Best Dust Collector for Small Shop

Dust collectors are one of those things that aren’t really enjoyable to own but are essential for a variety of tasks and circumstances. Nobody fantasizes about replacing their dust collector or anticipates the introduction of a new model. You need one, though, if you want to keep your store tidy (and secure).

Of course, choosing the best model is also important. If you don’t, you risk overspending your budget or picking a model that isn’t robust enough for your environment.

We looked at some of the best dust collectors available to assist you select the best choice for your small company. The best dust collectors for smaller shops, which are typically less expensive than some of the industrial ones available, are reviewed in the sections below.

Shop Fox Dust Collector

A well-known company called Shop Fox offers a wide range of long-lasting goods. They also produce the dust collector we described before.

We have a Shop Fx dust catcher in the first position. A 10 amp motor driving the W1685 dust collector rotates at 3450 rpm. As a result, it can keep the airflow at roughly 1280 cfm. The airflow capacity of this dust collector is noticeably greater than that of conventional dust collectors. The inlet features a “Y” fitting with two 4-inch apertures that is formed like that. This dust collector has a 12-inch impeller size.

W1685 has a safety switch that will stop an unintentional turn-on. As for the filter, it has a typical bag of 2.5 microns, which is required for dust collectors. This machine weighs 108 lbs altogether, which is a respectable amount for dust collectors. The W1685 comes with a respectable 2-year guarantee duration.

WEN 3401

For individuals who don’t have a tight budget but yet want a dependable, potent dust collecting system, this WEN tool would be a fantastic choice. For less than $200, you can still obtain a powerful 537 CFM capacity and 5.7 AMP motor with a lightweight 18.5-pound unit.

We also like this model’s mobility a lot because it has four rolling wheels and a carrying handle that make it simple to move it around or just carry it. Alternatively, you may take the base off and attach it to the wall if you prefer a fixed version.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

This inexpensive handheld vacuum is a cordless choice that makes it simple to clean up a little sawdust or metal dust problem, despite the fact that it cannot be directly connected to any power equipment. The cordless vacuum contains a washable filter that can capture trash and particles larger than 5 microns, as well as a 0.1-HP motor and 100 CFM air suction power.

Use the integrated supplementary tools, such as the spinning nozzle, extended crevice tool, and flip-up brush, to remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas such under the workbench. To assist avoid system blockages, the vacuum employs cyclonic motion to remove big trash from tiny ones.

Festool CT 26 HEPA Dust Extractor

The Festool 583492 Dust Extractor is a dependable choice for individuals who want to go all-out with their dust collector. It is considerably simpler to manage than other alternatives since it includes an automated tool start and an adjustable suction. Additionally, it may be manually turned on and off as necessary. We liked that both dry and wet materials could be used with it. Although dust often isn’t moist, you never know when that property can be useful.

The flexible, 11 12-foot hose reduces shock risks. You won’t have to worry about static cling either because it is anti-static. The hose garage function makes it possible to store a lot of items and transfer them with ease. It is quite simple to move this collector around because to its huge wheels and low center of gravity. It has excellent ergonomic design. It also makes use of a HEPA filter, making it more effective at filtering than some of the competing products on the market.

All the features you want are there in this dust collector, as well as perhaps a few more. This is a fantastic choice if you have the cash available.

Powertec Dust Collector

Powertec is a brand that you’ve probably heard of because of how reasonably priced their goods are. They manufacture a number of well regarded goods, including this dust collector.

On our list of the top dust collectors, the Powertec DC5370 is rated at number three. It is one of the top selections on the market because of its numerous advantageous qualities. With the DC5370, you have the choice to collect dust from the wall rather than the floor, unlike many other dust collectors. It has a 7 amp motor that requires a minimum input voltage of 120 volts to operate. It can deliver 537 cfm of airflow, which is sufficient for household applications.

It includes a typical 2.5-micron dust bag with a clear visual warning. This makes it simple for you to monitor filter quality and clean it as needed. Due to its small size and light weight (44.2 lbs), this dust collector is simpler to transport and install. A one-year guarantee is provided with the Powertec DC5370.

Jet JCDC-3

This robust Jet model can be the ideal choice if you have a sizable workshop with several equipment that need dust collecting. You can rapidly connect your table saws and planers with its three four-inch intake ports, or you may change it to a single six-inch port if you want.

This type performs well in busy workplaces because to its extra-large 66-gallon barrel, which should give you enough time between emptyings. This device may be controlled from up to 50 feet afar thanks to a convenient remote control.

DEWALT Dust Extractor, Automatic Filter Cleaning

Since it becomes increasingly challenging to obtain the intended design or appearance if the user cannot see the material, keeping any project nice and tidy while working is a vital step that might make the difference between an ideal outcome and a botched one. To remove dust as soon as it is produced, the DeWalt dust extractor connects directly to compact power tools.

The tool receives a lot of power from the 2-HP motor, however even with this high power output, the air suction power is just 150 CFM. The modest amount of dust generally produced by small hand tools can, however, be handled by 150 CFM more than adequately, and the 0.3-micron filter helps to prevent clogging of the dust extractor.

Grizzly Industrial G8027 Dust Collector

For small shops, the Grizzly Industrial G8027 Dust Collector is a respectable choice. It is perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money because it is reasonably priced. It is highly portable as well. It won’t cause you too many issues to transport it to the job location.

It features a motor of 1.0 HP, which is a little less than other products on the market. You do, however, get what you pay for because it is also significantly less expensive. It is 8 amps, which puts it in the pack’s center. Some are stronger than others, yet some are weaker than others. There is a paddle safety switch just in case, and the intake is the standard size of 4 inches.

However, even tiny shops can’t use this machine since it is simply too weak. Due to the low power, you might not be able to plug it directly into your woodworking gear, which renders it useless in some circumstances. There is a good reason why it is so inexpensive, and many people won’t use it much. Due to this, it only received a ranking of number four on our review list. Simply said, there are superior choices available!

RIKON 1HP Portable Dust Collector

RIKON is a reputable company that offers a large selection of power tools at competitive prices. Their dust collector is excellent for small establishments because of its compact and practical size. Additionally, the unit’s small size gives you the freedom to place it virtually anywhere you choose without any problems.

It has the capacity to gather garbage up to 2.1 cubic meters. You won’t need to stop often to dispose of the rubbish you’ve gathered. You may move it from one area to another without any further assistance because it has wheels. Up to 2 microns of dust may be filtered via it. There is a 5-year warranty on this item.

Buck Tool Portable (550 CFM)

The closer the vacuum is to the machine, the better the CFM where it matters, as anyone who has used a dust collecting system before will attest. resulting in the overall effectiveness of dust management.

In light of this, a portable unit like this one from the Grizzly brand is a great choice to put beneath a bench, attach to a hybrid table saw, or relocate between machines as needed.

The Dust Deputy Deluxe

This alternative requires your own suction system, such as a shop vac, but if you already have one available, it can be a fantastic match for the casual carpenter.

It can handle a variety of vacuum hose diameters thanks to its tapered ports, and in addition to sawdust, it can handle additional things including water, metal shavings, pet hair, ash, and soot. Additionally, by preventing these items from entering your vacuum, you’ll lengthen its lifespan and save the time and effort required to clean the dust filter.

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration

Using the included hooks, the WEN air filtration system may be mounted on the roof of a garage or workshop. It is a whole-room filter. Once installed, it can run at three different air suction powers according on the user’s preferences: 300, 350, and 400 CFM. Simply adjust the air suction power, turn on or off the air filtration system, and even set a programmed timer to turn the system off after the predetermined amount of time using the remote control that comes with the unit.

Although this device can’t be linked directly to power tools, it still uses a 1-micron or 5-micron filter to passively draw air through, capturing any dust and particles to purify the air in the area. The sound level of the air filtration system, which has a 0.17-HP motor and only works at 50 decibels, is comparable to that of a normal conversation.

Delta Power Equipment Dust Collector

The Delta Power Equipment 50-723T2 Dust Collector is a respectable alternative. Although it isn’t exceptionally horrible, neither is it our favorite. The bag can be changed much more easily than with other choices thanks to the snap-in construction and the four casters that make it portable. We discovered that this dust collector is significantly quieter than many other dust collectors on the market, including some shop vacs. This might be a good choice for you if you’re worried about the volume level for whatever reason.

Additionally, we discovered that assembling this gadget was rather simple.

Having said that, there were a lot of things about it that we didn’t enjoy. The little bag fills up rapidly. It will require frequent cleaning and replacement. Furthermore, changing the bag is more difficult than you may initially think. Although the snap-in option may be simpler than others, it takes some getting used to. It is a little trickier than you may want if you’re used to other dust catchers.

Makita XCV11T 18V LXT Wet/Dry Dust Extractor

With a foldaway handle and hose storage area, this cordless dust extractor weighs only 10 pounds and is simple to pick up, transport around the workshop, or even load into a vehicle or truck to go to the job site. When using one of the two supplied 18-volt batteries, the battery has a runtime of up to 60 minutes. While one battery is in use, the second battery can finish charging as it takes each battery roughly 45 minutes to fully charge.

A very effective HEPA filter on the Makita cordless dust extractor collects particles larger than 0.3 microns in size. The dust extractor isn’t the ideal choice for a busy workplace because of its modest power output of about 0.1 HP and 57-CFM air suction power.

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