Crochet Patterns Granny Squares

I thought it would be a fantastic idea to compile crochet granny square designs because Granny Square Day is soon to arrive. Some of the top bloggers and designers in the world have created these beautiful square designs.

Granny squares made with crochet are so simple to produce. It is typically one of the first crocheting projects that new crocheters begin with. Every crocheter instantly recognizes the appearance of the traditional three double crochet cluster made into a single chain space.

But once you’ve mastered the fundamental granny square crochet pattern, you might wish to proceed to something more difficult. When it comes to employing various stitch combinations and methods, the options are virtually unlimited.

Springtime Magic Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

The center of this granny square design made of vibrant colors is a six-petal crochet flower. The hexagon is constructed from the six sides, and then the edges are decorated with beautiful curves. In the end, everything is shaped like a square. It’s a geometric achievement that yields a lovely square.

Classic Granny Square

Granny squares are such a significant part of crochet history because it was via them that grandparents and mothers passed down their knowledge to their granddaughters, who in turn passed it on to their own daughters. This is ideal for you if you are a crochet beginner who is learning the craft and might not know how to crochet a granny square.

Lavender Fields Crochet Blanket Square

The Lavender Fields Crochet Blanket Square is the first. Doesn’t this one seem lovely? The ombre effect is gorgeous! Have fun with it! This design provides you a ton of freedom to be inventive and try out a ton of various color combinations.

Friendship Star Crochet Granny Square Pattern

I’ve combined crochet stitches that are textural and lacy. The star form on the square is made using front post and popcorn crochet stitches, which have texture. The star form is then encircled by beautiful crochet stitches to truly stand out.

Mountain Wildflower Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

The middle of this granny square design is a little flower. But what truly sets this design apart are the little touches in the square rounds. This crochet pattern uses clusters in addition to a few basic stitches to create a tiny amount of texture. The designer also made it such that you could spin the work for certain rounds but not for others, giving the piece an intriguing dimension.

Solid Granny Square

The base of this sturdy granny square is a double crochet circle, and the corners are treble crochet with chain stitches. To crochet this sturdy granny square, you will need to understand how to construct the fundamental crochet stitches, such as the chain (ch), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tr), and slip stitch (sl).

Rudbeckia Fall Crochet Square

Look at the Rudbeckia Fall Crochet Square after that. I believe you’ll adore this design if you love fall as much as I do! This design is not only beginner-friendly but also has a lovely floral theme! This square may be used to make a table runner, blanket, sweater, pillow, or cushion.

Circle of Friends Square

I’ve created something that resembles a lacy granny square. To signify the circle of friends and family surrounding you, it begins as a circle. These individuals are honored during this crochet along. The circular is then cut into a 9 inch square that perfectly matches the blanket.

To make this gorgeous lacy crochet granny square, I creatively combined standard crochet stitches. As you can see, it has beautiful texture because to the crochet puff stitch. Double crochet and even treble crochet are additional stitches utilized in this pattern.

Beaulieu Blanket Crochet Granny Squares

This is a free crochet pattern for a blanket. With the large center square and three separate patterns for the smaller surrounding squares, you get four square patterns in one. These granny square patterns may be used to create anything from scarves to shawls even if you decide not to build the blanket.

Beautiful Granny Square

Who enjoys beautiful and adorable creations? This is a great opportunity for them to make a granny square by hand in a short period of time. A granny square pattern with a contemporary design that is really lovely and appealing.

Victorian Romance Square

The Victorian Romance Square is the next design I’d want you to meet. This pattern has a whimsical Victorian aesthetic. The popcorn stitches’ resemblance to little hearts is so adorable! These squares are incredibly versatile and may be used for anything, but they would create a fantastic Victorian-style blanket!

Crochet 3D Flower Granny Square

Just for today, I created a crocheted floral granny square! It has a charming floral pattern in the center. The back of the flower is then worked on in the following rounds, making it stand out and appear 3D. The item is completed with a few rounds of delicate crochet stitches.

Heart Filled Square

This Heart Filled Square is the perfect granny square design if you’re seeking for something entertaining to make. This pattern has a lovely heart motif with a matchingly lovely edge. These squares may be knitted into a cute sweater for Valentine’s Day or used all year round in a blanket.

Vintage Star Join As You Go Squares

The connect as you go method is used to create these delicate, lacy crochet squares, saving you from having to create a mountain of squares. Yes, the frightening stack of squares that is staring at you while you sew their ends in and then connect them together.

My Vintage Star crochet squares have been turned into a table runner by adding a lace crochet border. However, there are countless ways to use these squares, including to create blankets, pillow covers, purses, cardigans, and sweaters.

Raindrops Free Crochet Granny Square Pattern

This granny square design is self-explanatory. The rainbow hues and texture are intended to induce joy. Another granny square design and a rainbow crochet hexagon pattern are included with this free crochet pattern. For days, you’ll enjoy crocheting! You might wish to learn how to crochet a pentagon if you enjoy crocheting granny squares in various forms.

Every Little Thing Crochet Square

The Ever Little Thing Crochet Square is another of my faves. Is this one not stunning? It has such a classy feel because to the mandala-like pattern. It would be so much fun to try out different color combinations with this design!

Lily’s Sunset Crochet Granny Square Pattern

I created this lovely crochet square for a crochet magazine a while back. It employs an intriguing combination of stitches and methods. I used pink ombre colours to make a stunning crochet blanket.

Flower Star Square Free Crochet Pattern

The radiating three-dimensional lines that protrude from the center of this granny square design are its distinguishing characteristic. To dramatic effect, they are made with crochet post stitches. This is a 7″ square that was knit using DK weight yarn.

Christmas Gnome Granny Square

Are you seeking for a granny square design that is more distinctive? If so, you’ll adore the Christmas Gnome Granny Square, in my opinion. This design has both funny and cute aspects. Including this in a blanket (or other craft) would undoubtedly make someone smile if you chose to gift it to them!

Colorful Granny Square

Granny crochet squares have been popular for a very long time and are regaining ground. This is probably a result of how quick, simple, and adaptable they are. They are also a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn! Make a conventional granny square blanket using these.

Granny Flower Square

This square by Haafner Linssen was crocheted into a stunning vintage blanket in a variety of lovely neutral tones. The individual designs are straightforward to create, but when combined in the gorgeous shades of camel, milk, mocha, and brown, the entire blanket looks really magnificent.

Ripple Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet square design is one you should look into if you enjoy the post stitch texture. It employs post stitches in an alternating pattern to produce a rippling, undulating pattern. This granny square crochet pattern is crocheted in the round, much like a traditional granny square. It can provide you the opportunity to attempt something new because it isn’t something you often see with post stitches.

Seriously Simple Granny Square

It’s actually really easy to make this simple granny square. You may use any yarn you choose and any size crochet hook. This one doesn’t require precise gauge. You can quickly make these granny squares by following a step-by-step visual instruction.

Flower Trellis Square

The Flower Trellis Square is the next stop. This design is really lovely; it makes me think of a lovely spring garden. It’s not only lovely, but it can be completed by people of various abilities! Either a single solid color or a variety of hues would look lovely in this square.

A Sunburst Granny Square Pattern

This starburst pattern, created by Jenny Hoogeboom of the Nittybits blog in a variety of vibrant colors all bordered in cream for maximum impact, is a traditional variant on the granny square. The gorgeous starbursts in Jenny’s granny square pattern are made with double crochet puff stitches and cluster stitches. Join them in creating a warm yet beautiful baby blanket. You could create a blanket of any size, even one large enough to cover a king-size bed, by joining more sunburst granny squares together.

Fire Square Crochet Pattern

The decorative motif at the center of this granny square pattern is one that is connected to Christmas in a number of different cultures. Of course, the pattern need not be restricted to holiday decorations. The intricate, textured design is ideal for blankets and shawls. For a refined design with a faint pattern, use just one hue. Alternately, alter the color scheme to create a granny square design that stands out.

The Solid Granny Square

The solid granny square is quite easy to make. You may knit some with any extra yarn and finish it off as a granny square blanket. Additionally, you may use this as a portable project when you are on the road.

Rainbow Gumdrop Crochet Square

This Rainbow Gumdrop Square is what you need if you’ve been seeking for a cute design to add some color to your project. A variety of stitches are used in this cute pattern to create the lovely, gumdrop-like texture. Whatever color scheme you decide on, this square would still be adorable!

Petal Afghan Block

This granny square might initially appear to be a typical one, but the design deftly makes use of the first round to give the square a flower petal center. This pattern, which combines contemporary shades of deep pink and aqua with cream, would look fantastic as a full-size bed cover as well as a lapghan or blanket for a newborn.

Basic Granny Squares

You must first understand the fundamentals if you want to work on a granny square crochet project. This granny square crochet pattern will demonstrate the fundamentals of crocheting a granny square, such as how to make a loop and what a chain is.

Triple Texture Afghan Square

The Triple Texture Afghan Square is the next. I’m not sure about you, but I adore distinctive textures. This design has various exquisite textures that will give whatever project you chose to use it in a touch of beauty!

Lily Pad Granny Square Pattern

This interesting square changes a circle into an octagon and then back into a square by combining various yarn weights! The combination of the hues creates a broader, vintage-inspired design that looks amazing. Although it can seem difficult, making it is actually very simple.

The Ultimate Granny Square

The more intricate forms of the granny square are constructed using this fundamental theme. Granny Square Patterns may be used to make booties, skirts, handbags, and other items in addition to useful afghans and crochet blankets. They are incredibly stylish and adaptable!

Offset Circles Granny Square Pattern

You can get this completely contemporary solid granny square right here on Bluprint. However, this pattern truly pushes the envelope. The majority of granny square designs begin with a circle that transforms into a square. This is far from the classic granny square but is still retro-inspired, making it perfect for people who want their grandmothers to be geometric!

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