Crochet Single Stitch

You are prepared to begin crocheting items once you have mastered the single crochet stitch, chain stitch, and slip stitch. You only need these basic stitches to create practically anything! Here are 20 free patterns for crochet that exclusively make use of these stitches. These are just a few examples of the items you may create with the single crochet stitch to get you started.

Single Crochet Beginner Scarf

Because it only requires one crochet stitch, this scarf pattern is ideal for beginners. The free scarf design will demonstrate how simple it is to construct a scarf and provides thorough explanations of the sc stitch. This is a fantastic scarf design to start with if you’re just starting out with crochet.

Easy Single Crochet Scarf Pattern for Beginners

You may create this scarf for yourself or a friend, and it’s an excellent beginner pattern. The scarf’s unisex style complements both men and women as well. The design is really simple to follow; after the initial chain, there are just single crochets left to do.

If you’ve never crocheted before, this design is the ideal way for you to get familiar with the single crochet stitch. This is a simple design that you can crochet while dozing off, on the phone, or watching TV if you’re not a novice.

Free Crochet Bird Pattern: Bob and Betty Bird

This is the greatest beginning amigurumi project to start with if amigurumi is your calling! These birds are not only really adorable but also simple to make and come with a video lesson that you can use as a guide.

Single Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Simple single crochet stitches are used throughout this simple blanket, and there are no modifications or embellishments. With a big size P crochet hook, it is done with thick weight yarn. It has a wonderful texture as a result, which enables it to warm up rapidly and provide a ton of warmth. If you want to make it a little nicer, add a crochet edging.

Single Crochet Baby Blanket

This pattern is for you if you enjoy crocheting with thick yarn and enjoy finishing up tasks quickly. Bernat Blanket Yarn and ONE stitch are used to create this baby blanket! the one crochet stitch! Get a copy of the pattern and get going right now!

Spring Meadow Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Because you are working directly into the chain gaps, this lovely baby blanket in the Neapolitan ice cream style is simple and quick to do. Learn a new stitch while creating a lovely blanket! includes a tutorial video.

Single Crochet Face Scrubbie Free Pattern

Want to use up the yarn in your stash with a really easy single crochet design that works up quickly? Make a face scrubby for yourself! The creator also provides a free template for a circular single crochet square similar to this one. As a wonderful present idea, combine a handful of these with some unique soap.

Elise’s Single Crochet Blanket

Cozy yarn and simple stitches are usually required when crocheting a blanket, thus this one is ideal! The single stitch pattern makes this single crochet blanket incredibly quick to make with Red Heart Soft Yarn.

Spring Market Tote Bag | Free Crochet Pattern

One of my all-time favorite patterns is the Spring Market Tote. Although it takes holding two strands of yarn, it is easier than you may think. A video instruction is also available to guide you step-by-step.

Fast, Easy Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

You’ll alternate single crochet stitches with chain stitches to make this easy baby blanket. Without the chains, it’s a little more interesting than single crochet. The end product is a silky, drapey fabric that would be perfect for a blanket to wrap a tiny one in. Making something like this is relaxing and comfortable to wear.

Faux Fur Single Crochet Dog Blanket

The single stitch pattern makes it simple to crochet this fake fur blanket. Additionally, the yarn’s softness should not be overlooked because this blanket is quite soft. You must be able to crochet a single crochet stitch in order to complete this blanket. I’m done now! With this simple fake fur blanket, you may watch a video instruction for assistance.

Faux Fur Hooded Scarf with Pockets | Free crochet pattern

The faux fur hooded scarf appears to be difficult, but it’s actually extremely easy to make and only takes a few hours! You must give it a try with a video instruction to guide you through and advice for using this yarn!

Easy Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern

On a smaller project—a dishcloth—use single crochet stitches together with chain stitches. Dishcloth sets are fantastic to make for your own home and make wonderful presents.

Single Crochet Chevron Blanket

To make this chevron blanket, you only need to know how to single crochet. The color you choose may be used to create this stunning single crochet chevron blanket. This single crochet ripple blanket design is simple to do, and once you do, you’ll want to do it often.

Simple Geometric Crochet Throw Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

To adorn your home and wow your guests, choose a few hues from your bedroom or living room and use them to create a chic, contemporary crochet throw cushion.

Moss Stitch Crochet Scarf Pattern

The technique is known as moss stitch when you make chain stitches and then single crochet into those stitches. This stitch may be applied to any project and is quite attractive. A spring- or fall-appropriate slim crochet scarf is created here with it.

Jane Crochet Blanket Throw

To make a lovely throw blanket, the Jane is crocheted using the single crochet stitch and the chain stitch. The Moss Stitch or Sand Stitch is the name of this simple stitch. Using super bulky six yarn, this blanket can be created in eight different sizes.

Easy, Modern Crochet Storage Basket – Free Crochet Pattern

Since the day they were introduced, these baskets have been incredibly well-liked. I believe it’s because they’re simple to make, take little time, and have a lovely pop of texture and color. With the help of this free pattern and video lesson, learn how to make the spike stitch.

Boucle Stole Free Crochet Pattern

This single crochet stole demonstrates how the appropriate yarn can make single crochet stand out significantly. With the option for a crab stitch (reverse single crochet) edge for a more exquisite finish, this boucle yarn is crocheted in single crochet stitches.

Single Crochet In The Back Loop Chevron

For novices, this complete chevron blanket design is made in single crochets. Because the single crochets only function in the back loop, not only is it simple to crochet, but it also has a great texture! With our free pattern, discover more about this simple chevron blanket pattern!

Woven Crochet Baby Blanket – Meadowside Blanket

The moss stitch is used in this one-color crochet baby blanket, which makes it special. However, you may add color by utilizing the woven technique. Additionally, this would be a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn.

Single Crochet Afghan Square Free Pattern

Both rows and rounds are used to crochet this blanket square. It is made using front loop single crochet, a wonderful variant on crochet that provides the fundamental stitch texture. As a novice in the art, this is fantastic for adding new skills to your fundamentals.

Pineapple Crochet Pattern

Use our free pattern to learn how to crochet this adorable and simple pineapple using the SC stitch. Crocheting looks wonderful either by itself or as an appliqué on a pattern. You may make this pineapple to place on top of the single crochet blanket mentioned above.

Beginner Crochet Pillow Cover Pattern

This easy-to-follow beginning crochet pillow cover design is adorable in addition to being quite basic. Using a highly chunky yarn, you may make your cushion quickly and easily to fit your living room decor.

Double Thick Single Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern

For increased absorbency, this dishcloth is crocheted twice as thick as normal. It is created by crocheting simultaneously onto the back loop of the current row and a loop from the previous row, according to the creator. What a creative method and entertaining approach to increase the versatility of single crochet.

Adjustable Crochet Scarf

A straightforward chevron stitch pattern with a special twist is included in this scarf lesson. a loop that allows for adjustment This is the ideal warm accessory since it is quickly made and uses extra thick yarn.

Beginner Crochet Coffee Cozy Pattern

I think all we need is coffee and yarn. I certainly feel that way. You can never have too many coffee cozies if you drink coffee every day as I do!

Single Crochet Thermal Hat Free Pattern

Working only the back loop of the current row and the row underneath it is yet another variant on single crochet. This free design, which can be downloaded on Ravelry, employs that method.

Single Stitch Baby Blanket

A bulky blanket may be made using only the single crochet, which is a simple stitch. Because it employs extremely heavy yarn, this single crochet blanket comes together quickly. This is the ideal handcrafted baby shower present when paired with a baby cap.

Crescent Moon Free Pattern!

This little moon is so adorable and useful. You may make it as a baby mobile component or as an appliqué to sew onto a blanket, whichever you choose.

Single Crochet Circle Free Pattern

In order to make a circle, you may learn how to perform a single crochet in the round in this lesson. Slip stitch edging is used to complete the circle. You may use this circular design in a variety of sizes to make rugs, wall art, coasters, and placemats.

Single Crochet Knotted Headband

This simple knotted headband is shared by Julie from Julie Measures and is produced with a single crochet stitch. To construct a larger or smaller headband, simply alter this design.

Colorblock Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

You might have noticed that I particularly like making purses out of double strands. However, holding two strands makes bags considerably sturdier. Take this bag with you to the farmers market, on a road trip, or for beach supplies!

Single Crochet Beanie Free Pattern

Simple single crochet stitches are used to create this beanie cap. It employs color variations in the striping to give the appearance of a brim. If you want to make a hat with just one color, you may skip using this clever approach.

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

While many tasks are now performed on computers and iPads, reading from a real book is something I’ve always enjoyed (and never will alter). And bookmarks are always necessary if you like reading as much as I do. Why not create one then?

Tapestry Crochet Rooster Potholder

Another tapestry crochet pattern is available for you, and it includes a huge selection of country potholders! These are gorgeous and a fantastic way to hone your crochet tapestry abilities.

Oval Rag Rug Free Crochet Pattern

You will learn a number of things from this free crochet rug design. We’ll show you how to make an oval with single crochet. You will learn how to exclusively crochet in the back loop if you haven’t already. Additionally, you’ll discover how to work with rag rug cloth (or t-shirt yarn).

Single Crochet Cluster Stitch Dishcloth – Free Pattern and Tutorial

Another unusual application of the single crochet stitch is seen by this dishcloth. As a cluster stitch this time, it would be a great break from doing the standard single crochet stitch.

Little Pumpkin Crochet Free Pattern

There are several instances of amigurumi crochet, one of which is this free pattern for crocheting a pumpkin. In the crochet specialty known as amigurumi, various forms and figures are made using single crochet stitches that are done in the round with increases and reductions.

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