Blanket Chest Plans

To keep the bedroom clutter-free, every house requires a sizable wooden chest or blanket storage chest that can accommodate all the untidy items and blankets. A DIY blanket cabinet may be a terrific solution to organize the jumble of blankets in your bedroom while also managing your costs.

A blanket storage chest is a large wooden storage container that has plenty of room inside for all of your blankets. Nothing ruins the look of a bedroom more than a pile of blankets on top of the bed that are either unfolded or folded. Blankets might get in the way, especially if you like to display your throw pillows or the numerous other cushion types. This collection of simple, totally free DIY blanket chest ideas can help you fix that.

Bedroom Storage Chest For Blankets

Have a blanket-filled room where you sleep? This DIY wooden chest may be used to provide storage immediately. The only thing you actually need for this easy DIY project is a screwdriver.

To give your chest a unique touch, you’ll also need a few materials including wood, shims, hinges, paint, and cloth. Once you’re done, you’ll find it to be quite helpful for storing blankets till you construct pallet projects for your bedroom.

How to Build a Blanket Chest

You only need a straightforward blanket chest that matches your d├ęcor to be pleased about this weekend! Incorporate some lovely functionality into the design of your space! To build a chest for the end of the bed, simply gather your tools, including the table saw, tape measure, nail gun, hammer, paintbrush, wood glue, drill, scissors, and lint-free cloths.

DIY Plan from Garden Plans Free

Another straightforward chest on our list, the Garden Plans Free Wooden Chest is ideal for beginning woodworkers to utilize as a starting point for their education. A small number of boards and few tools are needed. Each step is precisely described and illustrated by the author.

DIY Wooden Storage Box Out Of Rough Cedar

A foot chest at the foot of the bed provides you additional sitting and storage space. Without a doubt, you can DIY this wooden storage box and make it to your specifications for a fraction of the cost! Don’t forget to take advantage of the free plan and the step-by-step instructions.

Personalized Hope Blanket Chest

This hope chest is the ideal “all in one” storage option since it features four felt-lined sections in addition to a lid, which are the perfect place to keep your “hope” materials. All you need to create this project is a miter saw, a drill, and cedarwood sheets.

Finish the trunk with a stain and sealant to give it that vintage look. It’s a fantastic project to complete alongside a Traditional Hope Chest, or you may make it stand out as a stunning piece of furniture all by itself. Decorate your belongings with our uplifting words of inspiration.

Build Something Wooden Chest

The Build Something Chest is a somewhat difficult project that yields a professional-grade chest ideal for keeping clothing next to an existing dresser or at the foot of your bed. Without using any extra equipment, you can finish the project since the author thoroughly describes every step. For additional storage choices, it also comes with a detachable tray.

How To Build A Wooden Chest

Check out this gorgeous DIY storage cabinet that is both rustic and antique! You may use it to store your miscellaneous items and it will also improve the overall look of your decor. If you precisely want to follow the guide, make sure your product has a finishing dimension of 22″ x 48″.

Blanket Trunk

A DIY trunk is a distinctive addition to your bedroom that is quite simple to make. You will require glue and several wooden items, including pine boards and 1 x 5 x 8 groove boards. To make it simpler for you to put them together, use a miter saw or other sawing device to cut the wooden parts to the appropriate sizes.

Then, to join various wooden pieces together, you’ll need clamps, nuts and screws, wood glue, hinges, and a nail gun. With this storage chest, you have a dedicated area in your house to store blankets and pillows.

Dark Walnut Shaker Blanket Chest

If you want a Shaker blanket chest for your living room but are on a restricted budget. You get access to this free blueprint for a shaker blanket chest made of dark walnut. To complete this project, follow the step-by-step directions from cutting the plywood to driving the final nail.

Japanese Styled Blanket Chest

Beautiful red oak that has been treated to a rich cherry finish has been used to construct this solid wood blanket chest. It has a lift lid and two laying handles to make it simple to transfer into place wherever it is required. To stop the bottom of the chest from slipping or damaging your flooring, rubber pads are used as protection.

With strong brass hardware and quarter-inch thick hinoki wood, this blanket chest is secure and simple to use. This organic, lovely piece of furniture can add beauty to any area while offering the practical storage that every household needs.

DIY Rolling Blanket Storage Box

Look out this mobile storage cabinet that is DIY! What a great technique to transport the storage box! converting antique doors into mobile storage chests. This project seems extremely promising on its own! It is tempting to use vintage materials to build new furniture pieces.

Blanket Chest Charity Build

This beautifully handcrafted blanket chest is coated in a semi-gloss water-based polyurethane and constructed from sturdy oak. This is the ideal finishing touch for your living room because to the plush leather handle and lovely brass details.

Built from prefinished mahogany, this stunning blanket cabinet can store priceless blankets and other personal belongings. The lid is kept closed by a leather strap handle that is readily detachable thanks to a brass knob set in the centre of the lid. This blanket chest is sure to survive for many generations because it is attached to the chest using piano hinges.

Blanket Storage Chest Plan

Are you trying to find a place to put all those pillows and blankets in your bedroom? You can achieve it right now without having to have highly developed skills. This blanket chest is not too large to take up much floor space, nor is it excessively heavy to move.

DIY Blanket Chest

In search of a special wooden chest to use as a toy box or extra storage? Any area in the house will benefit from the finishing warmth and charm of this attractive blanket chest, which is easy to assemble. What simpler present could there be than a ready-made blanket chest that has a rustic appearance but is just waiting for your personalization?

Even a novice carpenter can easily complete this project thanks to our simple-to-follow DIY template, which includes all the cutting and assembly instructions as well as useful advice.

DIY Storage Blanket Chest

Giving your parents useful furniture as a gift or as the perfect housewarming present is simply LOVE. Particularly when it comes to manufacturing it entirely on your own, inexpensively, and significantly. Don’t forget to download the tutorial’s supplies and pattern details.

How To Make A Blanket Chest

This blanket chest has a straightforward building method for a quick project and may be created with a variety of wood types. The measurements of every component of the chest, including the drawers and hardware, are shown in the drawings. I used some leftover wood that was sitting around the shop for this project. Poplar serves as the main material, while cherry stain gives it a more polished appearance. After that, I used a water-based polyacrylic finish to preserve its aesthetic appeal.

Build a Cedar Liner for a Vintage Trunk

For an antique trunk, make a cedar lining! Make the most of your outdated items in a very helpful way. To keep your room tidy, dispose of all of your blankets, sheets, and pillows in it. The ideal material to use for this project’s construction will be cedarwood planks. Visit the link below to see the project’s list of tools and supplies!

DIY Blanket Chest With Padded Seat

Have a sizable cloth item you wish to display? A nice way to accomplish it is with this homemade blanket chest with a padded seat! It is lovely enough for any space in your house while being big enough for storage. This chest is suitable for the foot of your bed and offers the ultimate storage option thanks to its removable top and cushioned bench.

The cushion is covered in synthetic suede for a smooth, warm look, and the top can be removed to store bulky goods like bedding. This blanket chest, which comes in a variety of colors, is a great way to give your bedroom or living area both elegance and functionality.

Living Room Blanket Storage Chest

The greatest of our 20 blanket chest plans is this storage chest. You’re going to like the concept of making this blanket chest for the living room! All those soft blankets and pillows that were taking up space on the beds and couches may now, at last, have a home. You will need safety glasses, hinges, wood filler, a saw, a square, a sander, and other supplies to complete this wood cabinet project.

DIY African Mahogany Blanket Chest

A woodworking project for intermediate woodworkers is the African Mahogany Blanket Chest. This chest may be utilized in your room or living area as extra seating or as storage. The chest is built from African Mahogany, the Greene and Greene method of furniture construction, with miter joints and splines for added robustness.

Use it anyplace in the house to help you stay organized, such as the bedroom as a place to store blankets and clothing. This chest is also a great addition to any living room or bedroom and is ideal for keeping clothing or blankets.

Rectangular Blanket Chest

Most of your blankets and pillows will fit in this rectangular blanket chest. This full woodworking project is suitable for beginners. Fir boards, plywood, screws, a power drill, a circular saw, a jigsaw, and a chop saw are needed for this wooden storage chest project.

Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

You will learn about pocket holes and how they are utilized in construction by building this blanket chest. This blanket chest is heavy-duty and will survive through years of usage because it is constructed entirely of solid wood, including the top and bottom.

We provide guidance on how to adjust the size to suit your requirements. You may use this blanket chest to store blankets, clothing, and other goods or use it as a coffee table. In any living room, this wooden chest will be a beautiful piece of furniture that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

You may keep blankets, pillows, and other things you need nearby easy access to in one. Additionally, this woodworking project will show you how to employ pocket screw joinery, a technique that is so straightforward that anyone can pick it up fast.

Make a Blanket Storage Chest

Are you searching for a straightforward, reasonably priced trunk with a seat on top? providing plenty of space for storing your clothing, blankets, and pretty much anything else. You’ll pay even less than $500 for this. Find the cutting measurements for this MDF sheet-based construction here. How do I construct a wooden chest? Use this advice:

Rough Cedar Rustic Blanket Chest

Rough cedar construction allows you to create a chest for around half the price of this one, but it’s not the best option for a blanket chest. You’ll be smearing flammable wax into your walls and floor if the cedar isn’t given any extra coats of polyurethane or lacquer. This chest is created with high-quality materials and is specially crafted to match your space nicely (solid poplar and some coated sheet metal).

It would be a straightforward undertaking for him because he is an expert carpenter with a focus on rustic timbers, and he could personalize the chest with all of the subtle details that made it so distinctive. For storing blankets, linens, or anything else you need to keep out of the way, it includes a variety of storage compartments. Additionally, it is made of rough cedar, which not only gives it a lovely rustic appearance but also makes it sturdy enough to withstand years of usage.

DIY Modern Blanket Chest or Toy Box

What could be more awesome than a wooden storage cabinet with several uses? The blankets fit perfectly inside of this contemporary blanket chest when piled high. Additionally, it may be utilized as a toy box to hold all the beloved toys your kids like playing with! It is a really easy project that is enjoyable to complete in a single day.

Paneled Blanket Chest

The ideal addition to any bedroom, this blanket chest features a lovely paneled design and a cozy finish. It has three spacious storage compartments, two drawers, and one permanent shelf to keep clothing organized. It works well with a variety of wood kinds.

It’s an elegant addition to any bedroom and has enough of storage to carry blankets, sheets, and more. This blanket chest comes in a variety of wood types and is long-lasting. It is made of solid oak, has a faded brown finish, and is embellished with vintage braided rope.

It has a timeless appearance with classic style that will bring years of delight. Beautifully paneled sides give it an antique appearance, and the roomy inside has plenty of storage space for toys, linens, and pillows. Its solid wood structure guarantees years of fun.

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