Beginners Loom Knitting

A novice knitter may find knitting to be intimidating and frightening. Additionally, even if it just requires practice, if you’re a newbie you might feel better at ease beginning with another alternative. Here are some beginner-friendly loom knitting projects.

Making handcrafted presents for the people we care about is now simpler than ever thanks to looms. Looms are frequently available in craft stores and online, such as this kit. It is possible to make whatever you can imagine using them because they come in a range of sizes and forms.

It might be challenging to choose where to begin because looms are so adaptable. For this reason, we’ve put up a list of some of our favorite loom-crafting ideas.

Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners offers fantastic present ideas and will have you knitting in no time, whether you want to make cushions, accessories, or simply tiny trinkets.

Hempster Market Bag

Although it may appear like most of the free loom knitting patterns are thick, this isn’t necessarily the case. You may see how light and lacy your loom knit creations can be by looking at the Hempster Market Bag. Market bags are an excellent substitute for paper and plastic bags that are only used once. They’re trendy and beneficial for the environment.

Sudden Shower Baby Blanket Loom Knitting Free Pattern

If you need a thoughtful baby shower gift but are short on time, the “Sudden Shower Baby Blanket” is ideal. Because it is made using a big gauge loom and extra thick yarn, this blanket knits up really rapidly.

This pattern was created using the CinDWood 60 peg 3/4″ gauge circular loom and Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. For 10% off your first order from Cindwoodlooms, enter the code: newcustomer.

Any yarn that is comparable and/or a 3/4″ gauge loom with at least 54 pegs will nevertheless work. Since just basic stitches are used, it is simple to alter the blanket’s size by adding or subtracting pegs to make it larger or smaller.

Make a Scarf on a Knitting Loom

The Sweetest Journey’s Airam demonstrates how to produce a straightforward double knit scarf on a loom. The video instruction is a great choice for your first project since it demonstrates how to use the E-wrap from beginning to end and how to secure the stitches to create a completed edge.

Boulder Beanie Loom Knitting Pattern

This knitting pattern for a knitting loom is excellent for helping you become familiar with the device and develop your knowledge of a few different stitch patterns. This project calls for a 3/8″ gauge round loom, and the transverse herringbone stitch pattern is ideal for improving your skill set.


Look at these stunning sunflowers! Who would have thought that such a thing could be woven on a loom? These lovely sunflower patterns can be used as accents for various loom knit garments and accessories or as fall décor. This design has rich textures and striking colors that I like, and I can’t wait to see what ideas you guys have for it.

Ten-Stitch Blanket Free Pattern For Loom Knitters

Here is a design for a loom knit 10 stitch blanket (excellent knit kisses), which is frequently requested. Ten nails. All you need to make a blanket is that. Here you can find the most adaptable blanket pattern ever. Any loom and any yarn may be used to create anything, from a little baby lovey to a California King. It truly is that easy!

This loom knit design was converted from Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Blanket with her permission. There is no sewing required thanks to the pattern’s short row corners and sides that connect as you go. To make your blanket larger, simply continue going around the perimeter.

Create a Loom-Knit Pillow for Your Home

This cushion is made using a tube, which is one of the simplest shapes to create on a circular knitting loom. All that’s left to do after knitting in the round is seal the ends with a pillow form inside, then add sizable handcrafted tassels for a lovely finish. Simplicity also contains instructions for working with flat panels, which need more seaming.

This pattern can also serve as the basis for creating additional cushions. Try color blocking the knitting or adding some yarn embroidery as an alternative to using tassels as the primary design feature!

Twisted Garter Sweater Loom Knitting Pattern

This excellent loom knitting design for beginners uses extra thick yarn that knits up rapidly. The four separate portions of the sweater are stitched together using a straightforward crochet connect. For this project, you’ll need a sectioned loom that can handle bulky yarn.

Loom Knit Tweedy Hat And Scarf

With the Loom Knit Tweedy Hat and Scarf, you get two items for the price of one. These complementary items are both made from a single skein of yarn. The basic pattern is fantastic for males, or you can use it as a canvas for appliques or embroidery in vibrant colors. Matching sets, in my opinion, are wonderful presents.

Knit a Double-Brim Beanie on a Loom

On circular knitting looms, beanies are simple to produce, but what sets this article apart is that it demonstrates how to knit a doubled brim. This straightforward hat is elevated and given a polished appearance by just one small touch. This is a great first project since Emily walks you through the entire process of producing the beanie with clear images.

Chubby Cable Beanie Loom Knitting Pattern

With this loom knitting design, you can achieve the look of cables without having to deal with the stress of balancing a cable needle, which can be a nightmare if you have trouble with hand dexterity on needles. For this project, you’ll need a circular loom with a big gauge and at least 48 pegs for an adult size or 40 pegs for a kid size.

Easy Going Pullover Sweater

Close the main entrance! You can weave a sweater on a loom? This has really caught me off guard, and I’m also awestruck by how stylish this sweater is. This sweater is the ideal complement to a layered fall outfit due to the relaxed fit and textured stitchwork. This sweater looks so fantastic, in all honesty, that your friends might find it difficult to believe it isn’t a store-bought item!

Create a Star-Studded Blanket on a Knitting Loom

There are many different methods to knit a blanket on a loom, but this design may have the most unusual form. You simply need to knit across 10 stitches to create the star shape, then create a spiral shape from the center. It would be a wonderful newborn present and most likely end up being the soft blanket that goes with a child from tummy time through kindergarten!

Legwarmer Loom Knitting Pattern

We may be fickle, but these amazing leg warmers have propelled this loom knitting design to the top of our list of things to make. For extra comfort at home while maintaining floor contact for our (once a year in fact, but preferably every week) outdoor yoga practices, there is a convenient stirrup strap that fastens below the foot. You’ll need a circular loom, which has choices for alternative peg counts if you need them as well as instructions prepared for a loom with 36 pegs.

Men’s Striped Socks

Of course, if you can knit socks in one color on a loom, you can weave striped socks as well. Self-striping yarn makes this task the simplest. Then you can devote all of your concentration to the task at hand—loom knitting an amazing pair of socks—instead of fiddling around with color changes or weaving in excess ends.

Use Loom Knitting to Make an Infinity Scarf

Many of the patterns created by Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses for both loom and needle knitting are available for your selection. You wouldn’t anticipate lost stitches from a loom in this infinity scarf, but that’s part of the joy of experimenting with new patterns and methods. Visit her blog for more guides, information, and advice.

Hair Scrunchie Loom Knitting Pattern

This wonderful loom knitting pattern would have been quite at home in those decades, and it’s also completely on fashion for 2021! The enormous hair of the 1980s and 1990s necessitated large hair ornaments. Utilizing a simple little circular loom and hook, this is a fantastic beginner loom knitting pattern. You may watch the corresponding video instruction in addition to the PDF version of this loom knitting design.

Pumpkin Hat

Of course, you should begin with a simple project if you’re new to the world of free loom knitting designs. This kid-sized pumpkin hat works up quickly with really thick yarn. It truly is very snug and adorable, and it’s the ideal cap for fall. The best aspect is that you can follow along with a video pattern, which is available.

Create a Whole Blanket on a Small Knitting Loom

Visit the Tuteate YouTube channel to be inundated with loom knitting alternatives. You may discover squares for patchwork knit rugs and blankets, animal and Star Wars-themed caps, mug cozies, slippers, and mittens. This striped garter blanket is knitted in rows rather than squares, all on a basic round loom.

Fingerless Gloves Loom Knitting Pattern

This is more than just a loom knitting pattern; it’s a thorough, step-by-step visual lesson that teaches the fundamentals of knitting on a circular loom while also producing a pair of bulky fingerless mitts! The greatest part is that it is totally free as well; many thanks to Ems Fibre Arts.

Loom Knit Newborn Hat

Many individuals like knitting items for charities on looms. At local hospitals and shelters, baby size hat knitting patterns are always in demand. Simply choose some soft yarn and begin to work! You will surely want to create more than one of these small hats since they are so easy to construct on a circular loom.

Make a Wrappable Scarf With Loom Knitting

This tangled scarf is a hybrid between a shawl and a scarf, demonstrating once more that loom knitting is capable of anything that knitting with needles is capable of. You may wear it in a variety of ways and adjust the size to fit your preferences. You could even wish to create one in each color as loom knitting is quicker than the conventional way!

Romeo Slippers Loom Knitting Pattern

Free PDF loom knitting patterns—did someone say that? Wait, was that us? So, why not combine a free PDF loom knitting design with one of our all-time favorite knits: slippers? Moreover, the Knitting Board website sells these fantastic button-up Romeos.

Kitty Cat Mat

Let’s add a few free loom knitting patterns for the furry kids because we already have several for men, women, and children. Your cat will feel like the queen she is when you give her this adorable Kitty Cat Mat. It is filled with used towels for simple washing, and the button closure on the side makes it simple to replace the filling.

Forest Walk Leg Warmers Loom Knitting Pattern

We’ll need particular leg warmers for our regular treks in the forest in addition to our made-up monthly yoga sessions, right? Actually, we’ll probably be cuddling up with Strictly, but having the appropriate accessories is important for most things in life, so start knitting this loom design today to have cozy legs for any situation.

Loom Knit Top Down Wrist Warmers

This next free loom knitting design is perfect for me because I am a major fan of fingerless gloves. They are attractive, useful, and don’t stop you from texting. Perfection! Since they are essentially just tubes with thumb holes, they are also surprisingly simple to produce with a knitting loom. So why are you still waiting?

Teddy Bear Loom Knitting Pattern

Did you realize that soft toys could be made on knitting looms? Well, you can if you have the appropriate loom knitting designs! With this cute and straightforward loom knitting design from LoomaHat, you can knit the basic bear and then give each one a unique look by adding different accessories and ornaments. You’ll like the supplementary video training, which is excellent for novices and fantastic as a present.

Loom Knit Patchwork Garter Baby Throw

Patchwork designs are ideal for traveling with and are excellent for loom knitting. Each of the throw’s squares is knit individually, and they are all afterwards sewn together. In order to create an attractive array, the pattern rotates the squares’ orientation among five distinct colors of yarn.

Halloween Hat Loom Knitting Pattern, Loom And Yarn Set

This loom knitting template differs from others since it comes with a loom knitting kit! This Halloween treat set, which includes a loom, yarn, pattern, and video lesson showing you how to loom knit a hat with black and orange stripes, is one of our favorites. The video lesson makes it possible for youngsters to learn the fundamentals of loom knitting with this kit, even though it is not designed exclusively for children. Additionally, there is enough yarn to produce two child-sized hats, so various family members may try their hand at it. Check out our finger knitting for kids lesson if your child enjoys knitting.

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