Key Wall Rack

You understand the significance of an entrance organizational system if you’ve ever found yourself scrambling to find your keys while rushing out the door to be on time for work, make it to a dinner reservation, or pick up the kids from school.

Undoubtedly, a shoe bench and coat rack are helpful, but installing a key holder on the wall may completely change the game. There is undoubtedly a DIY key holder that matches your style of home décor given the apparently endless number of guides accessible online. Look through these suggestions, then start building your own wall-mounted key holder to bring organization to your hectic life.

Mountain Shelf DIY Key Holder

This homemade key holder is worthy of a magazine! It is quite elegant and refined. It is the ideal enhancement to your home design. You’ll need wood, wood glue, nails, cup hooks, sawtooth hangers, stain, and sandpaper for this one. This one’s guide is simple to follow. The detailed directions will make this simple to do.

Personalized Key Holder with a Rustic Look

Looking for the ideal present for a wedding couple or new homeowner? The solution is this unique key rack for the family. With a rural bouquet and an old board backdrop, it has a rustic appearance that makes the customized name seem at home. Keys, dog leashes, and other small items may be stored on four evenly spaced out hooks while you’re rushing out the door.

Dowel Key Holder

This innovative guide combines a keychain system and key holder. Each wooden dowel may be readily grabbed and taken outside because it is completely detachable from its home slot. For simple, instantaneous identification between your various keys, paint the end of each dowel a different vivid color.

Concrete Monogram Key Holder

Using this concrete monogram key holder, you can add personalized monograms to the inside walls of your home to make a statement about your style while also getting a stunning DIY key holder. To make it, you’ll need a paintbrush, wax paper, thin brass rod, safety gloves, brass hooks, and screws.

DIY Key Holder for the Wall

This is a great wall decoration idea as well as a simple DIY key holder. This keyholder may be made with just a piece of wood and a few hooks. You will immediately have a stylish spot to hang your keys. I like how she made the instruction straightforward and simple to understand. But the tiny reminder message on the holder is my favorite component. It becomes more artistic because of it.

Farmhouse Key Keeper for Wall Mount Organization

This dual-purpose mail and key holder provides convenience and a hint of country farmhouse charm. The shelf keeps your wallet or any outgoing mail, while a little bud vase contains flowers or serves as a pen cup. Keys are safely stored on four hooks beneath the shelf until you want them again.

Wooden Slab Key Holder

This rustic wood slab key holder, an excellent choice when it comes to using recycled wood, is given a contemporary twist with color blocking. A spray-on clear finish will effectively seal everything, and painter’s tape and letter stickers will maintain your lines neat and professional.

Modern DIY Key Holder

With the help of this contemporary DIY key holder, up your key organization game. Build it out of a 1″ x 2″ piece of wood, two tiny keyhole hangers, ornate caged necklace pendants, gold jump rings, and 1.5mm leather cording. One of the greatest DIY key holders with a trendy metal and wood touch.

How to Build a Key Holder?

This DIY key holder’s dual use is what I find appealing. It serves as both a mail drop and a key holder. The little drawers may be used for a variety of items, including a facemask holder, message board, and coat hangers. This do-it-yourself project features a long list of materials and a thorough guide.

Rustic Skeleton Key Holder for Your Entryway

Any classic or farmhouse-style home will look great with the distressed finish on these key racks. The base closely resembles an antique skeleton key that was once used in homes across the nation. There are many ways to arrange your keys and other accessories next to the entrance using the three hooks.

Farmhouse Key Holder

Give this simple step-by-step a try if your home has a modern farmhouse style. The use of wooden paint stirrers to simulate shiplap is creative. This one can be made entirely from scratch, but a prefabricated shadowbox makes construction go more quickly.

Succulent Mason Jar Key Holder for Wall

Do you frequently lose your keys? Use the attractive Mason jar key holder to therefore escape this awkward circumstance. Pick up a 10″ × 6″ piece of pine wood, a hose clamp, a Mason jar, some fake succulents, a double-prong robe hook, and some white chalk paint.

Farmhouse-inspired Key Holder

They contend that little details are what distinguish a house from a home. And it’s accurate. The ideal blend of a welcome sign and a key holder is something like this. It seems warm and comfortable. You won’t have any trouble building this DIY key holder because the tutorial video is so comprehensive.

Wall-Mounted Deer Antler Key Rack

Are you searching for something that’s simultaneously a little whimsy and rustic? Utilize this cast iron deer antler key rack to store your keys and other small accessories. From the mounting base, six antler branches delicately rise and extend, ready to be used for hanging anything. It’s the ideal addition to a cabin or other rustic house.

Resin Key Holder

If you’re thinking about diving into the resin crafting realm, start with a simple project like a wall-hanging key holder. Resin, which deviates from bland wood, enables a vivid flash of color and brightness in your foyer. Add your hardware while the resin is still sticky and not fully dried for a project entirely free of power tools.

DIY Key Organizer

This color-coded DIY key organizer is a clever DIY design, and you’ll hang your keys on it as well. Simply drill holes in the front of a piece of scrap wood to create what should resemble a slab. Then, quickly create the spherical wooden pegs there with a 1/2″ wood dowel. Count the pegs with key rings and color-coordinate their heads.

Potterhead Key Holder

Okay, who doesn’t find this homemade key holder exciting? The ability to find your keys anytime you need them would be fantastic, but this keyholder will at least keep them orderly. I adore this one’s enchanted appearance. You too can create this work of art with wood, paint, and hooks. There is a simple tutorial available for your use.

Your State Highlighted on Farmhouse Key Rack

With this state wall art, it’s simple to take pride in where you call home. You select the state, and it is put along with the words “Welcome Home” and a heart on the city you like. It would be a wonderful complement to any rustic or farmhouse décor because of the distressed wood’s appearance. It makes a lovely and practical housewarming present or a decorative item for your home.

Modern Wood Key Holder

This modern key holder is proof that light-colored wood and unfinished suede cord go together like peanut butter and jelly. The bulky wooden beads serve as key rings and retain each key firmly in its place while also making it simple to remove it from the bottom of your backpack.

Magnetic Key Holder

This magnetic key holder with a mountain painting will liven up your key storage. Simply gather some leftover wood to form a beautiful wooden box, drill holes in the bottom of the frame to secure the magnets, and then stencil or paint the unique inscriptions or artwork on the front of the box. Read more here. lilyardor

DIY Key Holder for Entryway

This one has a charming farmhouse design that is ideal for the foyer. Keyholders are often pricey, but this one is actually cheap and well disguised. Wooden frame, primer, white paint, sandpaper, ruler, glue gun, and hooks are all required. The instruction is precise and doable.

Funny Key Rack with a Direct Message

The greatest strategy is occasionally to be direct. This “Hang Your Shit Up” key holder is a hilarious yet clear method to communicate your message. This humorous doorway sign will serve your purpose whether you want to remember yourself or nudge your partner. The four essential hooks and the black writing are easily shown on the chalk-painted wood.

House of Mahalo

Do you have a photo frame in your living room that feels out of date or doesn’t quite go with the rest of the décor on your gallery wall? Consider using it again as a simple key holder. The ability to drill hooks straight into wooden frames makes them ideal for crafting, but if you’d like to use a ceramic or plastic frame, simply choose a durable rubber cement to ensure a long-lasting creation.

DIY Key Holder with Lettering

You can make this easy key holder in a few of hours. You can create this one using a wooden board, a writing template, a marker, and hooks. You may create this “Welcome” key holder with the help of her simple tutorial.

A Longitude and Latitude Custom Key Holder

To truly become a home, a new house needs something unique. This one-of-a-kind key holder that can be customized totally will aid in that shift. Along with the precise longitude and latitude coordinates for the brand-new house, it provides the names of the delighted homeowners. Even the polish for the key pegs below is your choice. utterly endearing and distinctive.


Displaying your favorite plant with this basic, minimalist key holder with shelves is one of the easiest ways to improve any decor. This item seems finished with a neutral container and a modest flower, whether you decide to display your well-cared-for actual succulent or a convincing synthetic plant.

Utilitarian Key Holder

We all could use some decent key holders and mask holders now that we live in a pandemic world. Here is a guide for making a multifunctional DIY key holder for you. This one is eccentric and vibrant. It resembles art more. The little hexagons with shading that you can see are magnetic. They work well for both notes and photos.

Rustic Horseshoe Key Rack

It is believed that hanging a horseshoe with its opening facing up will bring luck. This key rack provides you with a little extra luck as well as a convenient location to store your handbag and key ring. This organizer complements any property with a rustic or farmhouse theme because it is made from a real, authentic horseshoe with an antique finish.


When it comes to interior design, chalkboard paint is the ideal solution for the indecisive person since you can completely alter the appearance of your project with a quick drawing or some attractive typography. Label each pair of keys with its corresponding role to keep your hectic home totally organized.

Pretty Pastel Pink Key Holder

Drawings, crafts, and paintings of cacti are my absolute favorites. I also adore pastel colors. This easy-to-make key holder is great fun! This one is surely a fantastic pick for you if you enjoy painting. This creative key holder has a tutorial video. This eco-friendly craft will enhance the appearance of your walls.

Herringbone Key Rack and Wall Organizer

The beauty and style of simplicity are unique. This simple herringbone key rack is a good example of how minimalism can have an effect. Reclaimed lumber with all its knots and other flaws makes up the initial material of the wooden basis. These beauty marks can express themselves on their own thanks to the finish. Keys, handbags, and many other items may be hung up on four strong hooks.

Contemporary Wood Key Holder

If you’re looking for a woodworking challenge, you might want to try this stylish modern project. While you could build this with hand tools (if you have plenty of time and prefer being meticulous), a miter saw and a drill make the process considerably simpler.

DIY Box Key Holder

I adore box planters because they make a lovely touch to interior design. It seems elegant and stylish! This wooden birdhouse may be made by you or perhaps purchased from a store. It should be painted white, given some hooks, and filled with gorgeous flowers. Prepare to follow the instructions for making this stylish key holder.

Guitar Amp Key Rack

A handcrafted guitar amplifier is unique. No matter where an electric guitar is played, it brings out its rich tones. This unique key rack was designed after a guitar amplifier. There are six audio plugs available for you to affix to your key ring. The rack easily accommodates those plugs. Additionally, a functional amp light is included for that genuine appearance.

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