to make the unicorn theme come to life. You may order multipacks online or use biodegradable glitter, cardboard cones, handcrafted paper flowers, and hairbands to express your creativity.

Diy Stained Glass Unicorn

With the help of this straightforward guide from Oh Happy Day, you can simply make a lovely stained glass unicorn without spending a fortune. It’s really one-of-a-kind and gorgeous, ideal as a party centerpiece or as house décor!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

If you’ve arranged a unicorn-themed party for your kids, you still need Unicorn Hot Chocolate to make it a complete success. Kids adore hot chocolate, let’s face it, and if you combine it with a unicorn motif, they will go crazy for it.

Here’s how to manufacture some, though. White hot chocolate with blue frosting and a few colored marshmallows. This is how you create unicorn hot chocolate for your unicorn party; there are no other options.

Unicorn Cookies

Making these unicorn cookies couldn’t be easier. You can make these if you can create a packet mix! They are ideal for a unicorn birthday celebration because of the sparkles they include.

Unicorn Table Setting

Remember to bring the table! Online or at most supermarkets, you can get unicorn paper plates, glasses, and napkins. Or you might choose a variety of pastel plates in various colors. You might use a glittering tablecloth or some table confetti to add a particular touch to your table arrangement.

Unicorn Marshmallow Pops

Try our Unicorn Marshmallow Pops if you want to have a unicorn party for the kids. The recipe is considerably simpler than you may imagine, and they are darling. They really are the ideal unicorn party dessert, I tell you. This fantastic recipe from The Decorated Cookie will get you going.

Unicorn Candy Popcorn

We manufacture our own own magical unicorn popcorn since adding a little bit of color can transform everything into something amazing. Candy melts, candy mist, normal popcorn, and a lot of magic are required to produce your own batch.

Pop some popcorn, then spray it with blue and pink mist before frosting it with sugar melts. These may be served at many types of celebratory occasions, including birthdays and baby showers.

Unicorn Toast

If you enjoy fairy bread, you’ll enjoy this unicorn toast substitute. The kids can have a lot of fun with it and it’s also a healthier choice. The kids could even turn this into a party game by crafting their own unicorn toast!

Unicorn Piñata

A piata will look fantastic as a party’s opening décor. Later, your visitors may have a great time destroying it to get to the candies hiding within!

Unicorn Gift Bag

To make a unicorn gift bag for a child’s birthday celebration, read this article. These may be used as gift bags or favor bags for the unicorn enthusiast in you. With the amazing visual step-by-step instructions supplied by Tikkido, it’s quite simple to make these adorable unicorn gift bags.

Unicorn Pin Board

Making kids work hard in their academics is difficult, but if you make it enjoyable, we are confident that your kids will put out the necessary effort. Your children may benefit from the ease of learning and studying with our foam unicorn pinboard.

When it’s time for exams, the foam unicorn board may be utilized to post reminders, adorable greetings, and inspirational statements. You’ll need some glitter paper, a craft foam sheet—preferably pink—and a sharpie to add the unicorn’s features on the board.

Use the template as a stencil to cut out your unicorn form by downloading it. Additionally, cut out the elements and combine them with the glitter foam sheets to create your unicorn pinboard.

Unicorn Chocolate Bark

I adore chocolate bark, simply. It must be the combination of simplicity and excitement that makes it so appealing. Who doesn’t appreciate chocolate wrapped in other delicious chocolate?

Even though making this unicorn chocolate bark is quite easy, it will be a huge hit at the party. Making your own party decorations is one of the finest methods to cut costs at a gathering. All of these DIY unicorn decorations are really simple to make and will add a little extra awesomeness to your celebration.

Unicorn Crafting

A creative station is usually a hit at children’s parties, and these toilet paper roll unicorns are really simple to make. All you require are some used toilet paper rolls, colored pencils and paints, and a variety of creative materials including tissue paper, pom-poms, and biodegradable glitter. Children may give their unicorn a cardboard horn and then let their imaginations run wild.

Unicorn Milkshakes

Making these unicorn milkshakes is so simple and will brighten any day. It’s quite easy to make and would be great for a girl’s night in or party with a unicorn theme. This recipe has made my mouth water so much that I’ll have to make it right away.

Unicorn Mask

You can do so much for your children with the unicorn theme since it is so adaptable. Take an unconventional approach and adopt new thinking. Let’s make it a ton of fun with UNICORN masks if you’ve arranged a unicorn birthday party for your kids on their special day!

Making unicorn masks is a simple and enjoyable DIY project for you and your children. Gold glitter foam sheet, scissors, rhinestones, and adhesive are required to build unicorn masks. It’s not required, but if you want to glam up your masks, grab some rhinestones.

Downloading the template, tracing it on the cardstock, and cutting it out are the initial steps. The glitter sheets are used for the details. To complete the mask, add the straw last. Your kids’ birthday party will be a blast thanks to your unicorn foam masks.

Unicorn Water Bottle Labels

Using printables is one of the finest methods to decorate for a party. These easy-to-create unicorn water bottle labels are great for instantly enhancing attractiveness. Moms who are busy will benefit from this.

Unicorn Colouring In

Print out some unicorn coloring pages for youngsters to color as a calm party activity, then grab some colored pencils and pens.

When the party is winding down and the kids are waiting to be picked up, this is a nice activity to engage in.

Rainbow Unicorn Dip

The allure of this stunning rainbow dessert is impossible to resist! This is one dish that looks lovely and tastes delectable at the same time. Some recipes appear wonderful but taste just acceptable. It looks fantastic. Undoubtedly a recipe I’d want to prepare with the kids.

Printable Unicorn Games

A unicorn-themed party wouldn’t be complete without some unicorn-themed games. Here are some classic games that have been given our unique unicorn spin.

You may play pin the horn on the unicorn instead of pinning the tail on the donkey by getting a drawing of a unicorn. You may play “roll a unicorn” as well. To finish the unicorn, throw the dice. These entertaining unicorn activities are ideal for a birthday party with a unicorn theme.

Unicorn Biscuits

Make some fantastic unicorn cookies for your celebration by purchasing a cookie cutter in the shape of a unicorn and some colored frosting. As a party activity, you may even let the kids decorate them.

Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Favors

Check out this entertaining DIY technique from Crafty Sophie N Friends if you’re seeking for enchanted and ethereal unicorn party treats. Any party with a unicorn theme will be in the mood with these awesome Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Favors. It’s a super quick and simple party favor for the current unicorn fad.

Unicorn Paper Ornament

Are unicorns the most magical creatures in existence? Yes, Christmas, of course. Therefore, let’s bring these two magical elements together to create a unicorn paper ornament for Christmas.

You need need green craft paper, golden craft glitter, and a long rope to make this easy-to-make yet enchanted decoration. Print off the template, then use it to cut out each component as needed.

Once you have all the components, properly glue them together, add the thread, and you’re done. The greatest unicorn paper ornament for Christmas is prepared to beautify your tree.

Unicorn Wall Ring

This lovely unicorn wall ring is both an activity and a decoration, so I debated whether to include it on the list. It would be ideal to prepare a handful in advance to use as decorations and then turn one of them into a party activity. Then, as a favor, each youngster may take one home. It is the ideal all-arounder!

Rainbow Icing Cupcakes

Although it appears really spectacular, this rainbow icing effect is actually very simple to create. Buttercream icing can be made or purchased. It should be divided among three bowls. Add food coloring to the icing to make it different colors, such blue, pink, and yellow.

Now put a piping bag with a vertical stripe of each color inside, and it will come out swirling! If it sounds like too much work, several baking suppliers also sell pre-swirled “unicorn frosting.” Try this easy recipe for buttercream frosting; it tastes far better than store-bought.

Unicorn Cake Batter Fudge

Do you want to host a unicorn party but don’t want to serve a large cake? We do, however, possess the ideal cake-like recipe for fudge.

Our cake batter fudge recipe not only tastes fantastic, but it also looks amazing. Two distinct layers of cakes, one pink and one white, will need to be made. You need a LOT of sprinkles to garnish your fudge cake.

Unicorn Poo

Your visitors are sure to chuckle at these unicorn poop cookies. Divide the cookie batter into three bowls after making a batch (or more if you want more colours in your poo).

Food coloring is used to color the mixture in each basin. To make your desired cookie length, roll the dough into strips and cut. Make a “poo” form by curling the three colors together.

You may also add sugar stars, edible metallic balls, or edible glitter on the top.

Unicorn Cups

Unexpectedly simple to create, unicorn cups make a delicious party snack for birthdays and baby showers. To draw your unicorn on the glass, you’ll need a sharpie and a pair of clear plastic glasses.

If you have frozen strawberries, sour cream, and heavy cream on hand, the method is quite simple. You’ll need gold fondant for the horn. A straightforward dessert is magically transformed by these unicorn cups.

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