Free Crochet Easter Patterns

Happy Easter to everybody! We like a little Easter-themed crochet, especially when there are cute lambs, bunnies, and chicks included. You may choose from a wide variety of Easter crochet projects that we’ve found, from short crafts like easy eggs and amigurumi to larger bunting and blanket projects. From all across the internet, we’ve chosen our favorite and most fantastic FREE crochet designs for you to use right away.

Striped Easter Eggs

Striped Crochet Easter Eggs is the first pattern I’d want to share with you, and it’s one I actually created! These bright, entertaining eggs are really simple to create. These eggs would look great as decorations or even in kid-friendly Easter egg hunts!

Free Easter Basket crochet pattern

This free crochet design for an Easter basket may be used to store practically any household item in addition to serving as a basket for Easter egg hunts. It was created by The Merry Thought and is constructed of jute, making it an affordable and stylish design that will last for years.

Easter Bunny Toy Pattern

This adorable, cuddly crochet Easter rabbit would be a hit with any kid. The essence of all that is adorable about this holiday’s beloved animal is brought out by their soft, cuddly feet and large floppy ears. The youngster will treasure it all year long if you give it to them at Easter.

Bunny Cup Cozy Easter Crochet Pattern

Your morning coffee will look adorable with this Bunny Cup Cozy’s spring flare. Using the provided graph, it is simple to manufacture additional blankets, hand warmers, and pillows that will properly match. Such a sweet and enjoyable pom-pom pattern!

Ribbed Easter Eggs

Are you trying to find a more distinctive and contemporary Easter egg pattern? If so, you’ll probably like these ribbed Easter eggs! These may be made in large quantities as decorations, and fun color schemes can be tried.

Free Easter Chick crochet pattern

We like Irene Strange’s amazing Little Lottie the Chick crochet pattern. We like the ingenious wire feet on these adorable little chicks, which are perfect for some beautiful little Easter décor.

Mini Bunny and Boy Pattern

This adorable modern interpretation of the traditional Easter rabbit is created in tiny. These adorable Easter pals are ideal to put in the baskets this year. Two motifs are combined into one: a boy rabbit and a little bunny.

Easy and Cute Crochet Easter Eggs

Easter may be made more enjoyable by adding some individuality to your crocheted eggs. These eggs are simple to make, simple to store for the next year, and quick to prepare. Particularly adorable are the stripes, especially when combined with springtime hues!

Mini Crochet Easter Eggs

These adorable Mini Easter Eggs are the next design I’d want you to meet. In addition to being incredibly easy to make, these small eggs are the ideal craft for using up yarn scraps. Beginners may use this pattern to practice using magic loops and making increases and reductions in single crochet.

Free Baby Chick Hat Crochet Pattern

See this adorable tiny cherub? If you’re fortunate enough to have a newborn to dress this time of year, why not make them a keepsake with JennyandTeddy’s adorable yellow free baby chick hat crochet design.

Amigurumi Easter Eggs Pattern

This Easter, swap out real or fake eggs with the cutest crochet Easter eggs. They serve two purposes since you may use them as Easter presents or as decorations by arranging them in a dish. Display the eggs vertically if you have a mantel, or nestle them in an Easter garland. These amigurumi eggs may be embellished with small stitched flowers and are produced using a straightforward free template.

Crochet Easter Egg Basket

For collecting all the eggs during the Easter egg hunt, use this adorable crochet Easter egg basket! You may make it with different yarn colors to construct a basket with your preferred hues. The side of the basic has a darling egg pattern.

Stunning Vintage Crochet Easter Egg Hugs

These stunning Vintage Crochet Easter Egg Hugs are the final item in this category. These certainly seem classy. These elegant egg hugs might be used all year round as lovely napkin holders, wedding décor, etc. in addition to being wonderful Easter decorations!

Free Amigurumi Easter Bunny Pattern

For the ultimate Easter amigurumi project, use our really adorable Free amigurumi Rabbit design. It includes a charming baby rabbit and some awesome Easter decorations.

Easter Egg Cozie Pattern

Wrapping your Easter eggs in egg cozies will keep them all secure and adorable. This free crochet pattern has a lovely design with a time-honored button-up appearance. By releasing the latch, you can see the decorated egg within. Use them to keep your hardboiled eggs warm on the platter after the holiday or else.

Easter Egg Cozies

These Easter Egg cozies, which resemble carrots, may transform inexpensive plastic Easter eggs into reusable Easter décor. Even one of the crocheted Easter eggs on this list might go well with them!

Snuggle Buggle Bunny

Meet the Snuggle Buggle Bunny first! The Snuggle Buggle yarn is used to create this cute rabbit in a remarkably short amount of time, and only the ears and tail need to be stitched on. These cuddly bunnies would be wonderful additions to Easter baskets for youngsters or last-minute presents!

Free Egg Basket Crochet Pattern

All of your eggs will be absolutely secure with this free egg basket crochet design, despite the advice to never put all of your eggs in one basket. It can seem difficult, but some creative construction methods make it easier than you might imagine!

Colorful Easter Chick Pattern

Make a flock of vibrant Easter chicks to adorn your desk at work or your dining room table, and you’ll still have plenty to stuff each child’s basket. Make adorable double crochet creatures out of leftover yarn. These huge, colorful toy birds are suitable for hugs.

Fillable Crochet Easter Eggs

Every year, have an eco-friendly egg hunt using these crocheted Easter eggs! Make your own crocheted Easter eggs instead of buying those subpar plastic eggs that never stay closed. These Easter eggs come in two sizes, little and large, according to the design. The larger ones are big enough for larger goodies, while the smaller ones are roughly the size of a plastic egg.

Sir Clucksalot Chicken Pattern

Are you looking for a simple activity to fill Easter baskets quickly and easily? If so, I have a feeling you’ll adore this adorably adorable crochet chicken design! Although standard yarn would also look fantastic, fake fur yarn makes these chicks exceptionally lovely. In either case, people will love these girls!

Free Crochet Easter Egg Garland Pattern

There must be an equivalent where there is a rabbit garland, right? To learn how to crochet Easter eggs and link them together into a stylish and vibrant garland, follow Skip to My Lou’s free crochet Easter egg garland design, which walks you through a straightforward two-step instruction.

Easter Bunny Egg Cup Pattern

An charming Easter rabbit with floppy ears and an egg cup are combined in this crochet design. If you wanted to give this rabbit as an Easter present, you could also place candy or other little objects in the egg cup. After the holidays, you may still use this bright present to serve breakfast.

Sleepy Bunny Egg Cozies

With the Sleepy Bunny Egg Cozy, you can create charming little egg baskets using a simple crochet design and a Cricut. Use various yarn colors for each child if your family enjoys Easter egg hunts. Choose your preferred colors instead! These cozies are simple to utilize as Easter décor each year.

Crochet Baby Bunny Hat

This adorable Crochet Baby Bunny Hat is the next design I’d like you to meet. This hat is quite easy to create and has a really adorable and distinctive texture. The sizes for this design range from infant to toddler! This hat will be exceptionally cuddly and toasty thanks to the double knit yarn!

Free Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

Another sweet free crochet design for an Easter basket is available here. This one has a bow made of stripes and some fabulously colorful spots that would be wonderful for Easter egg hunts or just a nice display.

Bunny Hat Pattern

When you put your young one in this adorable crochet rabbit hat, you’ll have the most adorable Easter photos. Additionally, this design is suited for all ages, allowing you to take a picture with the entire family wearing bunny hats. This adorable Easter hat may be made using fundamental skills, such as single crochet decrease stitches, and is suitable for use all winter long.

Crochet Peep Bunny

Easter-themed crochet décor is undoubtedly a spring crochet project. everything, including bunnies, chickens, and Easter eggs. It might be difficult to decide what to prepare! These fast and simple crochet bunnies are the ideal complement to an Easter basket or strung together as a sweet holiday garland.

Free Easter Egg Chick Pattern

I’d like to offer you this adorable and straightforward Easter egg chick design as the following pattern. Ain’t these adorable? These adorable chicks would be excellent chocolate egg covers or pencil toppers! This Easter, these would also make wonderful tiny presents or basket fillers!

Chick Hat Pattern

For kids, this baby chick hat pattern has a very straightforward design. The widely used magic circle technique makes making the beanie simple. When you add eyes, a beak, and some feathers on top, the chick appears. You may create a variety of different birds, such as a bluebird, cardinal, or crow, by changing the colors.

Rabbit Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

With the exception of the pom pom, this straightforward design just calls for two colors of yarn to make a cute rabbit shape. It makes the ideal décor for Easter and the start of spring. You must be familiar with chain stitches, single crochet, and color changes if you are new to tapestry crochet.

Little Bunny Applique

This beautiful Little Bunny Applique design is another of my favorites. Ain’t these adorable? These appliques would look fantastic on children’s clothes as well as on Easter coasters or other decor!

Free Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

We adore the concept of putting those famous springtime flowers in this adorable free crochet Easter basket pattern! The basket is made with three strands of dk cotton at simultaneously, making it incredibly robust. It also has a chic leather handle.

Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

With a handcrafted, personalized crochet basket, make sure your child is prepared for the Easter celebration. Any craft store should have a plastic canvas base on which to build it. The method yields a basket that is ideal for carrying Easter presents or gathering eggs by utilizing simple stitches like the reverse single crochet.

Pocket Pal Baby Chick

Do you need to add something last-minute and quick to a child’s Easter basket? If so, I have a feeling you’ll love this sweet Pocket Pal Chick design! While almost any type of yarn will make this tiny chick charming, using double-knit or velvet yarn makes it especially cuddly. Additionally, because this design is constructed from the bottom up, just the little beak needs to be attached, making it incredibly quick and simple.

Easter Mandala Pattern

Learn how to create a granny circle, sometimes referred to as a mandala, with this free crochet lesson. For each round, pick pastels or vibrant springtime hues to make an Easter-appropriate mandala. Use your design as a little rug, placemat, doily, or wall decor. Using tension in crochet may be improved upon by working on projects that involve making circles.

Velveteen Rabbit Pillow

I’ll start with one more of my creations, the Velveteen Rabbit Pillow. I truly adore the fabric-like appearance the velvet yarn gives it. A nice Easter decoration or cuddle buddy for your kids would be this cushion!

Easter Bunny Snuggly Pattern

Young children adore snugglies, sometimes called loveies, which combine a cuddly animal with a tiny blanket. This cozy’s central amigurumi doll of an Easter bunny is ideal for the holiday. The traditional granny-square blanket’s vibrant, gorgeous colors are perfect for the springtime.

Mini Chick Wall Hanging

Introducing this sweet Mini Chick Wall Hanging design now! This design knits up quickly and effortlessly because of its small size. You could use it all year round as a beautiful accent to a nursery or kid’s bedroom, however it would make wonderful Easter décor!

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