Newborn Crochet Hats

One of the loveliest and prettiest categories of crochet designs is for infants. A adorable, small hat is the ideal homemade baby shower present, and other guests will undoubtedly let out a hearty “awwwww” when they see it. Links to patterns for some of our finest designs have been included.

Knit-Like Crochet Baby Beanie Free Pattern

One of the most adaptable baby hat patterns for crochet is this one. You may create it in any size because to the way the pattern is designed. Any crochet hook size and yarn type may be readily modified using the provided methods. It has been skillfully constructed from the bottom up, starting with a ridged brim that offers the ideal comfortable fit. The knit-like stitches give the hat the density it needs to be cozy and warm. Make this crochet baby hat design your go-to choice if you only ever use one.

Preemie Baby Beanie Hat Pattern

This little hat is really quick to make and is the ideal size for premature infants. You can get an astounding 8 to 10 hats out of one skein of Berroco Comfort yarn, which gives these hats an exceptionally soft texture. If you wish to crochet a lot of these little beanies for charity, such as a donation to a hospital, this free design is also ideal.

Violet Beanie

A variety of textures adds interest to a monochromatic design. Crossed double crochet and single crochet in back loops are special stitches. Starting at the brim and proceeding up to the crown, the pattern is crocheted. The thick weight yarn will enable you to complete it quickly.

Cuddly Polar Bear Newborn Hat

This unusual yarn is not only cuddly and soft but also incredibly warm. It’s perfect for infants who will be outdoors in subfreezing weather. For the eyes and nose, you may use leftover yarn, and you can even use a different color scheme for a bear that looks less conventional.

Basic Beanie Crochet Hat Free Pattern

The basic beanie is a pretty easy baby hat design to crochet. This double crochet beanie has a single crochet edge and is ideal for crafters just starting out. This crochet hat pattern comes in all sizes, allowing you to create coordinated looks for the entire family or new ones as the baby grows and outgrows the original.

Jazlyn Baby Crochet Hat

I don’t know what would be cuter than this newborn baby cap if it weren’t so adorable! Different sizes can be accommodated by modifying the design. Additionally, it comes together quickly and is a wonderful homemade baby shower present.

La Vie En Rose Earflap Hat

The small size of the baby’s head will contrast beautifully with a big pom pom. This warm earflap hat looks lovely in pink, but I’m sure it would also look lovely in various hues. The half double crochet on the third loop and the striking shell stitch are special stitches. The crochet pattern’s requirement for a particularly cost-effective yarn will be welcomed by thrifty crafters.

Some Bunny Loves Me Beanie

Infants from birth to six months can wear this cap. With a P hook and the extra-bulky yarn, you can finish it quickly. Use worsted-weight yarn held twice if you don’t have any really bulky yarn.

Chevron Crochet Preemie / Baby Hat

Utilize various stitches to give a basic beanie cap you crocheted a distinctive touch. This one uses the chevron stitch, a striking graphic pattern that’s simple to make. There are six sizes of this crochet cap, three of which are for premature newborns of various sizes.

Twin Baby Monkey Beanies Crochet Pattern

Here is a cute beanie design that is easy for beginners to follow because it is created for infants and employs simple crocheting methods. Using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, you can easily create one of these adorable beanies.

Turban Hat – Spring Breeze

Turban-styled free crochet baby hat designs are becoming more and more well-liked lately. The simple crochet design specifies working exclusively into the back loops and calls for single and half-double crochet stitches. The key to the gorgeous ridged texture is working into the back loops! Three separate parts, each crocheted in back and forth rows, make up the cap.

Newborn Button and Lace Hat

This pattern bundle also includes a straightforward design for leg warmers in addition to the adorable hat with a pom-pom that is almost as large as the baby. Just add a few buttons to complete it!

Slouchy Crochet Hat for All Sizes

The close-fitting beanie and the loose-fitting slouch hat are the two fundamental styles of basic simple crochet hat creation. The latter may be made in any size using the directions in this free crochet design. It has a drawstring closure, so even if your measurement is little wrong, the hat should still fit. If you desire a simpler design, omit the flower with the button in the middle.

Girls Baby Bear Hat Pattern

Oh My Goodness! This cute tiny baby bonnet has captured my heart. Even though it reads “Girls,” you may easily create it for a little boy by changing the yarn color. This design is suitable for beginners.

Baby Bear Hat

Behold the Baby Bear Hat’s adorableness. Working in the round, the baby hat design is constructed from the top down. It comes in sizes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months. Even the largest size only needs less than 100 yards of yarn and only has 9 total rounds. Half double crochet stitches are used to make the hat itself, while single crochet stitches are used to make the ears.

Newborn Baby Chick Hat

Do you know anyone who is having a baby this spring? This hat would make the ideal present. We advise sewing crochet circles for eyes in place of button eyes if you’re worried about the infant grasping or pulling on the buttons.

Baby Bonnet and Booties Crochet Pattern

Any infant can get a crocheted baby cap as a gift. It’s somewhat more special, though, if you create a matching set. You could create a cap and a sweater, for instance. Alternately, you may use this crochet pattern to create matching booties. This lovely bonnet will shield the baby’s face from the sun.

Faux Ribbon Baby Hat

Another quick and simple baby hat crochet pattern that is suitable for beginners. You may make the pair as a cute baby shower or new parent present since this small hat and Mary Jane bootie design are matched. Made with Mighty Stitch yarn from Knit Picks, which is available in a variety of colors.

Seashell Baby Bonnet

Baby bonnets in the vintage style are modernized with vivid colors and intricate stitching. You can crochet the stitchwork with far less difficulty than it initially appears. V-stitches and post stitches are examples of specialty stitches. The crocheting for these bonnets is actually no more difficult than for ordinary baby hat patterns.

Newborn Baby Bear Hat

Maybe you don’t want to add all the extra decorations to your lovely animal cap. Because of the lovely ears, this attractive hat is basic but still pays homage to the animal kingdom. Stretchy ribbing on the edge makes the hat’s edge extremely comfy for baby’s head.

Crown Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This baby cap is made of crochet and is intended for infants and preemies that are very little. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for a baby’s first hat. It is an excellent design for creating goods to contribute to the NICU in your community. The brim of the hat may be pulled up, improving fit and giving the hat the appearance of a tiny prince or princess crown.

Sweet Bunny Hat Pattern

Making this charming baby hat with the long rabbit ears just requires a few simple stitches. If you like, you might use some embroidery floss to make a nice nose and whiskers.

Bobble Beanie

Bobble stitches give this otherwise straightforward baby hat design a splash of color and a little bit of texture. The crochet hat pattern is worked in the round from the bottom up. Since it comes in infant to adult sizes, you could even create a matching set! Puff, half-double, and single stitches are required for the pattern.

Crochet Pixie Bonnet Free Pattern

The thick-and-thin yarn used to make this crocheted pixie cap knits up fast and becomes quite comfortable. Using half double crochet stitches, it is a simple crochet design. It has a playful form and flair thanks to the tassels on the ends. This design for a crochet baby hat is perfect if you’re seeking for something simple but unique.

Easy Crochet Baby Hat with a Flower

Another truly basic design is presented here, which you can do pretty fast. Although the floral pattern is optional, it adds a beautiful accent to this adorable beanie. This hat is soft, simple to maintain, and machine washable thanks to the Vanna’s Choice yarn.

Granny Stripes Baby Bonnets

Granny stripes have such a unique look, especially when each row has a different hue. It looks fantastic and is a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn. There are textual and video versions of this free crochet pattern. Because it just requires single and double crochet stitches, it is quite simple.

Baby Beauty Hats

These straightforward yet priceless hats come in two distinct sizes. You should take advantage of this chance to experiment with color, whether you want to stitch a gorgeous new shade you noticed in the yarn aisle or simply try out a color scheme you’ve been considering.

Cushion Cluster Beanie Crochet Pattern

In order to produce a pattern that appears more sophisticated than it is, this crochet hat pattern combines cluster stitches with an ombre yarn. It’s a terrific option for showing off your crochet abilities to others. Because of this, it is a fantastic present or item for baby to wear at important occasions.

Snug As A Bug Hat and Booties Pattern Set

A matching crocheted onesie pattern is available to go with this adorable tiny newborn ensemble. It is incredibly soft and machine washable thanks to Red Heart Soft Essentials yarn, which is crucial for baby apparel.

Note: The buttons are obviously optional, but please be aware that they pose a choking risk.

Velvet Fur Hood

This infant hood has a sumptuous texture that you can see and feel thanks to the yarn made of faux fur and velvet. Even though it has a nice appearance, crocheting it only requires half double crochet stitches. You may certainly omit the final row if you don’t enjoy working with fake fur yarn.

Newborn Granny Stitch Hat

This hat goes wonderfully with a baby blanket made of granny squares. You may also adorn the hat with little details. Check out the designer’s other images to get an illustration of it as well as ideas for other color schemes.

Baby Crochet Candy Corn Hat Pattern

This sweet baby hat is ideal for fall because of the candy corn-colored crocheted earflaps. Though don’t let it constrain you. You can knit this hat in any color combination you can imagine since Mighty Stitch yarn comes in a kaleidoscope of vivid hues.

Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

You essentially get two designs for baby hats in one. The “Earth in Space” design is supposed to be more intricate and intriguing. To provide the appearance of stars, you add a very little amount of surface embroidery to the body of the hat. Then you discover how to create a pom inspired by the Earth to decorate the hat. The simpler version, a continuous spiral crochet hat design that you may make in any color to fit any infant, is available if you omit those two aspects.

Peerie Viking Hat

These vibrant horned caps will fascinate both baby viking males and girls. You’ll discover that the pattern is highly beginner-friendly because it just requires basic crochet stitches and is pretty simple. Starting with the hat’s crown, you will work your way down to the brim. The design is worked in rounds of crochet.

Crochet Football Earflap Hat

With this adorable crochet football cap, you can get your kid started on sports at a young age! Babies’ ears stay toasty in the wind thanks to earflap hats. Like this one, they are frequently made to be fastened beneath the baby’s chin for a better fit.

Luxe Leopard Bonnet

A pom pom is an optional addition to the quirky point on top of this pixie style bonnet. Half double crochet stitches are used in the tapestry crochet colorwork technique to crochet the majority of the cap. The color adjustments necessary to generate the leopard spots are shown in graph format. The post double crochet stitches used to form the ribbed edge.

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