Super Bulky Yarn Crochet Patterns

When you want to create something absolutely wonderful on the hook, try one of these very thick yarn crochet patterns. The modest crochet hook can be just as, if not more, powerful than the knitting needle, and I’m going to demonstrate it! People typically equate knitting with thick, heavy clothing and blankets.

Yes, many crochet projects favor a looser, lacier style, but all you need to do to create supersized items is stock up on super thick yarn and equip yourself with a 9–14 mm hook.

Therefore, I’ve compiled the most gorgeous extremely bulky yarn crochet patterns I could find into one one area for your viewing enjoyment in an effort to offer you a little bit of large inspiration. Get chubby, then!

Crochet Chunky Cabled Slouchy Beanie

Grab some thick yarn and start crocheting this stylish and chunky cabled slouchy beanie cap to give your crocheted items the required texture. To get the required results, you may crochet this hat in any of the colors.

Chunky Twisted Earwarmer

These simple and adorable twisted earwarmers are quickly completed with very thick yarn. You will be finished with them in no time at all as there are only 6–8 total rows to crochet (depending on the size you’re working on)! Simple half double crochet and half double crochet in back loops alone techniques are all that are required.

North Ridge Bulky Crochet Cowl Pattern

My family’s go-to item on those chilly days is the North Ridge Crochet Cowl. The cloth is substantial enough to hold its form and remain in place around the neck and ears.

This knit neck warmer is ideal for both the men and women in your life. To accommodate the majority of your family, the design is provided in sizes ranging from toddler to XL adult.

Cozy Clusters Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

This crochet baby blanket should be in your possession if you enjoy thick-textured crochet blankets because it was produced with bulky yarn. Here are the information and a free design for the blanket, which would be quite simple and enjoyable to crochet on your own. leeleeknits

Hibernate Blanket

Given that they take a very long time to complete and I just don’t have the time, I’m not a huge fan of crocheting blankets. However, blankets created from really thick yarn are a completely different story! The very bulky weight yarn makes the soft and cushy Hibernate Blanket easier to make than you may imagine.

This Way That Way Bulky Hat Crochet Pattern

Additionally, both sides of my This Way, That Way cap are artistically appealing. I frequently give these hats as gifts with either side facing out; it’s sort of a 2-for-1 design.

Waffle Stitch Throw Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely throw cushion has a reason for its stunning appearance. Yes, this magnificent throw cushion was crocheted with thick yarn, and the waffle stitch is what gives the stitch such a nice, lovely appearance.

Jenna Stash Basket

Here’s a time-saving crochet tip for you: make the base of the basket out of wood to give it a sturdy basis. You may make a sturdy basket by combining it with thick t-shirt yarn and the dense waistcoat stitch, which is a kind of single crochet.

The Chrysalis Thick and Cozy Crochet Cowl Pattern

One of my favorite wintertime outfits is a cowl. They are similar to scarves, but unlike scarves, I don’t have to worry about the ends dangling, becoming tangled, or, in my case, getting muddy while working in the garden. A gorgeous crochet cowl pattern called “Chrysalis” uses half double crochet and double treble crochet stitches in addition to a lovely thick bulky yarn.

Light Snow Oversized Cardigan Crochet Free Pattern

By adding a little bulk to your crocheted items, you can make them appear more enchanted, and bulky yarn is readily available. The same yarn was used to crochet this stunning and airy large cardigan, which is also really simple to crochet.

Velvet Scrunchies

Use adorable retro scrunchies to accessorize in flair. The yarn used to make them is really silky. Ten to twelve of these cuddly and adorable scrunchies may be made with only one skein of Bernat Velvet Plus yarn. Make some for yourself and some to share as well!

The Super Chunky Blanket

This ridiculously thick blanket is the pinnacle of warm living room decor. Just picture donning your best pajamas, making an outrageously huge cup of hot chocolate, turning on your favorite TV, and wrapping yourself in this weighted son of a stitch absolute paradise! You won’t want to leave your house ever again, at least not with this hideous blanket covering you.

Even if the idea of cuddling up with this enormous blanket weren’t enough to motivate you to attempt the design, you’ll fly through it in no time thanks to how simple it is to create and how thick the yarn is.

In addition, the pattern’s creator, Made With A Twist, has an extremely customer-friendly philosophy and has numerous crochet artists evaluate all of her designs for clarity before she puts them up for sale. Additionally, Made With A Twist gives email help and visual lessons for any especially challenging elements of her designs. You are top-notch!

How to Crochet Darling Newborn Hat and Bow

The nicest crochet present to give a newborn is this lovely hat with the ribbon. The hat and bow were crocheted using bulky yarn, which gives them the ideal texture and aesthetic appeal as well as increasing the hat’s warmth and comfort.

Bulky Yarn Gauge 5 – Chunky Crochet Blanket Patterns

Looking for a lovely ripple throw blanket made of crochet? A throw that’s easy to make yet nonetheless plush and soft? To learn how to crochet a blanket, use this free pattern for a thick velvet leaf ripple blanket. Just two half double and half double crochet stitches are used.

Compared to other chunky yarns, this bulky or hefty yarn is a little thinner. It would not make a good first project for someone starting to crochet a blanket because it is a little difficult to work with.

Free Crochet Snowdrift Hat Pattern

Get this thickly textured, precisely sewn snowdrift cap for the winter to appear adorable and appealing. The single crochet stitch with a pom finishing and thick yarn truly give the hat a picture-perfect appearance. The excellent hat pattern for girls of all ages is this one. Here is a free template you may use. pattern heaven

Back-Country Beanie

Super bulky yarn is a good choice for cool-weather crafts like beanies due to its thickness. In one of these charming Back-Country Beanies from Through the Loop Yarn Craft, your head will be cozy and warm. Herringbone half double crochet stitches are to be made according to the design, but only in rows via the back loops.

The Polly Cardigan

Do not misunderstand me; I adore a good cardigan. They’re clever, stylish, and keep you at the perfect temperature, but for me, a large, bulky one is incomparably better. The larger, the better, Kurt Cobain-style, and this, my buddy, is as chunky as they come!

But this cardigan’s greatness isn’t simply due to its sheer bulk—also it’s due to its pockets! Not just ordinary pockets, but two enormous kangaroo-pouch pockets. I mean, really, look at them. Throw away your purse and backpack; these are all you need.

This gorgeously meaty outfit seems to go great with a deep sofa, a room-temperature Merlot, and whatever guilty-pleasure TV program you’re currently mildly fixated on.

In addition, the Polly’s designer, I adore tinderbox, gives a discount if you buy 3, 5, or 8 patterns, so if you enjoy their products, fill up your shop and get a deal!

Super Bulky or Chunky Yarn Gauge 6

An elegant crocheted piece in the traditional colors of white and navy blue. This free chunky baby blanket has rows of big bobbles that look like rows of fluffy white clouds.

I adore the blue border’s front and back post stitches, which give the fabric a thick yarn look. If you made it pink, it would be the ideal present for a little girl.

Super bulky gauge 6 yarn is used to create this free thick chunky yarn baby blanket design. There are many different colors available for this chenille yarn.

Easy Crochet Ballet Slippers Pattern

By crocheting yourself a pair of these lovely and substantial ballerina slippers, you may make your home time more relaxing and enjoyable throughout the winter. When you have these warm and comfortable slippers to keep your feet covered, you do not need to wear shoes or go barefoot. Details on the simple, free pattern may be found here! hearthookhome

Slouchy Slipper Socks

I apologize for all the times as a child I didn’t appreciate getting socks as a present. Now that I’m a grownup, I truly value a lovely, comfortable pair of socks, and Repeat Crafter Me’s Slouchy Slipper Socks definitely suit the bill. The greatest thing is that you can make this one with leftover yarn!

Crochet Chunky Stairstep Throw Pillow

You can create thick-textured objects like this magnificent and awesome chunky stair step throw cushion by using bulky and heavy yarn for your crochet projects. Follow the free pattern and get all the information you need at the URL provided below! thecraftpatch

Peppermint the Polar Bear

You’ll discover that many crochet patterns for extra thick yarn demand for hairy yarns. These kinds of yarns are ideal for cuddly, soft plush creatures like Peppermint the Polar Bear, a little charmer. With this one, I believe Crystallized Designs truly struck the mark.

How to Crochet Beverly Bulky Yarn Basket

The yarn baskets you create should be robust enough to hold your storage items, therefore choosing thick yarn is the ideal option for creating some durable yarn baskets. This detailed guide will show you how to make a Beverly thick yarn basket on your own.

Gray Super Chunky Stripe Throw Crocheted Blanket Pattern

Looking for a design for a soft, thick, chunky throw blanket? A thoughtful and doable present that is also soft and practical? You might try making this simple free crochet design for a thick throw blanket using gray stripes of Bernat yarn.

There are only 3 stitches total—a single, a double, and an even berry—creating the textured square. Using extremely thick yarn, this ultra chunky throw blanket may be quickly made.

Chunky Bobble Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Simple crochet items may be embellished in a variety of ways to make them seem beautiful and distinctive. Here’s an idea for making a gorgeous blanket out of thick yarn that has bobbles added to make it seem unusual and intriguing. View the information and free pattern here. tealandfinch

The Mandala Cape

I’m all for this technicolor dream cape, forget about Joseph’s technicolor dream cloak. This cape will make you feel like a modern superhero with super flair and super crochet abilities since it is bursting with color and customization choices.

Sincerely, I’ve been looking for a method to incorporate the cape into my clothing that is acceptable in society for years, and I believe this may be it. If you have any extra really thick yarn, I highly recommend you giving the Mandala Cape design a try. I realize it’s a little rough, so it’s definitely not for everyone.

Crochet Basic Bulky Beanie – Free Pattern

Because it has more texture and volume than a typical beanie cap, a bulkier one would seem cuter and more playful. This stunning and well-stitched basic bulky beanie has been provided for you to crochet using bulky yarn in your preferred colors.

The Ulyne Unicorn

Because I am aware that everyone secretly wishes they could be a unicorn, I think the super-bulky Ulyne Unicorn design is perfect.

It’s nothing short of beautiful, with mittens, a scarf, a hood, ears, and a mane to match the unicorn horn. Yes, it was created with children in mind, but who’s to say that adults can’t also take pleasure in a little bit of magic?

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